“Single Women Flock to the Nightlife of Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina” – Video

“Single Women Flock to the Nightlife of Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina” – Video

This video takes you on a wild night out in Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The nightlife scene in this city doesn’t stop until the early morning, with people partying and socializing until dawn. The video showcases the vibrant atmosphere, with beautiful, well-dressed women everywhere, and cheap drinks at the various clubs and bars. The content creator, Ray Harper, documents his experience, giving viewers a first-hand look at the energetic nightlife of Buenos Aires. The video captures the lively atmosphere, featuring dancing, music, and interactions with locals. Whether you’re planning a trip to Buenos Aires or just curious about the city’s nightlife, this video provides an entertaining and immersive experience. If you enjoy travel and nightlife content, this video is definitely worth checking out.

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Video Transcript

It’s your birthday happy birthday to him everybody wish happy birthday to you happy birthday to you she over there dancing with this C you know that should be looking nice Tooo Getx get sex get Sex all right guys so we are here man M Plata Argentina windy as hell it’s super windy I’m about you know Night Live starts right now I’m about to go find the spot I think it’s over there you guys see the lights everybody sending me to the same

Location they call this place Kuba so we’re going to go check that out it’s supposed to be summer but it’s cold and it’s windy of course that’s the ocean over here so you know if it’s cold and You by the ocean is going to be even

Colder so let’s see what’s up man let’s check it out um I’m hoping for the best if not we are here man Argentina what’s up let’s do this man [ __ ] all right guys so we came from all the way up there we have to go all the way down the beach

It’s like a whole complex and down there is where they have bars clubs and stuff there are the bars like up that way but I think the good clubs are this way though and look that’s the that’s the whatam call it that the boss thing they do hey let’s see what’s up

Bro this is exciting bro going down the steps down the step we going all right so they gave me they said go to Cuba so let me go check out COA and then you know there another Journey right here see Santa there’s nothing happening there so I don’t know there another oh brutal

They told me about this joint brutal but just by the look of it and this D just outside I if want to go there bro so I don’t know and then there’s people going that way thata Club I don’t know what that is um I don’t know let’s walk around and let’s

See when I look this way I only see Santa and they actually told me about Santa but I don’t know I’m not feeling the music name Bruto I don’t know what kind of music they’re playing there what time we go to Cuba Cuba we should we should definitely go see Cuba Lut is

Here actually corny as [ __ ] so I don’t Know let’s go this way real quick and see what they got over Here this looks pretty but I think it’s the same stuff what is this I don’t know it’s like a bar but it’s empty they’re telling me everything gets lit around 2:00 a.m. plus it’s cold bro I don’t know if People’s going to come out in this car bro I don’t know let’s keep

Looking all right so we are robbing to the place I think this is the Spy Cu uh it looks a little dead now but I’m going to give it an hour bro if they say oh whatam call it they say 2:00 in the morning so I’mma go now it’s about 1 and

Change I’m about here for about an hour if it’s not good I’m stepping the [ __ ] out all Right [ __ ] he’s getting My All right cool so we’re going down to the left we’re going to check it out Bro yeah what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up we here bro we Here I guess we got to keep going yo this is the beach right here bro this is crazy they telling me it’s 4,000 P to get in all Right Coming through on a body like a rock VIP like A As you guys can see the club is not super packed yet I mean it’s still early it’s like 1:30 130 something and people start coming in like bulk like a lot of people start coming in like two or after two cuz when they say that they party all night they’re not playing you’re

Going to see me coming out of there like around 8 in the morning people really really poy till late so they come to the club super super late um but the club gets pretty lit man there be a lot of girls beautiful girls everywhere single girls everywhere actually and they

Approachable some of them were given signals some others were really not but you guys are going to get to see a little bit of what it look like For Fore For Keep in mind guys when you see me pointing the camera at me it’s not because I want to show myself it’s that sometimes some girls don’t want to be in the camera so you know you have to be respectful so what I try to do is point

The camera at me and then show like them in the back show some other people in the back and things like that but whenever you see me doing that a lot it’s because some people are giving me like looks or stuff like that so I want

To be respectful of that and that’s why I do it like in this case right here this guy man made my night this guy danc is so freaking funny bro he had me on Stitches man I was dying laughing look at this what is this right

Here man this guy was hilarious and it was so much smoke that you couldn’t see it clearly man I couldn’t see it clearly but I I wish you guys would have been there yes to see him dce that was like one of the best parts of the night I love that [Laughter]

Part just living out of the club did you vote it was all right huh this elections did you vote Trump or Obama like Obama or Trump trump Obama Obama or Trump trump Obama who do you vote for M who M no the Pres the one that won

