21 Bizarre Items Found Only in Bhutan! – Video

21 Bizarre Items Found Only in Bhutan! – Video

21 Strange Things That Only Exist in the Bhutan!
Polygamy but Bhutan still be the happiest country in the world is a challenging place to visit: Bhutan, a country in Asia with many interesting aspects.
Join me in exploring Bhutan – a country with numerous fascinating prohibitions to protect the environment. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these 21 curious facts about Bhutan in the next few minutes!

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21 strange things that only exist in Bhutan polygamy but Bhutan still be the happiest country in the world is a challenging place to visit Bhutan a country in Asia with many interesting aspects join me in exploring Bhutan a country with numerous fascinating prohibitions to protect the environment

I’m sure you’ll enjoy these 21 curious facts about Bhutan in the next few minutes number 21 tobacco is absolutely forbidden brutan officially banned the sale of tobacco in 2004 the government even prohibits smoking in public places and issued orders against tobacco cultivation or harvesting specifically Bhutan prohibits the sale of tobacco Nationwide smoking

In public places and even in entertainment and recreational venues this is why Bhutan is recognized as the first completely smokefree country in the world in particular smoking and chewing tobacco are criminalized and fines can be imposed used for violators with possible imprisonment for up to 3 years however individuals wanting to smoke are

Allowed to import a specified amount of tobacco monthly after declaration and payment of taxes tourists wishing to bring tobacco across bhutan’s borders must pay a substantial fee if you’re a smoker visiting this country might help you number 20 polygamy in Bhutan in the world’s happiest country it’s hard to

Believe that there is a polygamous system right but that’s true in brutan both men and women are free to marry multiple partners even the current King is married to a commoner and the King’s father has married Four Sisters these women are all crowned and celebrated in a

Ceremony a woman can marry multiple men without the need for a wedding ceremony interestingly a banese woman can have multiple husbands but only the first husband is officially recognized in batan women play a crucial role in the family after marriage men can move in with the wife’s family however in case of

Separation men must compensate the woman anybody hearing this and wanting to go to Bhutan to comfortably marry Five Wives or even six to seven husbands perhaps if you’re interested leave a comment however the downside is that establishing a family with someone from outside Bhutan is challenging due to the

Country’s desire to preserve its culture and religion so do your research thoroughly before making any plans number 19 getting to bhan is very difficult Bhutan is a relatively isolated country nestled deep in the Himalayas the nation has only one International Airport named parro located about 35 km from the capital

Thimu the airport has only one Runway but is constructed in the traditional Palace style of BU futan to reach Bhutan by Road you have to enter from India through three main routes Roots duranga Road Bhutan Road 152 and the most popular the fent sholing thimu expressway Bhutan is one of the most

Secluded countries in the world hidden in the Himalayas to preserve its cultural identity Bhutan emphasizes two aspects protecting the natural environment and religious beliefs with this philosophy Bhutan does not aggressively develop the tourism industry each year only a limited number of tourists are allowed to enter some may mistakenly think they can travel

Independently to brutan but that is not possible brutan does not issue visas to Independent Travelers therefore to obtain a Visa tourists must apply through a registered tour with a local travel company and the company will be responsible for obtaining and processing the Visa if you don’t go through a travel

Company obtaining a Visa is nearly impossible but with a tour reservation you have almost a 100% chance of obtaining a Visa at a title visitors must pay a minimum fee of 200 USD as mentioned above after hearing this would you still like to visit Bhutan those who have been

To Bhutan please share your thoughts about the country number 18 extremely fond of eating chili the people of Bhutan love spicy food in front of every household you will find strings of dried chilies hanging for yearr round consumption unlike other places where chili is considered a seasoning in Bhutan it is

Treated like a vegetable chilies are present in most dishes from fried rice to soup stews and salads the reason the bhutanese consume so much chili is to combat the harsh cold climate in the region therefore it’s not surprising to see Chile as the most consumed vegetable compared to other food groups

