Biden Aims to Move Forward After “Disastrous” Debate: Global National June 28, 2024

Biden Aims to Move Forward After “Disastrous” Debate: Global National June 28, 2024

In a highly anticipated debate that many are calling “disastrous,” U.S. President Joe Biden is faced with the challenge of turning the page on his performance. Biden had hoped to use the debate to showcase his opponent Trump’s alleged incompetence, but instead, he found himself under scrutiny for his own fitness for a second term. Jackson Proskow provides a closer look at the aftermath of the debate and the impact it may have on Biden’s re-election prospects.

On the Canadian front, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing criticism for losing a Liberal stronghold to the Conservatives. A Liberal backbencher has even called for Trudeau’s resignation in an open letter to the caucus. David Akin delves into the growing discontent within the Liberal party and examines who is voicing support for Trudeau amid the mounting pressure.

In Iran, citizens are casting their votes in a snap election following the sudden death of former president Ebrahim Raisi. A reformist candidate advocating for closer ties with the West has emerged as a potential winner, challenging the hardline Iranian regime. Redmond Shannon sheds light on the significance of this election and the potential implications for Iran’s political landscape.

As Canada Day approaches, a new poll reveals a significant decline in national pride among Canadians. Touria Izri analyzes the findings and explores the factors contributing to this decrease in morale, casting a shadow over the upcoming holiday weekend.

In a remarkable medical breakthrough, a British teenager named Oran Knowlson has seen a drastic reduction in his seizures thanks to a groundbreaking brain implant. Neetu Garcha shares the inspiring story of how this technological innovation has transformed the life of a young individual plagued by debilitating seizures.

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