The Treatment I Receive in Southall, London: The Indian Capital of Europe – Video

The Treatment I Receive in Southall, London: The Indian Capital of Europe – Video

Join me on an adventure through the vibrant streets of Southall, London – known as the Indian capital of Europe. This bustling area is also referred to as Little India, and for good reason. It’s a melting pot of cultures, bringing together people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and more.

In this video, we dive into the heart of Southall, exploring the amazing culture of India and its influence on the local community. From trying some of the best Indian food to interacting with the diverse group of people who call this place home, this video is an immersive experience into the soul of Southall.

As we navigate the streets, we sample delicious Indian cuisine and learn about the various regional flavors and spices. From traditional dishes like chicken tika masala to street food delights like pani puri, the food tour of Southall is a sensory experience that will leave your taste buds craving more. We even venture into London’s top-rated Indian vegetarian restaurant to take a peek at the mouthwatering delights on offer.

But it’s not just about the food. We also engage in conversations with local residents, learning about their backgrounds and where their families originate from. This adds depth and insight into the rich tapestry of cultures that make Southall such a unique and vibrant community.

With vibrant markets, fresh fruits, and a lively atmosphere reminiscent of cities like Mumbai, Southall is a place to savor and immerse oneself in the flavors and traditions of India and beyond. So join us on this journey through Southall, London – the Indian capital of Europe, and get ready to be captivated by the sights, sounds, and tastes of this multicultural gem in the heart of the city. #london #travel #foodie #indianfood

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Video Transcript

This is the Indian capital of London South Hall India and Great Britain have had a long history British Raj and then in 1947 when India became independent that’s when a lot of Indians started immigrating to Great Britain chicken Tika Masala is the national dish of the

UK that’s crazy right so you have people from everywhere punjabis you have bengalis you have marati carolis and uh yeah lots of little shops around here you also have a lot of restaurants Outlets they told me it’s Bonnie booty on this trip so I’m looking for Bonnie

Booty gupa who’s going to challenge me Nate 30 40 oh yeah look look this by the way I ate here in New York sanan Baran my God I can’t even speak right now uh world’s number one Indian vegetarian restaurant let’s go in there I filmed the one in Lon Tav and

The one in Edison dude those two because we only have 2 hours of daylight left it it literally the sun sets at 4:45 here in in England right now so we’re going to keep walking down the street we’re going to see if we can find any of these street food vendors lots of

Different languages India there’s 30 like three official languages in terms of each state has its own and um I’m seeing Hindi I’m seeing uh Bengali and over there that strip looks a lot more colorful a lot of small restaurants right there they got everything bro red pakola per Perry chips Punjabi Samosa hello

Hello hi how you doing do you have Pon py yeah you do how do you sell it like six or 12 six pieces 3 six pieces 3B I’ll take that yeah perfect I’ll open up my appetite with this you know in India I do like 70 I do too many so

Three h yeah yeah for now that’s fine and you know what let me have some water yeah two bottles two bottles Bott yeah C or normal temperature normal temperature is fine so it’s 5 hey I have I have a card if you need me card card’s better yeah you don’t

Need a cash anymore right in Great Britain it’s done and where are you from where’s your family from India no I know India but which state I’ve been I’ve been to Punjab so do you have mango lassi M no no no no mango lassi here but they got everything else they have Amari

Fish veg Momos Pani P that’s what I got paneer Tika wrap chicken Tika wrap this is the national dish again oh I need that water this is the best bro this is what I love about India go on the streets of Mumbai get yourself some Pani py some spicy Masala water the Sev

M leani love it prices of India look this that’s how you do it you drown the little so the different names different regions of India where you from Punjab Punjab whereand yeah been right there what you eat uh M M M how was your no amazing amazing yeah really good so

What you put in it chickpeas chickas tamaron CH and potatoes and Masala and got it you don’t have any more spice no more Spice in there you know what thank you I’m going to get some spice my sauce right here make it spicy dude it’s good food hey peace

Bro hey it’s really good it’s good you like it mhm you know what it is it’s Nostalgia I’ve been to India five times every time P py yeah that’s what we got to do got to fill them up to the rim see that in India they do something called

