10 Gang Documentaries You Have to Watch – Video

10 Gang Documentaries You Have to Watch – Video

Looking for a way to spend your time? Look no further than these must-see gang documentaries that will keep you off the streets in more ways than one. From exploring the secret military underworld of C-solay to delving into the American city of Little Rock’s gang warfare, these documentaries provide gripping insight into the lives of notorious gangs.

“Ghosts of C-solay” takes a close look at the individuals who ruled over these gangs and the political corruption they were ensnared in, while “Gang War: Bangin’ In Little Rock” sheds light on the numerous gangs that terrorized Little Rock, leading to law enforcement taking measures to address the problem.

“Flying Cut Sleeves” follows the community in the Bronx as they navigate the changing social climate from the 1960s onward, while “Gulabi Gang” showcases a band of women in India fighting for gender and social justice. These documentaries offer a raw and real look at the lives of those involved in gang culture.

If you’re in the mood for a true crime story, “The Fear of 13” follows the harrowing experience of Nick Yaris, who was wrongfully convicted and faced 22 years of imprisonment. On the other hand, “The 75” sheds light on corruption within law enforcement, questioning the very foundation of trust we have in those meant to protect us.

From drug cartels in “Cartel Land” to female gang members in “Three Martina Cole Girls and Gangs LA”, these documentaries explore the different facets of gang life. “Cocaine Cowboys” takes viewers into the heart of Miami’s cocaine epidemic, while “Crips and Bloods: Made in America” delves into the history of these two iconic gangs.

Each documentary on this list offers a unique perspective on the world of gangs, shedding light on the individuals caught up in this dangerous lifestyle. Whether you’re intrigued by true crime stories or looking to better understand the complexities of gang culture, these must-see gang documentaries are sure to captivate and educate.

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I’m a walking time bom I’m going to go off someday somewhere on somebody the question is upon welcome to watch Mojo today we’re looking at documentaries that give insight into notable gangs of different kinds however from what I’ve seen it’s clear that these women are unavoidably caught up in the gang

Culture number 10 ghosts of C solay ghosts are pretty spooky especially when referring to the secret military under Jean bertron ared Hades former leader the film explores two siblings who ruled over these gangs and the political corruption they were entangled in it also looks at the rap career dreams of

One of its main characters this gripping account is filmed with a camcorder giving it an eerie Vibe despite being unsettling at times the music subplot adds a creative flare to the mix we get a look into the hopes and dreams of the rappers feature it definitely makes

Viewers think about the cost of chasing their dreams number nine gang war banging in Little Rock there’s nothing little about the crime in this American city the documentary takes a peak into the numerous gangs that were running much of Little Rock and the Whirlwind of horror that follow suit all my G’s have

Helped me out more than my family ever has in my whole life and that’s one reason I got quoted is because I wanted family that I know was going to be with me no matter what I do and this is one documentary that had a definite impact

Upon the subject it presented after its release law enforcement took extra measures to address the problem and to find ways to minimize the violence and drug trafficking you know you didn’t give birth for them to do stuff like this it’s not where they’re supposed to be

I want him to know that I’ll be there for him but he’s going to have to decide who is who his family is it’s amazing to see what life was like before it did a complete 180 and changed for the better shortened to the point the film can be

Easily watched in your free time right now what’s working in them is anger I mean you know and these older guys are trying to keep them in check but they’re not out of their hoods I mean you know this is people coming into their neighborhood and this is a city I mean

We should we ought to be able to go everywhere we you know want to go number eight flying cut sleeves when it comes to the gangs in this documentary it can be easy to forget that there’s more that meets the eye there was always uh groups that Protected Their Community

You know uh it was very territorial the Savage Skulls lived in this area ghetto Brothers lived in this area uh and you know just sprouted up as a sort of like a defense for the particular communities this film follows almost two decades of a community dealing with the changing

Social climate of the Bronx from the 1960s onward the gangs were seen as criminals in the news as presented in this film The Gangs tried to help people not hurt them those that knew us that we had to interact with they loved us we used to get up in the mornings go to

Their house drink coffee eat they used to bring us food during the day during the evenings this demonstrates how easily the media can warp narratives even better viewers get to connect with the families of these teenagers and empathize with them since it spans a long period of time it’s awesome to grow

With the members profiled and see what they’re up to over 20 years later you have to look at where these kids come from why they do the things they do you know you just don’t I I don’t know how I can get my point across but you just

Don’t get up in the morning and say this is what I’m going to do with my life number seven gulabi gang anyone who fights for equality is a freaking hero instead of letting the government silence them a band of ladies in India rose up to correct matters of Injustice

Related to gender and social status as this movie shows when the world throws huge problems your way it can feel hopeless at times it’s easy to think that there’s nothing you can do if this concept resonates with you this movie is for you the risks the women were willing to take are Beyond

Inspiring the team behind this masterpiece did an incredible job capturing their spirit and their accomplishments from the phenomenal editing to the incredible narrative this award winning documentary is a mustsee number six the fear of 13 American prisons are scary places to be in especially when you’re innocent the film

