The Real Reason Why This Country is the Most Overweight in the World – Video

The Real Reason Why This Country is the Most Overweight in the World – Video

The video “Why Is This Country the MOST OVERWEIGHT in the World (THE REAL REASON)?” explores the reasons behind Nauru being the fattest country in the world. With 94.5% of its population either overweight or obese, and an average weight of 225 lbs per person, Nauru also has the highest rate of diabetes of any other country. The video discusses how Nauru experienced a mineral boom in 1975, leading to a period of extreme wealth and urbanization, and subsequently, corruption. However, once the mineral was depleted, the country fell into deep poverty. The shift from traditional, nutrient-rich foods to westernized, ultra-processed foods, along with the destruction of marine life and the importation of almost 100% of food and water, has contributed to the obesity epidemic in Nauru.

The video also delves into the detrimental effects of ultra-processed foods, artificial starches, synthetic sugars, and inflammatory seed oils on the body. Dr. Eric Berg emphasizes the importance of education and awareness about healthy, nutrient-dense foods to combat this crisis. The video aims to raise awareness about the impact of cultural, economic, and dietary factors on obesity rates in Nauru, and to encourage viewers to prioritize their health and well-being.

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What is the fattest country in the world? Learn more about the country where over 94.5% of the population is overweight or obese.

0:00 Introduction: What is the fattest country in the world?
0:33 Why is obesity so prevalent in Nauru?
2:23 Ultra-processed foods
4:43 Side effects of seed oils and ultra-processed foods
5:25 Learn more about how to get healthy and lose weight!

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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis and intermittent fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this has increased your awareness about Nauru and some of the reasons why it’s the fattest country in the world. I’ll see you in the next video.

Video Transcript

Today we’re going to talk about the number one fattest country in the entire world can you guess what it is go ahead and comment down below we’re talking about 94.5% either overweight or obese with an average weight of 225 lbs per person and on top of it this country has the

Highest rate of diabetes of any other country it’s one of the small islands in the South Pacific it’s called Naru but it’s a very tiny uh country it has a population of 11,000 now what happened in 1975 there was this huge boom with this mineral called phosphate and this country became

One of the richest countries in the world in a short period of time so they had a lot of money they had a lot of cars a lot of buildings and of course with that came corruption until the point where all of this mineral was completely gone it was depleted from the

Land and this country went into into a deep poverty state where it’s remained ever since now the question is what happened to bring this obesity rate from 2% up to I think it’s like 61% we do know they went from their traditional foods to westernized processed food if you want to call it

That traditionally they ate a lot of fish they had coconuts fruits they had vegetables they had terot root but they didn’t eat much grain or seed oil they had palm oil and coconut oil but they made the shift to more grains process grains uh what we call alra processed

Foods which also include highly refined seed oils and so some people might blame this inactivity that may be part of it and other people will say it’s well it’s more sodium or more saturated fat and that’s not really the root cause of this obesity problem or diabetes so here you

Have this culture that can no longer grow anything on their soils because it’s been depleted so you can’t have a garden 40% of the marine life has been destroyed from pollution nearly 100% of the food is imported they have to import the water which is expensive it’s actually more expensive than soda they

Started seeing obesity start at 15 months old and so if we take a look at the guts or the basic building blocks of ultra processed food we have mainly three major major ingredients okay we have artificial starches and these synthetic sugars as well as in corn syrup or glucose syrup the definition of

Ultra means extreme process means you’re changing something into something else and you’ve taken every bit of life out of that food it’s not a food the definition of food is something to nourish the body to give us energy how can you do that with these ingredients

And then we we also have these highly inflammatory seed oils I mean seed oils are a highly reactive not very stable fat that can now sit on the shelf for a long period of Time how can it do that because it’s dead but it’s oxidized and

So when it goes in your body it can create a lot of problems I’m talking about insulin resistance I’m talking about obesity on a very large scale in fact seed oils are really the only trending item that parallels obesity even more than sugar sugar actually has come down but seed oils have gone

Straight up in vertical you know when people talk about Ultra processed foods they talk about oh yeah it’s it’s filled with saturated fats I mean they might put some saturated fats in there like palm oil and that’s also uh process as well but that has a lot less amount of

This omega-6 oil I think if I’m not mistaken it’s like 10% of this Omega 6 compared to the others that are just completely filled with and so what gets people is that when they read the label they don’t really understand what these things are so they don’t read labels but the starches would

Be called like modified food starch or modified corn starch or molto extran the sugars would be corn syrup or glucose syrup and the synthetic seed oils would be of course corn canola or cotton seed or safflower or soy oil now I have a personal friend that has just visited

Vised these islands and they gave me a lot of information about this topic they’re just filling the shelves with these oils but not just that they are also in these other foods and so they create a lot of damage including nutritional deficiencies as well as creating more hunger so it’s going to

Make you want to eat uh and eat and eat but never really be satisfied because there’s not enough nutrients in there to turn off the brain so it’s just a constant hunger in a constant inflammatory state it just must be miserable Ultra processed foods should come with a blackbox warning that they

Put on certain medications to warn people against the serious side effects I mean the side effects from multiprocess food are worse than some of the drugs it should basically say ultrapress maybe food-like stuff with a blackbox warning so people know what’s going to happen if they eat that that is

Not the solution the solution starts with education on the Basic Foods that really fit this definition of the word food out of the dictionary and if you want that information I put it in a video right here check it out

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