Instant Relief for Trigeminal Neuralgia: A How-To Guide – Video

Instant Relief for Trigeminal Neuralgia: A How-To Guide – Video

Trigeminal neuralgia, also known as tic douloureux, can be a debilitating condition characterized by sudden, brief, shooting, and stabbing pain on one side of the face. This pain can be reoccurring, occurring up to 200 times a day, making it difficult for individuals to manage. While there are both medical and surgical treatment options available, it can be challenging to find alternative, natural remedies due to the overwhelming dominance of medical content online.

In this video, we’re introduced to Mayo Clinic experts, who discuss the traditional surgical treatment option, microvascular decompression, which involves making a small opening behind the ear to move blood vessels away from the trigeminal nerve. However, the speaker expresses skepticism towards traditional medical remedies and seeks alternative natural solutions.

The video emphasizes the importance of taking a holistic approach by conducting thorough research, examining the animal research data, and looking into natural remedies that promote anti-inflammation in the nervous system and the brain. The speaker highlights the negative effects of omega-6 fatty acids found in seed oils and the benefits of eliminating them from the diet to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

With a focus on natural remedies, this video aims to provide individuals with an alternative approach to managing trigeminal neuralgia, offering insights that go beyond traditional medical interventions.

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Discover the fastest way to get relief from trigeminal neuralgia.



Unique Omega-3 Fatty Acid Lipid Could Revolutionize Our Understanding of Brain Development and Aging

HHV-6 is the most common virus found in trigeminal and facial nerves

Berberine is as effective as ganciclovir in controlling CMV, and targets IE -2 protein transactivating activity

We’re going to look at some of the causes of trigeminal neuralgia and potential remedies.

There are two types of trigeminal neuralgia. Type 1 trigeminal neuralgia is characterized by unilateral, sudden, brief, shooting, or stabbing pain. It can reoccur every two seconds to two minutes from twice a day to 200 times per day. Type 2 trigeminal neuralgia is described as achy and chronic rather than intense.

Research has found associations between polyunsaturated fatty acids and several chronic diseases, including trigeminal neuralgia. Omega-6 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are highly inflammatory and are a large part of the average diet.

Research involving cadavers showed that many people who had trigeminal neuralgia also had certain viruses known to infect the ganglion (nerve bundles). The following viruses have been associated with trigeminal neuralgia:
•Herpes virus (HHV6)
•Epstein-Barr virus

These viruses are considered latent viruses because they go in and out of remission. Extract from shiitake mushrooms, known as AHCC, high doses of vitamin D3 combined with zinc, berberine, and stress reduction can help put these viruses back into remission.

PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) + Luteolin can support your nerve tissue directly and target inflammation. DMSO is another powerful and penetrative anti-inflammatory that has been used to decrease phantom pain, post-operative pain, post-traumatic pain, and trigeminal neuralgia.

There’s an amazing technique that can reduce trigeminal neuralgia pain very quickly. It’s not a permanent fix, but I’ve seen it work to relieve pain in about 70% of cases.

Try the following technique for instant trigeminal neuralgia pain relief:
1. Isolate where the pain is coming from
2. Locate the mirror image on the opposite side of the body
3. Massage the area on the opposite side of the body (you should notice tenderness)
4. Check the bad side to determine changes to your pain level
5. Continue until your pain is manageable

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I hope this technique provides you with pain relief from trigeminal neuralgia. I’ll see you in the next video.

Video Transcript

Today I’m going to tell you the fastest way to get relief from trigeminal neuralgia and there’s two types so type one is unilateral could be one side or the other sudden brief shooting stabbing and it could reoccur like every two seconds up to two minutes uh twice a day

Up to 200 times a day so it can be very devastating type two is more achy chronic not intense kind of always there one of the big problems you’re probably running into is doing a search on YouTube or Google to find good information on this topic because very

Recently with these new changes with Google Now it’s just all medical there’s no Alternatives especially when you type in a medical condition which okay fair enough and even if we type in natural remedy for trigeminal neuralgia we get the same thing medical medical medical unfortunately it’s very difficult to

Find alternatives to Medical before I kind of go into into this topic let’s just take a look at what the top video says about trigeminal neuralgia welcome back to Mayo Clinic radio I’m Dr Tom Shives and I’m Tracy McCrae Tracy we recently had a listener as you know

Contact us and ask us to do a program on trigeminal neuralgia and we listen we’re paying attention and so if people want to hear about it we’re going to listen we invited two of the world’s experts on trigeminal to answer that inquiry on trigeminal neuralia oh on trigeminal

Neuralgia to answer that inquiry thanks for listening joining us in studio are Mayo Clinic neurologist Dr Chris baze and neurosurgeon Dr Bruce Pollock welcome to the program okay so that’s not really giving me a lot of confidence in this video so far and why do they

Have the comments off right I look at the comments a lot especially when I’m researching videos I want to know a lot more about the comments and what people are saying but let’s go back to this video I just want to know what type of treatment that they do for this

