“Must-Try Foods in Venice, Italy: A Gourmet Tour of Venice’s Culinary Delights” – Video

“Must-Try Foods in Venice, Italy: A Gourmet Tour of Venice’s Culinary Delights” – Video

Venice, Italy is known for its delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. In this video, we take you on a food tour of the top spots to eat in Venice. First, we visit D Moros to try some delicious takeaway pasta, which is a local favorite and a must-try when visiting Venice.

Next, we head across the Grand Canal to try some authentic Italian pizza at Pizza Al Volo, which is known for its over 50 varieties of fresh homemade Italian pizza. We indulge in a slice with eggplant, zucchini, tomato, and mozzarella cheese, all served on a thin crust. This filling and affordable pizza leaves us extremely satisfied.

We then find ourselves along the canals to partake in a centuries-old Venetian tradition – having cheti. These are small dishes served on toast, with various toppings such as cheese, pistachios, figs, and more. We also try the classic Venetian codfish cheti, and wash it all down with a small glass of wine known as ombre.

Throughout our food tour, we share our experiences and thoughts on each dish, giving you a real taste of the incredible food Venice has to offer. So if you’re planning a visit to Venice and are looking for the top foods to try, be sure to watch our video for some delicious inspiration. Buon Appetito!

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M oh my gosh that’s Good if you’re looking to try some amazing Italian food Venice has you covered today we’re walking you through the top spots that we ate when we visited Venice and boy are they delicious to start our food tour we’re grabbing some takeaway pasta from one of venice’s top pasta spots D Moros we just got some takeaway pasta from down Mor this was a place that we were told we have to try whenever we’re in Venice it was pretty inexpensive and they actually give you a whole lot of pasta so we went with sort of the classic tomato sauce and spaghetti pasta

And then we also have some really creamy looking pesto here and the only tricky thing with this pasta is they don’t really have a place to sit and in Venice you’re not really supposed to sit in public squares or on steps or anything so we traveled all the way back through

St Mark’s Plaza and we found a bench on the Grand Canal here I think we’re good here but we’ll see if anybody shoes us way this plasta is looking absolutely amazing so I’m going to go in for my first bite here one thing I’m noticing is the noodles look extremely thick not

At all like the spaghetti you would get out of a box oh my gosh that is actually incredible for takeaway pasta the tomato sauce itself tastes extremely fresh has a decent amount of acidity to it which is really great and it’s extremely well seasoned m wow that’s so good excited to

Try the other one okay next one we have here is the pesto this one looks different than any other pesto pasta I’ve had it looks really creamy and the noodles even kind of look like ribbon noodles and it also looked like they garnished it with pine nuts on top so

Really interested to try this I’m not really sure what it’s going to taste like m m oh my gosh that’s good it tastes like traditional pesto but so so creamy and and I think the noodle shape really helps with that it kind of coats the noodles perfectly wow wow that’s that’s

Really good m a pretty amazing view to eat these up they gave us a whole lot of pasta so let’s see uh what damage we can do I think this is the hottest I’ve been eating pasta I think the pasta got hotter on the way over Here the next step on our food tour is taking us across the Grand Canal to try some authentic Italian pizza we track down a highly rated at pizza spot serving up over 5050 varieties of fresh homemade Italian pizza pizza alolo someone order a pizza oh my gosh

So we just picked up a pizza from pizza aola and this is absolutely huge and it wasn’t even that expensive so this was €1 15 for this huge pizza and you could get it by the slice for I think €250 so a pretty good deal that might be the

Most affordable piece of pizza we’ve seen in Venice so far and this looks absolutely amazing there have been other places in Venice that sell pizza by the slice that didn’t look as appetizing but this place came with the glowing reviews and I’m really excited to try this so we

Got a pizza with eggplant zucchini tomato and I think just mozzarella cheese on there this is our sorry attempt to have a little bit of vegetables since we’ve been having a lot of Pizza and Pasta in Italy so I think I’m going to go in for my uh First Slice

Here it looks absolutely amazing so pretty thin crust I’m seeing wow that crust is extremely thin which normally I’m not the hugest fan of but there’s so much cheese it’s almost like fighting into tanaki and I love how the eggplant zucchin cook through it that is a really

Good slice of pizza for a very affordable price we are really hungry and really happy right now I don’t think I’ve seen Michael as happy as whenever he walked out of the pizza shop and realized our pizza was going to be this big so we’re really excited to eat

This and I’m sure Michael’s dying to dive in so I’m going to let him eat too next on our food tour we found an incredible spot along the canals to partake in a centuries old Venetian tradition having chetti we found ourself a wonderful spot along the canal to have another Venetian

Delicacy these are called chetes and they’re small dishes served on what seems to be toast and there’s different things that are on top of them so we’ve seen a lot of restaurants around Venice selling these but I think these are some of the prettiest ones we’ve seen so what

We’ve got here is a couple ones that have different kinds of cheeses on top with a couple different assortments so this one’s got pistachio on there this one I think is Brie with the cream and a fig on top and it looks like this one’s got Walnut and some melted cheese and

