The Simple Solution to Why You can’t Sleep – Video

The Simple Solution to Why You can’t Sleep – Video

Struggling with sleep issues like insomnia, restless leg syndrome, or sleep apnea? The solution might be simpler than you think. In this video titled “Why You Can’t SLEEP! Simple Fix,” Dr. Eric Berg explains how vitamin D can be the key to a restful night’s sleep.

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in improving sleep quality, gut health, and immune function. It works in conjunction with magnesium to address issues like cramping, heart palpitations, and high cortisol levels. If you’re experiencing sleep disturbances and taking magnesium isn’t helping, it could be a sign that your body needs more vitamin D.

To optimize your sleep, Dr. Berg recommends taking vitamin D with co-factors like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6 at dinner time. Ensure your room is cool, limit exposure to bright lights before bed, and stay hydrated to prevent any potential side effects.

With practical tips and scientific insights, this video offers valuable information on how vitamin D can positively impact your sleep patterns and overall health. So, if you’re looking to achieve a deep, restorative sleep, consider adding vitamin D to your nightly routine and experience the difference it can make.

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Take this vitamin at dinner time to get better sleep tonight!


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In this video, I’m going to tell you how to sleep better at night. Many people suffer from numerous sleep issues and disturbances, such as trouble getting to sleep, frequent waking to urinate, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome.

Vitamin D can improve all of these sleep issues. Not only can it improve sleep quality, but it can also improve gut health and immune function.

Vitamin D works synergistically with magnesium, which improves cramping, restless leg syndrome, heart palpitations, and high cortisol levels. If you’re taking magnesium for these issues and it’s not working, it could be because you need vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories.

Sleep, diet, and exercise are vital for your health, with sleep at the top of the list. The nerves in the hypothalamus that control sleep are full of vitamin D receptors. If you’re obese, diabetic, or aging, your need for vitamin D dramatically increases.

Less than 40 ng/mL of vitamin D can negatively affect your health. Vitamin D levels should be between 70 and 100 ng/mL or more for therapeutic benefit.

Blood tests detect the inactive form of vitamin D and can’t tell you if vitamin D is reaching your cells. Try taking at least 30,000 IUs of vitamin D3 for better sleep, and remember to consume plenty of water daily. Cut down on dairy to limit calcium intake and take vitamin K2, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6, the cofactors of vitamin D.

For better sleep, try the following sleeping tips:
•Take vitamin D with cofactors at the last meal of the day
•Make sure the room is cool
•Avoid electronics and bright lights 2 hours before bed

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Thanks for watching! I hope this improves your sleep quality and helps you get better sleep tonight. I’ll see you in the next video.

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