Floating Pani py where the plate is full of the Pani which is the water o nice and spiced no way better way to start a tour in South Hall I’ve been dreaming about it for years no matter where you go in India this is number

One love it were you born here no you’re over there three months only 3 months from Punjab wow are you from jolander I don’t know where jand I’ve been in Amar you it’s close yeah oh hey at the end the very bottom ooo mint very nice water yeah Tamarind

Mint that’s what um bani boy is it’s that water what that spiced water the ones that are like more like Christian weddings they’ll put vodka inside the bani boy crazy so that’s the first dish down now we got to find a Dosa and mutton briani where’s the best briani in

Town over here you too I mean they got everything I know we’re just trying to see more a few more spots before we go back but I might come back later yeah thank you is there any more food on this strip couple of restaurants but no no

Like food stalls like no street food Mary Mary my will me my will so Mary Mercy means my will thank Youk you all right let’s go Daddy what up what up what up what up bro hello we good let walk to this Market over here

I’ve se you on YouTube you seen it on Tik Tok on Tik Tok yeah awesome thanks bro might be difficult to walk into the supermarket with this camera but I feel like we should or at least the outside look at the outside woo it’s cold starting rain let’s get under the cover right

Here to they’re selling sorry guys so got chickpeas forever chickpeas chopped tomatoes just are these are just regular stuff some of the stuff is uh Indian look sodas this like a flaky uh dessert FY Brown fenny wow look at this nuts massive cookie bro it’s a cashew and almond cookie humongous oh what’s

That it’s like a corn look look this guy’s selling sweet corn so if you want sweet corn you can get this right here on the street that’s some more street food I personally can pass on this I don’t need sweet corn I don’t know if

They do as good as they do in India where they throw like a million pieces of butter on top Tomatoes oranges lots of fresh fruits and right here we have mango mango is the national fruit of India these look like mine we have some in South Florida wow it’s nice

The colors of the fruits let me see Quality Foods That’s the most authentic thing I’ve seen here this guy with the drums it’s like I’m in Mumbai bro just like crazy okay over there we have more markets so lots of fruits and vegetable markets it does look a little bit like Jersey City Edison the way it is yeah it

Does it does bro Edison New Jersey let’s see who wants to have a chitchat with David’s been here let’s go I love the hot man from pwar yeah you I bought it in pesha in Pakistan no hey it’s similar no no no similar had Afghani yeah yeah Afghani

Hat but but in pwar in in Pas they have it yeah thank you amazing Hey where’s the best chap Kebab chap Kebab on the Broadway on the Broadway they have chap Kebab CH Keb no way yeah but not outside in a restaurant in restaurant no okay thank you thank you amazing so Afghani

No yeah Afghani one day one day I’ll go to Afghan Afghani pul out is amazing dude best rice dish I had in Pakistan Northern Pakistan ever seen an herbal car bro it’s actually nice look at all thiso it’s cool beautiful my daughter’s out buy wow it’s

Big this is like a market hey hold on this this is actually a big Market let’s go inside hello a nice and warm in here all right so this is an Indian market covered oh my gosh it’s huge just like a maze oh like so bright so bright look at my

Eyes what are we going through let’s pass through the middle so it’s it’s like a lot small little shop selling women’s clothing and some jewelry which place you America America wow where you from Goa Goa lots of people from Goa yeah you see Goa Kerala

I’ve been to carala no carala is not Goa I know I know I know it’s next door it’s next door yeah yeah no I’ve been I’ve been to Kerala I’ve been to Assam meala Punjab you go one time uh in Goa I will go one time yeah go has the best beaches

Yeah best beaches and people also good yeah but there is uh if proper Goan then good yeah another Kerala would be and another Indian is there so they not more help okay how many languages do you speak three three three everybody speaks con Hindi and some english and some

English okay and how long you’ve been here 15 years 15 years oh amazing you go one time I will I will go one time going cry if you want my number you take oh yeah like that any any you want to help I’m making perfect and is there any good

Food here in next door go food they have going food yeah going this is going food yeah so what do they have is going what’s going this all see there is let’s see hello hi hi my friend over here was telling me there’s some good Goen food

