Zack Snyder Is ‘Not That Worried’ About AI Films

Zack Snyder Is ‘Not That Worried’ About AI Films

Plenty of filmmakers are terrified about the impact artificial intelligence will have on the movie and TV industry, but don’t count Zack Snyder among them.

In talking with Joe Rogan this week, he said if a computer or algorithm could make a hit, he and everyone else would’ve already been out of a job.

“I’m not that worried about the AI influence over motion picture,” Snyder said on “The Joe Rogan Podcast.” “There’s obviously no formula. No one can predict what’s gonna be successful or they would have gotten rid of the directors and writers a long time ago… Still, there’s alchemy. There’s still magic.”

So you’re not a little worried, Zack? Have you seen what OpenAI’s Sora can do? Or are you at least curious to play around with it?

Granted, AI has not been great at making the types of bloody, hard-R spectacles that Snyder specializes in. AI models rightfully want to shy away from depictions of violence or sex or nudity that could cause harm, so filmmakers who want to tell such stories have been hamstrung. Snyder probably won’t be using AI to help him make a “300” series even more homoerotic than the film.

But Snyder echoed the feeling of other filmmakers who argued that the qualities that make a movie special are the personal touches of a director with a vision, rather than something that’s just been completely generated by a computer.

“I do feel like the fingerprints — the squishy fingerprints on…

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