Being Generous: Tipping Every Street Performer in Honolulu, Hawaii ūüáļūüáł – Video

Being Generous: Tipping Every Street Performer in Honolulu, Hawaii ūüáļūüáł – Video

In this video, the content creator takes us on a trip to Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii to experience the vibrant atmosphere, particularly in the evenings where the streets are lined with street performers offering a variety of entertainment, including cartoon drawings and magic tricks. The video also showcases the lively nightlife scene in Waikiki and the good vibes and energy that can be found on the beach.

The content creator also interacts with the street performers and engages in conversations with locals, giving viewers a taste of the local culture and hospitality. The video is not only entertaining, but also provides a glimpse of what to expect when visiting Honolulu, making it a great watch for anyone planning a trip to Hawaii and looking for things to do in Honolulu.

Through the video, the content creator also supports the street performers by tipping them, showcasing the talent and hard work of these individuals. Overall, the video provides an engaging and fun exploration of Waikiki Beach and the street performers that contribute to its lively atmosphere.

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Oh hey you guys speak Spanish yeah yeah I’m trying¬† to learn something I say uh uh yeah yeah yeah Ras¬†¬† Mita and you’re good bro yeah bro trust me what’s¬† your YouTube channel here bro I I’ll give you a¬†¬†

Card I tried to educate people about disabilities¬† oh that is amazing that is amazing well I’m going¬†¬† to bless you a little bit more thank you thank¬† you bro that’s very important job that you’re¬†¬† doing how much are the photo a million dollar a¬† million dollar bro I haven’t hit the Power Ball¬†¬†

Yet where you from California $2 million two oh¬† I I see how it works here you got to get you get¬†¬† charged based on your ZIP code what city oh no¬† bro um Long Beach $3 million $3 million what’s¬†¬†

Up everybody welcome back to another beautiful¬† day here in Honolulu Hawaii today I’m talking¬†¬† to you guys from wakiki Beach and I got a very¬† exciting video plann for you guys a few weeks¬†¬† ago in Thailand we made a video saying yes to¬† all of the street vendors on the beach both in¬†¬†

Puket and in Bangkok however today there’s not¬† any Street vendors out but what there are out¬†¬† on the streets right now are street performers So¬† today we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to¬†¬†

Tip all of the street performers that are here¬† in w keiki beach and it should make for a very¬†¬† interesting video now along with tipping the¬† street performers I’m also going to be showing¬†¬† you guys The Vibes that can be found here on the¬† beach um in the evenings because The Nightlife¬†¬†

Scene here in wakiki is pretty active there’s a¬† lot of people out walking around and it’s just¬†¬† Good Vibes good energy so join me as I show you¬† guys around wakiki beach in the evening and of¬†¬† course we have fun tipping all of the street¬† performers now do keep in mind man they’re¬†¬†

Taxing out here some people are charging like1¬† $15 for a photo um some people have their price¬†¬† for a tip um written in front of their show so¬† it’s going to be quite expensive but it’s going¬†¬†

To be very very fun so join me as I as I show  you guys around and of course glattus is with   me hello how have you been enjoying your time so  far here in Hawaii very good vibes I love it it  

Is I just ate a pocket I me what delicious and I  just had some pineapple chicken that I can also   say was very delicious all right guys so this  here is the main Boulevard of w Kiki now you  

Guys might recognize this for my first impressions¬† video but at night it looked a whole diff a whole¬†¬† lot different there’s actually a bunch of like¬† torches with um fire coming out the top absolutely¬†¬† everywhere and The Vibes are exactly what you’d¬† expect to have on a beautiful island in Hawaii¬†¬†

So enjoy as I walk around wow this place is  Awesome Man All the Right Vibes now this is   actually where a lot of the street performers  tend to stand are on the boardwalks and you   also find a lot of people um that are actually  doing like the cartoon drawings such as this

