✅ KYD Special: Exploring Hawaii, the 50th State – Video

✅ KYD Special: Exploring Hawaii, the 50th State – Video

In the latest episode of Keep Your Daydream, the team finally reaches their 50th state, Hawaii. This special episode features the beautiful islands of O’ahu and Maui as they finally check off their final state on the map. Join the team as they visit Carson, meet his roommates, surf, hike, kayak, and even ride their bikes to the top of Haleakala, a 10,000ft high volcano.

The video captures the team’s excitement as they explore the islands, dine at local restaurants, and experience the unique culture and beauty of Hawaii. From Carson’s unique talent with his toes to trying Spam Musubi in the parking lot of Foodland, the episode is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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So if you’re dreaming of visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii or just want to experience it through the eyes of the KYD team, be sure to check out this special episode and join in the adventure. Whether you’re an experienced RVer or just love travel and adventure, Keep Your Daydream offers a supportive and genuine community to share your journey. So join the team and start checking off your own bucket list destinations, one episode at a time!

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The US has 50 amazing States but there’s one that’s known to be visited last and it’s not Hawaii not even Alaska it’s North Dakota believe it or not they have a club called Save The Best For Last they’re really leaning into it I guess it’s hard to get there but not if you’re

Traveling from Glacier National Park to Michigan like we did you’ll go right through it and it’s worth checking out our viers have all different kinds of rules for when they get to check off aate the common standard is one night sleep for us it’s an episode and you can

Visit keepy your Daydream tocom slmap to find episodes per state on kyd each pin has a number that represents the season some states have several episodes and others like Nebraska and Kansas have joint custody with the state next door but there’s one state that has no pin at

All until now and with Carson moving to Hawaii for flight school the winner was the perfect time to visit him so join us for this kyd special in checking off our 50th state on the islands of aahu and Maui to catch up with Carson find the

Very best snow cones surf hike kayak and then ride our bikes 10,000 ft to the top of haka hello y oh this is nice you got to carry Carson around yeah I like this you can carry everything around this is Good hey this is great oh look at that it’s a sweet wow nice that I don’t know he said uh cuz we booked with um American Express points he said they upgraded our room wow look at this my gosh this is incredible isn’t it great holy smoke I know we’re here for what

Five days five nights five nights Yeah after checking out the room we changed and put on our wooden lays voila to explore the hotel and then Mark and Carson made their surfing plans tomorrow right here in front of the hotel Y and that’s where you would want to surf no

Oh where do you want to surf I want to surf over by Magic Island but I don’t know I don’t know if you’re up for it you baiting me into that no I no all right well what’s Magic Island it’s this peninsula that goes out but there’s a

There’s a surf spot yeah just past it that’s not not crowded okay but it has rocks it’s not not a beach oh it’s got rocks the first order of business have dinner at duk’s and check out Carson’s place the kids picked us up the next morning they did all that and they’re

Here before they said they would be here that’s their punctual well how about like you got to share with everybody the text that Carson sent us last night we were asleep of course um oh it’s an itinerary by the hour yeah yes it’s fully planned fully planned today is a

Big day very C love look it look at he’s old it hi Carson Carson Hi His eyeballs are the coolest I like that this action like going like a Lego Lego hands oh you’re right Marin it’s like tickly look it’s giving me shivers um why do you like the elbow so much does your scooter have a name no not yet oh it needs a name look at

This Carson has created mango tree New Beginnings wow isn’t that neat yes looks like it’s not doing so well it’s made it’s fabulous that’s in case there’s Intruders got to have it got to have it American flag and a hatchet I think you got this place pretty much

Down in this is your checklist before work yeah shirt shorts belt apron shoes underwear socks shave shave shave water bottle this if you’re on this one and you forgot better safe than sorry it’s good spices got you got mom got Mom spices in the corner this is Carson’s shelf we had chicken eggs

Potatoes yes this is Andrew’s shelf everything all organized yes and here’s Kyle’s right here this is this you know just like a a 50 pack of eggs some but we got the bud I saw the fridge this morning I like your shelf down there with all another you should have

Seen you should have seen uh beer Mountain what do you think your son’s place I think they’re doing well for themselves it’s clean it’s tidy it’s cute yes and um as Carson said they’re all like totally different people that came together and they’re like having a

