Searching for a Home in LA: What Can You Get for  Million in 2024? – Video

Searching for a Home in LA: What Can You Get for $1 Million in 2024? – Video

In the video “House Hunting In Los Angeles – What $1 Million Gets You in 2024,” the host takes viewers on a tour of three potential condos in West LA, all priced within the $1 million range. The host discusses her plan to purchase a property in the near future and to take advantage of potential tax benefits by living in the property for at least two years before selling. The main requirements for the property include good lighting, a walkable and central location, and a budget under $1.2 million.

The first condo presented in the video is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom penthouse unit in West Hollywood, listed for $870,000. The host highlights the unique features, such as high ceilings, a loft space, a grand living room, and a well-maintained balcony. Despite some dated elements in the kitchen and bathrooms, the property offers ample storage and a great potential for renovation.

Throughout the video, the host shares her thoughts and considerations for each property, emphasizing the need for a space that she will enjoy living in for the next two to five years. The second and third condos, presented by different listing agents, also meet some of the host’s criteria, offering unique features and potential for renovation.

Overall, the video provides insight into the current real estate market in Los Angeles, as well as the host’s personal journey in finding a suitable property within her budget and preferences. Whether viewers are looking to purchase a property in the same area or are simply curious about the housing market in Los Angeles, the video offers a comprehensive and informative look at what $1 million can get you in 2024.

Watch the video by Shelby Church

Today we are Going house hunting you guys have come on a few tours with me before to see what you can get for under a million dollar in LA but I’m seriously looking to buy now so we need to find a place I really want to buy within the

Next few months because I think when interest rates go down later this year like the Federal Reserve is saying prices are going to go up that’s my thesis I could be wrong but I’m pretty bullish on it my plan is to buy a place that I can fix up redo the kitchen

Bathrooms then within the next 2 to 5 years sell that house and do the same thing over again the reason being if you sell a house that you’ve lived in for at least two of The Last 5 Years you don’t pay capital gains taxes on the first $250,000 so say the home appreciates

$100,000 I wouldn’t pay tax on any of that so this is another reason I’m getting my real estate license I do plan on buying and selling more than the average person so I don’t want to pay 5% in fees every time I’m buying and selling so this is what I’m looking for

The prerequisites it needs to be a place that I actually like because I’m going to live in it for at least 2 years and maybe longer my budget is under a millionar 1.2 absolute Max I want to be in a walkable Central Area I’m looking

For a condo or a townhouse it needs to have good lighting so a corner unit and I know this is silly but the building needs to have a hot tub now that I have one in my building I can’t go back I’ve seen some two bed two bath Corner units

With a loft an added Loft space would be really cool if it has some outdoor space that would be cool I’m looking in the West LA area probably as far east I would go as West Hollywood and I don’t want to go into the valley so we found a

Few places that fall into these categories let’s go take a look so my real estate agent Jamie set up three different tours and if you are looking in LA right now I’ll have Jam’s info linked down below because she is an awesome agent so this first one is a

Condo in West Hollywood it’s two-bedroom two B and it is a Corner Penthouse unit for 870,000 walking in you really have a true entryway it’s a pretty long hallway into a very Grand living room like this have you seen a condo quite like this I’ve never seen a loft like this yeah so

Much natural light so this living room I loved how it had really high ceilings and I thought the Loft was pretty cool it’s really unique but it can’t fit a lot up there you definitely couldn’t use it as a bedroom but maybe an office or a reading Nook I like the fireplace

Yeah that would be so cozy oh these are cool these are like built-in couch seating with shelves underneath I probably wouldn’t keep these built-in couches cuz they’re not super comfortable but I think they look pretty cute as staging here so the first bedroom is right off of the living area

You go through this cool little Archway to get in I like it a lot it’s big I feel like so many condos the bedrooms are pretty tiny right so I’m like wow closet yeah a pretty big closet too really yeah that’s solid I like this a lot like this built-in

Shelving it’s cool that there’s really room for like a bed and a desk like my current bedroom it’s like so tiny yeah and this bedroom does have an onsuite bathroom so this is a very interesting bathtub yeah I found this bathroom to be kind of weird because it was long and

Narrow it had a shower on the right and then also a bathtub it’s a little bit dated too but I love that there’s a skylight so the lighting like so many condos there the lighting is just very artificial I would redo it but I could