Guy they are nice I would definitely do one of¬† those but I have a feeling that is going to take¬†¬† up the entire video if we sit there and we do that¬† so we’re going to have to come back and do that¬†¬†

Do they have a price out there for the cartoon¬† drawings no they don’t have a price they don’t¬†¬† have one huh no I can imagine it’s it’s probably¬† like 20 25 bucks still in Mexico we did one for $1¬†¬†

Yeah that was super you know what it was super¬† cool but it was pretty terrible quality to be¬†¬† fair like it wasn’t a good drawing all right¬† ice cream what’s up bro what you got over here¬†¬†

Ice cream and we got shaved ice if you want to oh¬† you got Shave Ice that’s our address um if not I¬†¬† can direct right towards us we’re open till 10 I’m¬† here till 10: cool maybe we’ll come back yeah I’ll¬†¬†

Take this with me hey is it true that if locals¬† know if you’re not from here by the way you save¬†¬† shaved ice oh if you say shave ice or shaved ice¬† exactly so yeah I don’t know I just say are you¬†¬†

From here yeah I’m born and raised here oh okay¬† beautiful place man yeah where you coming from¬†¬† I’m from California she Venezuela oh hey you guys¬† speak Spanish yeah I’m trying to learn some I say¬†¬†

Uh uh yeah yeah yeah Ras Mita and you’re good¬† bro yeah bro trust me I told this one I know if this this man got it bro you’re good hey what’s¬† your name bro I’m Onie Onie cool bro Chris I’m¬†¬†

Going walk up into the um the Shave Ice place¬† and I’m going tell him Onie sent me yeah I’ll¬†¬† tell him uh let me know if you can’t find it I’m¬† here to cool bro appreciate you man caros Chris¬†¬†

Oh bro you hit me with the Carlos cuz I speak  Spanish bro come on you look look Spanish are   you Spanish yeah yeah yeah Spanish I say uh  this man hit me with the Carlos bro just like  

Oh you got the camera the GoPro yeah bro of¬† course no I’m just messing with you H are you¬†¬† vlogging like uh like the places you visit yeah¬† just making a little video about wakiki Beach¬†¬†

What’s the most interesting uh place you visited¬† so far oh man there’s so many but I have to say¬†¬† Jordan Jordan is probably the most interesting¬† country like very different yeah yeah one day¬†¬† I’m going to travel on them want to know what’s¬† like a good place like Thailand bro Thailand¬†¬†

Sri Lanka Thailand great places Philippines¬† oh wow Philippines yeah never been to any of¬†¬† those places I want to try though yeah man’¬† well it’s cuz you live in a paradise that so¬†¬† many people want to visit yeah so we had all the¬† tourists coming here exactly you get to see the¬†¬†

Whole world right in front of you yeah hopefully¬† yeah well take care Annie appreciate you big bro¬†¬† take care man yeah Thailand oh man this guy has¬† like some birds out here wow hello what’s your

Name okay well he just got in front of the Paris¬† so we can’t pay him for a photo we’ll go pay¬†¬† someone else what a rude guy huh I was getting I¬† was getting ready to pay for a photo man what a¬†¬†

Rude guy all right oh they got Pikachu out here¬† oh man that’s good but he got the has the music¬†¬† bu you know what we’re going to have to do this¬† one quick Pikachu doing good nice meeting you¬†¬†

Guys take care Pikachu that was interesting huh¬† Pikachu from Hawaii funny no I’m not going to¬†¬† lie to you guys I’m a bit bothered that the¬† dude got in front of the camera in front of¬†¬† the bird I wanted to take a picture with that¬† one terrible it’s not better Bad Business move¬†¬†

It’s not better if they say hello my friend you¬† want a picture of course for you blah blah blah¬†¬† you know and people need to be friendly like 10¬† I heard yeah 10 is amazing but I have a feeling¬†¬†

