WhatsApp “Imagine Me” feature leaks – here’s what we know

WhatsApp “Imagine Me” feature leaks – here’s what we know

WhatsApp is getting on board the AI craze as a leak suggests a new ‘Imagine Me’ feature is being developed which will allow users to generate images of themselves using Meta AI.

While the name isn’t yet officially known, WABetaInfo has shared the news of the leak which they say is under development. It’s not even available for beta testers just yet.

In a screenshot shared about the AI ‘Imagine Me’ feature, a pop-up can be seen that says: “Imagine yourself as anything. Take photos of yourself once, then imagine yourself in any setting from the forest to outer space.”

Screenshot of WhatsApp "Imagine Me" feature

Image via WABetaInfo.

An initial set of photos is required but this can then be used to create a wide range of other images. To generate the AI images, users must simply type ‘Imagine me…’ in the Meta AI chat.

People will be able to use these features in other chats by typing ‘@Meta imagine me…’ followed by anything that your wildest dreams can think of.

It’s believed this feature will be available in a future update and will be optional, meaning users will have to opt-in to use it. This will likely be done through manually enabling it in settings before taking the initial set of photos.

Meta AI making WhatsApp’s new ‘Imagine Me’ feature possible

Meta is the parent company of WhatsApp (along with Facebook, Instagram, and Threads) so it makes sense that their AI assistant will be making its way to all of its platforms.

The assistant is driven by Meta Lama 3 which is a large language model that allows users to ask the tool anything. The team has already explained how the chatbot has an ‘Imagine’ feature that can generate AI-prompted images in real-time so this could soon be seen across all of its apps.

These images can also be animated with a prompt and converted into a GIF to send across Meta’s many social channels.

Featured Image: Via Ideogram

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