Supreme Court Rules: Donald Trump has some immunity from prosecution

Supreme Court Rules: Donald Trump has some immunity from prosecution

In a recent ruling by the US Supreme Court, it has been determined that former President Donald Trump is partially immune from prosecution for actions taken during his time in the White House. The decision stems from the federal election interference case against Trump, which will now be sent back to a lower court to determine how to apply the Supreme Court ruling.

While the court verdict establishes that Trump cannot be criminally prosecuted for official acts taken while in office, he remains open to prosecution for any unofficial actions. Chief Justice John Roberts, writing on behalf of the court, explained that a former President is entitled to absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for official activities conducted as President. However, a clear distinction must be made between official and unofficial actions for legal purposes.

This ruling marks a significant development in the ongoing legal battles surrounding Donald Trump and his time in office. The case will continue to be closely monitored as it moves forward in accordance with the Supreme Court decision.

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