We’re we’ll run into some pretty friendly people¬† up the up the road all right I bet he’s not from¬†¬† Hawaii because here in Hawaii people is so¬† friendly so friendly so nice all right now¬†¬† let’s turn the camera around and we’re going¬† to keep it walking guys but yeah look at all¬†¬†

The palm trees the lights there’s actually a lot¬† of like shave ice places and bars on this street¬†¬† as well we actually haven’t had a shave ice since¬† we’ve gotten here because well I don’t know why¬†¬†

To be fair we’ve just been full the entire time¬† because every time we get a little hungry we just¬†¬† start trying all kinds of food we never had before¬† actually to be fair a lot of the food I have had¬†¬†

Before um just often times called differently but¬† like a lot of the dishes that I’ve had I’ve had¬†¬† before especially like the Hawaiian Barbecue like¬† we got some pretty good like Hawaiian barbecue¬†¬† spots in California and all around the mainland¬† as well so nothing too out of the ordinary now¬†¬†

One thing that you’re going to really notice here¬† in wakiki compared to other like places at night¬†¬† is that a lot of people come out here and actually¬† walk around with their children it’s like a place¬†¬†

For kids you’re going to see a lot of families¬† out here enjoying the night life yesterday there¬†¬† was actually a man I’m hoping we find him there¬† was a man out here who is dressed like a bush I¬†¬†

Know it’s pretty hard to like think about what¬† the hell Chris is talking about but picture a¬†¬† bush like a bush on the side of the road or¬† I don’t know a bush guys he just dressed like¬†¬†

A bush and he was scaring the [¬†__¬†] out of¬† people on this road it was pretty interesting¬†¬† it was hilarious so I’m hoping we come across¬† that again and I hope the the quality is okay¬†¬†

Cuz we’re going into like these like dark spots¬† but then we come right back out into light and¬†¬† it’s very nice all right we got a Rolex store¬† out here now this is a big shopping center we¬†¬†

Actually walked through it a few hours ago and it¬† it was very interesting oh I wonder what this man does oh interesting let’s see where’s my money¬† at there it is oh he has a digital screen hello sir thank you for being you know me yeah¬† YouTube YouTube thanks man where you from¬†¬†

San Diego San Diego man oh okay pict yeah let’s¬† take a picture come on let’s do it I’m making¬†¬† a little video right now picture of course you¬† guys are in the Vlog in Hawaii man travel with¬†¬†

Chris yeah I know oh let’s go let’s do it come¬† on in come on in here glus I’ll give you that one go come we don’t mind¬† here bro no it’s all good¬†¬† come on no behind over here behind over here yeah

Okay I appreciate it yeah bro let’s go see¬† thanks for watching the excited yeah bro let’s do it want me to hit it yeah sure take care bye guys take care¬† bro okay that was cool oh what’s¬†¬† your YouTube channel here bro I I’ll¬† give you a card I’ll give you a card¬†¬†

There you go me want me to put it in¬† the tip box okay what are you doing on here oh okay wow that is impressive I have you know what here I’m going to I tried¬† to educate people about disabilities oh that¬†¬†

Is amazing that is amazing well I’m going¬† to bless you a little bit more thank you¬†¬† thank you bro that’s very important¬† job that you’re doing doing just being out here for some reason and presses people wow that’s amazing he’s out here educating¬† people about disabilities that’s very important¬†¬†

It’s very important and um I feel like a lot¬† of people that have disabilities when you¬†¬† see someone else who has one um it’s inspiring¬† and it’s motivating and and it can change your¬†¬† life just being out here for some reason¬† impresses people so I use that to create¬†¬†

Conversation amazing amazing well take care¬† sir keep doing what you’re doing I wish you¬†¬† the best bye sir that is amazing man incredible¬† incredible incredible incredible that man is a¬†¬† lot stronger than I will ever be how to that¬† man oh wow what’s going on over here hello¬†¬†

