Willow Teases New Album ’empathogen’ with Sneak Peek | Billboard News – Video

Willow Teases New Album ’empathogen’ with Sneak Peek | Billboard News – Video

WILLOW Shares Sneak Peek Of New Album ’empathogen’ | Billboard News

Willow Smith is gearing up to release her highly anticipated new album ’empathogen’ this Friday and fans are in for a treat. In a recent visit to the Billboard Studio, Willow shared a sneak peek of what listeners can expect from the album and why this project is her most mature yet.

The insightful artist revealed that ’empathogen’ is a reflection of her growth both musically and personally. She spoke about sharpening her musicianship and compassion, emphasizing the importance of being on the same page with herself. Willow’s new album promises to ignite a soul spark in listeners, challenging them to tap into their own emotions and empathize with those around them.

In addition to her music, Willow is also set to release her debut book, showcasing her unique perspective and quirks. With a creative mind that knows no bounds, Willow’s upcoming projects are sure to push boundaries and inspire audiences.

For a full glimpse into Willow’s creative process and journey, check out the full interview airing on Tuesday. Get ready to be mesmerized by Willow’s artistic evolution with ’empathogen’.

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