Our Unexpected First Time in Morocco 🇲🇦 – Video

Our Unexpected First Time in Morocco 🇲🇦 – Video

Hello, everyone! If you’ve ever wanted to visit Morocco, then you need to watch our latest video where we explore Marrakesh for the first time! We take you on a journey through the bustling streets of the Medina, the lively marketplace, and the charming courtyards of our Riad in the old town.

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In our video, we visit the main square, Jemma El Fna, and explore the indoor souk, where we discover the vibrant local culture and immerse ourselves in the unique atmosphere of Marrakesh. We also give you a tour of the Riad Alamin where we stayed, and share our experiences with local food, traditional bread, and refreshing fruit juices.

Additionally, we provide you with useful links to book tours in Morocco, get copyright-free music, and discounts on our travel gear, ensuring you have everything you need for your own Moroccan adventure.

So if you’re ready for an exciting journey to Morocco, watch our video to see what we didn’t expect on our first visit to this beautiful country. And don’t forget to check out our website for more discount links and useful travel information.

We hope you enjoy our First Time in Morocco video and are inspired to plan your own Moroccan adventure! Thank you for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more travel videos. Safe travels!

Watch the video by Jumping Places

Good morning everyone here from Marakesh in Morocco this is going to be our first time in Morocco never been here before and we actually arrived here at 2: a.m. this morning so we didn’t really see any of the place we’re on the rooftop of the Riad that we’re staying in called Riad

Alamin Riad I think uh like kind of houses or palaces that have like a courtyard in the middle we’re staying on the bottom floor we get some pretty cool views here of the Medina we’re in the old town we always like staying in the the historical places and yeah just

Everything looks beautiful here some nice hangout spots so since we arrived at 2: a.m. we got up pretty late at like 12:00 so we thought we miss the breakfast that’s included but they still have it here for us so we got some traditional bread I guess looks like

There’s some sort of seeds in there some yogurt juice lots of different spreads So I’ll give you the quick room tour as usual it’s really nice on the inside kind of a similar decoration to what we showed outside so yeah you have like the nice painting the beautiful rugs and there’s no door on the toilet you just have this like

Big curtain to close it off yeah but not a bad place at all I like the doorway too it’s like a big doorway and then you have these two little ones and this is the Courtyard area cat’s knocked out yeah so just like above just some

Cool areas where you can hang out really nice style so now we’re going to explore the Medina area so as I mentioned before we arrived here at 2:00 a.m. in the morning and somehow we found the place that we were staying the address on Google Maps is completely

Wrong it wasn’t too bed and since we arrived at 2: a.m. there was pretty much nobody in the streets at all but it was all liten up so we could walk around quite easy but yeah we’re like in the the back alleys so it’s really nice cuz

We’re near the central areas but it’s very quiet in the part that we are in these back alleys and this is where the Lively part begins so all this was closed off yesterday all shut that’s funny Carol you weren’t even imagine that it would look like this

From what we saw in the morning whoops beep beep more beeping yeah so it’s kind of funny that just a one minute walk from our place you get this straight away more beefing so I think first we’re going to enter the the souk area which I guess is

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Entire household click on the link in the video description which has a discount code jumping places to get 3 months for free and that also includes a 30-day money back guaranteed and we were actually wondering what to expect here in the Medina cuz when you see online a

Lot of people don’t really like it cuz they say you get in approached all the time people hassling you so far I nobody he’s talking to or so but I don’t know if that’s cuz I have the the camera out I know in Egypt when I film with the

Camera nobody would approach us and then when I turn it off people would be yeah talking to us all the time trying to sell stuff that’s the the way that’s the way to not get hassled yeah maybe pretend you’re filming yeah really cool souit CL pretty laidback W check out the golden lanterns

Lamps the beautiful plates too now let’s go down this way little Alleyway yeah the guy at our hotel said it’s very easy to get lost in these suits down the little Pathways [Applause] So we left that indoor sou back there now we’re outside we’re going to head to the main Square we need to actually get money we don’t have any money do we yeah I don’t have I I actually wanted to buy a scarf for something like that but we

Don’t have money so first we go to the ATM and then maybe later on I can find a beautiful scarf for me like a head scarf or something yeah yeah we also need to get a SIM card too Carol usually always gets the local SIM card I have like a

T-Mobile international plan since the days when I lived in uh Houston I still had the same plan pretty good it’s just like 2G speeds though not very fast so and Carol gets the local ones it’s usually a lot easier to search things when we’re out and about exploring so

