Living for Free in 19 Countries! – Video

Living for Free in 19 Countries! – Video

19 Countries Where You Can Live for Free!
Places where you can live for free span across countries from Asia like Vietnam to European countries like Spain, Italy, and even across the Americas like the United States, Brazil,…
Join me on a journey to explore 19 countries where you can sign up for the opportunity to live for free. You’ll surely find it fascinating with projects ranging from aquaculture, vegetable farming, to leisurely teaching English while being provided for free!

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19 countries where you can live for free places where you can live for free span across countries from Asia like Vietnam to European countries like Spain Italy and even across the Americas like the United States Brazil join me on a journey to explore 19 countries where you can sign up for

The opportunity to live for free you’ll surely find it fascinating with projects ranging from aquaculture vegetable farming to leisurely teaching English while being provided for free number 19 Morocco Morocco is a country located in West Africa divided by the Atlas Mountains so onethird of its territory is mountainous

With lush green spaces encompassing the entire Kingdom Additionally the country also has a part of the Sahara Desert to the South providing stunning Landscapes living for free here is not difficult the following tasks provide free accommodation in Morocco that will surely Peak your interest all you need

To do is assist a local Moroccan in creating videos and Performing social media tasks as well as Photography in Mar staying at this home only requires 4 hours of work per day during which you’ll help your Moroccan hosts take photos shoot videos and develop websites you can improve your skills and

Experience the true Moroccan lifestyle you’ll be entitled to free accommodation in a private room and complimentary breakfast in exchange for your work furthermore in Morocco there’s also an opportunity to live in the homes of locals in the Sahara Desert certainly one of the most unique lodging experiences in the world with such

Fantastic opportunities would you like to join as a volunteer feel free to comment below and share your thoughts number 18 United Kingdom the United Kingdom may not always be considered an inexpensive place to travel as it’s known for less than ideal weather and a lack of beaches alongside living costs not being cheap

However it has become a top destination for volunteer work exchange programs volunteers looking for free accommodation can engage in tasks such as housekeeping and Care work and stay with various hosts Additionally you can experience life at the Buddhist Meditation Center here you’ll learn meditation techniques and receive full

Accommodation and meals in exchange for work at the center if you prefer rural areas in the UK there are opportunities as well volunteers can sign up for Scottish Church stays helping with various gardening tasks it will include digging and mowing tidying up or watering green houses caring for trees

And large shrubs clearing overgrown Gardens and lawn mowing in turn you’ll have a private room free meals and access to bicycles for leisurely rides anytime number 17 Uganda Uganda is also a country primarily seeking volunteers to assist children Uganda has faced many challenges in providing comprehensive education to Children one of the main

Obstacles is the lack of infrastructure and resources in many schools especially in rural areas where insufficient classrooms textbooks and teaching materials hinder the ability to provide quality education therefore if you want to travel for free and make a positive impact while doing so Uganda is one of

The best places to do it in the village of Kala you can participate in educational construction and support kindergartens Elementary School and village community in return you’ll receive accommodation and full board the time you’ll need to work is 5 days a week at the school and then on the last two days

Of the week you’ll be picked up at the airport and taken back to your accommodation in Uganda the accommodation will be equipped with electricity internet bathrooms and the best security to make you as comfortable as possible number 16 France France is an ideal destination to immerse yourself in nature while participating in work

Exchange programs the country’s diverse Landscapes offer a unique combination of natural wonders serving various interests from magnificent beaches along the French Riviera to picturesque Countryside towns anyone seeing France’s dreamlike scenery and wanting to live here permanently please comment below France offers many work exchange opportunities providing free

Accommodation and full board one of them is a program for renovation and cultivation on a farm in G here you’ll experience Garden activities such as planting sewing seeds caring for and Landscaping you’ll also meet Olivier your main program leader becoming a plant-based cook and wild plant trainer

Can provide you with many tips for finding and cooking food in return you’ll have a bed free meals laundry service and enjoy be beer and wine moreover there are many other attractive opportunities for you for example you can stay with a local family and spend about 27 hours a week painting and

Decorating gardens building and repairing a farm in rural areas in return you’ll have both days off per week a private room fast internet access and breakfast lunch and dinner number 15 Spain Spain mainly occupies the Iberian Peninsula in Southwestern Europe with over 3,000 beaches scattered throughout the country

If you’ve ever wished to visit Spain at least once in your life whether to live or travel please comment below because of the opportunity to live for free in hostels in Spain work here you can work at the reception desk in a hostel in San Sebastian for only 24 hours of work per

Week in return for your working hours you’ll receive free accommodation free laundry participate in events and parties as well as discounts for recreational activities and other hostels in various areas of Spain Additionally you can use the communal kitchen to cook your own meals the accommodation provided by these guest

