Homegrown Company Celebrates Dogs with Healthy Oven-Baked Treats

Homegrown Company Celebrates Dogs with Healthy Oven-Baked Treats

Amy Augustine is a lifelong animal lover and dog parent. Like many others, she was troubled by the low quality of commercial dog treats. Inspired by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create healthy dog treats with high quality ingredients, Amy set to work making her first recipe back in 2001. It was a simple peanut butter cookie homemade with natural ingredients, and she gave away the first batch as Christmas treats.

The cookies were such a hit that Amy decided to go a step further. She started selling them at markets, festivals, fairs, and some local shops. The overwhelming response and increasing demand eventually inspired her to quit her long-standing career as a microbiologist and establish The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.® The business expanded quickly, and in 2007, Amy’s husband, Keith, also left his career and joined the venture.

Since their humble beginnings with Amy making one recipe in her home kitchen, The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. has grown into a pet treat company with an industrial bakery, a variety of treats, and 16 employees. They’ve even been featured on NBC, Fox News , CBS, and USA Today.

But one thing that hasn’t changed — and never will — is their commitment to quality. The team continues creating dog treats that are tasty, healthy, and trusted by pet parents. Containing natural, beneficial, antioxidant-rich ingredients that promote good health, every recipe is free of wheat, corn, and soy. Each treat is oven-baked with love and contains no fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. brings fun, love, and joy — and good nutrition — to the lives of dogs and dog parents. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, “gotcha” day, holiday, or just want to spoil your pup, there’s something for every dog and every occasion in their line of soft treats, crunchy cookies, specially curated holiday treats, and DIY mixes.

These are dog treats you can feel good about on many levels. Not only are they healthy and nourishing, but the company also gives back. They support animal rescue operations like The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation and donate treats to countless animal organizations and shelters each year.

There’s more innovation and celebration to come. The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. has plans to craft more new wholesome treats to satisfy our furry friends and contribute to their health and happiness.

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