Sir hello how much are the photos a million¬† dollars a million doll bro I haven’t hit the¬†¬† Power Ball yet where you from California $2¬† million two oh I I see how it works here you¬†¬†

Got to get you get charged based on your ZIP¬† code what city oh no bro know the Long Beach¬†¬† $3 million million no get over here young lady¬† oh gladus you going up there you go okay I’ll¬†¬†

Go up there what how much is the photo you¬† get whatever I give him that’s o I like this oh all right all right B shoulder how old are¬† you 25 give me your hand 25 15 bring you down¬†¬†

I want to see your face that Hur that¬† hurt two two that one is cute W they’re¬†¬† beautiful Daisy camera oh this one’s Daisy¬† Daisy D Daisy this one buddy Budd Sunshine¬†¬† Daisy buddy take a pit straight up and down¬† right there nice and strong at the camera big

Smile wa bird down so we see your¬† face there you go playing with his¬†¬† hair like my hair like yours too he’s going¬† to give you a hair design oh yeah oh smile¬†¬† a they’re so cute I like this thank you¬† sir appreciate it appreciate it Muscle¬†¬†

Man muscle man oh oh oh oh the pose is muscle  man I see I see what he did this let me take you wow lovely go put your arm around Tim oh  okay what should I do put your arm around him  

Put your arm around me give me that [Music]¬† hand down me this is awesome okay okay oh¬†¬† sorry sorry and it just shut off no it’s fine¬† it’s recording okay yeah I can’t see no more¬†¬†

Oh there you are okay hold on oh nice open¬† hand snuggling knee up knee up I like that you have the best post ever thank you bro¬† I appreciate you thank you so much I’ll¬†¬†

Let you get Daisy and buddy all right that was  sick I like that good business man bro you got   change for 20 give me give me 10 back give  her a kiss a kiss bring her and give her a

Kiss that was cute that was cute she gave¬† you the tongue she gave me the tongue no I¬†¬† just tongue kissed a parrot wow this amazing¬† she’s only 15 wow you’re a cutie you’re so¬†¬†

Beautiful I I had one para but he died a thank¬† you sir I appreciate it very thank you so much¬†¬† man that’s how you do business not like the¬† other guy that guy was awesome yeah he’s very¬†¬† friendly super friendly man I really like¬† that guy I appreciate him what’s going on¬†¬†

Over here in this direction [Music] now oh¬† they make arts wow this is cool that’s very interesting I wonder how long this takes it¬† 3 minutes it literally takes 3 minutes it¬†¬† literally took 3 minutes okay cool bro it’s free¬† too but just donation yeah and how many letters¬†¬†

I’d like to make one sir I got my last name so¬† five letters yeah look it says art in one go¬†¬† it only takes 3 minutes to draw your name in any¬† phrase you like in the form of flowers birds and¬†¬†

Landscapes long name takes longer wow that is¬† amazing let’s go ahead and do um should we do¬†¬† you know what Let’s do glattus let’s do glattus¬† a that’s sweet we get one more one we get one¬†¬†

More yo what’s up bro I don’t want to interrupt¬† you but I love you man I hey I appreciate that j¬†¬† i watch you nice to meet you bro I appreciate¬† you I think you got I appreciate that bro just¬†¬†

Got back from the Philippines yeah yeah yeah¬† cool I appreciate you bro it’s all love bro I¬†¬† appreciate you do watch all the time and I live¬† here I just finished work okay I’m a manager a¬†¬†

Restaurant manager oh bro dude it’s my first time¬† in Hawaii it’s a Vibe though it’s gorgeous it’s¬†¬† different than the Philippine Malaysia Japan you¬† guys go yeah y man I appreciate man it’s all love¬†¬†

I appreciate thank you what is your name Gladis¬† yeah Gladis and you EF e nice to meet you sure¬†¬† now I’m put you st appreciate you be safe here ma¬† got destroyed yeah man that’s some sad stuff but¬†¬†