Honey on there as well so those are the sweet ones we also got codfish which we’re told is a classic photian take on this dish and then this one I just couldn’t pass up it’s slamy top with the cutest little pickle I’ve ever seen in

My entire life so we are so excited to try these all in all this place was pretty darn affordable and it had unbelievably good reviews and I clearly see why the bartender is probably the friendliest person I’ve ever met in my entire life big smile ear to ear so all

In all so far it’s been a great experience I can’t wait to dive into some of these I’m going to start with the codfish one cuz I know Courtney probably doesn’t want to eat this one herself so I’m going to bite the bullet and hopefully enjoy this wow that’s surprisingly good it’s

Definitely got a very creamy pasty texture but it’s not like you’d expect like a dairy dish where it’s like really heavy cream it’s very salty it’s simple but really delicious and the bread on there is really nice it’s not too crunchy where you’d expect to really

Chip your tooth on something soft on top and hard on the bottom it’s very very cohesive that’s a really delightful bite I really enjoy this and to wash it down we got some drinks here these are called ombres it’s basically a small glass of wine the story of how this started was I

Guess people would drink small glasses of wine under the shade of the clock tower in St Mark’s Cathedral and even after the clock tower fell down they still wanted to drink smoke glasses of wine in the shade that’s the name ombre so we got two of these here again very

Affordable and for you know the view you’re getting absolutely incredible right so obviously we have a variety of different flavors here so I’m going to go in and have a bite of my own I think I’m going to go for this honey pistachio one I haven’t really seen a combination

Of flavors like this so excited to to dive in here each of these chetes was € each which is super affordable here and it’s nice to be able to try a variety of different dishes M wow I was think I was going to get a lot of honey in that bite but the

Cheese really came out which was surprising I think it might be blue cheese which I wasn’t really expecting that is really good it is a very very powerful bite so it’s kind of fun we have a bunch of different flavors to jump around with M so interesting with the blue

Cheese and honey it’s really good this place has a lot of good vegetarian options for chetti I think chetti is typically neat and seafood based but we found this place has a lot of good cool vegetarian options with cheese I do think it’s going to be pretty hard to

Find a vegan take on these but if they’re somewhere in the city let us know all right this little Pickle’s got my name on it so I’m going in it’s a little sweet pickle on top definitely not a very Dill heavy pickle very nice I’ll save the other half for

Courtney and then we’ll go for the salamy here incredibly fresh slamy way better than the bag stuff you find in the grocery store all all good salamy and bread can’t complain about this one and I think this one might be the prettiest one I’ve seen it’s it looks to be a

Walnut on top melted cheese is just pouring out of there nice garnish on top with some greens and it looks absolutely delicious so I’m going to dive in here I have no idea what cheese this Is that might be one of my favorite bites I’ve had in Venice and maybe even Italy overall it is a melted blue cheese on there and I think there’s even a cream on top there’s a little sweetness to it that’s unbelievable I got to give the other half to Courtney this is

Amazing all right one more bite to try here we’re pretty sure this is Brie with sundried tomatoes pine nuts and some sort of cream on there I think we’re going to figure out what that is but going to go in M incredibly fresh Bree it’s about

All I got in that bite so I’m going to go in for another M oh my gosh yeah I don’t know what that sauces it looks very similar to the sauce that Michael just had on his but that is absolutely incredible it’s almost like a cheesy sauce on GRE

Cheese plus you get the kick of acidity from the Tomato on beautiful Italian bread that is amazing it’s also kind of funny because we’ve been trying to get chetti the past couple days we’ve been in Venice and every place has been closed down because it’s August and

Places are closing for the holiday we’ve looked at a lot of places with good reviews tried to go there it’s been close and I think it was just pure Serendipity that this place was open because we’re so glad we ended up here this is just spectacular we’ve done Food

Tours all over Italy and I think of all the spots we went to if you go to any of on the list you have to come to this one whether it’s the people the price and the taste it is out of this world and the view you get on top of it

Unbelievable next given Venice is just 30 minutes away from the birthplace of tiasu we knew we needed to track down the best in the city our research took us to Trey moranti the highest rated tiramasu shop in venice here they take the craft of tiasu so seriously that

They make it fresh every single hour sweer In Trey meran we’re told this is the best terasu in Venice what’s kind of cool is you can actually see them making it in the window outside and the layers are pretty prominent whenever you look at this so this was

$450 a little pricier than other tus we’ve had but I think it’s going to be worth it there’s a healthy dusting of cocoa powder on top it looks like a huge coughing risk so I’m going to be careful here as I go in going to see how many

Layers I can get diving in here feel like a lot of times tasus kind of all mellow together once you make them but here the layers are definitely still really prominent so excited to try a bite I knew it was going to make me cough

M oh my gosh the cream in there is actually pretty solid and it really meshes so well together with the the lady fingers in there going to go in again and try to get uh less cocoa powder this time it’s so light and Airy too that is absolutely incredible I feel like