Yes okay good how was your tonight my name yeah tonight how was it so so good so far so good is good is is is his birthday it’s your birthday happy birthday to him everybody to you happy birthday to you happy birthday she over there dancing with this C you know that should

Be looking nice too but They having fine No yeah I okay tell him tell him his your name tell me your name Ray Harper again Ray Harper I NL oh that’s nice R Harper you know what it is BR what is your name aa aa like what LA and your name your name

Mik mik yes that sounds like a Sasa song M and your name to to to you going to post this yes so you do yes I Am so we’re coming out of the club right now I just met these people on my way out and you know they’re happy coming out of the club like at 5: in the morning and there’s a few other clubs I’m trying to guess something in eat though I have some other friends waiting

For me at some other joint so we’ll see what’s up I know it is bye look Hi so they about to be out I’m about to go get into something else um I got some other people waiting for me so I mean I went to that Cuba thing it was okay it wasn’t great cuz um I just didn’t feel like it was a lot of people

Though but let’s see what the what is going on we’re going to another spot and then we take it from there I mean let’s see what’s up this another J right here but I don’t know over here they do they are waiting me they are waiting for’s see all right guys

So they close at 600 it’s about 5: in the morning I mean what are we going to do there’s people here chilling like they just come out of the club where you I’m from Miami you from Miami yeah I’m filming for my YouTube channel from here you from here yes yeah

Hi what’s your name so so and you PA my name is r ray ray why are you guys here we’re waiting for a taxi oh you came from here yes it was good yes so so so so but you live here in PL yes is it good yes what is a

Good place to go tomorrow at night yes no tomorrow de Sunday Sunday what about the beach no it’s good it’s good the beach is good or they good huh the is good what’s your name sorry so oh I got your name already yeah Bella so there’s nothing tomorrow n tomorrow

I know speaking English no but you speaking English alone yeah why he so no good tomorrow look they’re waiting for a cop they leaving hi nice to meet you so you’re saying there’s no not a good place to go tomorrow I am going when what’s Miamii they’re talking about du kaj I guess it’s a singer I mean we’re probably going to have to look him up no youber um dollar dollar yes yes always M what m m m h the president guys Mar de Plata Argentina Mar de PL Argentina look at this morning how

Beautiful the sun is coming up amazing I love it look at the Harrison do you see like the sea with the sun it’s a perfect combination this is a good way to start the night I mean the day this is a perfect day to start the

Day the per the perfect time to end the night we had fun today man I can’t complain but look how amazing this is this mix it up to everything else this is amazing all right guys we’re here again you know how I’m going to do it every

Night I’m going to have Ste I’m taking a banish we been here in Argentina so we’re going to do it big look it tonight I’m having baso baso is an amazing oh man I messed it up with my hands I’m sorry let’s check it out check it out check it

Out this is what’s up I’m about to tell y up with a glass of wine of course always and then I don’t want no s the craziness I’m going have me some carrot and eggs and of course the shim sh sauce so we’re going to do it big this time

Bro let’s start it Out for this is actually the tiki bar I mean it was actually really really nice for a change you know you know getting something different from ratone and Hip-Hop it was a live band I mean the audience um the kind of the crowd was a little bit more mature you know a little

Older so it was actually a different look it was a different um Vibe so I kind of enjoyed it had a couple of drinks there before I went to the other spot so it was a it was good for exchange so I really appreciate that one all right guys Sunday night we are

Here in M Plata this is supposed to be the one spot that we popping called swamp we’re going to go check it out real quick and see what’s up it’s around 1:00 a.m. See it’s about 1:00 a.m. and supposedly the clubs get good out here like around 2 in the morning so it should be okay already this a lot of dudes though I don’t know if this going to be a lot of dudes I’m not going to stay long so let’s see what’s Up Get sex sex get sex sex get sex Now guys this place was packed so many girls so many girls there was a lot of dudes too but you know it was a it was a good Rao the only thing was that everybody was like young uh a little too young for my taste

But I mean there was a few good ones that you could pick out it was actually a good night it was actually a good night the music was great um the entrance wasn’t crazy the drinks were moderated like not super expensive I was drinking fette the whole night that’s

All I drank when I was in Argentina F every night I went out that’s all I was drinking and actually everybody else was drinking F so it is the most popular drink in Argentina but look how crazy like so in me right there there’s nothing but shorties so many shorties surrounding me

At one point one of them take my phone and start filming herself super cool man I kind of Eno it was a good night I cannot complain for a Sunday that was a Sunday night and that was the only spot open look at this chick right here she’s so fire though

She is so fire look at this yeah all right guys I’m going leave it up to here hope you like the video man I had so much fun in M del Plata it was a really good time so if you guys get a chance go check it out reach out to me

And I give you all the details man but talk to you guys on the next one it’s your boy R Harper

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