Condition let’s take a look at that assuming all that’s come true and either the medicines have stopped working or you can’t tolerate the medications then we sort of go through the different surgical options that are available um the best surgery that we have in terms of outcomes is where we go in and

Actually move the blood vessels away from the nerve um it is a a small craniotomy uh so we make a small opening behind the ear and we don’t go through any brain what we work in these natural water sects that we have to go down and see the see the trienal nerve and

Mobilize a small artery off the nerve and then put some padding in to keep it away uh the surgery is known as a microvascular decompression uh typically takes us about two hours and the hospital stay is typically two days but you have to go through the skull to get

Yes there is an open surgery so the incisions behind the year about an inch and a quarter all right so I need to get another opinion I need to get more information about this topic something that does involve medications and surgery I wonder if there’s anything

Else how am I going to go about finding this I’m just going to show you what I do the first thing I do number one is I go to the authority on a lot of things Wikipedia But I mainly go to Wikipedia to find out what they’re recommending so

I can go in the exact opposite direction and I especially look at what they say that definitely does not work because chances are it probably works so I do get a lot of great information with Wikipedia um but it’s in the reverse Direction so the next thing I do is I

Look at animal research you will find all sorts of great remedies and information for Animals because the thing with animals is that either it’s going to work or it’s not there’s not a lot of subjective things you can’t ask your pet dog you know how they feel

About certain things you have to create a change or they’re not going to use it and then the next thing I do is I look for um what is the gold standard what is the main treatment for a particular disorder and I start looking at the um mechanism like how this drug actually

Works what does it do does it inhibit an enzyme what exactly does it do so then I can actually look at other things like herbs and plants that might create a similar effect but of course without the side effects and then I’ll do a patent search right I’ll look at patents on

This particular disorder or disease or problem in Europe okay or in some other country in relationship to something natural or an herb or something that I can get some Clues on because what’s really cool about patents is they summarize all the data and the background and the research that’s on

That particular topic that you’ll never be able to find if you do a search now I also will get a good understanding of the condition and in this situation trial neuralgia there’s definitely problems with the myin sheath so I will look deeply at anything related to what

Can affect myelin especially in the area of deating uh nerves and by the way myelin is just the coding around the nerve it’s a fat coating and then what I’ll do is I’ll look at other factors like is it seasonal does it come at a

Certain time of the year is it more in men than women because I want to know if estrogen could be more involved at what age does a person usually get it is there anything that usually comes before this problem like for example a surgery an injury a stress event maybe it

Happens later in life or earlier all these factors give me clues so let me share what I found about this condition the first bit of information I found related to something called polyunsaturated fatty acids there was some research done on rats okay so if

You have a pet hamster or a Geral or a rat this might pertain to you but this polyunsaturated fatty acid you have two different kinds you have the omega-3 fatty acids okay which they were using in high doses to get rid of inflammation in the nervous system and in the brain

But they were also looking at omega-6 fatty acids the seed oils which are not anti-inflammatory in fact they’re pro-inflammatory they create inflammation they create a lot of oxidative stress and insulin resistance and a lot of problems and these omega-6 oils seed oils can invade fatty membranes like the myin sheath whereas

Omega3 fatty acids help build milin sheath but if you’re consuming both at the same time they compete with each other the omega-3 is not going to work so you must eliminate the omega-6 fatty acids out of the diet and especially in the area of processed foods and all the

Different uh oils in the salad dressing and the condiments and things like that I’m talking about corn oil soy oil canola cotton seed did you realize that an average person consumes between 400 to 700 calories of this seed oil every single day this is insan insane we are human guinea pigs just experimenting

With this oil and it does correlate with so many health problems okay the introduction of these oils which are not vegetable oils when you think about these oils uh none of them uh relate to any vegetables that you eat on a regular basis it’s seed oils I mean how much

Corn do you have to crush to get certain amounts of oil and also the soybeans and the cotton seeds so it’s weird that they call them vegetable oils because they’re really seed oils now I found some other interesting data uh relating to viruses this is a pretty heavy duty Association in one research

They did um experiments on cavers that had this condition and they they open it up and they found these viruses that apparently make their home out of your gangan which is the kind of a nerve bundle the where the uh the trial nerve originates from so there are four

Primary viruses that they talked about with the most common one being a herpes virus h hvv6 next one being like shingles the vericella zuster which is like a the chickenpox virus and next one is the Epstein bar virus and then you also had the cegala viruses what’s interesting

About all of these viruses is they go in and out of remission so they’re called latent viruses they can be reactivated which does explain why trigeminal neuralgia can come and go based on various factors one is stress so I want to kind of just briefly go through all

Four of these viruses to to tell you some of the other research I found as the potential remedy let’s start with the hhv6 the herpes virus okay because there’s like 245 different herpes viruses this one is is more common it can be other ones but they’re not as common but I found a