Houses and hotels on world Packers are highly rated number 14 Brazil Brazil is among the top five countries to visit in Latin America however if you choose to travel here through work exchange your trip can become extremely affordable because you won’t have to pay for your food or accommodation on the world Packers

Website you’ll find jobs for volunteers such as spending 20 hours a week helping at an animal park in Randi where you’ll be provided with a tent for camping and you’ll have access to the kitchen and discounted food in fact Brazil is still one of the most beautiful countries with

Stunning Landscapes on holidays you’ll participate in free longdistance hiking tours and exciting Adventure trips furthermore you’ll find many more beneficial opportunities in the outskirts of Manus where you can take care of the Amazon rainforest by cleaning fertilizing planting fruit seeds and gardening you’ll have a private room and full accommodation and

Your accommodation will be close to the farm Center where you can enjoy tourist attractions parks and beaches number 13 Mexico on world Packers you can find great places to travel to exchange for volunteer work in Mexico the jobs you can do are extremely diverse from being a bartender cleaner tour guide Gardener

And many other jobs you’ll find countless jobs where you only need to work about 20 hours AEK week in reception management construction repairs and cleaning to exchange for accommodation and meals you can even Unleash Your creativity such as at the zotech Buu urban area where you can help this hosle

By promoting their social media through editing videos taking photos and shooting advertising videos in exchange for accommodation number 12 India if you want to experience this South Asian country you can sign up to volunteer in India you’ll volunteer at a highly rated and very comfortable hostel in jaama India whether you’re a Solo

Traveler or a couple this hostel accepts volunteers to work 25 hours a week at the reception or housekeeping Department additionally a job that lets you live for free is that you can also work as a tour guide or participate in events in return you’ll live in a

Private room and enjoy free breakfast as well as receive discounts when joining tours and events have you planned to spend a long time in a country yet if so consider other work exchang opportunities in India I assure you that the benefits at these places for you are plentiful number 11 Canada another

Opportunity for you is volunteering in Canada you’ll have the chance to live for free in Yukon and experience the Wilderness of North America Yukon is located in Canada and is roughly shaped like a right triangle you can call Yukon the Northwestern territory of Canada the terrain of Yukon is mainly Hills rivers

And lakes providing beautiful and wild natural scenery the winter temperature of this province is still relatively mild not too harsh in summer the highest temperature is around 36° however thanks to the large river and Lake systems as well as vast national parks the weather remains cool and comfortable local Canadians often

Recruit and accept volunteers to help with daily tasks and responsibilities in exchange for a free and adventurous life in Northern Canada when you come here you’ll help locals for 12 hours a week and in return enjoy free meals and experience all the exciting Sports and exploration activities in the wilderness number 10

Colombia Colombia nestled in the northwest corner of South America boasts a rich history and pristine Natural Beauty with hills and mountains sprawling across the country this place continues to attract tourists from all over the world in recent years emerging as a popular destination for those seeking work exchange

Opportunities you you can find several work exchange opportunities in Colombia such as volunteering in the town of Maria labasa and planting trees participating in the water conservation process in forested areas in return for the work you do you’ll have free accommodation and a kitchen available

For you to cook your meals Maria town is perfect for travelers seeking Solitude and isolation in a foreign country Additionally you can also teach English to local children a job that will start from 4 to 5 hours from Monday to Friday in exchange for a accomodation and internet access provided for free

Moreover on your days off you may not spend too much money exploring the surrounding area according to tourist statistics Travelers can live on $30 a day or at most 50 USDA day number nine Portugal Portugal has long been renowned as an ideal destination for a relaxing vacation and in recent years its Allure

Has expanded to include work exchange programs that help Travelers live for free when visiting the the country for travelers seeking peace and Tranquility without worrying about finances you can volunteer at Ponte Pedro’s Country House volunteers participating here will be provided with shared hostile accommodation and meals Additionally you

Can apply for various agricultural jobs such as participating in a sustainable project at the teachers training center in the city of AOS Dean here you’ll work 25 hours a week to help with gardening construction and Animal Care in return for which you’ll receive three meals a day a private room

Free laundry and free guided tours around the town especially you’ll have two days off each week to explore the surrounding environment or relax and unwind number eight Ecuador in January 2024 the Sunday Times named Ecuador the friendliest destination in South America after Bolivia it caters to budget

Conscious Travelers and if you want to make it even cheaper you can find volunteer opportunities here for example you can volunteer to exchange for a free shared hostile bed which may require about 25 hours a week working on a fish farming project to help raise bees here additionally you’ll be provided with

Free tickets to attend some of the best events in town and you’ll have a bike to explore the country at your leisure on days off you can also help plant trees in the Striking town of pinus in exchange for shared hostile accommodation free events bicycle used to explore the beautiful scenery around

And free dance lessons number seven Peru you can also choose to help in a hostel in Peru become a bartender in a party hostel in Lima you’ll work in the bar for 30 hours a week and get 2 days off in return you can live in Peru for free sleep in the

