Steer Clear of These Individuals in Luxor, Egypt 🇪🇬 – Video

Steer Clear of These Individuals in Luxor, Egypt 🇪🇬 – Video

In this video, the creator shares his experience in Luxor, Egypt, and warns viewers to be cautious of the touts in the area. The creator explains that despite loving his time in Egypt, he encountered numerous touts in Luxor that made his trip feel never-ending. He describes being constantly followed and hounded for business, even after repeatedly saying no. The video provides a glimpse of the bustling streets of Luxor and offers a look at the iconic Luxor Temple. The creator also shares his decision to avoid participating in horse carriages due to concerns about animal mistreatment. Overall, the video serves as a cautionary tale for travelers visiting Luxor and provides insight into the unique and historic atmosphere of the city.

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Video Transcript

Today CR L the market not tomorrow the market you know how much it’s okay 50 egyp it’s okay thank you thank you if you want the Egyptian Ferrari take you one Egyptian Ferrari is the horse one horse power we are happy to see you here in Egypt happy to see you thank you

Where you come from uh United States California American peopleone like American people first time or second time ah first time to me sorry just one second it’s not any business because today luxur today one day and a week open you have a Egyptian Market behind well look at this weenie

Dog yes you have dogs yes of course man I love dogs um I have a Chihuahua chihuaha what’s up everybody welcome back to another day here in Egypt now earlier today I explored the Valley of the Kings but today we’re going to walk around Luxor and I’m going to show you

Guys what this city looks like thank you sir I’m okay thank you I’m okay thank you thank you sir thank you thank you thank you oh man they don’t stop it’s funny though thank you sir thank you please shukr so today I just want to walk

Around and show you guys what the town of Luxor looks like because this place is quite awesome it’s located right on the East Bank of the Nile and right in front of me directly in front of me is the Luxor Temple which is actually where

I’m going to head to here in a bit along the streets you find all kinds of jewelry tour companies now I want to let you guys in on something ooh car crash he just crashed into another car but I really don’t want to participate in any more of those horse carriage things

Anymore lately a lot of people have been sharing videos with me about you know the mistreatment of the horses and the carriages here in Egypt and I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible so um thank you brother bro but thank you not right now thank you thank you thank you please

Thank you thank you and um so yeah I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible but I want to let you guys in on something so I actually had a flight tomorrow to Cairo from Luxor at 3:00 p.m. but I actually wanted a full day in

Cairo so I went to the Egypt Air office that is actually located right here in front of the temple and they were able to change my flight thank you sir thank you thank you they were able to change my flight for literally $12 that’s what

The fee was so I’m super blessed that I get to have the entire day in Cairo tomorrow now right now it is so beautiful out here right now the sun should be setting here in about an hour and a half so you get that nice afternoon Haze

And glow but Luxor as a whole I must say it’s a very interesting City it almost you almost go back in time being here looking out at the banks of the Nile River into the Valley of the Kings that’s actually what you can see back there those Um mountains that’s actually

Where the tombs of the Valley of the Kings are where we were were earlier today but here directly in front of me is the Luxor Temple which is also extremely iconic and one of the most famous sites in the city of Luxor and actually it’s one of the most iconic

Sites in the entire country So today we’re going to jump on in there and I’ll show you guys around the luxur temple and then we’ll make our way over to the souk which is directly behind the Luxor Temple but yeah this is interesting right it’s so cool that there are just

You know temples like this one in the middle of the city center I mean literally across the street there’s a McDonald’s and right here they have one of the most incredible temples in the country now wow you can actually see all kinds of hieroglyphics on there as well

But um yes sir please thank you this man’s going to follow me the entire time I know thank you I’m walking man I’m enjoying luxur please please please please I’m okay oh man sometimes man there’s a lot of good people but then there’s you run into these guys like every once in a

While and it’s just a little too much like let me be please but yeah look you can see all kinds of hieroglyphics on the rocks or on the stones it is beautiful now today at around 5:00 p.m. there’s actually a light show at at this Temple that takes place for like an hour

I believe and I’m not sure exactly how much it costs but I’m going to try and make it to to have that experience because I experienced that once in Luxor I mean in in Luxor in Petra Jordan at uh at Petra at the treasury and it was