Blast together you can tell just by the refrigerator alone how how different everybody is I think it’s awesome so anyway they’re doing great this is SPF proof oh oh nice and it’s skin tight is that going to be your motto today is this going to be my motto

Pain pain is pain is weakness leaving the body all right so a lot of people have been asking for an update with what’s Carson up to and what’s he doing why is he living in Honolulu and so here’s the gist so Carson uh left Emy riddle and decided that he wanted to um

Become a commercial pilot through a 141 school which is kind of like an FAA sanctioned version of flight training that gives Pilots some benefits and now there’s 141 schools all around the country and so he picked the one in Honolulu which is called George Aviation

And then he went online and he ended up finding a couple roommates and they pay each about $1,100 a month and their place is pretty nice and it includes utilities and whatnot perfect location 10 minutes from Carson’s work and then that way he can go to flight training at

Georgia Aviation and and then go to school online at Liberty way he can get his degree and become a commercial pilot out here so that’s that’s that’s the gist on what Carson is up to of you felt like the like cost of living is here cuz

A lot of people would think it’s crazy expensive live on you got to find roommates you got to do it the right way yeah if you live solo you’re going to be paying 3,000 for rent 2,000 for rent and it’s kind of hard but you find roommates

And you find a good place just takes more work than it does on the mainland what about groceries and stuff groceries are a little bit more expensive but if you go to Costco or you just know what you’re going to buy so you don’t waste any groceries it’s not that bad yeah um

How’s it been overall can like what you thought it would be to what it’s like overall I’m living in Hawaii it’s pretty cool that’s pretty good and flight training starts Tuesday yeah so so Carson actually um waited about when did you move here August and what is it now

It’s January so he waited a bit just to acclimate find a job get kind of adjusted and then and then start flying so that way he can integrate flying into everything else he had going on and I was taking credits while I wasn’t flying Carson’s car is having an issue

So the boys dropped it off and ubered back before we hit the NorthShore yep I don’t think I’ve ever been in an maneuver with a driver of 20,000 rides for some reason they keep sending me messages saying that my passengers are not satisfied with me they say that I’m not polite I don’t

Even know what the means have not made a bed or cleaned a dish in 48 hours neither have I Yeah wa look at that coor you’re you’re pretty talented with the toes man that’s really crazy what’s going on that is Unbelievable okay we’ve arrived Food Land Marin says this is the best the best mui there you go so and where do you get sushi Carson 7-Eleven is that like gas station Sushi it’s not it’s not what you think this what is a spam on rice and

Like a spam on rice the seaweed wrap seaweed wrap and a Teriyaki I think it’s like a Teriyaki spam and then it has the fur coake seasoning inside oh I had no idea you can eat a cold but it’s better warm wow you you want to share one no I

Have my own you’re going to have your own I trust him I trust him okay so you didn’t know it was warm huh I didn’t know it was warm interesting look at that spam wait hold on spam with what the food fake it’s a seasoning it has

Like um like fish flakes and seaweed and some other stuff in it all right 249 I think in order to do this right we have to just eat it in the parking lot yeah I age at least the first fight for sure okay just like those guys yeah I

Mean if you want to be real okay Mark God it’s almost too hot to touch good it looks like a Hawaiian Big Mac you want to bite yeah can I here you go little rice oh yeah I’m going to try it I feel like if I could dip it in some

Like Teriyaki m m it’s good though it’s good it’s not bad not bad at all it’s not bad but it does like you said fish flakes mm it does have a fish seaweed and then for you know the curveball you got a little spam for the

Curveball here you go you like it it’s not bad what’s the plan now I don’t know but I feel like we accomplish something this should have been a on the checklist I agree if there was a checklist um having what’s it called what this yeah muui if there was a

Checklist this would be on it and would be in a parking lot eating it in the out front next so like the shopping carts is the way to go it definitely all right what’s the plan today what are we doing we’re going to go to Turtle Bay yeah see

Some turtles mhm and then we’re going to headit up okay and then go swimming out in the surf go swimming and then jump hit up haliva and go Shopping [Applause] I really hope the boys this summer make good choices we got to tell everyone Caleb’s coming out here to spend some time with Carson yes he’s going to spend part of his summer out here with Carson and Marin too yeah so um anyway but them