Live with it for a little bit you know this bedroom had a lot of storage really this whole condo does which is always a plus wo this is huge wow there’s like three closets in this bedroom that’s crazy now let’s make our way over to the kitchen I like the

Wet bar I love that like having people over and like still kind of in the living space like oh do you want an appol Spritz just look at this this is like a little Fountain oh my gosh it’s like built into it so this kitchen is a

Sort of corner Galley Style Kitchen you got these unusual concrete countertops I would probably change that but that’s not super hard to do it’s definitely doable one thing I did love was the huge window in this kitchen it had really really good lighting and it just made it

Feel so nice in here gley kitchens aren’t usually my favorite but I actually did like this one cuz it felt pretty big right and then I think the washer and dryer right over here it’s always good to have that inside your unit definitely I like the kitchen I feel like I don’t

Normally like a layout like that but it it works cuz the lighting and then the second bedroom and bathroom have their own hallway area so it really feels like its own separated space I feel like they’re about the same size right but this one is probably more

Like the primary cuz that one is like off of the living room that’s true since the lighting isn’t as good I would I would probably use this this one better for sleeping yeah another little claw oh I was like little closes W waa come on I was not expecting that yeah it’s really

Big okay okay so the bathrooms are a little more dated but again not that bad but oh I’d love to redo that that’d be fun the layout is fine so it would be easy to remodel and then of course had to go check out the Loft and see how usable

This space really is it is wow the view is really really cool this would be like I’m not a reader but I feel like I would become one because this would be such a cool reading not it’s just like kind of cozy it’s hot up here it is hot up here

I actually think the loft is pretty cool aesthetically it’s just so unique judging by the other units it doesn’t seem like it was original it seems like an old owner put this in which kind of sketches me out but overall I think it it’s pretty cool and then down below the

Loft is this cute little balcony it is on a pretty busy street so there is a lot of noise realistically because it’s so loud I probably wouldn’t go out there a ton but this isn’t make or break for me I like that that it’s there and the view is nice there’s no buildings

Blocking the lighting at any point in the day just really cool view I also like that the common areas were really well-kept a lot of condos I were they are not so I took note of that and there was a pool area and two hot tubs for me

Though I just didn’t really love this location it’s a part of West Hollywood that is just so busy it’s fun to go to for an afternoon but I don’t know if I would want to live in this area or buy Here onto our next tour this is in a

More calm location in West LA I really like this location and this is a recently renovated property this one’s really cool cuz it’s a more of a townhouse right yes it’s a townhouse so it’s priced at 1245 so let’s check it out I like the red front door yeah it’s

Cool I really liked this place because it felt more like a house than a condo or townhouse is what it would be considered but you can see you’ve got got stairs you’ve got a little patio it just lives more like an actual home the lighting was really good this time of

Day which is very important to me I’m looking for a place that’s got good lighting I like the flooring is nice like it’s kind of a beachy feel you know and then stepping outside all of the units here actually have their own little semi-private patios this is a

Luxury for La you don’t always get outdoor space at this price point this is a really good amount of outdoor space like the last condo was a small little deck but this is like so ni like some string lights yeah you can make it very

Nice oh just like they did mhm here this lemon tree like great space check out the kitchen the kitchen is in its own room over here but it’s a good size it’s fully remodeled it’s not totally my style that I would do remodeling but I did like the layout and there are some

Shades over the windows because it looks out to a freeway so it’s nice that there’s windows on both sides right like I like that for lighting they’ve got some shades here cuz it is kind of by freeway but yeah it’s okay I like that you can bring them up from the bottom so

You can still let the light in yeah that’s smart that they did that so again I would go with a different style but I liked seeing what you could do with the space because there are a lot of fixer uppers in this community the main floor also has a little entryway coming off

The garage so you can put your stuff down as you walk in and a little powder room which is really a plus for having people over there’s also hookups for a washer and dryer in here and since this is actually a townhouse this had a own

Garage this is like one of the best parts I think it’s a attached two-car garage yeah which is super rare for a condo or townhouse so there’s enough space to park two cars and like a lot of storage space too this is like I could have a little home gym down here like

This is pretty great you don’t find this a lot I love that two parking spaces above and beyond so that’s pretty cool you don’t see this very often in LA and you get so much added storage with this it really is a plus so back inside

Heading up to the second level I love how there was a skylight up here so it feels super bright even in the landing area and the first thing up the stairs is the First full bathroom renovated a lot like the little Powder Room blue tiles fun I like vertical stack tile

