San Salvador: The Bustling and Dynamic Capital City of El Salvador – Video

San Salvador: The Bustling and Dynamic Capital City of El Salvador – Video

San Salvador, the vibrant and chaotic capital of El Salvador, is a city filled with history, culture, and bustling markets. In this video tour by Gabriel Morris, you get a glimpse into the heart of this Central American city. From exploring the colorful markets selling everything from wedding dresses to toys, to visiting the National Palace and learning about the country’s history, the video gives you a taste of what San Salvador has to offer.

As you follow Gabriel on his tour, you’ll see the hustle and bustle of the city streets, the beautiful architecture of the cathedrals, and hear the lively music that fills the squares. Whether you’re interested in the local markets, the historical sites, or simply soaking in the atmosphere of this dynamic city, this video has something for everyone.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this virtual tour of San Salvador. And if you’re planning a trip to the city yourself, this video will give you a great preview of what to expect in the vibrant, chaotic capital of El Salvador.

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Video Transcript

There’s the president naib buele all right well this is more uh kind of fancier clothing maybe not a food scene not smelling anything wedding dresses yeah it’s like all clothing man the market just goes and goes hola h Nice looking fabric so it seems to be kind of the uh little bit more upscale Shops lots of wedding Dresses lots of security guys going back outside can we get back to the street medicina popular another Pharmacy okay keeps on going this way The NeverEnding Market okay this is one of the most interesting markets I’ve ever seen it just keeps going and going it’s so authentic all

Right I did not realize this was going to be such a comprehensive market tour video but uh that’s a good thing so where is that music from can anybody tell is that Salvadoran Or from another country nearby definitely a uh kind of classic full music sound sounds very local a little Melancholy maybe a sad Song and it just keeps going and going and going at some point I guess it gets boring just seeing a market go on and on so uh let’s try to get out of here get back to that other Street go check out the other Cathedral lots of corn on the CB

Back to the vegetable area I’m trying to think how many Gringos I’ve seen I can only think of one right where I started the video after getting out of the Uber I can’t remember if there were any other Gringos in the uh main square but uh definitely not

Touristy very curious to see what it’s like over on the beach I will plan to head there after Santa Anna it’s amazing that this many different Market stalls can all be supported but obviously that is the case okay well I think it’s probably about time to uh change change up the scene let’s go see if that other church is open if I can go inside compare it to

Uh that’s it right over there compare it to the other one tort meas Hugos you know what sounds good is an orchata but uh I want to be careful about the water and ice used so the end of one Market and here’s another One and another one Marcato holah hola and sag corazone so Sacred Heart Galleria Central I think that is another Market man oh man shopping Galore I have never seen so many markets all in one area lots more clothes it looks like looks like this one is toys is a Galleria different from a

Marcato still lots of Shopping a little more like a mall Let’s uh get through to the other side Break On Through To The Other Side Break On Through Break On Through dental office I bet it’s cheaper than what I’m paying 1,500 bucks for a crown getting a new Crown okay uh another Mall it looks like

There looks like kind of more of a traditional Mall Palo National de El Salvador the National Palace and they’re doing some construction probably uh improving it so that’s great admission Central Americans foreigners $5 uh tour 25 minute tour I can go alone yes okay uh and uh five $5 pay inside and

T no no tour no tour only walking well H you cannot enter alone because we have some politics so you have to pay if you want to go in the in the in the trip because we have just in Spanish trips Now understand okay uh English uh tour

Later or uh no we have English tour just Saturday and Fridays actually Fridays and Saturdays well I can be your guy and gave you the English if you want how much is that $5 $5 sure okay I tell you now or after no no no please follow her

Okay thank you man your name Violet Violet Gabrielle okay nice to meet you nice to meet you so welcome to the National Falls we’re going just to go to Bay and then we’re going to wait just a couple of minutes to start all right great

So it’s going to be a personal tour just with you or other people I think just with me cuz you’re the only one who speaks English so yeah you from San Salvador yeah okay where the government all the government um dependences used to be in

Those times I see used to be okay used to be yeah this is just a museum currently we normally Ser the to right here in theer place of Hunter okay we are in a complete block the palace has more than 100 years in our country it has 113 years since it was

Inaugurated so the palace has 105 rooms but we’re going to visit just the four main ones in the entrance this is the entrance uh normally but since it is a big thing right there we just mov the entrance another I see because of a construction happening or what is there

Now they are having an event oh I see just like for today or something yeah okay so in the entrance there are two statues we’re representing chrisal Columbus and another one representing Isabel theic I see and talking about statues right here we have a bus that represents King Carlos 1 nor Spain the

Bus was donated by Spain in the year 1546 huning when s Salvador was named as a city s Salvador was the Second City to be named in nor Central America I see what was the first one then in Guatemala City of Guatemala I see okay yeah so

We’re going to beit the four main ones okay uh wait Palace was ril because of the of the taxes or love of SC and the president who inaugurated the palace in the year of 1911 was pres suddenly is the only who murder while he was in the government and he was murder from

The we will I will join the englishing tour laulan morzan La un alator what are the names that are up here are they cities or squares and the let’s say the states of our country states of your country okay is divided in 14 Department 14 okay and those are the

Names I see great and we are in yes of course thank you and I don’t know just couple of days ago that was right there when he made the speech who was the president yeah okay right there in the balcony I see it’s quite spectacular so I I say you that I one

105 rooms in the fall we’re going to visit just the foring one let’s continue and it means that there are1 rooms that are the secondary ones we can see some of them right here they are closed because there are still maintainance the restoration processes but all those little rooms used to be

Offices of the government as the Ministries currently So there is the National Palace and I hadn’t realized that it was right next to the main square and the cathedral there so I went full circle there now I kind of screwed up and uh forgot to put another battery for my camera in my backpack here I thought

There was one in there I have two spares but I had kind of emptied out my backpack in order to have less stuff not really have any uh valuables in the pack so it’s like super light not much in it just the Basic Essentials but I miss getting another

Battery in there and so I used up the battery and uh the only thing that I have left to film with is my phone which is not good but I was about ready to wrap it up anyway so this is going to be the end of the uh tour of San

Salvador very interesting lots to see in this Central Historical Area great to learn about the uh history of the country and the government through the tour of the National Palace there but also you got an idea for those who might have been curious how long can I film for with one battery

There you go that was one batteries worth and it was like 45 minutes of shooting so you get a lot with this uh camera of mine from One battery but usually I have another one just in case because I often shoot more than that so I will definitely

Correct that in the future but uh I think I’m going to head on back to my room get out of the heat although there’s a nice uh kind of cool breeze at the moment but at least we got a good idea of San Salvador I am looking forward

To getting out of the uh City day after tomorrow although I will just be going to another city Santa Ana but uh looking forward to the volcano hike and uh seeing more of this very interesting country and we got another square with a lot of music happening so I had to show

This let’s try to figure out which Square this is maybe this is libertad 1916 Paris vcan 1921 this is definitely the musical Gathering Place Good stuff nice music let’s check out the other one and so I didn’t show any food in this video I had some of my cookies for breakfast or like around 12 noon and that kind of filled me up so I will get some dinner later okay not happening here at the

Moment so I might go back to the same restaurant near my room that I showed the last video or uh actually what I did last night after having dinner because that was kind of early I got hungry again later in the evening and I used Uber Eats and ordered some

Tacos so I’ll either go to that other restaurant or order something to be delivered but uh I will definitely be showing more food in the coming videos all right time to uh grab another Uber get back to my room take a break there we go confirmation libertad Liberty Square Another I I He

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