In this mountainous Himalayan country number 17 the only country in the world without traffic lights an astonishing fact about Bhutan is that the country does not have any traffic lights instead of using a signal system buanes find traffic police directing the flow of vehicles more familiar and

Intimate the capital fimu is the largest city in Bhutan and the only place in the country to have had traffic lights however after just 24 hours the traffic light system was immediately removed the reason is that the people didn’t like the presence of these impersonal lights they prefer traffic

Police to continue manually directing traffic as before do you find this peculiar if our current country also had no traffic lights how do you think it would be share your thoughts in the comments number 16 illegal to cut trees and fish in addition to prohibiting Slaughter Bhutan mandates that at least

60% of the country’s territory must be covered with forests this law means that cutting down trees without special permission is heavily penalized potentially leading to imprisonment ban encourages its citizens to plant trees for fuel and construction materials in rural areas residents are allowed a certain amount of land to grow

Trees for building houses to building houses to build in urban areas owners must buy trees and obtain permits from Sawmills currently 72% of bhutan’s land is covered by forests fishing or hunting animals is also forbidden in this country and the penalties are similar to those for cutting trees Additionally the important

Sale of meat and fish are not allowed on sacred days and months according to the bhane calendar since the early 2000s however secret nighttime fishing activities still take place number 15 Tuesday is dry day dry day here doesn’t refer to the weather but rather to alcoholic beverages banese people love consuming alcoholic drinks

In fact each adult in Bhutan consumes up to 8.47 lers of alcoholic beverages surpassing the global average of 6.2 L Bhutan has over 5,400 bars with many in the capital thimu Bhutan produces various products such as beer red wine light Spirits for pairing with appetizers and even strong Liquor on

Tuesdays known as dry days the bhutanese government prohibits bars from selling alcoholic drinks number 14 the happiest country in the world Bhutan is a landlocked country in South Asia situated between India and China while bhutan’s economy is ranked among the lowest in the world with poverty and illiteracy still prevalent

Its people have the happiest lives in the world this country located near the Himalayas is renowned for its beautiful landscapes where traditional culture continues to thrive in every individual additionally the pristine nature fresh air and the sense of cultural identity make Bhutan a happy Kingdom a survey revealed that the stunning scenery

Coupled with the Consciousness and ethnic Pride makes the people of this nation feel content and comfortable in their lives the majority of bhutan’s population follows Buddhism and practices vegetarianism they believe in karma leading them to live compassionately altruistically and perform Good Deeds for others this contributes to a peaceful life in Bhutan

Interestingly there is no crime in Bhutan and societal class differences are not Stark bhutanese people are very friendly and even a prince can play soccer with children without any discrimination this contentment among the people makes Bhutan a unique and Serene place to live number 13 rich and diverse FAA and

Flora bhan is renowned for its rare and precious forer in the Himalayan Mountain Range including Bengal tigers leopards Bears mountain sheep and notably the species of deer with fangs killing wild animals is heavily punished in Bhutan for instance killing a black necked crane could lead the offender to

A life sentence strict laws make Bhutan a place where tourists have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature if Lucky visitors might witness these rare species Bhutan captivates Travelers with its Grand and pristine natural landscapes enrich with the cultural diversity of its people the country features beautiful small and

Charming Villages making it a destination for those seeking the rare hard to find beauty of this nation tourists can combine this with activities such as mountain climbing long walks participating in festivals and visiting monasteries buan is a hot spot in the world’s most important biodiversity with a rich ecosystem boasting over 165

Mammal species 612 bird species 5 5,000 different species of other fora 600 species of orchids and 50 species of rododendron it’s a paradise for nature lovers worldwide number 12 no homelessness free health care and education homelessness is a global issue even in economically powerful Nations like the United States Japan Germany ity

But not in Bhutan in this country you won’t see scenes of people wandering and sleeping on the streets if a bhutanese loses their home they can approach the king to request a piece of land a place to build a home cultivate and start life a new regarding Education

And healthc Care these are entirely free in Bhutan the bhutanese government allocates about 18% of the budget to provide free education and health care services for all indigenous people number 11 no television and Internet in Bhutan in Bhutan television and Internet were officially banned until 1999 however this couldn’t isolate the

