Introducing the all-new Airstream 30′ Globetrotter RV (KYD) – Video

Introducing the all-new Airstream 30′ Globetrotter RV (KYD) – Video

In this new video, the Keep Your Daydream family takes us on their journey of finding and purchasing a new RV. Join them in their adventure to Visalia, California, where they discover the perfect Airstream for their travels. With beautiful scenery and memorable experiences along the way, this video captures the excitement and anticipation of finding the ideal RV for their lifestyle. With insightful commentary and genuine enthusiasm, the Keep Your Daydream family shares their process of searching for a new RV and the unexpected twists and turns that come with it. Join them as they begin their next chapter of RV travel and embark on a new adventure with their 30′ Globetrotter Airstream. It’s a must-watch for RV enthusiasts and anyone looking to find their own perfect home on wheels.

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What was that be it’s the fridge it keeps going error message uh-oh let me see let the RV fun begin it’s a pretty rig maybe none of the systems work but it sure is pretty in 2016 we bought a travel trailer to take a six-month trip around

The states with our three kids this is going to be awesome we had never owned an RB before and had no idea how things would unfold but after the first 6-month trip the kids were good to go and there was still so much more to see I think

That will go longer than 6 months but if we were going to continue we needed a bigger RV and then as the boys got bigger we upgraded again and then the kids started to leave and our RV got smaller maybe a bit too small teardrop is awesome you just need to travel with

People with RVs that have living rooms and furnaces and things and then you’re all set but when Caleb went to college his bunk became became storage and we were starting to think about what RV would best serve Just the Two of Us plus Charlie kind of a forever rig if you

Will is it Timeless Ginger it’s not bad we consider van life to be nimble but because we’re on the road for months at a time we needed more space to work and cook we thought about going back to a fifth wheel which is great for living like you’re at home and

As much as we enjoyed our fifth wheel we found that they’re best for staying in one spot for a little longer whereas we we are always on the move oh don’t even it’s 1,000 miles and although no RV is perfect our favorite RV by far has been

Our Airstream yes even with no slides and maybe because of it so the only question was which model and then I saw Ronnie and Tara’s glob chter and it was over you know like I just got to taste I’m like I got to remove myself what we

Didn’t know was when and where until Mark found a new listing for a 2020 30ft Globe Trotter in felia California so we changed our route and took a look which is why we ended up in Sequoia National Park and that is where this episode begins we’re all hooked up now got to

Put the starlink away Trisha’s cleaning up inside we’re actually trying to throw things away because uh it looks like kind of crazy awfully sudden but it looks like we’re going to drop off the Airstream to Vinnie and we’re going to come back here to velia vilia and um

Pick up the glob troter and take it back it’s looking like that’s what’s going to happen yes how can I help you I’ve been expecting you I’ve been expecting you you excited um well you can never get too excited a deal is not done until

A deal is done but there has been some negotiating yes and I think we might be um we might be pulling home a different Airstream on the way home we might be oh my gosh I really I really have to bring it down cuz inside is just

Like this all happened kind of sudden because we are headed to Vinnie’s to go get our Airstream fixed and it needed to get fixed period period even if we were going to keep it or we were going to sell it MH and ever since we met Ronnie in Mount rineer rineer

Apologize and we saw his 30ft Globe trer Trish has had heart eyes for the couple’s layout yeah so I’ve been kind of keeping an eye on the market and looking at you know what they might be like new and looking what they might be used and looking at what year I might

Want and things like this and uh we happen to find a 2020 that is in really good condition I’m keeping my expectations low yeah I don’t know what’s really going to happen we chatted on the phone with the owner a couple days ago M and he bought it as an

Office while he was remodeling his house it’s a good story at least and um anyway it looks good and we discussed price over the phone so that way we’re not like wasting each other’s time cuz I kind of said where I needed to be and I

Didn’t want to go check it out waste your time and my time if then he said he said okay that would that would work so anyway we’re going to go check it out with an open mind and oh I don’t need an open mind I need a closed mind I need to

Look for defects I need to say is this right for me okay because I already like I’m already telepathically like invested in this rig so yeah no no no no well especially when you have the price already arranged yes right cuz it’s not like you get attached to it and then you

Go through this whole process and find out that it’s yeah that’s why I like to start with price yes anyhow keep an open mind and check what you saying hold it together hold it together hold it together it’s nice it’s nice it’ll do do it’ll do you want to give everybody a

