Discover how your voice can indicate your overall health #TEDx #Shorts – Video

Discover how your voice can indicate your overall health #TEDx #Shorts – Video

In the video titled “What your voice reveals about your health #shorts #tedx,” the speaker, despite acknowledging that most people are not medically trained, highlights our innate ability to distinguish between a healthy and unhealthy voice. The speaker delves deeper into the topic by discussing how voices can provide signals that point towards specific diseases.

Using an example of a rough, strained, and gravelly voice, the speaker identifies the high probability of laryngeal cancer in the individual speaking. The unfortunate reality is that neither the patient nor their primary care physician had the necessary tools to identify the specific disease. This lack of early detection tools contributes to delays in proper treatment.

The speaker emphasizes the need for advancements in voice analysis technology to make such diagnostic tools more readily available to the public. By utilizing the unique qualities of our voices, we can potentially detect and address health issues much earlier, leading to better outcomes for patients.

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