Exploring Miami: Little Havana and South Beach 🇺🇸 Florida – Video

Exploring Miami: Little Havana and South Beach 🇺🇸 Florida – Video

In this video titled “WE LOVE MIAMI! LITTLE HAVANA & SOUTH BEACH 🇺🇸 FLORIDA,” the hosts take their viewers on a tour of the vibrant neighborhoods of Miami, Florida. From the colorful streets of Little Havana to the bustling shopping areas of South Beach, the hosts explore the diverse cultures and attractions that Miami has to offer.

Throughout the video, the hosts provide helpful tips and recommendations for viewers, including where to find the best Cuban coffee and the most famous Cuban sandwiches. They also make a stop at a unique McDonald’s with vibrant artwork, showcasing the diverse and lively atmosphere of the area.

Aside from the captivating tour of the neighborhoods, the hosts also share personal experiences, such as their quest to purchase new electronics and gadgets during their stay in Miami. They provide insights into the cost comparisons between buying electronics in Miami versus other countries, offering valuable information for travelers looking to upgrade their tech while visiting the United States.

In addition to showcasing the sights and experiences of Miami, the hosts also offer viewers the opportunity to explore other travel destinations by providing links to their other travel videos and featuring music by Epidemic Sound. They also provide useful travel resources, from discounted travel insurance to gear recommendations, offering a comprehensive guide for anyone planning a trip to Miami or beyond.

Overall, “WE LOVE MIAMI! LITTLE HAVANA & SOUTH BEACH 🇺🇸 FLORIDA” provides an engaging and informative look at the vibrant, dynamic city of Miami and its diverse offerings. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this video is sure to inspire your next adventure in Miami, Florida.

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Good morning everyone once again here from Miami in this video we’re going to be showing some of the attractions around here so our original plan was to head to Miami beach but we’re here in the winter right now and it’s around 16° C it’s only going to warm up later on I

Think it’ll get to around 22° so we’ll probably head to the beach at that time and we just arrived at a neighborhood called Little Havana got a really cool mural here I think that’s one of the famous murals Little Havana and this street is called Cay or

Yeah I think you’ll be seeing these around here the roosters colorful roosters we saw some before in the middle of the street some cool sports cars I’ve also been seeing a lot of sports cars around Miami there’s like a nice blue one right in front of our Building So this mural that we’ve come across here are the salsa Legends of Cuba I’m not really familiar with Cuba and salsa artists so so we read about this too that this is called the Walk of Fame where you have like the artist name I think you have that in Hollywood yeah

This is actually a Brazilian singer a famous Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos I think he actually lives in Rio yeah I think so yes I think it’s mainly for like Latino artists even more roosters here I read that there’s around 70 of them so we’re going to be seeing quite a

Few got a Cuban cigar this one I also read that this is the neighborhood with the most Hispanics in Miami it’s like 98% and a large portion of them are from Cuba obviously I think originally a lot of the families came because of the Cuban Revolution so either exiled or

Yeah just escaping the revolution in like the 50s and 60s yeah I think that’s the coolest one that we’ve seen so far I guess it’s on the side of a sushi restaurant it says Sushi Saki that looks like some Japanese kind of gold fish and there’s a samurai or something so

Definitely a sushi Restaurant So the place that we’re staying had breakfast included so we’ve already eaten but yeah it definitely be a nice place to grab a meal around here the Cuban music and we actually noticed that there’s not just Cuban restaurant there’s also like Mexican and Peruvian and Brazilian so all like Latino food

Which is really good yeah if you’re a street art lover this is definitely a neighborhood to come to that’s a cool one they’re all very different to each other too we actually went to Havana so I remember seeing like the old guys with those little hats like a peaky Blinder

Hats here’s some of the cool Cuban cafes maybe maybe we should grab some Cuban coffee yeah it smells really good got more of those Stars here too Cante actor Jose Louis RZ eluma yeah this one’s in front of like some cool old school theater cinema when we lived in

Houston we went to like an old theater like this yeah it was in a part of Houston called mon tros which is one of my favorites in Houston it’s a bit like this it’s almost like this colorful with street art so it’s really cool and they

Had a old Cinema too yeah Domino Park I read that this is one of the places to come all right I think they’re all playing uh Domino’s now we got the the real deal I’ll check the little guys out wow it even has the coolest McDonald’s that I’ve ever

Seen look at all the artwork on the McDonald’s welcome McDonald’s of Little Havana better than the other boring ones that you see around the world that all look the same in every country it goes all the way around Lina DEA Fama Lounge the most famous Cuban sandwiches are