Quick little tour um oh really right now I think so Globe chter bed in the what is this look at this the back the back look at these windows it’s absolutely insane wrapped Windows incredible then you move up here you have the little potty you have

The little shower you have a d closet microwave show it pull it out then you have a little Pantry area everything is so well kept in here it’s very nice yes o sorry Y and then a little place for your your dishes and such yes look at how nice that

Is you have a gas stove you have the actual um oven yeah cooking and um beautiful kitchen this is where the trash is these are all very deep and really nice but what I love is the L out there’s so much room for conversating like when the kids come over and things

We could all like hang out and chat we won’t be kind of like stepping over each other mhm and um we’ll all still be stepping over Charlie but um but anyway it’s just it’s a beautiful layout absolutely beautiful and the color scheme is fantastic we’ve never seen this color SCH nervous cuz in

The pictures it looked really dark blue not like gray blue this is really beautiful things feel kind of sudden in many ways you know we were we knew we were taking the airst stream and dropping off of V so we knew we would be checking into a

Hotel tonight and we knew we’d be driving back to Arizona we didn’t know that we’d be picking up an Airstream in California and to back home so that’s really changed a lot of the things we have to do like now what comes out of the Airstream and needs get put in the

Back of the truck had I known we were doing this I probably wouldn’t have brought the bikes because they take up a lot of space um so we we got some things to figure out we’re cleaning the Airstream we’re taking some things out of the Airstream we’re throwing some things away we’re

Trying to make it slightly less embarrassing dropping it off at Vinnie keyword slightly you excited to pick up the rig I’m very excited spending the night in a hotel with a dog and their needs and your needs is not great but you know what he is really good at automatic doors go Chill oh there she is there she is looks so good oh my God anyway I don’t know how much of this we’re going to be recording the actual pickup process the camera could be distracting and I want to be focused but um with that being

Said once we get it we’re going to head down to Bakersfield about an hour and 20 south of here on the way to Arizona and we can uh and we’ll definitely be sharing More oh okay oh right there Nice on the camera so yeah you’re going to want to put eyes on it throw it in park Okay this is ridiculously hot all right hooked up good yeah we’re good you can get in you’re all good yeah okay all right just watch out for that little see you later wow what do you think Charlie oh my gosh this is insane we just picked up a new to us 30

Foot Globe trer 2020 that is an absolute Immaculate how cute it says Freedom that’s great is that the office no wait office is over here anyway so I came into that driveway over there and you know this isn’t lifted yet and you know I mean a lot of air streams

Don’t have lifts but we found that the 3-in lift ours was a two was kind of essential because um those bumpers are just low and on the 30ft models it’s it’s got like 6 ft behind the back tire so we just there were just a lot of times

Where I was backing into a curb and it was just super low and then in terms of the towing I felt like once it was lifted I just felt like it towed a little bit better and maybe because these trucks are so big I don’t know I

Just always I thought it I thought that was the case anyway we don’t have reservations here so I’m going to go in and check in really we don’t we don’t I mean look look I figured it’s winter do you have to call to make a reservation in the winter that’s what makes

Traveling in the fall in the winter so great be right back this wasn’t captured on GoPro because it literally just died and I heard a scrape and we scraped the bumper whatever is down there I hope nothing’s broken and that’s what I’m saying the the standard clearance on an Airstream

Without the lift is completely insufficient totally insufficient for just regular we’re inside of an RV park and that was just a a water drainage nothing but it’s because on this particular model the 30 ft is just so long and it has so much um distance behind the back tire that it

Creates that so it’s just we might need to get that lift sooner than later yeah right there 110 huh yeah hey it’s kind of warming up it’s awesome maybe I’ll get my jacket back in another 10° I just realized that I don’t have a sewer hose I mean we’re not going to

Need a sewer hose right away but I guess we’re going to have to go get one I did bring my freshwat hose I don’t have level mate Pro so I’m going to have to go get I got a level did I bring a level it’s in the truck

You know this is why we do this actually it forces us to go from the beginning from Ground Zero from day one and share this process and it reacquaints us with what it feels like so that when we get emails from people saying what they’re going through we’re like I remember that

I remember picking up an RV and dragging the bumper on the first day I remember how that felt yours where it scraped there are scraped right here look at that right out of the gate it’s time let’s get her all fancied up I mean can you believe

