Rachel Lindsay criticizes Bryan Abasolo’s request for spousal support

Rachel Lindsay criticizes Bryan Abasolo’s request for spousal support

Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is not holding back when it comes to her estranged husband, Bryan Abasolo’s request for spousal support. In new court documents filed on June 26th, Lindsay slams Abasolo’s request and alleges that he “refuses to vacate” her home. The couple’s divorce proceedings have been making headlines since their separation, and it seems that the drama is only escalating.

Lindsay, who rose to fame on the hit reality show, has been vocal about her split from Abasolo and has not been shy about sharing her side of the story. The latest development in their divorce battle sheds light on the financial aspect of their separation, with Abasolo reportedly seeking spousal support from Lindsay.

It’s clear that Lindsay is standing her ground and not backing down when it comes to Abasolo’s request. The court documents reveal a contentious situation between the two, as Lindsay pushes back against Abasolo’s claims and makes it known that she is not willing to support him financially post-divorce.

As the situation continues to unfold, fans and followers of the couple will be keeping a close eye on the proceedings. Lindsay’s decision to speak out against Abasolo’s request for spousal support has certainly raised eyebrows and added another layer of intrigue to their publicized split. Stay tuned as more details emerge in this ongoing saga.

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