What to Expect in the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas 🇻🇮 – Video

What to Expect in the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas 🇻🇮 – Video

Are you planning a trip to the US Virgin Islands? If so, this video will give you a taste of what to expect when visiting St. Thomas. From the stunning views to the beautiful beaches, the video provides a first-hand look at the experience of exploring the island.

The video starts with an overview of the accommodation, showing off the comfortable and affordable place where the creators stayed during their visit. They also explore the local beaches, providing commentary on the weather conditions and the activities available in each location.

One interesting observation made in the video is the contrast between the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The creators note the differences in population, construction, and tourist activity, providing valuable insights for travelers considering both destinations.

If you’re interested in visiting the US Virgin Islands, this video offers a great preview of what to expect. From the beautiful beaches to the local attractions, it’s a great way to get a feel for what the island has to offer. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a virtual tour of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

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He Good morning everyone today we are here in the US Virgin Islands we arrived here yesterday from the British Virgin Islands we got an easy ferry across here I think it took about an hour to get here so pretty quick and the ferry was $60 and if you have to check in some big

Bags I think they charge like1 $10 per bag and once again Carol found a pretty good deal on a place to stay so this is $135 a night which is cheap for this island cuz it is pretty expensive too one of the expensive Caribbean islands

So I just give you the quick tour as usual bathroom is not too bad bedroom’s also pretty nice it’s an AC room but we’ve just been using the fan and that’s been cool enough I like the colors that they’ve been using yellow and purple and through here is the kitchen

Also got a big sofa here and yeah the kitchen has pretty much everything that we need to do some cooking and just like the place that we stayed at in the BVI the best part is the view so I think on these islands it’s quite common to get

The view since they’re all on like hillsides so check this out here still got the naisy roosters too beautiful views though this one looks cool cuz uh we got these like big rocks it’s actually kind of built on the rocks and then from here you can see one

Of the famous bays down there that you can go to it’s supposed to be a nice Beach there that sound you’re hearing is the wind it’s been super windy Carol chilling nice place right yeah a nice view once again so we’re going to head out now and do the usual check out some

Beaches might check out a fort that’s here too and some viewpoints should be a good day Kind of rainy yeah weather’s looky super bad it feels like a storm’s coming so the beach that we come to is called Safa Beach it’s a public beach got like some hotels here some pretty big hotels all the way down doesn’t actually look like there’s that

Much Beach area to be honest I don’t know if it’s like high tide right now but yeah it’s just so so windy oh we got the the kite Surfers oh yeah yeah cuz the wind is very strong not good for people like us but good for them yeah definitely good for them hat

Going to fly away M yeah so maybe we’ll go on a bit of a Beach Walk see what’s further down here that side seems to be where everyone was at with the beach beds and stuff I think it is raining now yeah perfect time diing there you go the kite Serer Yes so our original plan was to go to a place called Smith Bay which is just the other bay around from here but it’s uh like a national park and you got to pay there and they don’t let you fly the Drone cuz it’s a US national park so

Yeah that’s why we decided to come here I don’t know if I’m going to fly the Drone in this wind anyway man so people’s belongings are just flying around everywhere yeah this is some pretty pretty extreme wind yeah we were we are wondering if we’re going to stay

Here or go somewhere else cuz maybe on the other side of the island prot yeah it’s not so windy I mean I think this is one of the best beaches in this area this and the other ones miss me but we cannot enjoy [Applause] It [Applause] Yeah so the sun’s actually come out a bit now but I think we are going to cross the island I think the other side should be protected from the extreme wind I think one of the big differences compared to BVI is is the resorts on this island yeah so when we were coming

By ferry we could already notice the difference because in B there were like a few hotels but very small ones it was more like little beach villas yeah yeah uh but here we saw like big ones yeah just different here there are many many more uh fancy Resorts and hotels than in the BBI Ah ah Ah So the beach that we’ve come to is called Brewers Bay Beach Carol it seems like every time we get out of the car the weather turns yeah no it’s actually uh raining a little bit again because when we were driving it was just Sunny

The whole time we get out of the car and the clouds come it took like 35 minutes to drive here there was loads of traffic jums and we’re right next to the airport so check out the the airplane coming in all right that that whole bit of land

There is the runway I only just realized G’s hat flew over oh God you need some shelter again yeah what the hell man seriously the entire 35-minute driveway is just sun and then we get out and all the weather Turns all right sweet so it was just like 5 minutes of some hardcore tropical rainstorm and now it’s super Sunny once again for now anyway so I think the majority of this west side of the island is pretty much Untouched by the look of it here can barely see any

