KYD: Season Two Begins! – Video

KYD: Season Two Begins! – Video

Get ready for a new season of adventures with Keep Your Daydream (KYD)! The KYD team is hitting the road with a big route planned for this year, and they are excited to take you along for the ride. From family meet-ups to epic adventures, you won’t want to miss a moment of the action.

But before they can hit the road, they need to prepare their cabin for the first guest and pack up everything in their Airstream. Join them as they get everything ready and tackle any last-minute challenges that come their way. From fixing the fridge to dealing with high winds in Texas, the KYD team is always up for an adventure.

Follow along as the KYD team travels through Texas, Oklahoma, and on to Bentonville, Arkansas. Watch as they handle unexpected challenges, try new recipes, and share their tips for RV living. And don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates on how their rig tows without weight distribution and their adventures with the CAT scales.

Join Keep Your Daydream on their latest journey and get ready for an exciting new season full of exploration, challenges, and unforgettable moments on the road. Whether you’re an experienced RVer or just starting out, there’s something for everyone in the new season of KYD. Don’t miss out on all the fun – subscribe now and join the adventure!

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Video Transcript

Hello Hi how are you I’m getting excited how are you so is Charlie the road is coling and spring is right around the corner it’s the first signs of spring oh my gosh I can’t believe I didn’t notice that with all the snow for us it means

It’s time to prepare for another season of travel we have a big route plan for this year designed around family meetups adventure and of course getting our new to us Airstream dialed in what are we going to do for lunch how much blue tape

Do we have a lot we’re going to take it off and we’re going to do it again but before we can answer the call from the road we need to get our cabin ready for the first guest and throw everything into the air stream now we just need it to stop Snowing come on to say that I’m nervous is an understatement we decided to bring the Airstream up to Flagstaff because we have a lot of work to do to prepare to leave for the Seas it’s a lot easier when it’s parked right there I looked at the weather

Forecast and this is what I saw cold but Sunny not that cold and then a couple days ago we woke up to snow and I was a bit nervous so I went down there I turned on the furnace and at like 40 ran the water like cool dodged a

Bullet and then it just didn’t stop so now I’m going down there this morning but I I assume We’ve ran out of pro pain and the furnace hasn’t been running it seemed awfully cold last night and H I didn’t even do like an Arizona winterization it’s um let’s See find some in here all right first order of business turn the water pump On that primed nice and fast oh yeah let good it’s such a relief I mean you know you’re really not out of the woods because there’s so many little PEC elbows that go through all the RV that there still could be a leak if it gets cold even though it runs and the

Water tank didn’t break so what you would listen for is water pumps on it’s some CU some regular interval you’ll hear the pump Prime it’ll go maybe every 30 seconds maybe every 2 minutes it just depends on the leak when you hear your RV doing that it means

That it’s ressure at the water pump is repressurizing because it’s dripping out somewhere so that’s what you got to listen for and then somehow you got to track down the leak which easier said than done it can be it can be a real problem but I think I dodge the bullet here

Get some light in there by the way we’ve never had to do like a followup video but there were so many uh of the same questions from last week’s episode I thought I would just cover a couple things the uh shower head we seem to

Like it it it angles down pretty far so it it’s kind of hard to go up all the way but um for 1.8 gallons a minute I think that’s not a lot it felt like a lot of water um we did have a problem with the shut off valve like when you

Pick it up you turn it off so what I did is I turned it so that the shut off valve is on the other side so when you pick it up it doesn’t turn off but um so far so good I think the Price Is Right

It it seems to work pretty well thanks for all the comments on the fridge um I have known that I needed to add washers to the bottom to kind of lift it up so I’m going to I’m going to do that when we hit the road I’ll find some washers

To put in there uh Paul sent an email with um another solution using a washer to hold it in using one of the holes for the other side of the hinges I’ll explain more if I do that um so there’s that and then the hitch whatever

Happened to the Rusty ball so um real quick the next morning what I ended up doing is I grabbed my weight distribution bar and I popped it up in there and I pried it out and it popped off I thought that was a pretty decent solution because it prevented me from

Having to raise the trailer waiting for gravity to pull it out which sometimes if you get so high when it when it pops out it can lunge the trailer which I didn’t want that to happen but there were a lot of comments which I appreciate about um putting the truck in

Neutral and taking the parking brake off just to kind of like um have the truck roll rock forward a little bit so that it it so that basically the ball isn’t pressed up against that coupler which is where it’s really getting stuck on let’s try the neutral

Trick and there is grease there it’s just it must be a funny angle oh okay I put it in neutral like the comment said to see if that helps get it out of stuff and it did did you put back inart yeah okay I just put it neutral to have

It Rock forward and then I put it in park just to get it unlodged so anyway and then thanks for everyone’s comment on the GoPro time lapse the the star um tracing time lapse that’s just a standard go Pro 11 nighttime function I thought it was really cool so I’ll be playing around

