Learning to Cook Traditional Mexican Seafood Dishes in Puerto Vallarta – Video

Learning to Cook Traditional Mexican Seafood Dishes in Puerto Vallarta – Video

Are you a fan of Mexican seafood dishes? If so, you’ll love the latest video from the Eternal Expat’s Youtube channel. In this video, she takes us along on a cooking class in Puerto Vallarta where she learns to cook traditional Mexican seafood dishes. The class starts with a visit to a local market to gather fresh ingredients, followed by a trip to the home of Chef Enrique, where the cooking really gets underway.

Throughout the video, you’ll learn how to make tender octopus, delicious ceviche, and four different salsas, as well as how to make the perfect tortilla. The class culminates in a mouthwatering feast of shrimp marinated in Pastor style sauce, octopus Al Ajo, and cheesy queso fundido, all served in tacos. The Eternal Expat showcases her skills and shares her tips on cooking these Mexican classics.

If you’re interested in taking a cooking class in Puerto Vallarta, the Eternal Expat highly recommends Cookin’ Vallarta. The company takes you into the homes of local chefs to learn in an intimate setting, creating a truly unique experience. To learn more about the class and to book your own experience, be sure to check out the Cookin’ Vallarta website.

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Today I am taking you on a Mexican cooking class with cooking Vara part of the cook and Mexico team which you may be familiar with if you’ve watched my videos of cooking classes in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo good morning today I am off to do a cooking class with cook in Mexico I have worked with these guys before in the past if you followed any of my videos from Cabo so here in Via I’m excited to hang out with them do some cooking

Hopefully some seafood uh first we start at the market or little market tour so yeah let’s go the cooking class starts at a local market called Mercado Palmar de Aram where we shopped for all of the ingredients we would need for the cooking class including fresh seafood fruits and vegetables and the all

Important Masa to make tortillas from here we hopped in the van and headed to the home of our Chef Enrique one of the things that I love about the Cookin Mexico team is that you’re welcomed into their homes where you cook with them in their own kitchens

Getting to know them and the other people in the cooking class in a much more intimate setting the very first thing we did to prepare our lunch was to learn about how to make a tender octopus if you go to the ocean today they said that you went to the ocean

Today and you were looky enough to to find an octopus and then you CAU the octopus and you survived the F okay and then you survive the fight and you bring the octopus out you want to eat it the same day so what you’re going to do is

The following you’re going to take the octopus very fighter is dead otherwise we get it and then you’re going to take the octopus by the head and hit it against a rock for a while until your arm gets tigh and then use the other arm and then

Again like 20 minutes or take a pound a club and then you pound it like tenderize it tenderize it takes a wi for that also but you are like me very lazy to do that I don’t want to do that so what I do is to freeze it when

You freeze going to contract when you freeze going to expand it’s going to break the the protein still you have to tenderize it and we’re going to cook the octopus like normally 2 hours but you want to save time you do what we’re going to do now

That’s a technique that we my my grandma used to call it to scare the oop the official name is to temper the octopus so we’re going to put the octopus now hold it by the head yes hold it don’t don’t let it full just carefully put it in the water

Okay yeah speak is heavy yeah it is I show you because I think you are strong you put it over there and you count 45 seconds 45 seconds more or less 45 seconds and then we’re going to take it out of the water and leave it outside 45

Seconds and then we want to put it back in over 45 seconds and then out 45 and like that five times after learning all about how to make tender delicious octopus just like at all of the restaurants in Mexico serving up those amazing octopus tacos we moved onto other parts of the meal

Luke cut up the fish for ceviche and I added the lime and salt while stirring slowly in a glass bowl with a wooden spoon because you don’t want to use any metal we then strained the fish and added it into a bowl full of delicious things like parsley onions tomatoes olives and

Jalapenos we took a quick break from cooking to enjoy the ceviche with a nice big glass of Margarita blend it up with pineapple to make it sweet and frothy after our Ceviche snack Enrique put us straight back to work we learned how to make four different seriously delicious

Salsas including a spicy red salsa a green tomato salsa a peanut and oil salsa and a spicy guacamole finally it was time to learn the most Mexican of all cooking skills how to make a tortilla despite taking three of these classes now I’m still working on mastering the Perfect Tortilla but

Thankfully Enrique’s wife showed us her tried and true method look I’m going to put it here on the center overover with the plastic now I’m going to press two times okay only with your hands like this it’s not necessary made with your body okay only with your

Hands now fingers together on the top is not necessary put only put it your fingers in here toone your thing okay now I’m going we need B now I’m going to wait for 10 second with my fingers tip move three okay again 10 Seconds now he’s done alas I didn’t make them quite as well as she did but I think I did myself Proud while we were busy making all of the tortillas Enrique was finishing up the shrimp and octopus in a pan and putting together the last details of our lunch we had shrimp that was marinated in Pastor style sauce and octopus Al AO which was with dried chilies and spices

It was fin finished with queso fundido cheese that has been melted to a gooey consistency and now it was time to build our tacos always make sure to taste your salsa before heaping it into your taco it is always spicier than you think it’s going to be I hope you enjoyed cooking

Some Mexican Classics with me I’m always so happy to learn how to cook more Mexican dishes Luke and I even replicated these Pastor shrimp tacos on Christmas Day and they came out almost almost as delicious as they were under Enrique’s tutelage if you want to take a cooking

Class when you’re next in Puerto via I cannot recommend cooking vataa enough I will add all of their details to the description box below if you want to book it for yourself thanks as always for watching I will see you next time as we head across the state border to

Explore Riviera narit to the north of Puerto via

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