Country from modern technology therefore the king decided to abolish this rule making bhan the last country in the world to start using television bhese people believe that excessive and uncontrollable information from the Internet or television leads to comparison competition and news about crimes terrorism violence causing mental

Distress for the people of Bhutan the greatest happiness is for everyone to enjoy a simple life without worrying about anything bhan believe that increased access to the internet seeing the wealthy driving cars and having a lot of money will create envy and dissatisfaction with their own lives in reality bhutan’s people are not

Concerned or saddened that they don’t have the latest iPhone because to them simply being able to live is fulfilling number 10 Bhutan has has never been invaded despite its small size and being surrounded by giants like India and China Bhutan has never been under the control of any other Nation

Even during the era of British colonialism Bhutan remained an independent and Sovereign Nation avoiding colonization therefore unlike other countries that celebrate independence day as their National Day Bhutan marks December 17th 1097 as the day when the first king of the wangchuk dynasty which still rules Bhutan today ascended to the

Throne this day is celebrated as the anniversary of the nation number nine no slaughter houses while the bhutanese people consume meat the country itself does not have any slaughter houses various types of meat are imported from neighboring countries like India and Nepal the reason for this is that Bhutan

Is a predominantly Buddhist country with nearly 40% of the population following a vegetarian in diet and killing animals is strictly prohibited unless an animal dies of natural causes even the owner is not allowed to kill them killing animals is considered illegal in Bhutan additionally selling meat on certain months an important Festival

Days is also prohibited number eight famous fertility temple in Bhutan in Bhutan there is a highly renowned Temple called chimi lakhang also known as the Temple of fertility every year thousands of couples struggling with infertility make a pilgrimage here in the hopes of conceiving those who seek blessings at

This Temple undergo a unique ceremony receiving blessings from ladr pakuni also known as the Divine madman who founded this sacred temple with its unique perspective on love human respect and personal freedom Lama Kinley has become an icon of love and fertility in Bhutan It is believed that visiting shimi lak hang and

Receiving blessings from this Temple will bring health and good fertility to women facing infertility issues Beyond its religious significance chimi lakhang offers tourists an excellent experience of local culture and life passing through lush green rice fields in the temple on the hill you can feel the interaction between people and nature

The Harmony and the friendliness of the local residents number seven phace symbols used to ward off evil if you travel to Bhutan you will encounter many phace symbols painted in various colors and shapes people in Bhutan even carve wooden fallaces and hang them on their roofs for centuries the citizens

Of this small nation have pledged allegiance to the sacred organ of procreation this symbol not only represents reproductive capabilities but also provides protection against malevolent Spirits according to traditional beliefs in Bhutan these symbols help ward off evil spirits and risks the bhan do not consider this a vulgar symbol instead

They feel fortunate when they see these images what do you think about this symbol in Bhutan I find it quite interesting please share your thoughts in the com number six wutan was completely isolated from the world until 1974 tourism in bhan was prohibited before 1974 and only began in that year when

The bhutanese government in an effort to increase revenue and promote the unique culture and traditions of Bhutan to the World opened its doors to foreigners in 1974 the government allowed foreigners to visit the secluded country in that year only 274 people visited Bhutan but over the years this number has increased significantly in

2019 more than 300,000 people travel to this unique country despite opening to International tourists the bruttin government recognizes the environmental impact that tourists can have on the country’s unique and almost pristine Landscapes and culture in 2023 the banese government implemented a policy called high value low impact and began charging a

Sustainable tourism fee of 200 USD for tourists number five ban on plastic bags the first plastic bag ban was issued in 199 99 however it failed due to a lack of alternative Solutions even after being reintroduced in 2005 and 2009 currently due to the urgent need for

Waste Management in Bhutan this ban was reissued in 2019 awareness of Alternatives such as homemade bags cloth bags and handwoven bags is being promoted in supermarkets or vegetable shops bhan is one of the pioneering countries in this matter to protect the environment from pollution what are your thoughts on this plastic waste issue