With that some more and uh I think that concludes my impromptu comments on last weekend’s Episode what are you Doing All right morning today is the day we’re leaving today and things are kind of coming together which is good I’m just uh going to get the truck flipped around we’re going to get the bed of the truck organized we’re going to get last few things in the Airstream Trish and I are

Both going to get a workout in we’re going to print some labels make some shipments and um make a list for our handyman because there were some things couldn’t get to based on the weather this week and and time anyhow that’s it we’re excited to go we’re excited you’re Here that’s it both bikes we’re taking the Nomad Grill taking my Wahoo trainer I got five extra gallons of water five extra gallons of diesel I got extra propane I got those two batteries I’m going to have to put in ASAP Charlie’s dog food I got snap

Pads I’m going to install I got 50 lb weights for working out and I got some tools and things about it Oh yeah I’ll take that I’ll take that i’ say things are looking pretty good oh wait turn the light back on you got to show everybody what you did we put in some wallpaper up here at the top we used to have these like kind of cool Acorn

Looking things Carson found it to be not masculine enough he still slept in the room begrudgingly yes anyway so we put this up and then we found our old pictures that were in storage cuz we emptied out our total storage so those are all like from the ‘ 50s in Tahoe yep

So anyway the ladies are going to come make the bed and it’s going to look fantastic and you change these too oh yeah Little Feather art oh hey do you know that trick you tie your shoes and you put them right here and you close the dryer and then you dry your shoes

Really yeah without them going wow yeah so anyway I got them all shined up sh shined up cuz we’re going to go walking and Hiking baby we said it wasn’t going to happen we said we were going to be better this time oh my gosh now my

Defense because it was so snowy today I’ve only put it by the door oh so maybe it’s better than it seems kind of what do you got there not more things all of our towels my putting sneakers let me see if I can squeeze in here real quick okay so this right here

This right here right there’s a little arrow pointing to my grandfather right here right there right there is my grandfather not great-grandfather grandfather in San Francisco just taken the day of before they went to go fight in World War I my brother has a very similar picture when

They got back from the war and sadly and expectedly it’s a lot smaller and instead of the very very back he’s in the very very front with boots so anyway we wanted to take this to Florida and we shipped the Subaru to Virginia knowing that Caleb’s going to drive it down to Florida

This picture is more valuable to me than the Subaru so we are taking it ourselves that’s the only thing we’re taking in Florida really though right other than this Bell it’s the dinner bell got to have that what are you doing do you need a hand I’m trying to get past your

Progress you want to come with us come on come on get your reindeer come on get your toy let’s go get youry come on oh good boy good boy oh look guys reindeer good Boy Okay hello he okay you got cars so hold on all right we’re out of here wow in the nick of time 6:30 6:30 at the crack of 635 we are gone out oh oh my gosh where do you want to go I haven’t even thought about where

You want to go where do you want to go you want to go to gallop oh that’s I know but you have to ask him that he has my spices oh yes all right you are my hero no he is all right thank you thank you um see that’s why we waited that’s

Why we waited I me we could have got out of here by 2:00 there would have been any spices oh oh wow oh we just took Charlie’s bed oh Charlie we’ll get the spices off all right so anyway what were we saying where do you want to go you want to go

To Gallup you want to go to Albuquerque I’d like to drive for about 2 and 1 half Hours Oh yes this guy’s walking on your destination is on the left okay thank you so we’ve stayed here twice before once with the bird maybe we’ve stayed here three times but um I’ve never come in without a reservation usually I call just kind of hoping they have a

After hours situation if not I’m going to go find a pull through site and hook up and chat with them in the morning be right back I’ll take my phone me Qui night number one let’s see the damage let’s see if your tape on the fridge held up

Damage oh oh I don’t think it did oh my gosh you have so many groceries oh not bad not bad two items not bad look at this oh my gosh a little goat cheese little cilantro chicken hey that’s better than eggs you got that right okay we’re going to need to get this

Fixed so so far the fridge is actually our biggest issue because not only does it not stay closed and and again it I’ve already said this before the the the solution here is that is that you can put a little some little plastic washers

Down here and it lifts it up but even so cuz i’ I’ve played around with that I think there’s issues so I think I’m going to take I think I’m going to take Paul’s advice and pull out that little thing he’s got a solution for Okay so I went around this morning cuz we don’t have our TPMS system on yet I’ll eventually get to that so I went this around this morning checking all the tires you put the SE heaters on for me thank you sorry go ahead and um wor 10 lb lower than I normally

Roll and I thought ah I don’t want to do that right now I want to get the I have to get the cord right it’s so awesome it’s so easy it’s so awesome but still we want to get going it’s 8:30 wait a minute you’re going the wrong way and