Truly magical so I can imagine that here it’s just as impressive but yeah look at those columns and the stones up top have all kinds of hieroglyphics as well now I wonder if these Stones if they actually found the columns collaps and they restack them

Kind of like in um in Greece because I see a couple collaps or if this was actually you know when they discovered it when they rediscovered it was it actually still standing the way it is because a lot of the ruins here that we visited so far in this series um like

The edu Temple that one was completely intact when they discovered it overall I mean walking around the grounds here in Egypt is just truly something special and you know even with the combination of like the horses like I’ve said I I really don’t want to participate in riding horse carriages or donkeys

Anymore but um seeing that’s running around the streets and seeing like that’s how the locals actually move move around that can’t afford a vehicle is very impressive it takes you back in time I mean it’s 2024 and you know so much of the world doesn’t live that way so the

Fact that you come here and you know you’re walking around sites like this and there’s donkeys and horses and carriages running around you really do go back in time quite a bit now I think the entrance to this tomb or I mean to this Temple is actually on the backside I don’t know

Why I walked this way but enjoy the view for now it makes for a great little view right like you have like two two Guardian pharaohs right there standing I can imagine there’s a lot more excavation going on as well yeah it definitely looks like I’m walking the

Wrong way so maybe I should just lap back around the opposite direction but first let me cross on over the streets and I want to give you a little glimpse at the Nile River and what the view looks like from here before I actually walk all the way around because I’m

Going to turn the camera off to walk all the way around because yeah it looks like a long walk and I don’t want to bore you guys too much but of course I do want to share with you guys the city of Luxor because I actually couldn’t

Find too many videos about this city well not any that just you know show the streets how they are like walking around which is what I love to see prior to visiting locations a lot of the videos that you find on Luxor uh on the internet are mainly just

About the Valley of the Kings and all the other important tombs and sites here around this area but yeah this here is the Nile and yeah off into the distance is where we were at earlier today exploring the Valley of the Kings you play for horse no no Horse no horse

Thank you nice mustache thank you welcome nice where you from nice shaved face where you from the US California good people you’re good people yeah thank you Egyptian people good yeah if you want today one day govern market market after the training station the town town the

City the BOS Alabaster for everything if you want the Egyptian Ferrari take you one hour Egyptian Ferrari is a horse one hor okay okay if you want take you one hour round share you the egptian market theot to the beach I wait for you the walk that alone after finish come back

Here I know how much 50 because no business after okay okay this is your good man yeah but I’m okay right now thank you bro I’m going to go into the temple right now theur Temple yeah I’m going inside take you here this is the good

Man get the 20 pound I go the other side the ticket no it’s okay it’s okay yeah but just just I’m I’m just trying to walk around and film this video right now friend listen to me sorry no get the 20 Egyptian b share you this thing Al

After the AL the temple car Temple the km the after Al go the ticket the 20 no no for horse okay it’s okay but thank you I appreciate you thank you brother for horse my friend I know I know thank you no business after the corona help

For horse thank you this is Corona ended like two years ago huh 20 gift my friend yes but I appreciate the offer let me let me finish my video and I’m going to go to the Lux Temple okay okay thank you brother but yeah this is beautiful I

Mean look at the view thank you thank you thank you no no don’t wait for me 20b please don’t wait for me so yeah you can actually take a ferry all the way across the river as well for 5B I did that earlier today I didn’t film it for

You guys but yeah you can take a ferry out there you can actually rent these small boats as well for a little cruise on the Nile if you guys aren’t actually coming out here on a n Cruise that’s a great way to experience the Nile um

Yeah and you know go out on a little Cruise all right I’m out of here now it’s time to go to the temple no it’s okay thank you I go the temple bro it’s okay thank you okay come on it’s okay thank you bro thank you thank you oh man these are

Photographers come on you do photos how much for photo how much photo 10 photo 10 pound for photo oh okay and you send it to my email go take you the photo you send it to my email why yeah take me photo please yeah let’s do it why not St with

The temple yes good okay like that here here I am here my brother okay can you hold this it’s video video video no photo photo Smile everybody is this is good oh my god oh very good yeah I like that thank you thank you brother okay 10

Egyptian let me see look let me see let me see let me see problem no problem no it’s okay I got it well no no no bro it’s okay thank you here’s a tip for you for helping me but please I don’t want to tour no my friend this is here

