“Samsung’s Rollable OLED Technology is Revolutionizing Automotive Design #shorts” – Video

“Samsung’s Rollable OLED Technology is Revolutionizing Automotive Design #shorts” – Video

Samsung Rollable OLED Is Changing Automotive Design #shorts

Samsung’s latest innovation in in-car display technology is set to change the game. The company’s new rollable OLED display is 30% thinner than their previous flexible displays, making it a game-changer for automotive design.

The thin, flexible nature of the display allows it to roll up into a compact package when not in use, similar in size to a chunky highlighter. This means that it can easily be stored out of the way, taking up minimal space in the car. Furthermore, the lightweight nature of the display has the potential to positively impact electric cars, where every gram saved contributes to improved efficiency and range.

While the rollable OLED display is still a concept at this stage, its potential implications for automotive design are significant. As electric cars continue to gain popularity, the need for lightweight and efficient components becomes increasingly important. Samsung’s rollable OLED display has the potential to play a key role in this, revolutionizing in-car display technology.

While the technology may not be available in the immediate future, it’s exciting to see the innovative strides being made in automotive design. Samsung’s rollable OLED display is a promising glimpse into the future of in-car technology, showcasing the potential for lighter, more efficient displays that can seamlessly integrate into the driving experience.

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Video Transcript

We’re here at C taking a look at Samsung’s newest incar display technology which makes use of its flexible OLED displays this guy right here is the newest generation it’s around 30% thinner than their previous flexible OLED displays and it rolls up into a package that’s around the size of

A chunky highlighter don’t let all of this fool you it’s mostly just to hold it up into place now the advantage of a thin flexible display is that it gets out of your way when you don’t need it and also that it’s lighter and that in a

World of electric cars means that every gam saves you a few extra kilowatt hours per mile which means more efficiency and more range now while OLED display technology is making its way into cars this is just a concept at this point so don’t expect to see something like this anytime soon

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