Flight of the Hajj 2: A Spiritual Journey Back Home on a Boeing 747 – Video

Flight of the Hajj 2: A Spiritual Journey Back Home on a Boeing 747 – Video

Embark on a unique journey home with me on the Hajj Flight 2: Spiritual Journey Home by Boeing 747. This video captures the once-in-a-lifetime experience of flying with Hajj pilgrims on their return journey after completing their pilgrimage.

Starting off on an empty Boeing 747-400 from Fujairah, UAE to Madinah, Saudi Arabia, the ferry flight marks the beginning of stage 2 of the Hajj Flight. The surreal experience of having the entire Boeing 747 to oneself sets the tone for the memorable journey ahead.

Upon arrival in Madinah, the Garuda Indonesia Hajj crew joined the flight and preparations began. Due to the high temperature, there was a delay in take-off as the crew waited for the temperature to cool down. The boarding process took over an hour, with many elderly pilgrims needing assistance to their seats.

Finally, the flight departed, bound for Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Throughout the flight, pilgrims changed into their celebratory costumes unique to Makassar culture. Onboard prayers were a common occurrence, and the tour leader shared the profound experiences of the pilgrims during their Hajj pilgrimage.

Flying alongside the pilgrims on their journey home was an honor, filled with humanity and joyous moments. The video captures the emotional arrival of the pilgrims back home, marking the end of a life-transforming spiritual experience. Join me on this unforgettable flight and witness the power of faith and community on display.

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