For1 yeah how you how you yeah another one I’m going to do a photo shoot right here but man I tried helping the guy I just don’t want to ride the horses okay thank you here here I put this right here I’m going to put this right here

Guys there you go there you go there no boat right now thank you okay no English I translate okay I just I just want some photos [Applause] smile again again perfect huh good good good get me the yo this man is amazing so the photos are great okay thank you thank you oh

Here he’s there we go no no no no no oh thank you thank you okay good right good look at good she okay bangers okay thank you shukran you you send you send to me yeah can you ask him how yeah the phone oh got iPhone iPhone

Uh USBC no no no yes yes this one this one type c type c type c type c no no type c yes it’s type c look it’s type c come here I don’t think he’s seen iPhone 15 before yo his photos are awesome they’re fire this is definitely the best way to

Get some photos taken in lexart thank you here no no photo no photo no photo thank you I don’t want to take a photo on the horse I have a sailboat if you want yes but I’m okay right now bro thank you thank you thank you I’ll think about it

Thank you thank you maybe the sailboat but um I got I got to go to the temple and stuff first yeah after photo take good good photographer he’s good man yeah you’re a good man too this is your lucky man yeah what’s up yes you send me WhatsApp

Okay I give you my WhatsApp okay WhatsApp you send me later later come on there you go okay thank you my name my name uh Chris Chris Chris there you go thank you okay welcome yes good you sent to my WhatsApp this is four photo four this is four This is 40 bound

Okay here I give you 40 I give you 40 oh you have you have the 10 thank you bro so 40 one more photo I gave you 50 one more photo one more photo right here yeah let’s take one more on the na on the Neil all right yeah I I’m getting my

Money’s worth though you know what I mean okay bomb thank you thank you sir thank you sit down okay all right this is funny all right brother the best time for enjo to see the view look at me look at me look at me smile thank you brother hey thank you shukran shukran

You you you send it to me later right thank you sir please I’m okay thank you I I told you maybe later but please I know I know bro thank you okay so you know what I’m going to keep the camera rolling though and we’re just going to

Keep it walking right now I could have gone on a cbat that would have been pretty cool but the photos man amazing I’m I’m I’m okay thank you so yeah I’m going to put the camera down now and or maybe I should just keep it rolling I don’t know guys I don’t know

In Egypt it’s kind of unexpected you never know what’s going to happen there’s always so much going on but yeah along the Nile on the East Bank this is where all the cruise ships line up this is why I’m actually on this side of the of the

Nile but yeah it’s a very beautiful evening out here please bro I said no you know you’re going to keep losing money if you keep asking me no it’s okay thank you all right so I’m going to put the camera down now I just don’t want to

Waste the guys time man I’m going to put the camera down now and I’ll see you guys at the entrance of the luxory temple because I got to show you guys this place and then we’ll make our way to the soup my friend I tried giving you 10 lound and you said

No let me give you 10 after for you I look after 50 no bro that’s for you bro relax bro okay give it back to me now you go by you go by nothing okay go come no come the no no no you’re annoying me

Bro man I’m trying to be a nice guy to the people but these people like yeah those ones on the horses they’re like the worst I don’t get it like jeez I’m trying to like show everybody all of the amazing people in Egypt and then you got these guys that are just constantly

Behind me and they give a bad impression I mean you guys watching these videos are going to be like God I don’t want to go to that place those are the kind of people that ruin it for people well like just let someone be I get it did you

Need the money but I tried giving them a tip and no is no you know look at the photographer kid what a nice kid on the hustle on the grind not bothering people that’s how it should be all right well I have a feeling that this guy’s going to go around to the

Entrance now cuz I’ve kind of been through this the last few days so I think he’s going to go around to the entrance but for now I’ll put the camera down and I’ll see you guys at the temple entrance because I definitely want to go into this place but yeah let me know

Down in the comments section what you guys think of Luxor so far definitely a cool City huh look how cool this city sign is that says Luxor it’s awesome huh hey how’s it going bro right no ride today thank you what about horse no no horses today thank you actually you know

What I want to take a picture of that Lex that’s awesome huh all right we’re going to keep it walking now so this here is the main street the main Boulevard in the city center you can tell they got like the the island with all the lights running