It Jess is like he was the best seller in the world that’s really funny pistachios that is really funny okay look like look at this glasses and all clad all clad pans these are little plastic yeah they’re so cute oh toaster my gosh a toaster of the globe it’s a

Globe Charter it’s a Glo troter that’s hilarious there we go hilarious oh we used to have a map and now we have a globe now we have a globe you know that’s dangerous people are like no no give people a quick tour behind you okay oh

My goodness let’s start in here okay I switched to iPhone so I can a wide angle so people can see it better it’s just so much fun okay here’s the thing though the storage is different so I’m really getting excited about the storage video yes do here to make it a fantastic

Storage solution and all the I just I just happened to hit the switch that’s so great okay so we used to have full closets here and now we have Windows mhm so imagine then the first time we stay at a national park what that’s going to

Look like oh my word it’s great so we have little night stands how cute it’s all decorated so anyway you got to tell people we were not expecting a fully furnish RV and it came literally with the Linens yes it has pots and pans it has silverware it has

Plates have you seen the bathroom no there’s the little plant and and hand soap and and conditioner it’s unbelievable oh my word okay so well anyhow it’s absolutely stunning queen bed plenty of room to walk around and I like how the blue is brought back here as the kind of headboard base so

That it really speaks to the front of the rig it’s really so beautiful and then the uplighting that’s all new we’re not used to that and then inside there’s mirrors so that you can see your clothes oh yeah you can see what’s in there right there yeah so are

You ever going to take my jacket off probably never probably never um and 10 more degrees maybe maybe you know we got to get it cranking in here and then maybe so and then the only thing that I find a little awkward is the fact that you take

A shower in the hallway and then you step out into the hallway well there’s a cur behind you figure that out close the curtain yes but even with that it’s just like the flooring well we’re going to have to put a long we’ll put a long rug

I just find it weird okay but it is what it is yeah so um well here show everyone in the closet okay we have a double so this is now our closet mhm look at complete with a a little blanket and look at towels oh my gosh coconut water coconut

Water towels oh that’s great for the towels okay getting ideas um and then come on through here I’ll show you these first let me show you this shower mhm yeah I like that I like that there’s a little a little seat oh wow that’s going to be great

That’s fantastic with a little lock for traveling then you can open this up you go oh you go all the way around nautical window it goes all the way around it has a little bumper so it doesn’t hit the wall mhm and then a trash can fits wow

That’s good hey how do you turn the lights on in there can you turn the lights on oh my goodness sorry okay behind you over there okayo cool oh there’s a little ledge oh I like the medicine cabinet yes a little medicine cabinet oh my gosh okay so we

Have this we have storage underneath all of this area and then the couch behind you turns into a bed yeah we’ll have to show everybody that yes so um we can have visitors yeah and then um that’s that’s about it I mean well that’s not

It but it’s it for now there’s more for now I mean there’s tons of stuff going on here yeah the color scheme is fantastic though really digging the color scheme bright and light and it feels pretty Timeless you know um and I love the floor print like

Two people could be standing over there without being shoulder Tosh shoulder what would that be it’s the fridge it keeps going error message uhoh let me see I think means power what you doing down there let the RV fun begin yeah I mean I don’t think we’re charging see

Charging status is red I have a feeling if you’re connected to shore power I bet you that turns green so if the converter is not working we going to have some it’s going to be a long few days three Windows behind you are something else

Are they pretty good I can’t wait to get to a national park so if this charges okay so we have AC power but we’re not charging so that means the converter is broken and I was going to get a different converter anyway when we moved to lithium I wanted to show everybody

That we can change our lead acid batteries without changing the converter but some of the models have a switch where you can switch to lithium or lead acid and we’ll eventually get to that but I don’t think our converter is working if I understand correctly you said unplug the converter out of the

Back of the panel yep plug it into an extension cord yep and then plug it into an outlet that I know that works right the one next to my bed works the one next to to bed Works no there’s nothing it’s it’s it’s an ice it’s an ice

Box so that that tells me that that our battery is probably no so let me ask you this now we’re at 11.2 volts and we’re and we’re we’re a sinking ship in voltage so when uh when the batteries are dead will I still get sh power you’ll get power but you’re not