Michael Scott from the office eating terisu got to be careful DAV I’m sorry I’m sorry I made e t me soup look how thick that cocoa powder is it’s so good they also sell pistachio and I think like a specal loo cookie butter flavor if you’re interested in

That but we just went with the traditional and man are we happy with our toys it’s really good only one might in cocon powder on the nose the next stop on our Venetian food tour took us to the Rialto Market the Lively marketplace near venice’s famed Rialto Bridge we’ll cover the Rialto

Bridge as well as all the other best sites and prettiest spots and our upcoming top things to do in Venice video so be sure you subscribe so you don’t miss that our bellies helped us track down a highly rated sandwich shop we heard that we needed to try what in Venice so we just stopped for a bite to eat at lunch we went to a place called labaro deeri it’s just a couple steps away from the Rialto Bridge the people in there were very very friendly and it comes with really high reviews so we’re pretty excited to dive in here so what

We got is actually just one sandwich split in two it was €1 and it has a Salam y peino cream on it and also Arch choke sauce so it’s a lot of food for one sandwich and we’re uh pretty excited to try it here here we go oh

Man he’s giving me the eyes all right going in wow wow all of the sauces on that are absolutely amazing I think what’s coming through the most is the peino cream like the name kind of says it’s kind of just peppery and creamy and it just oozes out

Of the salami and we actually saw them cut the salami right in front of us so it’s pretty much as fresh as you can get and this is absolutely amazing the bread is also pretty thin it’s kind of just a light fluffy garnish on top of the real star of the show

Which is the meat here really really good and really quick we wanted to take a minute to shamelessly plug our own packing Cube company if you don’t know these are the packing cubes that we sell on Amazon they have the days of the week on them and I designed each of these

Individually from scratch these are perfect for weekl long trips and as you can see we have two sizes the small and the large we’ll have these link down below and thank you all who choose to support us and no trip to Italy is complete without sampling some gelato to

Beat the summer heat we opted to try a new flavor from a top gelato spot in Venice Gro the next stop on our food tour is a classic Italian dessert and that’s gelato we picked this up from our favorite gelateria and that’s Grom we’ve actually had Grom in a couple cities had it in Rome Florence and now we’re having it in Venice so we know it’s good but

We’ve never had these flavors before so we got I think what is their most famous flavor crma deg gram actually don’t know what is in it but it looks incredibly creamy and we also got our second flavor is like a vanilla chocolate chip so we’re hoping they pair pretty well

Together it’s a hot day and it’s melting quick so I’m going to dive in it is so incredibly creamy I think it’s one of the creamiest ice creams I’ve ever had and it’s got a really nice sweetness to it I feel like sometimes ice cream is overly sweet and this is

Right in that thr brush hole of be in that perfect sweet spot if you will so as I’m tasting this I’m thinking the cream of De gr actually has corn biscuits in it you kind of get that grittiness to it almost like you get from cornbread the texture is actually

Really really good our biggest tip for Venice is when you’re grumpy go to gr and since we clearly enjoyed our sandwich so much earlier in this video we ended up returning for a different kind of sandwich from the same shop another day her Trip we went back to the same sandwich shop and we picked up a new sandwich that we’re so excited to try we found it’s kind of hard to get vegetables here so we got a vegetarian sandwich it looks like there’s pesto on here looks like mozzarella tomatoes and they call them

Rocket leaves but I think that’s just code name for arugula and this looks really good I think there’s actual even corn on there too so we are so excited to dive into this I can’t think of a better view to eat a sandwich on than right here on the Grand Canal so I’m

Going to go for my first bite here M wow it is such a bright and fresh sandwich the p pesto on there really steals the show and it has such a powerful pesto punch to it and then the creaminess from the cheese makes it a delicious sandwich I feel like a lot of

The sandwiches we’ve had the bread’s really powerful and this is really thin bread so it doesn’t really overpower the ingredients of the sandwich I would definitely recommend this if you’re trying to get some vegetables while you’re in Venice and after a day of adventuring through Venice we set out to

Find a hidden Banky painting located along the canal after we found it we had to celebrate with some gelato for this we found a budget friendly spot Polo Nor so we grabbed our yourself a small gelato cone this is actually a pretty good value for here in Venice this is €2 for a small cone and they actually give you a pretty good Heap so we just got uh the coffee flavor which if you’ve seen

Our other Italy Food Tours we’ve been getting the coffee flavor at pretty much every place but that’s just because it’s our favorite and it’s so refreshing on a nice hot summer night out here M wow that is extremely creamy we’ve been seeing a lot of different opinions

On the best way to get gelato I know a lot of people are passionate about that you have to get it out of the tins and you can’t have it stacked up too high I’m not really sure what the science is exactly this place looked like it was stacked a little bit

High but it’s still really good I can’t really tell a difference that’s good so that ends our food tour be sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed this video And subscribe to see our Food Tours and Travel videos from all around the world thanks and we’ll see you in

The next one Bye

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