This square is called Gemma Elana don’t know if I pronounced that correctly hello looks like fruit juice places they’re very popular here you can see them all over the place big Square apparently this place comes more to life at night so we’ll be filming it at night as well people bring

Food stalls can already hear the snake Charming music yeah but we don’t want to get too close to them cuz apparently if you take pictures or film they’re going to asky money and like a lot of money I Think I like the sound of that though what is that though is it like a a flute I don’t know I think they have a proper name for it but I don’t know how it’s called yeah and the bank that we want to go to is right there apparently it

Doesn’t charge you any fees it sounds morea chaotic than it is yeah just a mess of many different people doing the same sound so it’s a bit confusing to understand Yeah So that ended up being more of a mission than we expected just to get the money out the bank that doesn’t charge none of the ATMs had money so it went to like four of their ATMs and yeah they were all out of money it seemed but we went

To another bank I’ll I’ll show the name of it I don’t know how you pronounce it and we were able to get how much uh 7,000 D and uh the the rate the fee was 35 di which yeah it’s not ideal because we knew that there was an option with no

Fee but it’s still lot not a lot yeah yeah so that’s fine yeah I’m definitely surprised by how chilled it’s been with the vendors so far though like from videos that I saw on Vlogs I just thought it was super hectic and people would just be hassling us the whole

Time I don’t think a single person’s approached us yet in the street we’ve been a like 2 hours in the main tourist areas nobody’s bothered us at all and around the square you have many cool options of places to eat and drink we actually want to try some of the famous Moroccan

Tea I don’t know if we’re going to go to one of the restaurants with the views or we’ll just try it in the Square be cheaper in the Square Probably So we found a pretty cool spot here loving the the colors right near the end of the square so a bit less hectic here but a good uh people watching spot we were thinking of going to that one too another cool cafe but we chose this one

Here cool menu too I don’t know if that’s the name aquo and the famous mint tea is 18 Dam you going to go for the mint tea too yeah mhm so we’re not going to eat here since we had that really late breakfast but I might as well show

You some of the prices so the international dishes most expensive one salmon filet 220 uh Dam and the cheapest chicken suprem whatever that is 130 and then you have the cuscus which I think is a traditional Moroccan dish Royal cuscus 160 and a vegetarian couscous the

Cheapest one 80 Dam you get some chicken skewers 120 Dam Kebab 140 but yeah these will be more like uh tourist prices probably get it a lot cheaper in local places away from the tourist section so the tea has arrived I’m loving this it looks like a a Genie

Bottle yeah it’s very fancy yeah it is fancy really nice got the sugar cubes I’ll probably have it pure and with sugar so look at how much mint there is inside I I didn’t realize they put that much mint in there look at that all right cheers yeah the glass is kind of

Hot yeah definitely a strong mint taste not super strong though no it’s very good I love it and I think I don’t need sugar on it I like it without sugar yeah so it is a green tea that they mix with the mint I think that’s why it’s quite

Clear let’s get a a sugar in there yeah I think it’s even more delicious with the sugar very sweet though I mean those those sugar cubes are a lot of sugar probably too much you want to try it with the sugar yeah it makes it completely different taste it’s good but I think

I’ll I stick with the not sugar one because CU it’s healthier yeah that is too much sugar so I think we’re going to be drinking this tea every day Now so we’ve just walked out of the Medina area quickly very close to the entrance though we just came here to get the SIM card so the company we’re using is marok telecom I think it’s only going to work tomorrow for some reason yeah uh I think

It’s better if you buy the SIM card at the airport cuz apparently it’s for free and here we had to pay 20 for the SIM card plus uh 50 for the the package the package so it’s cheaper in the airport but when we arrived the the store was

Already close so we couldn’t buy it there yeah cuz we arrived like after midnight so it was closed so 70 Duram overall that’s for 7.5 GB and I think it works for 2 weeks and we’re going to be here for 3 weeks so after that I think

We have to buy another one mhm yeah I think so and right next to the Sim car store we have the famous mosque here that called CIA once again I don’t know if that’s how you pronounce it nice lateb park too right next to it so

This Moss was built in the 1100s seemed to be doing some reconstruction I think it got damaged in an earthquake I saw that online seems like there’s some sort of base of a building here I don’t know if these were pillars and the mosque was a lot bigger you can’t go inside it

Though just got to look at it from the outside and the Medina where we were before was only founded in the 11th century so just shortly before this was built and at that time I think pretty much everyone would have lived within the walls the city Walls [Applause] so we’re going to head back into the sus now see if we can find some sort of scarf for Carol now that we have some money are these already the scarves yeah but I I don’t want like heavy one that one says4 already the price can’t