Down the street I can imagine that at night it gets very beautiful you got all kinds of clothing shops art galleries cafes across the street and as you can tell look locals use the horse carriages pretty pretty much to get around a lot more than I’ve seen the tourist um sitting on

Them so you know for that aspect I kind of appreciate it because I’m like okay well at least it’s not just a it’s not here for tourists like that’s how they actually get around but after the videos that I’ve have seen I’m just making a decision to not ride them anymore here

In the country but yeah look they got a McDonald’s right there wow the McDonald’s definitely doesn’t look like it belongs right there but it is cool to note that there is one here for all of you guys that don’t like to try any different foods when you

Visit places I know there’s a lot of you guys and it looks like there’s a lot of locals here at this park wow this park is incredibly dirty what the hell I wonder why there’s so much trash everywhere at that Park but yeah it looks like this here is

The entrance to the Luxor Temple not I surpris it does look like a lot of stuff is closed here in this city I noticed that earlier today when I drove by here also in the taxi it looks like so many things are closed I’m not sure why I mean it’s not wow

Look at these guys they’re whipping each other with the with the horse whip a lot of young kids are the ones that are actually like out here riding these horses around thank you bro thank you look ticket I’m okay thank you listen sorry sorry sorry today the market not

Tomorrow the market you know how much it’s okay 50 it’s okay thank you thank you the market okay thank you brother thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so yeah this here is the is the temple well the park that is actually

Out at the temple and look the souk is actually across the street they got I that’s the huh okay thank you thank you thank you thank you okay the police officer told him to calm down but look how cool this park is this park actually has like you know they got

People out here renting like the the motor cars to roll around bikes scooters it’s super cool to see definitely a great place to come wow look at this guy what is he doing he’s fighting bad spiritually or what pretty strange but yeah look the luxer temple is absolutely beautiful and

This park looks like it’s the best place to be on the evening look you got a mosque over here on this temple on this side you know what I think I’m actually doing this way wrong I think I need to actually go that way that’s the temple

Entrance okay how do I actually get over there then this must be an exit this must be the temple entrance over in this direction so I just met some awesome people and they actually convinced me to not pay the ticket price to go on in because well they said

Exactly what you saw around it is what you see when you go into it so right now we’re actually just going to cross the street and we’re going to enter the souk and see what we come across in there now to be honest with you guys I got two

Whole days left in the city so or in Egypt so I got to do some souvenir shopping and I want to go home with some cool stuff so right now in the souk we’re definitely about to do some shopping it’s happening look at the cotton candy man on a bicycle that’s pretty

Cool no it looks like a fun place to come hang out if you’re with a a kid or a family but yeah I’m actually going to cross the street now through this roundabout and make my way into souk but yeah these two ladies are the on I was

Talking to they’re from China uh one’s actually living in Bankok and she was like trust me don’t pay to go in just walk around the temple and we’ve kind of already done that and yeah I figure why not she’s probably right let’s just show you guys the souk and show you guys

Something different different right I don’t know what it is too but here in Egypt you see a lots of um Flags Jamaican flags with Bob Marley faces on them I’ve noticed that’s extremely popular but yeah here’s the souk so we’ll jump on in and see if we can’t score any any

Sick deals look at the perfume shop Sephora perfume wow this s looks incredibly empty compared to all the other ones I’ve seen um this trip but yeah I definitely want to find some beautiful items hello all of these um shops all of these markets that you enter in Egypt they’re all extremely

Vibrant beautiful places Egyptian flag I want one of those actually oh man imagine taking home one of these big statues man those are so cool yo these are awesome if I had like a home base I would definitely bring one of those bad boys always home

Wow no you can see exactly why I definitely want to make sure I get to come home with something hello how are you sir can I have a look wow these are awesome look at this one this is a sphinx these are cool as well excuse me sir what is this does

Does this one have a name this is an Anubis Anubis ah how did I forget Anubis design something like this design oh that one’s awesome how much is that one Egyptian B yeah Egyptian P Egyptian bom so I’m like this is 350 350 this 250 that one’s

250 okay um you have King Toot King yeah you like which size no but I want I want one kind of like colorful color yeah yeah yeah color this one no but more like with gold you know gold yeah like gold black Okay one minute yeah and what is this one this is