Here the best yeah I think we should have just ditched the the breakfast at our place yeah so many food options here is that Pitbull is he Cuban I never knew if he was Cuban or Puerto Rican I think that is Pitbull right Mr worldwide Yeah So we’ve now come to South Beach which is the area that we’re staying in and we come to a shopping part here cuz we’re heading to Apple cuz my laptop broke in Peru a few months ago and yeah we ordered one uh ma care so I think I’ve

Been without a laptop for like 4 months I’ve been without a laptop for four months cuz I stole yours yeah you were Chris was using my laptop to edit all the videos and I couldn’t do uh some of my works because I didn’t have a laptop

But now finally we’re going to have two laptops again and it’s just crazy cuz we tried to buy one in Peru and also in Brazil but the price is just too expensive it’s like I just saw it now I think it would be like uh 20 23,000 ha

Eyes which is almost $55,000 so almost double the price yeah for the laptop that they’re going to buy here for 2,300 USD yeah so for like Brazilians it’s actually cheaper to get a flight over here for like a night buy all your electronics and go back to Brazil and

You will have spent less than buying it all in Brazil so usually when we come to the US we always upgrade like our iPhones things like that we actually came to this exact place like like 5 months ago when we did the cruise finally Carol gets her laptop back all

Right so it was nice and quick got my new laptop MacBook Air and Carol also has an appointment to change the battery right on your phone yeah fortunately I bought my phone like one year ago and the battery batter is already dying too quick so I’m going to try to get it

Changed here yeah we were almost thinking about upgrading our iPhone too iPhone 15 cuz we use it sometimes for the camera to film a lot of the time actually I think this one has an even better Zoom five super zoom we’re also going to buy some air tags too we we’ve already got

Two of these so if you don’t know what they are basically you can put them in like your luggage and then you can track the location so yeah if someone steals them or I think we checked a lot of the airports to make sure our bags have gone

To the country they not miss like went to the wrong place so stuff like that so they’re very helpful so we had two and now we’re going to buy two more for our dat packs yeah so one of these air tags is $30 we’re almost going to get one for

Our wallet I mean if somebody steals your wallet you could have the air tag in there track them down track their Fe so we’ve come to a restaurant right on that same shopping street where the Apple Store is and we’re keeping things Cuban so we come to Havana 1957 and I think I’m going to go for this vaka FR de poo shredded crispy chicken $21 are you going for the fish yeah Fado

PL $29 yeah we’re thinking about drinking alcohol but like a Mojito here is $17 I think the beers are ate as well so yeah I think I want to pass stick with the water and soda so they also gave us these little plantain chips not sure if they’re for free really tasty though

Liking the music too so the food has arrived and it is looking real real good and then over there oh that’s the sweet banana right yeah my favorite my favorite too and we also got some cavas some fried casava that was separate and then my shredded

Chicken is looking good about to get a bite of that and got the black beans and rice I don’t think I’ve ever had shredded chicken that looks like that before yeah that is really delicious there’s some onions on there so yeah the chickens kind of absorb the onion taste

A bit how’s that thing very good and soft it is good sometimes the Yuka can be a bit too hard but this one is very soft I’m also really loving the black beans beans so we have that in Brazil and we really like it but the taste there is completely different I think

There’s some cilantro in there and also like green peppers so that’s adding a very different taste compared to Brazilian black beans in Brazil it’s more garlic and onion mhm and sometimes some like pork or yeah something things like that some meat meat yeah Yeah So I end up also ordering a Cuban coffee that I’ve never had before it’s really nice it’s like a espresso but apparently they had sugar before it’s brewed so it’s like a less bitter taste really nice and sweet and now we’re going to walk back to our place I think it’s like

A 35 minute walk we’re going to walk down Ocean Drive on the beach front I think it’s this way isn’t it yeah so this area of Miami Beach along the Ocean Drive is also known as The Art Deco district which is a kind of architecture style from around like 1910

1920s 1930s even the fonts of the writing on the buildings are really cool so basically all the buildings are that style here I think the majority of them on this road now are hotels and restaurants we stayed somewhere around here last time yeah yeah uh I was

Checking to maybe stay there again but the price was really high this time I don’t know why but it was also like a hotel in the same style yeah so once we get back to the whole hotel and drop our things off we’re going to headit up the

Beaches over there I also love this place too cuz I used to play a video game called Grand Theft Auto and there was a version of it called Vice City which was here it was in Miami Beach so it’s like literally identical to the video game and you’re going to see at

Night it’s way cooler cuz there’s all these like neon lights on the buildings you’re going to see it’s awesome we’ll film it tonight So we found the place that we stayed at last last time it was this hotel here Avalon and last time they had the classic car there too quite a few of the places put these classic cars there I think it’s just to attract people right cuz they’re restaurants too probably the same

