My Biceps Are Bigger Than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s | HOOKED ON THE LOOK – Video

My Biceps Are Bigger Than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s | HOOKED ON THE LOOK – Video

Jackie Korrn, also known as the “She Hulk” from Schagen, The Netherlands, is making waves online with her massive 25-inch biceps that could compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Taking her fitness journey seriously, Jackie spends two to three hours a day in the gym, lifting heavy weights and building her muscles. Her dedication to fitness has led to a viral phenomenon, as she aspires to be on the WWE stage one day. Working on her wrestling skills, Jackie has garnered job opportunities and has even made appearances in wrestling shows. She hopes to take it to the next level and join the WWE, where she believes she could be the next “She-Hulk”. Follow Jackie and her journey to WWE on her Instagram. If you’re interested in more captivating real-life stories and unique individuals, be sure to follow Truly on social media and stay tuned for more jaw-dropping content. Whether it’s inspiring stories of people born different or exploring unusual styles and subcultures, Truly has it all. Don’t forget to subscribe for more content and witness the extraordinary.

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People know me as the shoke from the Netherlands the shoke is big but I’m not green I’m big she is the woman with the largest arms in the Netherlands maybe even the largest arms in the world and keep building building building people they say it’s only fed but they can

Touch it and then they say oh it’s hard my biceps are 64 CM if you see a group of people walking through a city center everybody’s like who is this who is Jackie literally we had children scared of you just like this okay okay okay well welcome to live cooking with Jackie

Sh I wash my chicken then we cook it we cook it with some oil hi my name is Jackie people know me as the shoke from the Netherlands the shoke is big but I’m not green I’m big 10 years of kickboxing it stops when the co begins

Since 2020 and then I um got to Amsterdam to the pro wrestling Academia so with spinach and chicken and eggs lovely started Fitness about 3 years ago and I’m always used to train 2 three hours at a day with a lot of weights I started there and keep

Building building building I spent a lot of money on food every month it’s like 500 I cook 450 G at a portion chicken well I’m losing weight at the moment I’m eating eight eggs at a day finish some rice some chicken nothing special it’s pretty sad clean healthy food nothing

More it’s good for Gams just like papy in 3 years time I uh became came world news because I’m big curvy muscle and now bigger biceps than Arie sorry Arie I could pull up 200 kilo this is just 30 total 40 not not much but it’s um only to get

Some warming up but when we are in the gym let get loose ladies and gentlemen tonight we have a special attraction for each and every one of you she is the woman with the largest arms in the Netherlands maybe even the largest arms in the world she is the psycho

Froma our national She-Hulk world famous on the internet and Beyond ladies and gentlemen here she is She Hulk Jackie my name is am spah I’ve been uh a pro wrestler for around 12 years in the last year I started a new wrestling promotion in the Netherlands we saw Jackie and we were

Like yeah we have to do something with her I just need to have you show up Flex the biceps body slam some other girls maybe body slam a guy you know I want some I want maybe two or three Jackie is like if if you see a group of people

Walking through a city center and Jackie is among them everybody’s like who is this who is Jackie like I’m scared of that woman yeah oh big woman very very nice lady very uh sweet very sweet but literally we had children scared of you even though you you have like Powerpuff

Girl tattoos which is to make it good which is which is really good the challenge of being a woman in this industry like Fitness or or wrestling or kickboxing people can yeah give me comments or reactions or that kind of stuff but I must do it so not them so I

Must look at myself and not to other people but I call it internet Heroes because they always complaining but they never stand in the gym never or face me at a ring or something so I ignore them but yeah I don’t care I don’t care I must do it not

Them this is actually good cuz let’s do a lock up but not move our feet too much because in the ring it’s basically a step and this right and we and always show your face to the people cuz now I can be like like I’m really so for

Example if we lock up H H and from here you want to pick me on your shoulders what would you do like this yeah you can just like this okay okay okay okay okay okay so throw this arm away yeah there yes exactly then after you throw it out

Make it big grab this arm here turn it around oh like this oh sorry yeah yeah it’s okay just I’m not hurting you I’m not hurting you but I can make it look like it hurts like this right right okay so lock up well for you if you want to

Improve you just need more experience and we need to be feel safe to have you in the ring with somebody else uh not just for the other person for you as well the matches are performances wrestling is performance we make it big punches like nobody has ever done a punch like this

In real life like uh yes make it big yeah you like hit me just like exactly here we have here here we have a little bobble head looks like a Funko Pop of She-Hulk and you’re also a version of a She-Hulk right you’re the real life pro wrestling version this is

Marketable cuz it’s a strong woman yeah and and who with traditionally masculine features but we live in times now where it’s really cool if a woman is strong if a woman is independent if she can hold herself in a fight basically yeah um we have other women who do wrestling but

For you love you’re the way you look is on a different level most of the people they say it’s only fed but they can touch it and then there say oh it’s hard yeah of course it’s hard I train yeah I do a lot of Weights of course and I’m a

A pretty big woman so it’s double everything is Double I don’t care what people say about me because um well I must do it and not you so I don’t give about your reaction comments I want to go to WWE to get Nia Jax I’m also a big woman she’s also a big so WWE call me

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WITH BICEPS that could compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger, this Dutch bodybuilder has proudly proclaimed herself as the real-life “She-Hulk”. Jackie Korrn, from Schagen, The Netherlands, has dedicated her life to fitness and aspires to be on the WWE stage one day. “I train two to three hours a day, with a lot of weights,” Jackie said. “I started there and keep building, building, building.” After she went viral online after showing off her 25-inch “curvy girl muscles”, Jackie has received a flurry of job opportunities including participating in wrestling shows – and she hopes to take it to the next level one day. “They had Hulk Hogan, now they are going to have “She Hulk”!” Jackie added. “So, WWE, call me!”

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