King Toot right toot and K how much is that one this this inside this mumia inside oh the mummy’s inside too the king T mummy’s inside as well this toot oh that’s King Toot as well yeah I think he’s my favorite all of the Egyptian souvenirs are

Beautiful wow look at this this mask it’s beautiful let me know what you guys would be purchasing if you were here right now oh wow that’s beautiful yeah how much is that one is 400b 400 lb yeah oh man but it’s damage I have another one oh you have another one yeah

400 lb 400 lb something like 12 okay you make discount you make discount if we buy more things all right what else do you have that’s special he just walks away but I mean yeah everything is super beautiful but yeah you definitely got a bargain inside

Of this markets let’s see if we can’t find anything else though I mean God so many of these things are beautiful I’m just scared that every time I purchase items like this man they always make it home in pieces and they never look the same once you try and glue them back

Together all right yeah I think that one is going to come home with me though that one’s super cool H yeah I think that one’s going to be the one that comes home with me but I’m going to try and get that for a better price 400’s a yeah that’s expensive it’s very

Expensive well not very expensive but you know it’s all relative it’s like uh 12 13 usar but obviously like I said every everything you got to cut down to at least half if you’ve traveled before then you know um but yeah these are super cool too I don’t know what I

Forget what the name of these are but it’s like a special way that uh weaving that the Egyptians used to make paper okay well this man left I don’t know where he went who knows where he went okay maybe we’ll come back then maybe we’ll come on back hello how are you

Sir wow these are cool those are cool but that one looks broken as well oh you have one thank you thank you sir I thought you forgot about me That one’s the Sphinx yeah small oh okay oh I like the small one actually okay how much for this one this is 300 this is 400 oh 300 that’s expensive which one you need no you this one this one small one you do 150 that’s good that’s good price bro I

Got I got one in Kyo for I think I got I think I got one I something like this material something what is that what material is that oh okay but this one’s a different material okay you do 200 for this one 200 200 200 200 brother let me

See let me see and come okay how much how much okay look special price what’s the special price okay 250 okay 250 bro hey he’s a good man business slow today yeah okay all right good business man thank you brother yeah thank you bro what what is the name of

These ones this papos papos yeah papos and this this one’s beautiful yeah yakman yakman yeah how much is this one papos this design oh okay Yak a big size but how much is this one something like this this yeah this 250 plus the business 150 150 yeah 150 yeah have you

Do here you do you do you do this one and those 350 good deal my brother okay thank you yeah I take this one one this color this nice color um color which color this color and this color I like this one yeah I like that one yeah very nice

Guy thank you brother here I pay you now 100 thank you we make good business that’s what we do yeah all right now I got some super no damage like that no damage no okay oh thank you bro this is my favorite gift now this my favorite gift y com wow that’s beautiful

I can put it on a bracelet huh yeah like the bracelet no no no what you want oh it’s on the bracelet yeah oh yeah I like that one got my that one’s cool huh how’s business today slow yeah no business I feel like Egypt is slow right

Now no tourists yeah I think it’s because every Everything happening in the world no one’s coming to Egypt because everybody’s scared I don’t know why because Israel Gaza problem no one wants to come here huh people are scared to come to Egypt because of all the conflicts going on

Okay what’s the name again this isab esar esari esar this is l oh okay give me lar in the oh okay it’s like the the air for the Pharaohs life I’m not sure oh okay scob good luck good luck okay thank you thank you luck thank you

Brother all right so yeah the weather’s definitely starting to cool off here but we still got a long way to go huh no just just that one yes yeah because I’m walking thank you thank you all right we need to keep it going though huh the pace is kind of slow in

This one but I he had to look for the right one let me know what you guys think of this place though so far let me know what you guys have thought of this series in general thank you um yes ah thank you thank you bro

Thank you thank you here I give you this one no thank you oh you give me this one too okay thank you thank you okay you keep the 50 I I give it to you ah thank you you’re welome it’s for you for you thank you bro I just like to bargain

Just for the fun of it thank you thank you I like to bargain just for the fun of it but you know if I if it’s not an extortion price then I don’t mind giving them the the money that they asked for so that’s exactly what I did there I

Just gave them the 50 because well he gave me two other little gifts and to be honest I’m super grateful for it now I actually don’t have a whole lot of money left on me but let’s actually walk through the souk and see what else we

