Inside the spin room after the Biden v Trump presidential debate | Americast

Inside the spin room after the Biden v Trump presidential debate | Americast

In the aftermath of the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the BBC Americast team takes us inside the spin room for a closer look at the key moments and reactions from both camps. Radio 4 presenter Justin Webb, along with North America Editor Sarah Smith and North America Correspondent Anthony Zurcher, provide valuable insights and analysis on the heated exchange between the two candidates.

The debate was marked by Biden’s stumbling responses and Trump’s evasion of important questions, leaving voters and pundits alike eager to dissect the performance of each candidate. The Americast Team delves into the policies discussed during the debate and offers their take on how each of the candidates fared.

Following the debate, Sarah and Anthony were on the ground in the Spin Room, providing us with a behind-the-scenes look at the atmosphere and reactions from the Democrats and the Trump team. From the Democrats’ mood to the Trump team’s response, the team offers a comprehensive overview of the post-debate landscape.

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