Sailing in Antarctica: Final Days in Deception Bay & Drake Passage – Video

Sailing in Antarctica: Final Days in Deception Bay & Drake Passage – Video

This video showcases the final days of a sailing adventure in Antarctica. The video captures the experience of turning 30 on a 54ft sailboat at Deception Bay, featuring stunning views of the volcanic landscape and the unique natural beauty of the area. The footage also highlights the transiting through the famous Drake Passage and Beagle Channel back to Ushuaia, providing an immersive look into the journey. The intense winds and challenging conditions are documented, giving viewers a real sense of the adventure. The video is accompanied by captivating music and offers insights into the equipment and gear used during the trip. The narrator also shares personal anecdotes and experiences from the journey, making it a compelling and engaging watch for anyone interested in sailing or adventure travel in remote, breathtaking locations. Follow the narrator on Instagram for more adventures, and if you’re interested in working with her, reach out via the provided contact information.

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Video Transcript

[Applause] Hey it is January 17th at around 10:30 a.m. and we are at telephone Bay within Deception Island and today I am 30 it is blowing gusting 45 knots so it’s quite windy the dingy W dingy ride over was quite wet over the past 2 days we have traveled North from

Port lockroy 150 mil North to where we are now deception Bay which is a volcano coruption close it give it fun this used to be one big mountain come over here out of the window used to be all one big mountain and then it collapsed in on itself creating this

Harbor kind of like crater lake but by itself so the land here is different than everywhere else we’ve been volcanic ash and gravel I think we have about two days left until we head back to the Drake Passage it’s very windy but it looks like Mo the Glorious sun is out I just basking it like a whale this was an eruption from the ‘ 50s apparently those Hills here and then there’s a black Hill over there that was an eruption from the’ 70s I think he said 1974 was the

Last eruption yeah that buried like a Norwegian Cemetery for the Whalers so this is my 30th birthday deception Bay pmus volcanic rock of choice souvenir so our souvenirs was he got a rusty nail from a whaling boat at Enterprise is that right and then I got

Some I got a rock from skua Island because we should not have been up there because the thingy drop off was like a cliff and what else I get oh I got a feather I’m pretty sure it’s a sco of feather it’s like Barnacles or whatever

The hell they’re called oh yeah the only shells here are barnicles so that’s what I got for natski Ukrainian base they actually had a little gift shop there so we got a handmade magnet I think it was made by the doctor there and then a patch and there’s a

Penguin in front of us here’s my birthday penguin sighting of the day Oh So it’s about 6:00 p.m. now about 5 miles away from where we were earlier from uh telephone Bay now we are at wher Bay still inside the Deception Island and I want to say that this place was built in like 1910 is early 1900s and it was destroyed in 1970s by a volcanic

Eruption and this is what’s left there’s a few other buildings out that way and some giant oil containers there’s also a thermal hot springs on the other side of Deception Island that we were going to go to but we can’t due to weather it’s very windy today it’s like gusting 43

Was the top one that I saw this was a wailing wailing Factory wailing base um for I want to say Norwegian Norwegian whaling base and they brought all the whales here processed them into oil and they stored the oil in these big giant I don’t know container things that I’ll

Show you later now it’s just kind of ruins Cool [Applause] Yeah Wow this is weird if you can tell how short I am the building is like collapsed how weird vandalism 201 vandalism 2014 so here here’s a little hallway Corridor and then here’s another one so going down this little Corridor here’s the window view there’s the factory where we were just

At I want to say this was the kitchen cuz it looked like a little oven counter top area could be the living room could have been a like a fireplace I don’t know and then over here you can see all the giant containers where they would

Fill the whale oil you’re told not to come in here cuz it’s obviously unstable but it’s kind of cool so here is the front of the building that we were just in then there’s even a little Cemetery over Here This is like actually really that’s no that’s hot that’s actually hot wow another guy in our group who’s fully naked right here and understand why how is it ouch how is it that is actually hot it’s hot it is genuinely hot wow the deeper you go the hotter it gets ow it’s almost

Borderline burning maybe because you’re just numb possibly oo y that’s actually ow ow ow ow ow that’s actually really hot yeah you think I was joking that’s really hot come on in take a seat the life back into my Fe that’s burning this is very ambitious are your

Frag singes up to date but look at this so happy birth to you happy birthday to you happy birth dear Jer happy birthday to lot of C oh my god do itot of going on my God how over you Woman Today is January 18th and around 300 p.m. today we are leaving an hour to cut and heading for Drake we are still at telephone Bay just walking around this volcanic ashy area last night was super super windy I would say it it gusted 50 because earlier in the day yesterday it

Was gusting up to 43 so it broke the snubber in the middle of the night heard the chain going and there was supposed to be a Russian boat that was going to be our neighbor and when I heard the big boom I thought we either ran ground or the other boat um

Ran into us but luckily it wasn’t that big of a deal I guess that’s it I guess we’re heading back it should take I don’t know 4 days 4 days to get through the drag passage which I’m not looking forward to and then couple days going north towards

Usua through the Beagle Channel and I think we’re going to stop somewhere along the way and get back on land and that’s it anarctica trip is over it’s pretty much over we’re leaving it Antarctica [Applause] today it was good it was a good long trip had fun perfect amount of time of

Gruning it and soon be back in Civilization I think we what are you looking forward to the most a shower and a nice long private not having to pump the toilet like 60 times hoping it goes down hoping that it’s just noticing that it’s not going down

I’m looking forward to being clean and washing my hair no one’s fully showered unless you count the Polar Plunge in 3 weeks it’s been about I’ve washed my hair fully one time with actual shampoo other than that it’s been like camping but it’s been good it’s been a

Been an experience it’s been an adventure last night it’ll kep you down um um barbecued up some steak for everyone sopia made a she calls it a brownie cookie a cookie cake it’s like a brownie but a cookie or a cake with 30 candles and there was a that was a lot

Of fire and I think at the beginning of the trip said that we had 100 bottles of red wine and at first I thought he exaggerated but I for sure think we went through about 100 bottles of red wine don’t you think yes a lot of wine I’m

Pretty sure we had like a bottle a piece every day at least three bottles of meal yeah we went through a lot of red [Applause] Wine Sit back and join the ride we’re on way one track no turning back forget yesterday unknown destination aiming for the sky so high so high so high killing frustration we’re doing it all to survive the Nightfall when you fight against the time and you’re about to lose your mind

It’s easy to cross the Line Oh [Applause] Oh Oh

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