Really good remedy for this it’s an extract from chiaki mushrooms okay and I’ll just give you the abbreviation ahcc but there’s some interesting research to show that using that to help reduce pain from that virus and potentially even clearing out that virus so what I’m doing now is just pointing you into a

Certain direction to do more research on I’m not going to give you specific brands or Doses and things like that because we don’t know because there are multiple reasons why you might have this condition it could be even from a tumor which is very rare it could be from

Physical injury it could be from a surgery that you had in your sinuses so you really want to look at all these factors too okay now what about this vercella zasta this like shingles virus um vitamin D3 in high doses like 50,000 I use would be a really good thing and I

Would add zinc to that because in order for vitamin D to work you need zinc and you need magnesium as well but vitamin D is a a powerful anti-inflammatory and um it’s something that you can even get topically for shingles and it also works good on stic pain and other types of

Pain and back pain but it can definitely help put this shingles virus back in remission now what about epine Barb virus this is one that is really nasty because it can really make you tired cause fibromyalgia there is a lot of different remedies out there I’m just going to tell you from personal

Experience from myself and from working with a lot of patients this is like 100% activated by stress so you just have to find out what is stressing you out and figure out how you can reduce that stress and that is probably the best advice I can give you on that virus the

Cytomegalo virus this is another one found some research on berberine yeah berberine actually can help put this virus back in remission I did find some other research on trigeminal neuralgia specifically supporting that nerve tissue to drop inflammation and I’ll list the full name down below but I’m just going to kind of

Give you the initials of it it’s p a slash lolin which is a natural thing in a lot of different foods that you eat and because these molecules are fairly big you want to get it micronized or broken up into small particles but it apparently is a very powerful neuroprotective

Anti-inflammatory and then with the second compound lolin that adds the antioxidants because the first compound doesn’t have that factor but apparently this is something you can take orally uh with some good results now another remedy that I found some interesting research on is called DMSO which has great anti-inflammatory

Properties it’s very very penetrating you can put some on your foot and you can just actually taste it within seconds it’s like you taste like a garlic taste to it but DMSO has been used for a lot of different pain problems pain syndromes the only thing it’s uh it penetrates uh the tissues

Pretty fast so you wouldn’t want to put it with something that’s toxic so for example if you’re trying to kill your rat with rat poisoning and it’s on your hands and you put the this DMSO on your hands it’s going to drive that poison right in your tissue so you want to

Clean the area before you put it on that tissue so like if you have um I don’t know makeup on your face or some type of skin lotion clean that off then you can rub in that DMSO uh wherever it originates and there’s been uh some really fascinating

Re resarch on this it’s been around for a long time for things like Phantom Pain um post-operative like you had surgery now you have pain it’s also good for post-traumatic type problems you had some injury and trigeminal neuralgia so in one study which I’m going to put down

Below 32 out of 37 people uh experience relief and uh you know you could literally combine that first remedy the Pea SL lolin with the DM MSO to drive that in deeper I don’t know it’s just an idea it may work because anything you put with DMSO it drives it in there

Whether you do aloe vera or other types of things now we come to the technique I’m going to show you to dramatically reduce the pain very quickly this technique doesn’t fix the problem permanently but it can greatly reduce the pain very fast okay and I use this

In practice it was very effective it worked probably in 70% of the cases the type of cases that it doesn’t work on if it’s really really viral related and there’s like this active outbreak or infection it will not work on that but it works

Really good on if you had some type of U injury or post surgery so the whole theory of it is you’re breaking up this uh brain circuitry that it keeps U causing pain this is keeps going and going all right there’s an amazing technique that I’m going to show you

Right now to drop the pain it doesn’t correct it but it at least it’ll drop the pain pretty fast and here’s what you do first of all you isolate where the Pain’s coming from let’s just pretend it’s on the left side like right here okay what you do is you you’re going to

Be pressing on the mere image on the opposite side the key is to mirr image to get the exact epicenter of wherever this is on the good side don’t mess on the bad side just press on the good side and you’re going to massage it now the

Way that you know you have the exact correct spot to press on is it’ll be very tender it will the good side will be tender actually probably more tender than this side so you find it and you just kind of massage it for you know about a minute okay and then notice the

Bad side if it’s there at all it’s going to drop the pain so let’s say for example you did this and it moved down okay then you just go down and then all of a sudden oh wow that that got rid of that but now it moved back over here and

You keep doing that until this is m manageable this is something you could do through the day as you start using some of these other remedies to help yourself but I’ve used this in practice for years it really came in handy and it’s not something they teach you in

School in fact they teach you the opposite they’ll teach you to put therapy on this side you know mess with this nerve no work on the the good side you’ll see it’ll work just try it out now if you’re not on my list to receive uh my newsletter on all sorts of

Unfiltered content on my website I put that link down below too because I have a lot of cool things I want to share with you that unfortunately I can’t put on YouTube so click the link down below and I will see you on the other side

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