Here is it okay yes this all go food that’s all Goen food so the Croquettes are going yes so that comes from the Portugues Portuguese influence no so what type of Croquettes are those that’s the beef croquet yeah and then this one’s a potato three types of PR prawn also let

Me get one prawn just want to try a prawn got to try some of the going food yeah yeah does it come with any Chutney on the side or no yes yes it does they also have some CH do so this is like it’s a go s this is a go sweet so

Everybody here’s from Goa yeah yeah yeah uh lot of lot of go people is here is that the biggest like uh community in the air in Southall communities wow how many different communities from India are there is there like a big uh Tamil Community is there a big Punjabi Punjabi

Gujarati um and Muslim Goan Punjabi Gujarati is Indian they’re not in Goa we proper Goen proper Goen yeah yeah so Goen I have a friend from Goa chistian Christian yeah yeah of course lot of churches down there vas the Gama arrived in carala and that eventually he went

North that’s a Portuguese and they have a lot of fish in the cuisine as well lots of good fish I had a fried fish next with those so good there’s nice little spots like this like we came into a building and it’s like a market Bengali people a lot of lot of

Bengalis yeah no Bengali Community huge West bangal and bang Bangladesh so is the prawn croat PR chops yeah po chops Angelo right yeah nice to meet you yeah Thor son of Odin I love it man Vahala so this is called a shrimp chop shrimp chops yeah I’ll give you some

More items so you can test okay perfect here let me see this it’s a little bit hot yeah be careful it’s a little hot and what’s this a ketchup ketchup yeah good with the ketchup yeah a little hot mhm a little hot oh it’s very nice

Super soft it’s a little like crunchy on the outside see it’s like flaky like this very unique cut you got onions you got prawns you have two different layers of the dough cuz that outside it’s fried inside still super doughy get some of that so Angelo egg chops pra chops beef chops

This is a going window they have a few different drinks as well I think I’m going to get one of those do you have any fresh drinks these are the all like soft drinks all soft drinks we make the fresh lime soda fresh lime soda cold coffee cold coffee fresh lime soda I’ll

Do a fresh lime soda you want to try yeah I’ll try a fresh lime soda try something different chicken fried Masala powder so they sell different items as well so it’s like an eery SL famous yeah I know what’s happening we I’m hungry this is amazing it’s like

Stepping F into a different land in South Hall I heard so many good good things about this place when I was in India they were like no you have to go South Hall like the little layer of shrimp it’s a little salty too tastes of sea and

Goa I don’t know what it get I me he bring more stuff yeah people here are very friendly oh dude it’s crazy it’s like you really are entering a different planet when you come to South Hall everybody here all South Asia got s Lankans Indians pakistanis bangladeshis nepales beef Crockett beef

Crocketts can find some so small and delicate yeah but it tastes very nice and what is this on the outside it’s a bread crumb just bread crumbs look how tiny these these are like pinky cetes look at the I won’t lie I’ve never seen this small first time

Seeing it like this tiny tastes really good and this is like a what uh sweet and sour sweet and sour oh I know I said that Spain has the best crets Bell ones but damn these beef crets you know it’s a little taboo beef in India banga carala there

You have meat eating uh or beef eating people CU it’s a lot of Christians down there it’s a mix of cultures you got Muslims Christians of Hindi hey bro the beef is amazing amazing number one cut of all time I I might say it’s the best cette

Ever ni it’s like it’s pure beef the whole thing is beef no I know it’s it’s just like a pure beef and then a little bit of breakast on the outside but it’s a light layer and it’s a good sweet uh sweet and sour sauce yeah thank you how are you

Are you hungry no you sure he’s serving me too much food so what do we have here fresh lime soda fresh lime soda yeah it’s basically lime and Sprite what you what are you doing to me dude I haven’t drank soda in 5 years oh

Man what do we have here that’s the beef steak bread beef steak bread so this like a miness fish BRS bus that’s your Sunday special and sorry so how long have you been here uh it’s almost uh a year now but year in England or how long have you

Been year 12 years 12 years yeah yeah how have things changed in the past 12 years everything is okay but in the food wise doing I’m really doing good like like go food we have a lot of go people in South Hall mostly they work for hitro