It’s interesting they did horizontal and vertical across from the bathroom is the first bedroom it’s a decent size not as big as the condo but it had pretty good lighting this time of day looks out at the pool so nice little view over there so they have a linen closet here

This this bedroom is very spacious and still really good light great size good lighting yeah this is this is awesome there’s looks like there’s three different closets here and then I really like the size of this bathroom closet area it was just really big and it feels

Cohesive with the rest of the house I would have designed it differently aesthetically but I still think that they did a good job like it feels really modern and I like that all the bathrooms are the same finishes so the whole house feels really Co cohesive so I do like

How they have like the vanity and you know dressing area separate from the shower and toilet yeah so if it’s like a couple someone well I guess it doesn’t matter but someone could be getting ready out here and showering and using the restroom in here that actually is a

Good point overall I like this community and I like the layout of the unit but I’m very particular now about the finishes that I want so I want to find a fixer in this community which is what we’re going to take a look at next okay

So we’re in the same kind of area um but this is more of fixer yes so it’s listed at $9.99 so this has a little bit of different layout it has this uh you know different level for the living area mhm which actually is kind of nice it gives

It like a really high ceiling it’s north facing here it seems like cuz the lighting’s not super good so that’s the thing that’s kind of a bummer but there is lighting coming in over there that’s it yeah maybe the upstairs will have better lighting opening up these

Shutters helps a little bit but it is North facing so there’s never really direct light coming into here but just like the last unit there is a little private patio area yeah okay so patio so it needs a little sprucing up but it does but actually it’s kind of cool cuz

You can grow plants here but yeah you already got the hose electrical so this could be nice so there’s multiple levels kind of a landing area for the dining space which I really like what the heck is this like a 220 volt oh it’s a vacuum it’s a vacuum that’s scar it’s still

Working wait that okay that’s cool I was like the whole house vacuum anyway this is the dining space a good space again though not great Lighting in this area so I like the dining area this is so great like a dining area yeah and if you’re like entertaining everyone can

Still like see and talk to each other kitchen’s a good size actually I like that it’s like Square yeah not like long you know okay so this does look to the other building so so the lighting the lighting in like 30 minutes is going to be even worse this is a dark unit

That’s like the only thing you take out these upper cabinets and it would feel a lot more open yes I feel like there is enough storage for me at least yeah it’s a good amount of storage the layout is good for the kitchen it faes the other

Building but at least it doesn’t face the freeway that’s true that’s true it could be nice like renovated so there’s a powder room right here with the washer and dry wow look at these pink floors oh my that’s funky this one comes with a washer heading upstairs again love that there’s a

Skylight in this unit also there’s definitely better lighting as we go upstairs which is good the lighting is a lot better in here so that’s that’s nice I mean a Fresh coat of paint yep some new Flo the ceilings new paint new floors a lot of closet yeah the door is

Kind of funny oh okay o oh w wow this is an older building so the bathroom is probably original and definitely could use a renovation which is not a con to me that’s like exactly what I’m looking for and I do love that there’s a window in this bathroom as well obviously would

Just want to redo this it feels old enough to justify a Rena kind of gut it yeah definitely this bedroom has a lot of potential and both of the bedrooms up here were actually really big no okay so this one has like an enclosed balcony

Wow oh my God yeah look at this stain glass with Sham I kind of love it a little Orca like I would feel bad ripping that out I know it’s kind of an odd Choice cuz it makes the bedroom really dark yeah but a cool office there

So much wood paneling and then there’s a wet bar in the bedroom it’s like you can hide it in the closet oh wow oh but sh moves right over here too so same thing would just gut all of the bathrooms in this place and completely redo them it has good

Potential though because it’s a good-sized bathroom and it has a good layout so those are all the houses that we toured and a look at what you can get in La under a million dollar in the central walkable areas my favorite one actually was the last one that townhouse

That was a fixer if it was south facing I would have bought it but because it was North facing it just is never going to get that good of lighting so I’m going to let someone else go for that one but if it was south facing like that

Second one it just has such good potential it has a really good layout the fact that it has a garage and it’s in a walkable area I just really liked it I did not put an offer on any of them today but I think I have a better idea

Of what I’m really looking for I hope that you guys enjoyed this tour and stay tuned because eventually I’m going to find the place thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye

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