Could possibly get our hands on now I do have I believe actually let me check before I start getting into it okay I got about um 300 more so around another1 US dollar that I could uh potentially buy some items with wow look at these markets

Guys we are happy to see you here in Egypt happy to see you thank you where you come from uh United States California American people anyone from like American people your first time or second time H first time can I preciate to talk to just a second with you what

Do you want to show me first time you are here or second first time first time we thank you this is our family shop I am not pushing you to but I happy because you respect me to see what okay here you know what how much are these

Little boxes here nothing sir nothing sir no $7 $6 like this and this one for example just to see you got to tell me the price in Egyptian pound man I’m in Egypt yeah Broan pound let’s see I have something for 300 B I have something by

400 not all the same you can see which one you like and inde I I need your help right now thank you what what do you have for 100 lb because I need to buy two things and I only have 200 left all right like what 100 bound like what I

Don’t know I need to buy I need to bring souvenir something how about barus uh something no no Papyrus no Papyrus yeah you don’t have like any little statues or something I statues or you don’t have any little boxes for 100 boxes it is start from 300 till up and 250 okay okay

Those are expensive but I give you the stone something good quality 400 what about you don’t have any small little things like this for 100 I have something for example like 180 200 like this from the stone you understand but I make you happy I give you something for

150 because you respect me what do you have for 150 I like to give you something like this 180 but 150 for you this one rames 2 something this is Ram 2 something like this I get it 100 but 185 for you 180 and oh those are beautiful huh

Excuse me this is that’s why more expensive and how much is that big king tooth oh my God size on this size did you see this size oh my God so let me me see can I say something can I say something because you’re big to me our

Business if my price good you can buy not good your money was you my stuff really still okay look this that one’s beautiful huh this one just a second and wow that one is beautiful okay okay okay with me a second here okay I’ll wait for

You man seriously I got to count my money because I don’t know how much I got left guys a problem this is one and this is one and this is one and this is one my uncle the big boss who teaching me how to up how are you st United States thank

You brother my uncle oh beautiful Califoria how are you New York California um California California yes yes yes yes yes A nice movie star over there but I’m not movie star I’ve never seen the movie stars wow look at this weenie dog yes you have

Dogs yes of course man I love dogs um I have a Chihuahua chuah I’m Latino bro I’m Latino we have chihuaha man Egyptian dog what kind of dog Egyptian people like German Shepherd we like oh you like the big dogs huh but our dogs is like normal dog but uh the international like

German chard I like it this is about me I like a German chard I don’t like big Bulldog I don’t like no I like a kind of uh MTI but he danger yeah but but the MTI are big big dogs big and dangerous and dangerous man expensive and very

Expensive what’s your name my name is Chris Chris nice to meet you nice to meet you bro Ali nice to meet you bro yeah I’m looking for a special gift oh nice gift yeah I like these ones gifts where where’ my friend go he’s coming

Back or no no I’m here with you oh he sells me now you bring me to the shop and he sells me he my neph oh okay okay okay so how how much you do these ones for this one and this one no I I can’t

Take this bro this is big how much is that one I make the price as the small one do not worry about the price you don’t like the dog oh Chihuahua I have Chihuahua do you have a Chihuahua no no no I don’t want the dog

Man would you like two to together or just one if you take two I’ll make a special price what’s the special price for two okay would you like a pie of B no just these two how much were these two Egyptian Bond or US Dollars I’m in

Egypt bro you are in Egypt so we use your US dollars here you I like I like you guys hey you guys are good people man you like to huh you can drink can you try the cold tea please no I I’ve had i’ I just had a

Cold tea I just had one I thank you I appreciate it I appreciate it but I I I have to go back to the boats so I got to buy and go okay okay normally normally Chris we sell it the oh you remember my name bro you’re hey you’re a good man

Bro you’re a good man what’s my name bro what’s my name you’re good you’re good okay okay normally normally we sell this by one Egyptian bow 180 175 this is we sell it by 1,00 so together will be 1280 we make it 12200 okay this is roughly less than 25 years okay I

Appreciate you I do good good good business for you but this is all I have bro I am a broke man look this is steps for M no man get out of here look love look give me here give me this one yes look we make good