Together M well you won’t know until you Do I got a small with um strawberry blue raspberry and Le Lacoy with ice cream in the middle this is a it’s a strong oh this is not their first rodeo Oh you got yours mhm M how’s the ice okay this is a very good snow com this

Is not whatever dreaminess we had last night last night I don’t know what it was but I want to go Back I’ve always been kind of like me when it comes to snow cones that’s not a snow cone whatever they’re doing in there I don’t know what it is Magic it’s crazy that’s insane like that’s not even ice no I don’t even know what it is we’re

Going to need two spoons if we’re doing three if we’re comparing three and this is the first the next two have they work cut out for yeah I don’t even like s and what’s this place called Carson oonies okay and uh Trish and I got not

Going that Trish and I got the best with a vanilla ice cream base it’s literally what it’s called and uh we highly recommend so I don’t know how are we going to judge this like we’re doing it three times is crazy to me different locations and this is a 10 it’s an 11

Out of 10 we have a third choice we do we have a third snow cone okay from meat fresh and it’s covered with condensed milk it’s an Asian snow cone and it has um vanilla ice cream in the middle and then it has like strawberry like fresh strawberries and fresh mangoes okay

Okay now this is shaved ice now why does it say shaved uhoh they’re wrong it’s not Hawaiian it’s not Hawaiian it’s not Hawai oh that’s right it’s not Hawaiian okay wow there’s a lot of choices here I thought I’d review the pictures first before we go in there oh

Really only one thing here that’s good and it’s the mango Berry M that’s what you come here for I would suggest getting the small and like two people can stra them small small okay what’s the what’s the difference between this place I can hardly hear what’s the difference between this place and the

Other two places we’ve been so this place well the one other place we’ve been yeah so this place says the shave ice and it has vanilla ice cream in the middle and then they put I think it’s condensed milk over it and then they they do fresh strawberries and fresh

Mangoes on top so Good this is incredible Marin said be prepared to be blown away okay it’s like a little volcano wa it’s a totally different experience you you laugh you’re laughing now you’re laughing now wow is it good it’s so good but this is really good really good but it’s not

Comparable and you said exactly that like they’re different but this still isn’t even a snow cone category the actual only snow cone I had was the one on Northshore yeah you know how I felt about That all right how many days you go surfing a week uh well right now it’s the winter so the swells up on the NorthShore and uh in the summer the swell comes down the Southshore so right now I’m not surfing much but when the swell was good probably like three times a

Week I like how it’s looking out there so we’ll go we’ll go out there next to those sailboats okay so let’s start let’s put our leash on over here and paddle over holding this camera I can tell is going to be a problem Oh uh-oh unfortunately Mark’s GoPro battery died but don’t worry he caught a massive wave and described it to me perfectly these are the images that match his description surfing’s hard but nothing got broken I didn’t lose my GoPro and I didn’t get hurt it’s my it’s my new way of looking at

How something is successful or Not part of the sign says there is a lot of inaccurate information on social media they could have just ended the sentence there but they said about this SP you know who else said that who Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln said do not believe everything you see on Instagram you also said ball is

Life this is pretty cool actually it’s super well paved very wide heavily trafficked and um phenomenal view just an incredible View and as we’re doing this whales it’s just it’s as Ken would say it’s whale soup out there there’s whale right there there’s like three different areas where the whales are

Just coming up and one went up huge Splash that’s what got our attention it was like the like the credential Insurance logo but um well anyway but it went Away Carson and Maron have outdone themselves yet again yes they have brought us to the lighthouse hike it’s fabulous but I am getting a little nervous inside why cuz I’d like you to take it just a guess at how high we are like 700 ft yeah you’re right there

Like 567 or something we’re climbing 10,000 ft in like 3 days in 30 miles 576 ft yeah I know but we’ll be on bikes could you imagine this for just an ounce of sun but it’s even better like this it’s mysterious and cool I agree I

Agree it’s cool yeah but this this is quite the Viewpoint it’s quite the view you be a perfect place for like a lighthouse good one day Sorry we’re kayaking today out to the Moes but Maron found a really clever way to save on your rental and do an active service and that’s trash pick Up small bits of plastic like water bottles strings whatever and then it goes in the ocean and breaks down and it washes up on the beach and like tiny little fragments and then the sea creatures will injust it and it’ll make them all sick so got to sift it out of