You guys doing great manate apprciate I appreciate¬† you thank you friend thank you bro thank you oh he¬†¬† was so sweet there’s people watching all over the¬† world these days that’s crazy we take you that bro¬†¬†

Thank you GL is man I get blown away especially¬† by how many people have been recognizing me in¬†¬† Hawaii I never in my life thought that I would¬† get recognized on this island but cool stuff huh I’m sorry what was that oh where you from sir

Are you a reporter interviewing along¬† the streets YouTube oh I don’t I ran¬†¬† out of cards what do you guys do YouTube we¬† make YouTube no no no but like what kind of¬†¬† content um travel videos oh W really yeah we¬† make them all we make them all over the world¬†¬†

Prob where you guys from Bay Area oh the Bay¬† Area I’m from Long Beach oh way yeah yeah yeah all right well um you should start¬† drawing any minute now L is going¬†¬† to help me out real quick let’s see¬† how fast he whoops his art up back¬†¬†

Man this is all beautiful stuff¬† like this one says Hawaii Aloha Mahalo you you can do them first we already¬† got oh thank you I appreciate that I wonder¬†¬† where is he from it’s beautiful good¬† art I think she thought I said she was beautiful all right let’s¬† see the technique oh [Music]

Wow you know it’s quite cool because¬† he has to put a lot of thought into¬†¬† each letter since he actually converts¬† them into Birds snakes and all kinds of¬†¬† other shapes as he’s spelling out the name¬† to be fair I can I can barely write with a pen wow that is

Beautiful Dam he I think he just put a dolphin¬† inside of the G I would have never thought of that¬†¬† wow that’s cool huh he made me a bird did you see¬† yeah that’s beautiful with the flower from Hawaii amazing see it’s always important to¬† support the local artist I mean this is

Beautiful I mean that’s pretty sick can you imagine¬† how long it actually took him to learn to¬†¬† do that I mean that takes a lot of¬† work a lot of uh skill and years of Technique damn he’s clean no I know that’s¬† clean I see why you guys are getting another¬†¬† one I think I’m going to come back after¬† this I had to get my last name she’s like¬†¬† I want to get my middle name done all yeah¬† the problem is just making sure we get it¬†¬†

Home without like creasing it up he’s all¬† like literally it takes 5 minutes to dry¬†¬† he gave us some rubber bands just roll it¬† up yeah yeah yeah oh my god wow that is beautiful I love that his is um it’s¬† free it’s donation based that’s awesome

It’s like the walking tours right¬† yeah it’s like the walking tours it’s awesome I got 10 we almost need to go to¬† an ATM though soon because um I actually¬†¬† thought I had more money on me than I¬† did but we’ve already spent yeah few dollars

Wow it’s amazing how you move the¬† brush very nice than [Music] you wow dang you love it yeah I love it I wanted to¬†¬† put that on a frame yeah that’d be¬† nice huh yeah oh look that’s like¬†¬†

A little those are like hummingbirds¬† huh he made a lot of birds wow that is beautiful I really like it too bad there’s¬† a lot of music I hope it doesn’t mess up the¬†¬† video it sucks that you got to keep reminding the¬† people about the music on YouTube I hope one day¬†¬†

That they actually get rid of those those rules¬† because man it really hinders your [Applause] creativity damn he’s dope wow that is nice and I wonder what he’s using¬† as a brush those are like it looks¬†¬† almost like duct tape just like pieces¬† of tape huh or maybe leaf or Leaf [Music]

Yeah wow [Music] oh damn I didn’t see¬† that one coming bro he just hit it with¬†¬† the dragon yo this man is crazy good and¬† now comes a signature huh yeah wow that was beautiful

Wow dang that was hard I like that you know it¬† takes a lot too because what you guys aren’t¬†¬† seeing is that there’s so many people walking¬† around and it’s I’m one of those people that¬†¬†