Constructions looks nice and natural so I think the next video that we do here we’re going to be exploring more of that side going to some deserted beaches this one is pretty deserted though big Beach area perfect zero waves supposed to be good for snorkling here but there’s no snorkel rental places we

Were going to rent some but we definitely will do some snorkling another time maybe in the next video we’ll try and get some Snorkles All I’m actually quite surprised how different it is to the the British Islands though so over there we were on torola which is the main island but I think I think that island has half of the population of here so here’s double the population and the island of St

Thomas that we’re on now is pretty much the same size so obviously you’re going to feel that big difference a lot more constructions a lot more cars that’s why we had the traffic jams I think here is just more touristy so there’s more tourists we actually barely saw any

Tourists in the in the BV but you can still find plenty of beaches like this that are not Resort beaches perfect also there was some parts that we drove through that kind of reminded me of uh Houston where we used to live for a while you have those like

Complexes parking complexes and there’s a bunch of stores and they had things like Ashley Furniture Wendy’s Burger Pizza Hut McDonald’s all like the the big Brands here Walgreens I think in BVI I actually didn’t see any of those Brands whatsoever I don’t I don’t think

I saw any fast food places but this is a US Virgin Island so yeah it does seem like the US BVI didn’t actually seem British at all there was absolutely nothing British there really so when we were planning our trip here I was searching about the Visa situation for

Me as a Brazilian and also for you and I I didn’t know if I needed something special but just with the normal us visitor visit you can come here and if you are American you don’t even need a passport to come here so just with your driver’s license ID you can travel here

So super easy for Americans He So we’re going to head into the capital now to grab a bite to eat you don’t need a snaro mask there overrated you just got to become Kevin Cosner I actually made friends with another one a bigger turtle and then realized that I wasn’t filming but at least I got shots of the

The second one who needs a snorkeling gear when you have Chris’s eyes the fish eyes half man half fish I can’t do it I cannot it burns yeah of course and I and I wear contact lenses so you should not do that and we just saw her on Google Maps that right next

To the beach there’s this ruin here which is the ruin of one of the sugar plantations that used to be here danger do not enter whoa now this looks pretty stable I think there’s a bunch of these places on the islands so we’ll probably be seeing more

As we explore around right time to eat yeah I’m hungry yeah me too so we’re here in the capital now we come to a parking right next to the Fort that we’re going to head to later that red building and the capital is called Charlotte am not sure if that’s how they

Say it over here and she was a Danish Queen so the Danish actually ruled this island at one point I had no idea that the Danish were in the Caribbean areas I thought it was just like the Spanish French British Dutch but yeah the Danes were here too and yeah I’ll talk more

About that later on when we go to the fort and right now we’re hoping to go to a Indian place that we tried going to yesterday but it was closed at 11:00 it’s later than that now so hopefully we can get some Indian food man even in here it’s super windy I

Think since here is more developed than the BVI the mainl Capital Area has a bit more going on so that’s a benefit those buildings look cool there stays there Moravian Memorial Church I’m not sure what Moravian Ten so that sucks the place is closed again Rotty Palace I guess they’ve closed for good cuz it’s peak season what now I don’t know I’m craving Indian food yeah but I think that was the only good option and it was very affordable too I guess I’ll

Have to find somewhere else so that was nice one of the locals saw was messing around on Carol’s phone trying to find a place to eat and he asked if we needed any help and we told him we were trying to go to that place he said it is open

But he said it they’re a old couple now so they only open some days they’re not able to be open all the time because of their age but he said there is another rotu place ideal rotu and he said it’s really good so yeah we’re going to head

There very helpful I always like the the old wooden buildings that you get on many Caribbean islands so the BVI was full of these colorful ones got this one here that’s like a abandoned building seen better days some more abandoned ones here all overgrown I don’t know if this is from the damage

From those crazy hurricanes that they had a few years ago or if they were already abandoned before That yeah this is probably the nicest part so far check that building out there Frederick Lutheran Church from the 1800s built as a private home in Danish Manor style Al so maybe these buildings are also Danish style then don’t think we ever seen Danish style before and we made it yeah

Probably about 10 minutes to walk here ideal hot roty it’s open yay so I went for the boneless chicken Ry and car got a veggie one and two cokes that was $33 overall we’ve never eaten this before no first time it smells really good not sure how you eat this it’s

Hot yeah definitely a lot of potato yours full of potato too yeah but with a lot of spicy so it’s like really really good and we love Indian food and this is very similar yeah this is like Trinidad Tobago India I think the other Indian places here uh people from Trinidad Tobago Too Man that food was so delicious we ate it all definitely need to get back to India I think there’s a big chance that might happen next year so we got to make India and Trinidad and Tobago happen next year or this year 2024 oh yeah so I think in