Follows the real life story of Nick Yaris who is wrongly convicted and faced 22 years of imprisonment the worst part and yet the best part of being in solitary confinement is time can be a blisteringly fast thing where in the blink of an eye you can look and 10

Years are gone from your life the storytelling is simply out of this world we not only get to learn what life was like for him but also what went down with the prison gangs he interacted with the shower was the most vulnerable time if you’re going to get somebody

That’s the place to get them viewers witness the trials and tribulations that come with navigating the power dynamics of these spaces this is a refreshing take on documentaries because yarus is the only person featured on screen for the entire duration I was happy on death row at times when I shouldn’t have been

And it was only because I became comfortable with being who I was finally in life number five the 75 the nypd’s job is to fight crime catch the bad guys check make the city a safer Place check unfortunately this documentary exposes the immense corruption that can at times

A company la enforcement how many crimes and acts of corruption do you estimate you committed as a New York City police officer hundreds the film is unique because when we think of gangs we typically think of those against the law not those who are a part of it now we’re

Dealing with a major drug organization and it we supposed to get systematic payoffs there’s there’s no turning back there’s no becoming a cop again it really sheds light on the political turmoil in the biggest city in the United States the 75 reminds us that not everything is what it seems guess this

Gives good cop bad cop a whole new new meeting he wanted that cloud he wanted to own cops having cops gave him more power nobody can touch me nobody can touch my crew number four cartel land groups that are involved with drug trafficking are obviously super dangerous what makes this such a

Standout film is that it focuses more on those impacted by the drug industry than the cartels themselves It Centers on citizens on both sides of the US Mexican border forming gangs that try to take down these armed Crews bring your asses down here I’ll take you out on a nickel

Tour in the middle of the freaking night and you tell me that it’s safe and secure the grittiness and authenticity of this documentary is astounding going up against such powerful people is Really Brave who wouldn’t feel inspired to fight for what they believe in after watching this if you’re looking for a

Compelling tale about taking matters into your own hands look no further than this number three three Martina Cole girls and gangs La girl groups are all the rage in this case literally British author Martina Cole has done extensive research about gangs especially in the London area it’s riveting to see her

Previous knowledge applied to this film set in California what do the girls get out of being in a gang you you know you feel safe you’re part of something do you think that’s a big part of it definitely especially in some of the more violent gang areas it can be hard

To understand how someone can commit heinous crimes luckily this documentary searches for the answers by exploring how these violent band for instead of villainizing the women the director humanizes them you going because you going to get banged on regardless if you bang or not that’s how I feel we black

And the Mexicans grow up on us the viewers can sympathize with their struggles this movie is fantastic because it explores the distinct problems that arise from being a female gang member it just makes you want to be like damn you know like I know there’s something a different type of Lifestyle where you

Don’t have to keep losing the people that you love number two Cocaine Cowboys Miami knows a thing or two about violence this documentary centers on the different people involved with the Floridian Coke epidemic of the 20th century the Colombians realized that they were giving up a large portion of

The profit to people they really didn’t have to give it up from they didn’t need the Cuban as a middleman and they just bypassed the Cubans completely that tow hold is what sprouted into the crazy 1980s here in Miami and no we don’t mean the soda the excruciating details from

Former gang members is wild but better yet this film helps us understand the effects the war had on the economy it really makes us see the extent people are willing to go to gain Prosperity when you couple police corruption to Corruption of lawyers and Corruption of

Judges you have no law street gangs were only a part of the drug Network they were key with so many players in the mix it can be easy to get confused Instead The Narrative is simple to follow it truly feels like you’re right there with everyone on screen we would talk to them

In a language that they understood you come here and you delete these things we’re going to arrest you or we’re going to kill you or we’re going to make your life a living hell unless you talk to us before we continue be sure to subscribe to our

Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Crips and bloods made in America many

Documentaries about this topic focus on the connections within the gangs themselves sometimes they explore the group’s relationship to civilians this one is noteworthy because we get to discover the history of the two organizations with names like the businessmen the Gladiators and the slen black teenagers began forming their own

Street Front fraternities originating in a poverty-stricken area the wealth disparity between the gangs and their surroundings are clear instead of focusing on the Rivalry the film prioritizes the mental health struggles that causes teens to join these gangs you have to be on your toes at all times

Man because anything at any time can happen to you wait a minute you you can’t have a heart no no no you can have a heart but you better not show it it’s sort of never letting yourself be weak never letting yourself be seen as someone with feelings emotions

Narratives like these are crucial at highlighting the racial injustices African-Americans face and the consequences of such injustices although it centers on the two gangs of one city the ideas are Universal ultimately this ain’t the way that God or Society intended it to be so a lot of times man

I know morally I’m a good individual but sometimes I got to put that moral State of Mind behind me and become an animal which of these gangs have you heard about let us know in the comments down below I’m stunned at the [ __ ] I’m getting involved in it’s surreal to me

I’m like almost outside my body a month ago two months ago I was regular cop and now I’m a criminal

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