Get scammed if they’ve already rid the price yeah we have no idea how much things should be but probably don’t want to spend more than on a scarf so we’ll shoot for5 Max I guess especially since the sign back there already said 4 this might actually be

The biggest Medina that we’ve ever been to though I mean we had like a little Middle Eastern trip two years ago went to a bunch of countries I don’t remember being in one this big definitely quite a lot busier this one than the one in the

Morning seems to be more food places too food and drink smells so good yeah it really smells great don’t know what that is so I didn’t mention but the people here mainly speak Arabic and uh French since they were colonized by the French and the Arabs also conquered here many

Many years ago but some people do speak a bit of English as well not everyone though nuts no very good coffee inside or no with coffee good okay good name so how much is like each one is different price four G one kilo in 150

For 1 kilo 1 kilo 150 1 Kil too much okay M okay but this is uh Chris oh chis ronaldoo no nuts no no nuts no no it’s good number one okay it’s okay it’s okay and put chocolate it’s good okay okay Finish it’s okay okay so we just bought

A a very big box of candies or sweets a lot I think around $10 overall mhm yeah I don’t know if we’re going to eat everything cuz it’s too much and we don’t have much time here but a lot of sugar yeah a lot of sugar but the one

That I tried was really Tasty I like how you can just go down the little side streets kind of like the area that we were staying in before and everything just becomes completely empty and quiet somebody’s fed the cats there some of the food leftovers hey guys nice little local doorway here you see a lot of doorways

Like this all different designs and styles I think these are a bit lighter lighter so the guy said 70 but I asked if he could do 50 which would be5 like we said we wanted and yeah you going to go for it then yeah I think so is I

Don’t know which color this one or this one not sure maybe that brown one brown I don’t know they’re both nice Brown’s like almost what you’re wearing now yeah we get the brown one the brown one yeah okay yeah so this area that we’re in now actually seems a

Bit more local don’t really see any tourists around this part I like the traditional clothing that you see the locals wearing like this guy too some cool artwork here the Atlas Mountains yeah maybe it is the Atlas Mountains we should be seeing those closer up and now we’re just going to

Walk around the Medina with no objective really I read online that that’s one of the best things to do here just get lost in the Maze Look Around taking all the sites the interesting buildings never know what’s around the Corner H So it is the next morning now and we’ve come to one of the main sites to see in the old Medina called Bahia Palace a palace from the 1800s and it was 70 Dam per person to enter that’s if you’re a foreigner so a lot cheaper if you’re from Morocco says

That the First Foundation of bajia Palace was set in 1866 by well look at the size of that name Abu IMR bin Ahmed bin Mubarak Al Shari Al bukari that’s the biggest name ever and that guy was the Chamberlain Minister and Grand visier for or The Sultans cidi Muhammad

Ben I can’t say these names yeah some Sultans so this is the main reason that we wanted to come here to see the beautiful Moroccan architecture the courtyards I read that there’s around 150 to 160 rooms in the palace so yeah probably a lot to explore

I don’t know if you can go in all those places though I always love the Islamic style architecture though some of the the best we’ve ever seen in the World another extremely beautiful Courtyard here always have the fountains in the middle I also like how uh symmetrical everything is the patterns and Designs so I’m not entirely sure what the correct term is if you call it like North African middle eastn art architecture or Islamic art and

Architecture either way it’s the similar kind that you see in this region so this was the part that we see mainly in the pictures the marble Courtyard during the French Colonial period this was turned into the residence of one of the French generals So within the Medina there’s

Quite a few places that you can visit that you have to pay to visit to see the architecture like this old buildings there’s many that are a lot older than this even I think there’s some from like the 16th century but this is supposed to be one of the most impressive ones so

These ones it says to to touch them so you’re allowed to touch these ones this one’s carved and this one’s Wood So just outside the bajia palace is the Jewish quarter the old Jewish quarter slightly different to the other places that we’ve been to in the Medina seems to be more spices here so it smells great smells a lot nicer than the other places that we’ve been so Far pretty interesting designs on these buildings too buildings are slightly different there is a synagogue I think you can visit here if you want really really does smell great though So we come back to the main Square now JMA El and as I mentioned at the beginning of the video they set up all these stalls that are not here during the day mainly for food so you still have all the juice ones got a show going on here

Man it’s way busier yeah it’s like a different place everybody comes out at Night looks like we got some games too fishing what do you think they got to do put the ring around the the lid yeah and just get the the bottle somehow but it seems very difficult yeah this might be one of the live squares that I’ve ever