Mind the main ingredient was just the potato chicken like a spicy potato yours had a bit more going on yeah it also had the the pot the potato thing but with lots of veggies and even some beans it was really really good so now we’re

Going to head to that Fort that we saw earlier I think it’s just a small One so I think this is the area that they call Main Street it’s like the shopping area seems to be mainly jewelry but really nice I didn’t know they had this on the island Carol wants to walk down here they have some nice side alleys yeah I don’t think the BVI really had

Anything like this did they in the capital no we didn’t see no unless we went in the wrong place looks like there’s some nice cafes too N All right so this is Fort Christian from the 17th century and as mentioned before it’s a Danish Fort so Christian was the king at the time I believe and the lady just told us to start off in the dungeon and make our way up how much was it the entry fee

$10 per person I also got a capuccino I think that was $450 not from here though at a store on the way yeah so from what I understand this was also used as a prison for hundreds of years so that was the the the queen oh yeah that the

Capital was named after so from what I read the Danish ended up selling the island in the 1900s around the first world war and that’s why the US have it I think it was like the equivalent of what would be over 600 million dollars nowadays so they spent quite a lot to

Get this Island Yeah these places are always super creepy knowing what what was done to the people solitary confinement well can’t even see yeah pitch black is that a bed over there mhm yes so here it says that it was the governor’s quarters so the governor used to live in the

Fort I don’t think you allowed to walk inside though they’re all fenced off all the rooms nice you can come to the rooftop this is probably the best part check out the The View view from here see all the big hills and you get views of the Waterfront

Too the cruise ships back there and as always the the Cannons can’t be a fort without the old Cannons So we’re on our way to the final Beach of the day and we just stopped had a popular Viewpoint here called Charlotte Amal Viewpoint because you can see the capital the whole thing from here and Islands so the fort that we were at was just over there I think it was only like

A 6 minute drive to get up here so pretty quick and we’re actually staying right around here somewhere mhm probably like four or 5 minutes from here by car y just up there Somewhere Yeah so this beach that we’re trying to get to I think it’s one of the popular ones so we’re stuck in a traffic jam once again so that’s definitely a big difference to the BVI we never really got stuck in uh traffic jams there only a little bit in the

Capital area but going to beaches and stuff yeah never this place is way way busier so one of the guys that’s working here with the queue of cars just said it’s because a cruise ship just came in late so they have those like big uh transport vehicles with like 25 people

But this is a paid Beach so when those arrive 25 people have to pay each time right and it’s a bunch of those kind of vehicles so yeah that’s why we’re in a queue right now so probably if you’re not with all these like Cruise groups

You just go in straight away all right so we got in probably took about 15 minutes overall so I think this is the main Beach for the crew ship this is actually the one that we can see from our place where we stay in it was $16 overall 7 per person to enter

Non-residents and two for the parking So we ended up just walking left for a while cuz it’s pretty relaxed at this side the majority of the cruise people are in the middle basically empty going that way pretty good business tactic though that the cruise brings the people to one of the paid beaches so all those thousands

Of people having to pay like $7 each they must make a killing good idea good business idea you can’t fly the Drone here either so I guess this video is not going to have any any drone shots maybe it’s like that on the entire Island I

Don’t know I remember when I lived in the US there were loads of places that were like no drone zones on the British ones you could just fly anywhere they didn’t seem to care but yeah here today no chance yeah so overall I think I definitely preferred the more laidback

Vibe in BVI there was no beaches that you had to pay for there and we went to pretty much all of them and overall there just wasn’t that many people and it was easier to drive around or traffic jams but I’d say here like the capital

Was really cool the one in BVI didn’t really seem like there was much to see there we actually went walking there and I think within like 15 minutes we kind of left cuz yeah there’s just wasn’t much going on however this is just one of the islands right so tomorrow we are

Going to be heading to St John and apparently that one’s going to be even more laidback than BVI so yeah I’m interested in seeing how that is I think the majority of it is a national park so it’s going to be a completely different Experience Oh So we’re going to be heading out of here now the sun’s actually already gone down it’s gone down behind that hill but it’s been a great first day here place is absolutely beautiful and you can definitely see why it’s so popular with uh the Americans it really is just such

A beautiful place and especially since it’s so close we’re also right next to Puerto Rico if you look on the map it’s right near KRA the beautiful island that we went too oh sorry very windy um one second getting blasted by sunand anyway so yeah there’s more videos to come

Planning on making two more videos here so yeah hopefully the weather permits if you like this one just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe see more videos like this follow us on Instagram Facebook and we’ll see you in the next One w

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