The sand w we got a microplastic pro that’s right you see the blue and then you pick up you pick up some of the dirt and then look it I got a price tag and all these these are not seashells these are pieces of plastic this is a

Seashell M that’s plastic you can tell with your finger what do you got in there you got dog stuff I got a dog poop bag I got what’s this foam it’s like craft bead shrapnel yeah people will collect it and like turn it into like jewelry oh that’s why it looks

Familiar all right how many people take you up on the discount option I don’t know a lot a lot 10% 10% yeah every day people gold and green out that’s good deal right it’s a good deal and be I agree green yes it’s good it’s good it’s a win-win yeah nice oh Nice oh you going to take your shorts off yeah [Applause] but keep it up someone’s got to hold the camera babe someone’s got to hold this camera even the GoPro is heavier than people might think can you just take your how does it feel to be left in the dust Trish is a little bit concerned we’re celebrating our 25th wedding

Anniversary here in a couple months actually four months and um right now currently the one thing we don’t do together is move couches like we don’t move furniture together there is a slight chance by the end of this there’s going to be no more double kayaks I need my own vessel she needs

Her own vessel she says um we make different decisions as it relates to kayaking apparently we have different thresholds of risk apparently it’s all new information to Me ah be early okay hey we weren’t late right at 3:30 for the 3:30 tour 330 tour and it left already we might be late so I’m gathering we needed to be early for the 3:30 uh yes yeah so what time did you would want need to show up

Uh about 10 minutes before the time on your ticket if you make a reservation you’ve got to be early apparently we didn’t read the fine print you got to be early and because today 3:30 was the last boat that went out there we were out of luck but we did get

To go see a movie and uh it’s actually I’m glad we saw it because I think it really kind of brings you up to speed on all the events that happen up to Pearl Harbor and it I think if you are able to go out to the memorial which we’re going

To try again I think it would kind of uh it it would add the impact that it needs to be here um we also learned because when we try to make a reservation Sunday Monday and Tuesday we’re completely sold out online and so we we arranged our day

Today to be here and the guy said well why don’t you just come back tomorrow and we said he said well we sold out tomorrow he says well because of the cost of the ticket is so low people don’t show up he says I think we only

Filled like two boats today so that was kind of disappointing to know that we really just could have come anytime earlier than 3:30 and we would have been fine so just keep that in mind um plan in advance and arrive not only early just to get on the boat but arrive early

Enough that you can watch the movie and check out some of the exhibits before you go out there because I think it’ll make it even more special in terms of us we’re going to try to come back but Carson have us on a pretty tight timeline they’re the best at touring us

Around I think that it’s military protocol here yeah if you’re not 15 minutes early you’re late and do you want um scramble scramble what of meat do you like I may I have your Portuguese sausage Portuguese sausage okay morning from our last well no we get to have breakfast tomorrow no we’re

Leaving today a but we’re only going to valy yeah but I’m going to miss I know I know in I agree so it’s been fun it’s been a blast I can’t wait to come back it’s really F I’ve already been planting seeds uhh so we’ll see all right so let’s see

Um anything to report really no relaxing wonderful the hotel the hotel experience has been really incredible it has we wake up in the morning it’s like beautiful wonderful these two pick us up fabulous the food recommendations that Carson have found have been terrific what was the pizza place brick fire Tavern brickfire Tavern

Awesome What’s this called again Kamehameha Kamehameha Bakery awesome Food City to get the what food Land Food Land to get the what musu be musu M musu be of course Dukes that’s a staple everyone’s got to go to Dukes you got to get the hula Pai that’s everybody knows

That um what else do we eat oh the frozen yogurt mhm uh ulanis ulanis fabulous okay we have what else do we eat some else shce Matsumoto up on the NorthShore stop it and then we hit that place had oh the chicken oh the Indian food oh it raised