I can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same¬† time and this man does not get distracted at all wow beautiful beautiful beautiful oh my God that is amazing thank¬† you sir I we love it thank you so much

Chris yeah you seen that he just gave¬† it the look of approval he’s like yep okay thank you 5 minutes no fold Okay Okay Okay cool so you got to roll it in in um¬†¬† inwards right and he giving you¬† he’s giving her rubber bands as

Well y that is sick thank you sir hey enjoy your  guys is time take care sir thank you bye wow that   is sick all right let me see that drawing one more  time wow that is beautiful Gladius and I love that  

They put the dragon some humming burgs Dolphins¬† this is like some bamboo you like your little¬†¬† gift so beautiful yes thank you so much that is¬† beautiful I love it now um right now we actually¬†¬† just walked another 5 minutes and I didn’t realize¬† that I stopped recording I stopped recording as¬†¬†

Soon as we um purchased this but there’s actually¬† a magic show taking place right behind me so let’s¬†¬† walk on up there and see if we can see a cool¬† trick happen now this is cool because there’s just¬†¬†

So much interesting things happening on the street¬† 60c chance to make some money look how excited she¬†¬† got look how excited she got everybody loves money¬† you love money I Love Money kitlin here’s how it¬†¬† works I’ve got three wallets wallet number one¬† wallet number two and wallet number three inside¬†¬†

One of these wallets it’s a $1 bill that is not¬† a lot of money to me but kayin is a fortune she’s¬†¬† just a kid how old are you Kaylin that’s how¬† old I was when I was your age what are the odds¬†¬†

What are the odds caylin here’s how it works in a¬† moment I’m going to tell you to pick W all you do¬†¬† is say one two or three whichever you say you get¬† to reach ins side if there’s any money you get to¬†¬†

Keep it sounds pretty good right I would to be¬† honest I’ll going be up front I’ll tell all of¬†¬† you right now straight at the bat there SP full¬† disclosure Caitlyn you are going to lose okay the¬†¬†

Magician down the street says you’re going to¬† win I’d like to be honest let you know you’re¬†¬† going to lose but if you lose and you are you’re¬† going to lose you have to promise not to cry you¬†¬†

Promise you say that now I did this last week¬† so that guy’s age he didn’t win the dollar he¬†¬† started crying you’re not going to start crying¬† okay perfect here’s how it works I a professional¬†¬†

Magician we going to get inside your brain I’m¬† going to make you pick a losing wallet okay so¬†¬† you’re only 12 so you probably think I’m old I¬† can’t remember stuff so I probably put the $1 bill¬†¬†

In wallet number one the one in the on wouldn’t¬† forget but I would never do that the first wallet¬†¬† it’s first Place everyone picks that wallet¬† I’d never hide it there or maybe I said that¬†¬†

You don’t pick it now you don’t know what to think¬† kayin here’s the weird thing you are going to pick¬†¬† number two girls always pick two I don’t know why¬† they always pick two or maybe I said that so you¬†¬†

Don’t pick it maybe that’s where I hit the one now¬† your brain is spinning I know wallet number three¬†¬† is the last wallet it’s last place you old to be¬† the last place they’ll think you’re a loser which¬†¬†

Is tough to live with I’ve lived with it for 40¬† years that part’s not funny okay now kayin kayin¬†¬† moment of choice any wall you want one two or¬† three I feel like it’s be three three the last¬†¬†

Place loser wallet just just get for him you don’t¬† want one most girls pick two you don’t want two¬†¬† she wants three Caitlyn Caitlyn Caitlyn Caitlyn¬† Caitlyn I want to point out that in the last 10¬†¬†

Minutes I’ve probably said your name 27 times I’ve¬† asked you what your name was like at least five¬†¬† times the reason I bring that up is because if you¬† pick wallet number three nobody here will remember¬†¬† your name her name’s Caitlyn they’re not going to¬† remember that the only thing they’ll remember is¬†¬†