Seen at night oh look at all the steam coming off the the places the prayer going on too everything going on oh thank you but look skinny like Lamborghini oh thank you the different people trying to get us to eat I think we are going to eat

Around here though aren’t we yeah but I want to look at the food first and then make uh make a decision but they don’t let you do that if you if you look a little bit they just come to you and talk to you and don’t let you

Leave later okay pay me now no so so this has definitely been the most intense place in marash because of the amount of people that approach you trying to get you in the food Stars pretty funny though I think we’re going to try the taji whatever you you call it

Yeah I think you’re having the taji and I’ll have the couscous uh with the vegetables vegetarian one yeah yeah I think mine’s 50 Dam and what’s yours 40 40 yeah it’s not too bad the price once again they have the the bread got this di too I

Don’t know if this is included or if we have to pay they have it for everyone though oh God I’m glad I didn’t eat the whole thing because it’s so spicy like really spicy I guess that’s Pepper’s those bits the food is looking extra good mine was in like some sort of clay

Pot there was a lid he removed it I should have I should have filmed it almost looks like a bit of a stew or soup yeah I think it it is kind of that yeah then there’s Carol cuscus I was just searching if that’s a grain it says

That it’s technically more like a pasta it’s made out of flour we’ve eaten cuscus before though in other countries yeah yeah it’s not my first time but any know I like it already yeah mine is a bit uh plain I don’t know don’t know why but it’s not

My favorite CPO I’ve ever had but it’s good not much flavor not much flavor but mine might be a bit hot still no mine’s great mine has a lot of flavor oh good the meat anyway yeah they had many many different options for this dish they had like

Chicken and even shrimp and other stuff for the din so Carol was still a bit hungry so we ordered some more things we got some olives those were t derhams and a soup yeah so I love the soup uh it has some kind of be I see the like chickpeas

And Lantos but also pasta bit of pasta huh little bits of pasta yeah like spaghetti and a tomato we uh sauce it tastes is pretty much like tomato better than the cuscus I put the cuscus in my little pot here absorb the taste from the stew make

It tastier and we also got some mint tea again but this is just included so it’s free with the meal nice way to finish a Meal so we’re back at the hotel now just an update about the SIM card that we got yesterday it’s still not working so it’s been over 24 hours and it doesn’t work Carol followed all the rules that the guy gave it was mainly just to send like an activation code through a text

Message and there’s also a number that you can call to check your credit and it says that the credit’s there and that the card is active but it’s just not working so we’ll keep you updated on on that in the next video and overall we’ve really loved our time here in Marakesh

It definitely went a lot smoother than what we was expecting right yeah because uh to be honest I was kind of avoiding this trip we were thinking of maybe coming here uh last year but I think it was kind of avoiding it because of the stories that we usually listen about

Mahesh but it was a lot better than I expected and I’m happy because of that because uh when we went to Egypt and India we had a few like not so funny stories with a lot of hustlers and people trying to scam you all the time

And I think somebody told us that Mahesh was even worse than Egypt so we were like but we’re happy that that wasn’t the truth at least for us we had a good experience here uh we still had some encounters with uh people trying to scam

Us but we knew of the type of scams that they were trying to to to give us and we just uh said no and it was fine it was better than we expected yeah so the main common ones when you go in around in the Medina some people say like oh the road

Is closed ahead and then they’ll tell you that they’re going to show you the detour and then if you go on the detour with them then they last for a lot of money I mean I’ve seen videos where they ask for like 4050 even the owner here

Said that if you go with any of those guys that’s usually what they charge like 4050 and they might have just walk with you for like 5 minutes however the majority of the time the road isn’t closed so a guy said that to us and we

Continued on and it wasn’t closed at all and you also have quite a lot that ask if you’re lost and they’re going to do the same thing again if you say yes and you’re looking for something they’ll guide you there but then they’re going

To charge you a lot so yeah you just got to watch out for that probably about two or three times some people said those kind of things to us so that’s also the reason that it went smooth cuz we knew to not uh follow any of the people here

The owner of the hotel said that if you need any help for directions just go into the stores and and ask the shopkeeper cuz they’re not going to leave the store right they’ll just tell you the directions so yeah do that instead the only bad thing about that

Though is you end up kind of ignoring anybody that approaches you but I think in a touristy place like this that’s just what you got to do cuz yeah some of them are going to be scammers quite a few tourist places in the in the world it’s like that though unfortunately and

In the next video we’ll be planning on doing a day trip here from Marakesh to a beautiful waterfall that’s not too far from here so stay tuned for that if you like the video drop a like as usual to support us subscribe to see more videos like this follow us on Instagram and

Facebook and we’ll see you in the next One

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