Car yeah that is one one awesome Car So when we came here yesterday we didn’t test out the water temperature I don’t know if we’re going to swim right now though a lot colder Breeze there than yesterday yeah the sun is strong but the breeze is a bit cold that’s funny so they have like a floating advertis like a floating

Billboard I’ve never seen that before I’ve seen some on like planes where they have like a banner behind the plane but I’ve never seen a a floaty billboard it’s colder than the Caribbean but not really ex cold at the same time it’s all right yes yeah if it wasn’t for the cold

Breeze I probably swim we’ve done a lot of swimming these last few weeks [Applause] Anyway So this isn’t the first Beach that we’ve come to in Florida we actually came around like five or 6 years ago when we were living in Houston we went to one called Pensacola really far from here though we drove there from Texas I think we went to New Orleans uh spent like

Halloween or something there and then drove to Pensacola and that one’s super beautiful it’s more like Caribbean style really like white soft sand there and even the water is like Caribbean level too although this one’s still really beautiful but that Pensacola one was something else I just think it’s awesome

That you can have Beach days though in Miami in the winter I’m not sure how it is in February I think that might be the coldest month maybe someone come let us know in the comment section if you can still have some beach days in February so these lifeguard that’s are famous

With the Brazilians they always take photos in front of them there a bunch of different colored ones like blue ones back There so we’re on our way to Ocean Drive now going to film at night like I said to see all the cool lights and I’m actually testing out a new camera that just arrived about 3 hours ago it’s called insta 360 Ace Pro kind of looks like a

GoPro but the difference with this camera is apparently at night it’s really good like the GoPro is pretty much unusable at night that’s why we never film at night so hopefully this footage right now is usable I’m also curious to see if the sound is usable

Too but from the screen that I’m looking at right now it’s looking pretty good night Dogg up yeah cuz a lot of the time we’re in cool places to film at night but we just don’t think about it doing yeah it’s very complicated uh usually with the phone the quality is a little

Bit better but the audio is bad and also the phone the iPhone makes something weird with lights uh I don’t know how to explain looks like little UFOs yeah so that’s not good and it’s very annoying for us but hopefully this is going to be a good camera for night night images

Yeah I hope so it is like real dark right now so if you can see that’s good barely any lights around here but you can already see now how cool it is with all the different colored lights I think they actually keep the road here very dimly lit so that the

Lights look even cooler So maybe I’ll split the screen right now I’m filming with the GoPro and the insta 360 the GoPro is actually looking pretty good maybe cuz there’s so much light coming from these buildings right now I’m not sure how Carol looks in both the camera which one is

Better I can only check properly on the laptop later on so we tried to come to a darker part here not sure how my face looks either which one I’m clear on this is not an ad by the way I’m just letting you know in case uh yeah some of you

Want an action camp that works good at night it doesn’t actually mean that I’m going to replace the GoPro overall have to see how the other one works during the day too yeah it seems like I can barely make you out on the GoPro right now just

About I also think when walking the GoPro is probably a lot worse in the dark I mentioned the video game earlier though I mean I remember cruising around in that video game and it looked exactly like this at Night We’re in the 80s yeah stranger things yeah that’s the music from the soundtrack Kate Kate Bush SC That was where the party’s at yeah it was a cool show if we had time may we we could go there yeah so let us know in the comment section what you’re thinking of this camera certainly it chose a cool place to to do the test though the

Camera test it’s awesome here so I’m sure that a lot of you have seen the film Scarface with alcino and if you have you might remember the chainsaw scene kind of a scene that that’s hard to forget so that was filmed in this building right here which is now a CVS

Pharmacy it used to be an apartment complex and in the film it actually had these windows right here the circular windows so they still kept them maybe as a reference to the film even if I can start filming at night now with this new camera it’s still hard to film NTI cuz

You have copyright issues on uh YouTube you can’t play like the music in the in the clubs I think if you actually play it for like less than 20 seconds it’s okay or if you talk over the top of it but yeah if I just leave it playing

They’ll take all our money yeah we’ve had issues with that in the past not nice imagine you spend all that time filming and all that time editing and just cuz you play like a 20 second clip in the background of music all your money’s gone kind of Ridiculous So we’re going to be heading back to our hotel now and tomorrow’s going to be our final day here but we’re leaving at 11:00 p.m. so we’re still going to be doing stuff during the day and planning on making a video we’ve actually booked a tour to the Everglades like a national

Park I think it’s full of crocodiles or alligators I’m not sure which one maybe both of them but there supposed to be a lot there so yeah that should be cool and we’ll do some other things check out some other neighborhoods around Miami so that’s what’s coming up next if you like

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