There goes that loser are you sure you want that¬† wallet I I gave her a shot I gave her a shot we¬†¬† reach inside if there’s anything unfolded show¬† them what it is go ahead unfold it show them oh¬†¬†

Look congratulations she won the dollar no don’t¬† go anywhere Kaitlin you could have picked number¬†¬† one inside number one $100 was a $10 bill that’s¬† fun F though that’s fine girls never pick that one¬†¬†

Girls usually pick two in fact I told you to pick¬† two and side number two was a $20 bill but she¬†¬† did win a dollar she is a big winner big round¬† of applause big winner don’t anywh I just paid¬†¬†

You it’s child labor you have to help out that’s¬† still legal right yeah just check it toss it up¬†¬† Grand pelli I love this trick this Trick’s going¬† to make me famous you have a Pock you might have¬†¬†

To stick around a second longer girls never have¬† pockets my wife says that all the time uh you got¬†¬† a mom over here dad sister someone here we go I¬† love this trick I’m so excited kitlin this trick¬†¬†

Is going to work you have to learn the magic¬† move it’s very difficult took me two weeks to¬†¬† learn face the audience take one hand place it on¬† your stomach with the other hand behind your back¬†¬†

This the hard part you have to kind of Bend at¬† the waist oh my gosh she’s a natural if you do¬†¬† that move at the you see if you do that move at¬† the end of the streck people will magically start¬†¬†

Banging their hands together it’s the most amazing¬† thing works every time she doesn’t believe not¬†¬† I’ll I’ll show you pretty awesome one hand on her¬† back Benise see works every time let’s save it for¬†¬†

The end this is my show you still right there all  right now as Caitlyn and I show you the finale I   want to thank you guys for sticking around thanks  for watching my show if you guys had a good time  

My name is Justin Scott please tell your friends¬† if family to come watch Justin Scott and White¬†¬† second best magician you’ve ever seen totally¬† maybe the first I don’t want to sound conceeded¬†¬†

Uh if you guys had a really good time at the end¬† of our finale uh please keep in mind this is my¬†¬† job it’s what I do for living this actually how¬† I pay my rent at the end of this trick if you had¬†¬†

Fun you are welcome to to us a t donation end of¬† the bucket my landlord thanks you he’s a patient¬†¬† man you pay rent uh no I don’t that’s terrible I¬† don’t recommend it if you guys don’t have cash I¬†¬†

Take [¬†__¬†] cash app things like that you don’t¬† have any my do do not walk away watch my finale¬†¬† sometimes I pay myself to watch this it’s that¬† good you excited you should be kayen we’re going¬†¬†

To go the oh this one the music’s going to kick¬† in in just a second but before it does magic move¬†¬† number two amning another you know what this does¬† nothing nothing I just like to do that I take a¬†¬†

Ball I tap three times one two I forgot the third¬† time it’s okay though I’ll use that one but I¬†¬† won’t touch it somehow that ball will magically¬† jump into my hand very spooky don’t blink watch

It jumps did you see it this oh she’s not buying¬† him hey here’s how do just you just you when I¬†¬† blow in this ball close one eye and the ball will¬† disappear the ball will disappear reappears out¬†¬†

Of the cups but wait there’s more want you guys¬† to watch this one don’t blink watch close got it¬†¬† yeah Caitlyn you watch this one if that Caitlyn¬† I want Caitlyn to uh hold the cup down oh just¬†¬†

One figure I’m not that good no oh step over here¬† that way they can see yeah yeah perfect now watch¬†¬† you just saw it you just saw it yep but it jumps¬† from there to there yours from there to there they¬†¬†

Switch places it’s amazing oh she’s not buying it¬† two fingers on top two fingers okay I’ll put you¬†¬† on top of this watch check it out oh here’s the¬† secret here’s the secret actually I’m not going to¬†¬†

