Aboard a Hajj Journey: Flying with Garuda Indonesia’s “Special” B747-400 – Video

Aboard a Hajj Journey: Flying with Garuda Indonesia’s “Special” B747-400 – Video

Embark on a truly unique and unforgettable journey with me as we take a special Hajj flight on a Garuda Indonesia Boeing 747-400 from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia. This flight was not just your average commercial flight, as it carried 450 pilgrims on their sacred journey to Mecca.

The atmosphere at Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport in Jakarta was filled with anticipation as the pilgrims checked in for the flight. Many of them were first-time flyers, adding to the excitement of the journey. To streamline the boarding process, the pilgrims were assigned seat numbers without boarding passes, with designated seating sections on the aircraft.

With Captain Vitaly from Russia and First Officer Anton from Ukraine at the helm, the flight took off for Jeddah with a flight time of over 9 hours. Garuda Indonesia had wet-leased the Boeing 747-400 from Aquiline International for this special mission, ensuring the smooth transportation of the pilgrims.

The atmosphere on board was serene and peaceful, with many pilgrims praying for a safe journey as the engines roared to life. The Hajj flight crew, who were contractors specifically hired for the Hajj season, worked tirelessly to ensure the comfort and well-being of the pilgrims throughout the flight.

As the journey progressed, many pilgrims changed into their white Hajj robes, signifying the commencement of their sacred pilgrimage. The group leader led prayer calls as the aircraft flew over the Miqot, marking the official start of the Hajj for the pilgrims. Upon arrival at the special Hajj terminal in Jeddah, emotions ran high as the pilgrims expressed gratitude to the crew for their care and assistance during the flight.

This flight was not just a means of transportation, but a profound and deeply meaningful experience for all onboard. For many of the pilgrims, this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip that they had been waiting and saving for years to undertake. With over 200,000 Indonesian pilgrims transported to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj, this flight was a part of a massive airlift operation that showcased the unity and devotion of the pilgrims.

Witness firsthand the incredible journey of these pilgrims as they embark on their spiritual quest, filled with kindness, gratitude, and a sense of unity that transcends borders and cultures. Join me on this extraordinary adventure inside a Hajj flight, a journey that will stay with me for a lifetime!

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