Chicken which was closed and then the Himalayan the Himalayan Place Himalayan Kitchen Himalayan Kitchen if you like Indian Himalayan it’s kind of an infusion of of of Himalayan Indian that was good butter chicken chicken Good What are you doing here Hey listen here’s the deal hey look at this WOW uncool uncool I did it once before and it worked really well hello hi look what I found oh man this is nice the street oh my God amazing hello wow you made it we’re here hi hi After reconnecting with Tyler and Shannon the first order of business was putting our bikes together before we had a Shakedown breakfast ride to eio valley during our ride we stopped for some bananas and coconut water and asked about the impact of the fires on Mau it

Depends on where you were on the island for sure and then what’s your values within that you know our island is so small it’s just like a human body one part of the body gets hurt the whole body hurts yeah you know what I mean it’s the same thing um one

Person out there affects 990,000 people so 9,000 people affect the whole island essentially you know um so it I think it was a really awesome thing to see our community organized mobilized come together so efficiently effectively that our government and our County and our state couldn’t even keep up FEMA and Red

Cross were blown away with all of their disaster relief efforts that they’ve ever attended this is the first place that they seen a community mobilized like this now being January tourism now generally is is it’s gen generally P picked up since December so you know we’re doing well good so we’re happy so

We thankful for you guys for stopping by Yeah so we’re going to do 10,000 ft of BT today we’re going to ride up polya a volcano so we’ll start uh on the NorthShore like at uh paa okay and then ride somewhat southwesterly up the mountain paved the whole way longest paved climb in the

World that’s what I’m told yeah y oh is that where we’re starting wait a second wait a second that’s where we’re going that little white dot up there and that’s where we’re Parking we’re 3 mil in which is about just under less than 10% the average grade right now 5 we’re averaging 9 and 1 12 mph that’s all going to [Applause] Change that’s it hopefully hopefully this’s a fill station soon cuz it got Hot how you doing why are you here well I start to cramp up and that guy gave me water oh that’s so nice yeah that is so nice I wanted to put some electrolytes in it so hopefully that helps now how you doing you don’t need any

Well there four more miles right is it I think so I got what I got left okay four Miles the park entrance is at 7,000 ft our national park pass allowed for the entrance of four bikes but Tyler was way up ahead there are two visitor centers one at the top and one just after the park entrance which which is where we got some much needed

Water there’s only 3,000 ft to go but Mark got his first leg cramp those things you just don’t know if stopping and stretching is going to how long is it is that going to work is that going to work every time if I wait long enough can I get back on the

Bike seem to work this time that’s all that matters Go Tyler Shannon and markk all made it to the top 10,000 ft I made it about 9,000 ft at the lelay ewi Overlook and I was pretty happy with that if this is something you’re crazy enough to do Mark has some additional resources that might

Help you okay now Tyler not to have to break down these bikes put them back in the cases and get ready because we’re flying back to the mainland tomorrow but I wanted to mention that when we were in I think a town called paa This is the

Town at the bottom of the Hol AA climb so this is where we started and at the right in the bottom of that town is a is a shop called Maui cyy Don is the owner who Tyler and I just we just kind of went and just look at bike stuff and we

Got chatting with him he’s owned the shop since 2005 he does he does Hol AA about once a week he does guided trips up there uh he hosts a race every June um and he’s a fantastic resource so if you’re thinking about coming out here and doing something like this not only

Can you rent bikes from his shop which now that I can see what was available to us that probably would have been a lot more economical and maybe even um safer for the bikes because when I consider now buying the case the time to break down the bikes potentially the risk of

Them getting damag having to rent Uber xl’s and then of course the cost of flying them over here you add all of that up and I think it makes a lot more sense to rent he had um cellos he had pellis he had um he had good road bikes

In various sizes all sorts of different pedals so I’ll link to his um website because he would be a good resource for just information about writing Hol aqua and renting from him and then if you’re if you’re really feeling spicy then maybe you come out here in June and you

Can participate in the race uh because if that look that looked pretty Cool thank you all right Ready How do they make the ice not taste like ice mhm going to sit down going to walk through Thea every Single hi take care of him he’s gotten so big hi buddy oh yeah get it Kevin get those bugs hi okay listen Kev I’m going to need you to start producing okay Coffey for closers right I’m going to need you to come in on Saturday yeah yeah these kids they need

Some eggs okay we all got to do our part so I need you to start laying some eggs

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