Creating Lipstick in the 18th Century Using Insects: A 1779 Recipe

Creating Lipstick in the 18th Century Using Insects: A 1779 Recipe

Step back in time with me to the 18th century, where beauty was crafted from the most unexpected of ingredients. In this episode, we delve into the intriguing world of cosmetic recipes from the popular book Toilet of Flora, published in London in 1772.

One of the most fascinating recipes we will be exploring is the creation of lipstick using crushed bugs and sheep fat. Yes, you heard that right – bugs and fat. While it may sound bizarre to our modern ears, these were the secret ingredients to achieving a rosy pout in the 18th century.

As we take a journey back in time, imagine the ladies of the past carefully grinding up insects and mixing them with sheep fat to create their own custom lipstick shades. The dedication and creativity of these women to enhance their beauty is truly inspiring.

But wait, you may be wondering – are these ingredients still lurking in our cosmetics today? The answer may surprise you. One of the peculiar ingredients used in this 1779 recipe is still found in many modern cosmetic products. Can you guess which one?

Join me in this culinary adventure as we recreate an authentic 18th century lipstick recipe from Toilet of Flora. Let’s celebrate the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our ancestors, who knew how to make the most of what nature had to offer.

So grab your bugs and sheep fat, and let’s get cooking – or should I say, let’s get beautifying!

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