Business okay we make good bu I yeah everybody come to your shop now watch yes okay welcome look give me this one yes look I trust you yes give me this one and a gift and I I give you 200 that’s a good deal no give me a special

Gift and I take this one and I give you 200 cuz you know why yes in Cairo I bought one of these for 60 and I have a lot of them but but I’m paying I don’t mind paying more because you guys are funny so respect me and I respect you

Give me one more little gift and I take it okay thank you bro give you but I don’t have no more cash that’s I I spent my last 200 with you Vis if you like we accept car how much would you like to

Bay by car no no no I don’t I don’t I don’t have room for this though I really don’t thank you thank you thank you yo you guys are funny man thank you so much you make my you made my day thank you is your first time Chris for you

Here yeah but it will not be my last time I come back inshah you don’t like something else from the market here no I’m just gonna walk walk walk back towards the house right now oh you gave me a a nice bookmark the problem is I don’t read books but maybe I’ll start

Okay so are you going to the market now you walk no I’m just going to walk through the market but now I have no more money I’m just going to walk through and go to the boats all right yeah but thank you brother let me know

How much would you like to pay for this let me know your price just when we accept a card if you give me good price because you are a good man you give us uh without bargaining sure we try make it I try to make it give me your one

Price I say yes or no1 no no hey I don’t have money man thank you I I spent my money today so thank you I appreciate it though hey but I spent my last 200 with you so that’s good luck for you all right thank you

Guys good people thank you thank you you hold you back inshah I remember you when you was this big you remember when big excuse me my name is sir you you you you you I don’t remember you though from when I was that young I’m talking to you when I am 15

Years I am here in the market my son I learn a lot okay I learn how to be nice with you I learn how to smile in the front of you but not pushing you to buying my pushing and my hustling is nice talk of course you come from where

From the United States California nice to meet you nice to meet you sir how about to have one they be like this the problem is I have no more money I’ve spent it all already and I just entered the market yeah I promise thank you brother hey you’re a great person thanks for

Making me smile thank you for making me smile thank you thank you bro what a nice guy I love the way that he was like man I remember you from when you were young phot here thank you thank you sir but yeah um man I keep leaving

The house unprepared but it’s not that it’s that I went to the Egypt Air office I had to pay for the ticket upgrade I paid for the taxi to get here then I had to pay my balance at the hotel and before you knew it cash was gone but

Yeah this here is the soup it’s beautiful isn’t it now we’re going to keep on walking but I can’t unfortunately get in and start bargaining with more people I can hear the mosque oh excuse me it’s prayer time oh I can smell all the spices too from the Spice Market thank

You yeah to be honest I I thought I had more on me but I just I don’t I didn’t plan plan properly once again but still it makes for a really great walk American yeah my brother bro you’re all over the place man and yeah that little King top mask

Dude I literally bought one for 60 in Cairo and I just spent like 200 on that but hey they were good people entertaining and that’s what life is all about it’s all about showing love and sometimes you know you got to spend a little bit extra to make people’s

Days all right now we’re walking back out towards the um towards the luxer temple the Nile I don’t really know exactly where to V are off to from here but I’m glad I came down here because the sunsets on the river are beautiful and I can imagine that the

View we’re going to have with the um with the Luxor Temple as the sun sets it’s going to be just magical so hopefully you guys were able to get a little taste of what luxur is like now I didn’t see much on the internet as I mentioned in the beginning

Where did I leave my sunglasses oh right here I didn’t see much in the beginning um I mean I didn’t see much prior to coming out here on YouTube of just the streets and hopefully this video can be that first video that shows like you know the whole

City center for how it is because I didn’t really know what to expect but yeah there’s not a whole lot going on here I mean I guess as a tourist as far as what you’re going to do inside of the city center it’s visit the temple and visit the souk besides

That there’s normal everyday things like pharmacies and you know things that local people go to and shop where you’re probably not going to be visiting and then besides the Luxor Temple over on the east Bank what a lot of people come here for is to visit carnack which is only about 20

Minutes north of here but I didn’t get the chance to visit because well I didn’t wake up early enough to squeeze in all those trips into my itinerary my main focus was to visit the Valley of the Kings and I’m pretty satisfied with that I mean I’m not a huge I’m not

Really huge into the Egyptian history so for me you know seeing a few of those key sites was enough for me but um if you’re definitely into this era of History if you’re into the egyptology man you’re going to want to come and spend at least a week in

