The Economy of the 21st Century: Wealth Indexed on Nature | A TEDxBerlinSalon Talk by Martin Stuchtey – Video

The Economy of the 21st Century: Wealth Indexed on Nature | A TEDxBerlinSalon Talk by Martin Stuchtey – Video

In the video “Wealth in the 21st Century: An Economy indexed on Nature” by Martin Stuchtey at TEDxBerlinSalon, the speaker challenges our current conception of wealth and the economic system that is driving us towards potential extinction. He proposes the idea of indexing our wealth onto a system based on nature, ensuring our continuity as a civilization.

Stuchtey delves into the history of wealth, from cacao beans to gold, and questions whether our current economic model is sustainable for the long term. Drawing on his background as a geologist and economist, he emphasizes the urgency of transitioning to a nature-based economy in order to address climate change, resource depletion, and biodiversity loss.

He introduces the concept of nature capital, a digital representation of the biodiversity, water, soil, and carbon held by individuals or organizations. By minting nature equity contracts, based on real improvements in nature, wealth can be shared and circulated in the economy, incentivizing regenerative practices and closing the gap between extractive and equitable economies.

The speaker highlights the potential of this nature-based economy to transform our relationship with nature and ensure a more sustainable future for all. The idea of nature equity as a form of collateral and currency could revolutionize the way we measure and value wealth, ultimately leading us towards a more harmonious and balanced coexistence with the natural world.

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Professor Martin R. Stuchtey is a serial entrepreneur. He recently founded a NatureFinTech that is the synthesis of 30 years of work: As a geologist, top management consultant, founder, investor, book author, organic farmer and academic. It addresses the root cause of the ecological and social downward spiral in which societies are caught: A model of wealth creation indexed to the extraction of natural resources. As an alternative, he introduces “Nature Equity”, an innovative asset class delivered by modern nature and financial technology. It embodies a thriving nature and integrates it seamlessly into our economy, aligning social equity and ecological prosperity. He anticipates a future where wealth is indexed to nature, marking an “Enlightenment_2.0” moment. Martin Stuchtey is a former McKinsey consultant and Managing Partner, as well as the founder of the environmental consultancy SYSTEMIQ. As professor of resource strategy and management in Innsbruck, and as avid alpinist and farmer, his expertise and enthusiasm regarding finding innovative solutions for current environmental problems are fundamental for his current business endeavour: the Nature Fintech company The Landbanking Group. Martin is also known from a broad portfolio of publications, including the book ‚A Good Disruotion‘, as well as articles in The Banker, Barron’s and several others. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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