Staff dmetry enjoy free breakfast and lunch while enjoying parties and mingling with other volunteers staff and tourists passing through the hostel moreover if you know Spanish you can participate in Spanish teaching programs here the benefits are that you receive breakfast and lunch along with free internet and a private bedroom Spanish

Classes only last for 1 hour of study from Monday to Friday there are also English teaching programs for local children in this country providing you with opportunities for free living number six Belgium anybody wants to go to European countries for free comment below and let me know the opportunity to go to Belgium

For free is right in front of you this aquaculture project in helli Belgium is an exciting place to volunteer and live for free local residents operate a sustainable Aquaculture farm with various produce and animals and they require volunteers to help maintain it you only need to commit to 20 hours per

Week and in return y will enjoy complimentary meals and Gatherings with fellow volunteers and residents number five Denmark Denmark a vibrant country located in northern Europe showcases a unique blend of bustling cities and exciting rural areas making it an ideal destination for individuals looking to participate in work exchange programs if

You browse through volunteer opportunities you will find a diverse range of tasks for example you can work at a youth support center in a small town just 40 km from Copenhagen here you’ll be involved in cooking cleaning repairs and gardening in exchange for a private double room

And full board if you’re seeking a summer getaway you can volunteer at the trinit Care Center’s ecological farm from March to September volunteers May assist with housekeeping and Animal Care in exchange for a private room and all meals provided number four Italy Italy is another country with a combination of stunning Landscapes

Beautiful beaches and ancient Villages making it a diverse destination for tourism if you browse through World Packers you’ll find volunteer opportunities all over the country for example if you want to work while enjoying peace and Tranquility you can work for 4 hours a day at an Eco Village in the province of

Penza here your clean bedrooms and bathrooms support volunteer work in projects in the local community and help plant and care for trees in return you’ll get a shared hostel three meals a day and free yoga classes during the day additionally you’ll have a bike available to explore and enjoy the

Beautiful Village in your spare time on your days off if you want to learn a new skill while visiting the country you can go to Gabby Italy to work with a farmer family here you’ll work outdoors in the vineyard and learn how to produce uce high standard wine in

Return you’ll receive three meals a day in a shared hostel do these opportunities sound appealing to you if anyone is interested in visiting Italy please comment below number three Vietnam Vietnam is a relatively inexpensive country to travel to but to save even more money Travelers can participate in volunteer programs on

World Packers you’ll find a variety of work exchange opportuni in construction and gardening cooking cleaning Animal Care housekeeping and reception most of which offer private rooms or shared hosts and full board typically you’ll need to work a minimum of 20 hours firstly you could try volunteering to grow clean vegetables in dallet city

You’ll assist in planting vegetables for up to 32 hours a week but will receive accommodation in a tent free laundry beer and meals a lighter job you could try is teaching English for 5 hours a day at a center in the capital city of Hanoi volunteers will teach English at

Kindergartens Community classes in urban areas and schools in return you’ll receive a bed and two free meals a day number two Sri Lanka Sri Lanka an island nation in the Indian Ocean boasts Long sandy beaches clear waters warm weather and beautiful pristine forests it’s enticing Cuisine UNESCO recognized

Historical sites and Resorts have made it a tourist attraction in South Asia Sri Lanka was one once named one of lonely planet’s top destinations in 2019 the teardrop shaped island is often regarded as a tourist Paradise you can visit this island for free and learn while helping people in Sri Lanka

There’s a volunteering opportunity on a coconut Farm here and in addition you’ll learn about aquaculture and Agriculture and agriculture in Sri Lanka in return you’ll need to spend 25 hours a week doing farm work and gardening the benefits are that you can enjoy a free holiday in a shared hostel with free

Meals it’s a great way to immerse yourself in Shri Lanka’s agricultural culture live with locals and reconnect with nature number one United States the United States offers many diverse travel options across its vast and Scenic landscape from bustling cities to Fantastic national parks however the United States is quite

An expensive travel destination due to transportation and accommodation costs and tourist attractions often come with high prices another way way to live for free in this country is through the work exchange program on worldpackers where you’ll find countless work exchange opportunities from working 30 hours on a

Horse farm in ravali County Montana in exchange for a private room and three meals a day Additionally you can work on a sustainable housing construction project in Hawaii County in exchange for a shared hostel and full board moreover you can also help renovate Landscapes and buildings at an Airbnb business in

Big Bear City California in exchange for a shared hostel and three meals a day volunteers are are also provided with amenities like gym access free laundry and bicycle use so we’ve explored 19 countries where you can live for free if you intend to volunteer in any country

You can visit World Packers to make your choice what do you think about the countries I shared above or do you have any ideas about volunteering in any of these countries to live for free remember to comment below thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like

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