There’s a break coming how do they know where I’m going look up on the load inflation table turns out for goody your endurance they’re perfect and for those that haven’t seen I’ve got an RV Tire video and I’m a huge proponent of inflating to the load instead of just

Max cold they’re perfect I’m going to roll at this new PSI great all right do you have my Wallet it’s beautiful right here it’s beautiful in another month you’ll be doing pull-ups on this thing SRU I’m back to a place that I left alone long time ago just give me a say I smoke this Cigarette I did that I did a little jalapeno on yours I did Herb on mine so if you put a little mayo layer and then you add one of these it’s like you’ve got a seasoned mayo dressing look at that yum how is it it’s so good how’s the fridge did it

With did it the fridge worked Perfect you cannot be on the I40 without having sufficient train footage okay that’s the thing you got to have the train shots that’s the ground rules folks that is the ground rules Trish is driving now so you get all we get to have the train footage is going we’re

Going to we’re going to kick it up a notch what i’ say I ever came back and 167 oh my gosh I’m still wonder and I miss you I know I’ll ask you see you again my tape the fridge I didn’t tape the fridge you got pull over yeah immediately immediately next exit

Shoot you know what we can do what we can pull over right now just the place to stop you can tape the fridge and then we can put about 60 oz of leftovers in it windy Texas wow Amarillo is always windy it really is wow okay see let’s

See not bad not bad we just we got some avocados we got some lettuce any omelets no omelet look at this good we got lucky oh the there’s a lip where that is oh wow is that nice you know this this is not well organized this was a throw and dash okay

Here we go okay water break great nice all right we going to tape it up wait do you want anything out of there anything else out of there um I would love a snack but I don’t really have one hey is our fridge beeping do we still

Have power no it’s still on WOW things are really going good today and it just must be a little bit of solar we have on the Roof it’s windy in Texas hopefully you can hear me so at the last rest stop I U was actually looking for a place to put Charlie’s poop because there wasn’t any um trash bags around and sometimes it’s bad idea but every once in a while I’ll put it in the the

Battery compartment and when I lifted it up oh my gosh it’s so windy I’m sorry when I lifted it up I realized that I couldn’t lift it you see that so I immediately sent Vinnie a text message of the of the video and I said hey this isn’t like you know front and

Separation signs is it and he said it could be obviously I’m keeping ey on the rivets but what I think is going on is that there’s too much tension on the frame due to the weight distribution bars because I think when it’s not underload that goes up just fine so I

Think what I’m going to do is I’m going to pull even though it’s really super windy I’m going to I’m going to take some tension off of the RV right now I’m going to pull these bars off I’m going to see how it toes without them and I’m

Going to see how the things open and things like this and so I’m going to pull the bars off probably not the best conditions honestly to make a change on game day and the uh on a Texas windy highway I’m going to do it anyway I’m just telling you it’s not a good

Decision so now what I’ve done is I’ve taken the bars off completely and I’ve put them in the truck and I’ll drive now oh good because it’s it’s windy it is and let’s see how it toes okay let’s do it and then let’s start let’s hit some

Cat skills baby okay I got to go no weight distribution bars no Issues we are now would you call towing Commando where’s he going Charli to the uh We’ve made it to El City Oklahoma and P saw KOA it’s 6:00 we lost another hour we’re kind of hungry we thought you know what it’s light let’s just pull in here $42 full hookup site we’ll get some work

Done we’ll have a little dinner I have some steaks have some steaks that all sounded good and then um and then we’ll and then we’ll go to Bentonville tomorrow probably so it be kind of like a 6 hour day tomorrow 6 and 1 half hour

Day but we’re not going to lose any more time wait where’s 50 get some lights on in here yeah oh besides the mess this rig is so awesome oh yeah oh yeah that’ll work okay hi boy hi boy you want to come I’m not going to disconnect the truck I will do anything

To avoid that tongue jack coming all the way down to the ground especially when my leveling blocks are tied up so I use my wheel chalks as a uh as a block works great I do the same thing with the Anderson blocks M where’d you get these Sprouts wow yeah c for

Two it’s going to be the star of the show tonight what is go to garlic I’m put it on the steaks and sweet potatoes make a little sweet potato hash nice mhm and a salad and a salad I love it is that rice vinegar though do you

Think rice vinegar is the same as vinegar well it’s going to have to be a good substitute today oh you have the airator in there yeah oh can you show me oh there it is MHM okay this is directly from the comments soak it and vinegar we’ll pick it up in the

Morning and we’ll see how things go yeah there we go okay totally submerged yeah cool join us next Sunday from Bentonville Arkansas where hopefully we can catch up on our RV chores finally fin adjust the fridge and Mark will share more on how the rig toes without weight distribution I’m sure this means

CAT scales will be involved you know Trish’s having lunch I wonder if she would mind if I uh hit the cat scale you know it just ask for forgiveness there’s no reason she can’t make lunch on the cat scale

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