Going to have lights or water pump or oh I only have AC yeah so you’ll have plugs um so so I won’t even be able to I won’t even be able to operate the tongue jack lium con converter yeah okay give me one second call RV store like converter

Lithium what are these charms you’re saying Trish we have to go get the converter some propane and some antibiotics forgot to tell you that when I was at Vinnie I tripped over a propride stinger that I didn’t see and when I went down my fingernail came off so

Anyhow put that right there so I told you that the uh first owner was kind of an electrician of sorts and that could either be a really good thing or a really bad thing could be the reason why I have this problem or maybe it’s just a

Coincidence but U then I looked inside and I saw that it has the hues uh Auto Transformer or Auto forer in there so I guess you know that’s that’s one step toward it being a good thing I’m sure ultimately it is a good thing but you never know when someone’s messing with a

Rig do they have the capabilities of someone like Ronnie and Vinnie or are they just kind of like you know like me but but I’m doing this with the with the instruction of of Ronnie so I think we’re good you got 1 hour and 35 minutes you know I I was

Going to tell you that I got these two gc2 these Bal War batteries to basically show people how easy it is to to to transition from lead acid to lithium without having to go do a huge install get all involved and so you know step one you can change your lead acid with

Lithium step two you could change your converter to a lithium capable converter later when time permitting and step three get a battery monitor so I guess I guess we’re just kind of accelerating the whole the whole deal sweet there we go same 55 amp but as you can see the

Lithium capable one goes 146 the non-lithium outputs at 136 now let’s just hope this is actually bad so I plug this one in by doing red black white plug this in the back of here and we should be charging that’s his that’s his this is that’s all it takes to

Change out the converter so pretty simple plug that b Bo right here kind of carefully come on there we go okay suppose I suppose nothing really should happen unless if I turn on Shore power cuz that’s what a converter does boom let this thing take about 10 seconds boom Oh you hear

That oh and it’s brighter boom that’s working and the lights are brighter 13 volts battery voltage went from 9 volts to 13 fantastic see that’s what I was afraid of you go get the parts yourself and now you think you’re big boy can do it by yourself I tell you what it’s not

Going to take very much before uh before you go way over my head in fact I think I think we’re there actually put that back throw that in the trash put these away Clean up this place a little bit then the next project you see how that comes out it’s because these nor holds they really need to be lifted up see when it’s when it’s up cuz like a little spacer down there see then it’s then it’s good same thing with our other nor

Hold and the momentum it needed to be raised with like a little plastic spacer so that’ll be next I really should have put that sticker on Ronnie said the ad in the model stands for autod detect that’s what you’re looking for if you want to switch over is a converter that can

Autod detect lead acid or lithium and that way give it the proper charge so um that converter cost $229 with no shopping around that was just the closest one A Camping World in stock I have no idea if you can get one a little bit cheaper if you just order

It online but uh that that’s the deal it took yeah okay all right it was a good morning it’s 8:30 we wanted to get up by 8 but you know with a new rig things take a little Longer the work is not over Mark flew back to Sacramento rented a GMC 2500 truck from Enterprise to pick up our flying cloud from Vinnie’s and we started the process of getting it cleaned up and ready for the new owners so what we’re trying to do is really

Make this rig awesome for Paul and Pamela you’ve seen the inside of this rig a million times but never look this nice it’s never looked this nice wow wow oh my gosh we wanted you guys cleaned it up we did clean there will be plenty of travel

Videos this year but you can expect a fair amount of modifications and how-to videos as well we should be able to work it from here that was hard and tough stuff in it recording this is just I mean I got to be everywhere in a split second notice and there will be some

Truck REM modifications too in October of 2021 we ordered a new Superduty a year and a half later we got a call from the dealer that it was sitting on the lot and we turned it down we’ll share with you why we decided to keep our

Truck and what we needed to do to keep it running great what people they said they said Mark keep your truck they said I want to know like what problems you have over 100,000 mil oh I’m like that sounds fun that sounds like a lot and here’s the first problem

And it doesn’t sound like fun anymore thanks for tuning in each week and we’ll catch you next Sunday well if the tractor suppli is there we should just get what is going on here okay listen just pipe down okay come on stop stop it’s going to

Fall off I know that’s my what I was afraid of you want to get some propane two wire out or you want to just get that so we can get this going so we don’t end up with no lights you’re just so cute

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