The Most Effective Drink for a Fatty Liver – Video

The Most Effective Drink for a Fatty Liver – Video

Berg emphasizes the importance of using a straw to protect your teeth from the acidity of the drink. He also warns against drinking the mixture straight, as it can be too acidic and advises against it if you have severe stomach burning, which may indicate an ulcer. However, for many people with indigestion, heartburn, and acid reflux, this simple combination of apple cider vinegar and lemon water can offer significant benefits. The two ingredients work together to support liver health, reduce free radical damage, improve insulin sensitivity, aid in digestion, and potentially reduce fat in the liver. Dr. Berg provides a step-by-step guide on how to make the drink and highlights the benefits of using organic apple cider vinegar and whole lemons for maximum efficacy. If you’re looking for a natural, simple, and effective way to support your liver health, apple cider vinegar and lemon water may just be the perfect solution.

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Find out how to make a simple liver cleanser with just two ingredients.

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0:00 Introduction: Apple cider vinegar and lemon water
0:12 Health benefits of apple cider vinegar
2:44 Health benefits of lemon juice
4:18 How to make a natural liver cleanser
5:23 Learn more about apple cider benefits!

In this video, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and how they can be used to make an effective, natural liver cleanser.

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is the main source of its benefits. Apple cider vinegar can help combat insulin resistance and make you more sensitive to insulin.

When you’re more insulin-sensitive, you have better blood sugar, better cognitive function, less stored fat in the liver, and less inflammation.

Apple cider vinegar also helps reduce oxidative stress and can slow free radical damage. It helps you store glycogen in the liver, which helps with exercise and stamina. Apple cider vinegar improves digestion and can decrease bloating and appetite.

Fairchild’s Apple Cider Vinegar is a great option because it’s organic and not diluted. Organic apple cider vinegar is the best choice, and “the mother” is not always necessary.

Lemon juice has potent anti-inflammatory properties and is packed full of antioxidants. You can juice a lemon or blend the whole lemon for even more benefits.

Lemon contains citric acid, which prevents kidney stones and supports your cells’ mitochondria. Lemons have a powerful hepatoprotective effect and can help reduce liver enzymes, especially after drinking alcohol.

Research suggests that lemons can help decrease fat in your liver and help correct cholesterol imbalances. Lemon is also effective against free radical damage and oxidative stress.

To make a simple, natural liver cleanser, combine 12 to 16 ounces of water, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Drink the mixture with a straw to protect your teeth.

If you experience burning in your stomach or suspect that you have an ulcer, don’t drink this—instead, focus on natural ways to heal your ulcer first.

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Thanks for watching! I hope you find this natural liver cleanser recipe helpful for cleansing your liver. I’ll see you in the next video.

Video Transcript

One of my favorite drinks for the liver is the combination between apple cider vinegar and lemon today let’s talk about the benefits of combining both of these amazing ingredients into one drink let’s talk about apple cider vinegar in itself some people uh have this idea that it’s

Filled with all sorts of nutrients and you have the mother that’s doing all these wonderful things well there’s not actually a lot of nutrients in alide vinegar there’s a little bit and also the mother um yes it might have some enzymes and some probotics but mainly it’s sediment so it’s not

Some magical thing that’s creating these effects it’s mainly the basic acetic acid but this acetic acid is quite amazing first of all it’s an acid made by certain bacteria that has a lot of cool effects on our bodies it will uh address some big problems that a lot of people have especially insulin

Resistance it helps you make insulin more sensitive so insulin works in the body and and if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes or you just have insulin resistance apple cider vinegar can help correct this problem because if insulin is made more sensitive you’re going to have better blood sugar you’re going to

Have better cognitive function you’re going to store uh less fat in the liver you’re going to have less inflammation so apple cider vinegar can actually stop that whole process from occurring and in some aspects potentially could reverse it appleid of vinegar also helps um this thing called o oxidative stress so all

This free radical damage that can happen Apple CID of vinegar can kind of slow it down Apple CID of vinegar also helps you uh store glycogen in the liver and so that’s going to actually help you with exercise and your capacity to use your stored fuel in the liver as well as the

Muscles and at the same time the brain will get fuel from the liver also I’ve noticed a great lessening of the appetite when you do applea vinegar and better digestion less bloating now I will say most of the research I’m going to put down below on elid of vinegar

Backing up some of these claims are done on mice okay so if you have I don’t know pet hamster pet mouse definitely put them on upset of vinegar as well now as far as the type of Aleta vinegar organic okay I prefer Fair Childs over brags because they don’t dilute it is it

Important to have the mother um not necessarily we’re after a high quality acidic acid and as far as commercial Apple Ceta vinegar that’s not organic you know it could contain pesticides and stuff like that so just make sure you get the organic type now let’s switch

Gears to Lemon right now you could just do lemon juice uh or you could just juice the lemon or you could just blend the whole lemon which takes more time and of course if you have a drink that blends the lemon you’ll have a lot of extra benefits uh especially the

Phytonutrients the essential oils that are in the outside peel there’s all sorts of flavonoids which are just natural compounds that have a lot of different effects from antioxidant effects to anti-inflammatory so basically in a lemon you have citric acid which is good to prevent kidney stones it will also help you support the

Mitochondria also you have vitamin C unless you are taking lemon juice from a bottle that’s been pasteurized so combined it creates a hipat protective effect liver protecting effect there’s been some studies of course on mice that have drinken alcohol that it can help to reduce the liver enzymes so if your mice

Tend to be drinkers give them some lemon right after there’s also some interesting studies on using lemon for problems with different lipids and cholesterol imbalances in some of that research they used garlic combined with lemon but it was pretty credible this was done on humans and it was a randomized double blinded Placebo

Controlled trial there’s also a study I found where lemon can help reduce fat on your liver for the most part it’s going to help reduce free radical damage and oxidative stress and very simply and this is what I like about this it’s simple you get a glass of water 12

Ounces sometimes 16 ounces whatever you want to do and you put a tablespoon of Alid vinegar in there and put a tablespoon of lemon juice or squeeze the entire juice from a lemon or blend the entire lemon I would recommend using a straw so you don’t affect the teeth

Because it’s going to be slightly acidic and over time it could affect the enamel but not if you use a straw but I have to emphasize uh sometimes when I’ve recommended appleid of vinegar and lemon uh sometimes people just drink it straight without adding the water so

It’s going to it’s a little bit too uh acidic so don’t do that the only time I probably wouldn’t do this drink is if you feel like you have this severe burning in your stomach which could mean you have an ulcer in which case you don’t want to be taking apple cider

Vinegar in your gut however uh many people that have indigestion heartburn acid reflex don’t have an ulcer so this is probably just a reminder of this drink because you probably already know about it but it’s actually a very simple thing that can create some really cool benefits as well as giving you energy

Now if you haven’t seen this video on alider vinegar it’s actually very interesting I put it up right here check it out

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