Share your opinions in the comments number four archery is the traditional sport of bhan the most popular sport in Bhutan is archery if there’s one thing the people of Bhutan love more than their King it’s archery almost every time there’s an archery competition happening across Bhutan their way of playing is quite

Unique two opposing teams face each other shooting arrows at each other while opponents try to distract The Archers players must wear traditional bhutanese clothing because archery is so popular here tourists visiting Bhutan also find great joy in this sport bhutanese people are so passionate about this sport that almost every

Season of the year there’s some archery competition taking place in small villages at the changlimithang stadium in the capital thimu archery tournaments are organized and participants must wear traditional attire the go to participate even though people living in remote Villages have to travel for nearly 2 days through the mountains to

Reach the competition venue they enthusiastically participate whenever an Archer hits the target both teams celebrate by dancing and singing reminiscent of ancient banese warriors this is a social event that attracts the most attention every time an archery Festival takes place people prepare a lot of food and drinks

Gathering to cheer for The Archers when you’re here you’ll get to learn archery from simple to professional number three admirable love story of the king and queen of Bhutan the current ruler of Bhutan is King jigi kizan namel wangchuk his wedding to Queen jetsen PMA was praised

In foreign media for the beauty of both royal couple members at that time Queen Jets and PMA was the youngest Queen in the world only 21 years old especially after the king and queen gave birth bir to their firstborn son they created an image of a truly happy family King

Bhutan also declared that he would not marry any other woman besides the queen even though bhane law allows men to have multiple wives throughout the history of world monarchies few Kings have remained faithful to one wife therefore this royal couple has become an icon of love

And Fidelity in the hearts of the people the beginning of this fairy tale Like Love Story traces back to a chance meeting during a family outing at that time 7-year-old Jetson Paya was immediately attracted to the 17-year-old handsome prince she ran up to the prince embraced him boldly declaring her liking

And desire to marry him how do you see this fairy tale like love story if you like this truth please like the video and comment to let us know number two Banes people often wear traditional clothing traditional clothing in ban is not just for special occasions but is

Worn daily the traditional attire for men is called go and for women it’s Kira britanee people wear these clothes to work visit temples offices or on formal occasions it’s mandatory for government employees to wear traditional clothing during your visit to Bhutan you will see men still wearing skirts the go

Has been a tradition since the 17th century and is the traditional attire of the people of Western Tibet the large pouch in front is not just for concealing the stomach but can also hold a phone keys and even a baby all male tour guides in brownware go they are

Required to carry a white scarf when entering forts with tourists on days of trekking in mountainous areas tour guides May remove the upper part of the go and tie the sleeves around their waist when it’s hot even school children have to wear traditional clothing every day if you find vuan traditional

Clothing interesting like the video and comment to let me know number one Bhutan has many unique festivals Bhutan has many unique festivals such as the loser Festival this Festival welcoming the New Year in bhan as well as in Tibet is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement during the festival bhutanese

People perform traditional rituals and local residents wear beautifully decorated cloaks participating in Lively per performances such as singing and dancing they enact scenes depicting the battle between good and evil or performances related to spiritual life there’s also the tisue festival the highlight of the tisue festival is the

Cham dance a highly Dynamic traditional dance performed exclusively by men through their dance the performers Express stories about morality and life holding significant meaning for them it is also considered a special form of meditation by the people finally there’s the special Festival jampa laang drop when the clock

Strikes midnight a group of male dancers will emerge from a gate and dance to the rhythm of traditional drums they wear masks and cover their faces locals believe this dance distracts evil spirits the jampa lak Kang DRP Festival is one of the most anticipated festivals in Bhutan every year if you have the

Opportunity to visit bhan try to participate in these festivals it’s guaranteed to be very interesting so we’ve explored 21 fascinating facts about the country of Bhutan which fact impressed you the most personally I find the environmental restrictions in Bhutan to protect the environment quite impressive making it

One of the happiest countries in the world remember to comment on your favorite fact thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated on our latest videos see you in the next videos

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