Tell you the secret I’m just going to tell Caitlyn¬† okay but Caitlyn you’re not allowed to tell that¬†¬† guy say a word here we go yeah he pointed at¬† me pointed at me C Kay watch we take one of¬†¬†

The balls we drop it right to the top back you¬† like you can actually poke your finger C sneaky¬†¬† guy finish this let’s try this one okay right to¬† the top yeah solid through solid Mr of the ages¬†¬†

Can it be explained no but get just my favorite¬† part 30 seconds this my favorite part which one¬†¬† you tell you I told you it was good it was good¬† it was good just watch just watch watch I’ll put¬†¬†

This in my pocket you know what I don’t trust you¬† I’m going to put my pocket the trick is it doesn’t¬†¬† really go into the pocket already under the man¬† watches the ball goes into the pocket under the¬†¬†

Knee through the top of a cup I snaap then there¬† are two last time Grand Finale you cannot deny¬†¬† was fair because I’m going to do it insanely slow¬† insanely slow both balls in the hand the hand hand¬†¬†

Goes in the pocket hand is empty SES are up won’t¬† even touch the cup take the W tap on a cup any¬†¬† cup you want tap on [Music] top wait did she use¬† the loaded in do you have any idea what she just

Did you can’t tap with that in crazy stuff¬† will happen wow you just turned the ball into a [Applause] lemon you’re freaking me out you’re out of control¬† B bag of the cups m is Justin NY of my show¬†¬†

One hand in front one hand behind the back¬† B in the waist big round of applause wow¬†¬† wow he was good all right give me the rest¬† of the money this is where it’s being spent¬†¬† wow that man deserves it ready to show 2¬† minutes thank you so much guys hope fun¬†¬†

Awesome hey you’re the man bro I am the man¬† my that’s why I’m adding him oh that was your daughter creepy that was amazing that was amazing¬† all right so now I’m going to be a creep on her¬†¬†

Video that’s not fair life ain’t Fair than for¬† letting me make you be creepy of course of course¬†¬† thanks aot hope you guys have nice to meet you¬† take care enjoy Hawaii thank you guys all right¬†¬†

Guys well that was our um tipping the street¬† vendors video here in wakiki I hope you guys¬†¬† enjoyed that we are officially broke there’s no¬† more money until we hit the ATM again but we’re¬†¬† gonna say that for another day hopefully that¬† magic show impressed you that was crazy to be¬†¬†

Fair he lifted up the cups they were empty they  had little fuzz balls he gives the oneand to the   girl she smacks it and a lime comes out then she  smacked it again and a lemon came out and then he  

Tried to put the lime and the lemon back in the¬† same Cup and the cup wouldn’t shut impressive all¬†¬† right guys um see you guys again for another one¬† let me know what you guys thought of that video¬†¬†

I thought it was pretty impressive and for all¬† of you that came up to me and said hi in this¬†¬† video thank you so much I appreciate it I really¬† do thanks Gless thank you of course I’m very happy¬†¬†

To film this I love Street vendors and reminds¬† me to Mexico City exactly Mexico City amazing¬†¬† Place let’s go back later guys okay okay we’re¬† not done yet little update I’m actually picking¬†¬† up a bunch of Hawaii postcard for all the level¬† three members to send out to you guys look at¬†¬†

How cool these are they’re like retro um Hawaii¬† cards so if you want to receive postcards from¬†¬† around the world all you have to do is become a¬† level three member and I’m going to be sending¬†¬† out postcards to you periodically from around¬† the world there’s already quite a few members¬†¬†

That have um I believe the oldest members are have¬† already received six post no five postcards from¬†¬† around the world by the time you’re watching this¬† video so plenty more on the way I actually should¬†¬†

Just pick up a couple of these boxes of 10 5.98¬† that is a deal um boxes of 10 to just keep it um¬†¬† simple and I’m going to go home fill these out¬† and get a mailed out to you guys thanks so much¬†¬†

For the support see you guys again soon you  are always smart I was the one to take a love

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