Airport so they come just just take the parcel and they go like you know they’re very busy with so is that why South so popular because everybody works at the H air airport yeah oh I didn’t know that yeah that’s the main thing and they have

Like one bus Which straight go to hitro airport 105 so that’s why it’s like more easy for them so after when they finish the work they come here they take some parcel like samosas or whatever they take it to give home that’s it and I have a lot of food also like different

Type of go food so what other um communities are there are there Gujarati because I have Gujarati customer Punjabi Bengali they love my samosas it’s a really good samosas we do so what is this this is a beef cutlet with the salad beef cutlet with salads yeah so

This is a Goen sandwich I’m a sandwich in go mhm the bread thank you is and fluffy yeah oh spicy yes little bit not much not much not much it’s more breaded beef yeah so what what is this Goa is a lot of beef Goa yeah like most go are

Christian 75% Christian people see so we eat lot of beef and we are on the like you know Goa is famous for the beaches so we eat lot of fish like ining fish prawns mostly Seafood got it we love Seafood without Seafood no I know and Go

Fish rice is the main thing fish curry rice yeah and Goa is famous for their nightlife so if you ever want to go party in India you go to Goa not side not North Side north side yeah so night life how many days do you think I need

To go if I go three days how many three three two little two two little at least two weeks oh my God they always do this to me if you want to do the parties then two weeks also it’s like just like a one

Week I just want to eat okay mhm and if you go to go you get like a fresh Lobster you know mhm on the beach side the sex they bring you fresh lob you just have to choose which one you want and so what language do you speak Conan

Conan yeah K is the language of Goa Goa yeah Goan is k k otherwise we mostly speak English and Hindi so tell me some slanging going slang slang no no slang no bad word there are a lot of bad word but I don’t nice words nice because I

I’m on the YouTube so people well say say welcome to South Hall okay I love the people from South Hall because they are giving very good business for me and they love my food mostly the crcket I I was surprised you recognize like in one second you said

Crocod is like proper like pure beef you know I know some people they want to like mixture we don’t do all that that’s the best cro I was like really shocked like how you you came to know like it’s like proper no no it’s proper the thing

Is that I’ve had a lot of Croquettes I’m from Miami we have Latin America you know Cubans have cats but in Spain they have better cuz bashal in Belgium and Holland they also have okay but these the best thank you they’re also beef I never really had beef or cat okay there

Really good stuff so next time you guys come to South Hall come to him and what what’s the name of your shop wanka go wanka Goan Brad okay have a nice day BR thank you thank you I appreciate it I’m going to go to Goa need to go to Goa so across

The street we have a nice Kebab stand this like a fast food Burger Shack I think they literally copied buring dude look at this they copied them let called capitalism so all markets oh look want some ice cream let’s get some KFI see hello how are you my

Friend oh you have Dal py this this is actually better so I had P py ear but I would have Dal Pui oh seuri oh seuri is so good dri yeah Nadal sorry I’m getting confus too long I’m in the Caribbean too long dude too long D Puri This Yogurt

Puri and this is SE Puri this is with the little stuff on top yeah one I personally love dahi Puri more than Pani Puri you Pani Puri more little Alo it’s Alo stuffing right it yes dahri is the cousin of pan Puri what’s the difference panri has water

Dri has yogurt correct so he pops open the rice puff ball he so he PPS it open and then he sticks he fills it with this potato mash with chickpeas uh potato so it’s Alo uh just some masalas in there gives it a nice spice mint chy mint sauce it’s mint next is

Tamarind wow bro where you from Pakistan Pakistan zindabad zindabad where’s the niari chap Kebab siman so really this is galapa this isn’t even dri this is galapa they call it differently wow that’s for you bro yeah I’ll fit it in I’ll make room for it oh he’s making it like

Amazing bro how many things did you put on top sa no and pomr it coriander parsley oh parsley that parsley yeah dri dude this is a an overload I told you I could eat like 37 of these it’s amazing it’s it’s sweet and creamy extra crunchy where you from in Pakistan