Luxor because the Temple of I mean the Valley of the Kings for example there are so many tombs that you can go back there several days at a time to explore they got the Valley of the Queens they got um all kinds of other temples that are just extremely important and you

Definitely don’t want to rush a place like this a place with this much of of an importance so yeah with that being said guys I think I’m going to walk around and probably take a couple more pictures of the the luxur temple and I’ll see you guys again soon for another adventure I

Think after this well we’re heading back to Cairo tomorrow I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do yet if I’m going to hang out in Cairo or just head straight to Alexandria but expect a few more videos from Egypt what’s up guys expect a few more videos in Egypt all right

It’s going to be a good time what’s up bro yeah man you remember I saw you you saw me on YouTube Ino oh thank you bro thank you welcome to thank you B from Hass Hass I’m hotel hotel owner Venus Hotel V hotel right here I’ve got a lot

Of traveler like you oh okay so please you could come tonight for a beer well the problem I I leave tonight on the cruise man really what time we’re taking off like I think at 9 at 700 p.m. you cannot come for a minute just you want

To have a beer real quick okay all right let’s have one let’s have one let’s have one yeah go go you want to go no no no um the problem it’s cuz the problem I have to be on the boats for dinner and uh and the and drinks as well no no it’s

Almost 6 man okay yeah I will take you more Hussein right H and I’m very happy to hear you when you speak about Egypt a lot of uh lot of people they speak bad about the pyramids and YouTu but like you there’s no scammers in Egypt all

Right you people try and sell you things and offer you Services it’s up to you if you do it yes it’s up to you but they make it you know some people like you they make it big bigger I know they say they trash us a lot of money and it’s

Sad it’s sad because it ruins economy for people Hotel Venus thank you brother thank you hey Hotel Venus next next time I come to luxore that’s where I’m going thank you bro thank you take care bro me S one second it’s not any business because today Lu today one day and a

Week open you have a Egyptian Market big this behind yes I I just came from there I know just 20 Egyptian bu the horse I will show l City after I will I know I have to be back that’s why I didn’t go with the

Beer okay so um no I don’t need beer thank you okay so the I don’t no no no I don’t need man this is hectic okay okay okay let me see look oh I bought some of those yesterday though I bought some of those yesterday

How much you know how much you know how much oh man all right guys well I think um I’m going to I’m going to have to let you guys go because yeah it’s getting a little bit hectic but I wish I would have oh man they’re fighting I wish they

Um I wish I had time to go get that beer with them from hotel Venus but man to be honest I need to get back to the boats I got dinner we have cocktail hour we got a lot of things planned and to be real with you guys man I get offered stuff

All day long a lot of people have been coming up to me to take pictures with me and wanting to take me to their house to eat food and stuff and I wish I could accept everyone’s offer but I simply can’t I mean it’s a lot it’s a lot so um yeah

I’ll definitely visit his hotel next time with more time but for now I think I got to Sir look I’m going to teach you a business trick look when someone says no it’s no I’m not going to change my mind okay jeez oh my you know like the

Gentleman said that stopped me earlier I’m super respectful and I love this place so much but you also got to prove a point Tik you saw me on TI thank you brother something new to yeah man thank you brother have a nice time I appreciate you Broome welcome to thank

You brother thank you but see it’s been like that all day long and I’m super grateful for it guys but you also have to stand your ground you got to be firm and no is no and you got to make sure that you know you teach the younger kids

That as well because man it’s very disrespectful and it’s wrong and it doesn’t make people feel welcome especially when you’re coming here walking around a place and people are just constantly following you so I try and make my point and prove my point and

I’m like no is no okay and you guys have seen here on the channel That when people respect me I respect them and I got no problem paying extra tipping people but man I just want to be treated with the same respect and I just want to

Walk the damn streets and enjoy my time and I know you guys do too so for now I’ll leave you guys with another little view of the luxord temple and I’ll see you guys again soon for another another video from here in Egypt yeah your boy’s

A Tik tocker now woo never saw that coming but yeah if you guys want to laugh and see some funny videos go check out my Instagram go check out my Tik Tok I’ve been posting stuff there on a daily basis and it’s been getting pretty funny over there later guys you always

Smart I was the one to like a love

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