Discovering Switzerland: Exploring the Beauty of Appenzell and Saxer Lucke 🇨🇭 – Video

Discovering Switzerland: Exploring the Beauty of Appenzell and Saxer Lucke 🇨🇭 – Video

Switzerland is known for its stunning landscapes, picturesque villages, and beautiful mountain views. In this video, Ashley and Christian take us on a journey to one of Switzerland’s most overlooked areas—Appenzell. They start their adventure by taking a cable car to Hoher Kasten, where they are greeted with breathtaking views of the valley and the Saxer Lucke Ridge. The views from the top of the mountain are truly incredible, making it a must-visit destination for any traveler.

They then embark on another cable car ride to Santis, where they explore the area and take in the stunning landscapes. Despite the presence of clouds, they appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the location. Their next stop is Staubern, another cable car that leads to a hike to the famous Saxer Lucke. The hike is filled with fog, but they remain undeterred and are rewarded with an awe-inspiring view of the Saxer Lucke, poking through the clouds and jutting straight out of the earth.

The video showcases the natural beauty of Switzerland, with green mountainsides, endless trails, and a local feel that is truly unparalleled. Ashley and Christian bring their viewers along on their adventures, providing a glimpse of the stunning landscapes and unique experiences that can be found in this beautiful country. From the views from the cable cars to the incredible hike to Saxer Lucke, they capture the essence of Switzerland’s most beautiful places.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip to Switzerland, this video will inspire you to add Appenzell to your list of must-visit destinations. With its unparalleled natural beauty and unique experiences, this overlooked area of Switzerland is truly a hidden gem. So, if you’re considering a trip to Switzerland, don’t miss this video for a taste of what this beautiful country has to offer.

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Video Transcript

I’m Ashley and I usually travel with my husband Christian but every year my dad and I take a trip together we decided to head to Switzerland and Italy this time places we’ve been before but keep coming back to I am so excited to share some

New to us spots as well as some old favorites we woke up this morning to a beautiful day the sun is actually shining there’s not a lot of clouds we are going to head up the lift we were supposed to yesterday which is hoer Coston and hopefully get some really

Beautiful views of the valley We are at the top of the summit it’s like an 8 minute cable car ride with some seriously gorgeous views on the way up but when you turn this way there’s Grant look at this view this is the saxer Luke Ridge line which is extremely like a famous famous

Viewpoint here in Switzerland so to actually see it in person for the first time it’s pretty pretty Cool like with Swiss Mountain toop with the cap car there’s of course a bunch of viewing platforms this Valley behind us is just beautiful like the way the mountains surround it we paid 23 Frank with our half Fair card so it’s 46 Frank usually but that half Fair card we’ve

Already saved like $50 or $60 in the few days that we’ve been Here I didn’t want to drink my coffee yet this morning and it was kind of cold outside so I put it on the tire and it’s cold just got to use your resources the outside is basically a Refrigerator we have arrived at santis and you can see up there the sun’s trying to poke through it’s not being super successful but I think we’re still going to head Up we got our tickets it is 27 Frank with the half Fair card so 54 Without Oh We’ve been at the top for like about an hour or so and there’s a lot of clouds I mean obviously it’d be awesome if it was completely clear outside and we can see everything but that’s just not the case today so I’m going to focus on what’s

Been really cool and that is being able to see those Peaks come out through the clouds check the weather and the webcams before you come up here just so that you know what you’re going to be getting We are back down again and you can kind of see how much clearer it is down here actually if you you look up there that’s the mountain peak that’s covered in a clouds so it’s much clearer down here pretty sunny we’re headed south towards Lugano I think we’re going to drive

Through lonstein though to see the castle that’s what I love about Europe is that we’re going to a different country for lunch and then we’ll be back in Switzerland for Dinner We have decided to come over to another cable car in the area that we haven’t gone up this one is called sturn and it’s a little bit different it’s kind of self-operated It kind of goes automatically every hour or so it still looks pretty dang cloudy up there but

We’re here we might as well give it a chance also you can probably hear all these cows they’re just grazing this station looks like a giant Acorn so this one is like a selfs serve like we just bought our take that I can’t get through my bag okay we just

Bought our tickets from this vending machine then we’re hopping on this cable car but I don’t know when how you make it leave like does it just we might have to wait for a while I guess I don’t know there’s nobody here no one’s Manning the ticket kiosk you

Just kind of buy your tickets and hop on and find out what happens I guess this lift leaves every 20 minutes during the high season which is all the way through September this one’s more expensive you cannot use a half Fair card or any kind

Of a discount card so it was 36 Frank for a round trip is kind of expensive but this is a very nice cable car and it is run completely by solar power so it is the world’s first it is the world’s first solar power cable car very Cool kind of hiking up and down through some rocks and stuff definitely still worth it even with all the fog it’s a really unique Hike we’re about 3 quars of the way in and it’s been pretty dang foggy but you can see we’ve been walking along these Ridge lines here and a little bit of these mountains have started to poke out there’s a lot of hiking trails in Switzerland that lead you along a ridge

They’re pretty they’re pretty Dam Full We have reached the end of the trail and right behind me is the saxor is it just called saxor cuz this Valley over here is saxor Luke this is incredible I’m so happy that we’re we’re actually able to see the top of it like it’s poking through the clouds we

Remained faithful through the hike that we’d get some kind of view and it was very well worth it I mean that’s the peak of that it just jut straight out of the earth that’s so Cool Two exciting things one we flew the Drone and two a little bit of sun is peeking out and lighting up the side of the Mountain we made it back down we kind of just ran down the mountain we got down in like what 30 minutes or so another thing to keep in mind with sturn specifically is that it runs until 10: p.m. if you’re doing all three cable cars in the same

Day like we did today this one you should sa for last because you can use it until 10: p.m. but we just drove over a bridge and now we’re in the lonstein so I don’t know we’re doing a detour through vidue which is their Capital City they we were going to stop

And see the castle there wasn’t even a sign the only way I know is cuz they had a flag up and I was like that’s not this flag that’s the lickstein flag lonstein is like ruled or governed by a prince and he actually lives in the

Lonstein castle in vidue so you can’t go inside or anything but but we’re just driving by the castle right now and it’s really cool your destination is on the right we just parked up there and we’re walking down to see the castle lonstein is one of the smallest countries how

Many people do you think live in lonstein dad 55,000 I’ll put it right here Grant guess is 55,000 Where

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