Yeah where’s that is that North or brother I mean I’ve been to Karachi it’s not bad special water look how beautiful this is there’s way more filling than bani py this one’s is extra have you tried it before no it’s so good what is it this is dii Puri so it’s a yogurt

Puri okay than so many flavors in one bite look he added so many chutneys like that these are chats in India wow it’s too much it’s amazing we’re here in this street food corner and over here England like it looks so diverse from this to that you has so many different chots

Sweet corn Lam Samosa pink te you come here often you don’t want to be in the video you should be in the video but but let me ask you you come here often yeah yeah what do you eat uh veget vegetable Samosa yeah Indian vegetable is the best Pakistan all my Pakistani

Brothers best dish in Pakistan Nihari yeah Nihari Kebab briani chapol Kebab yeah yeah what’s your favorite dish Pakistani dish bani bani mutton or which one chicken bani chicken B yeah for me it’s always going to be the niari I need that delicious beef stew so good in

Karachi I’m going to finish this guys I knew I was going to finish it I love this the best thing my friend how much I owe you are you sure dude hey thank you so much bro thank you guys thank you appreciate in South bro the

Best dri dri he also has lamb Samosa I saw lamb Samosa wow and he has mangol lassi here has everything look look down here carrot juice sweet good oh and k bro I might come back at the end for K yeah what’s the name of your shop it’s getting dark I’m pretty full

But I can keep going got to keep experiencing this beautiful place South Hall the guy here with the drums non-stop yeah Merry Christmas Merry Christmas right here we have my favorite sweet in India this is called a Jellaby that is dough that they put into like a little cylinder like a these little

Circles and then when they pull it out after it’s been fried they mix it over here with the sugar syrup as you can see he’s like submerging it so it soaks up look at that all that Sugar it’s amazing man I had this first time in ch ch in in

Delhi yeah right man first day in India I had this it was amazing I’m going to try yours yeah yeah yeah for sure and where you from I’m from but which which state okay so you’re another Punjab so a lot of punjabspectrum Sy up that’s how you gain that weight in

India no seriously I gain so much weight every time I go to India it’s too much there is it jell it’s almost like a funnel cake it’s hot that’s the best way man has to be hot and it’s cold oh my god with sugar it’s so rich my gosh what a bite

My friend just like sugar bomb like boom hits you oh you’re recording hey no [Laughter] Paparazzi every time you buy the Crunch and then boom it’s seriously extra sweet like a small J some customer want big one that everywhere different different shap got it yeah this is great that you’re

Actually eating street food on the street you know that doesn’t exist anymore anywhere else W anywhere in the western world I love it bro what else you have here porus somosas poris poras badan milk rabi Fuda it’s delicious but it is like a filler and what’s your place called vegetarian Indian restaurant

AAR yeah aarant AAR how much you and sweet salce oh sweets too what do you have Jellaby gimon gab jam gulab jamun gulab jamun and kachori no not a kachori rasula rasula gulab jamun that is like the staple Indian uh sweet it’s it’s like a almost like a bread pudding that’s

Soaking in sugar syrup and hot and they have rasgula rasgula is from uh from Kolkata yeah very good I know dude I’ve been I’ve been bro I got I got my history Jam from oh man too many sweets these are amazing all these right here and this is like coconut coconut bread

Almost like coconut pudding are you also Punjabi yes yes from where Punjab Punjab Punjab I I think in Punjab but Punjab and question what languages do you speak Punjabi Punjabi so you speak Hindi Punjabi English English yes so all three and are you guys all family or no just

Everybody’s Punjabi yes not family and does everybody that work in this restaurant Punjab mostly in harana and Gujarat and Punjab yeah and have you most of you been here for a long time born in India or born here born in India born in India okay no

Cuz I know there’s a huge history with India and England people coming for decades you know some people are first generation we our fourth generation that was delicious now I feel like I need a bed try anything ooh you’re going to kill me bro you’re going to kill me one more all

Right gab Jon Let’s go with Gab oh you have hot we have to have the hot one this is the one you’re supposed to have you’re not supposed to have the cold one cold one’s not good enough not in this cold you just need one look that’s that’s the hot

One so it’s a flower ball super hot it’s very be careful no I know you’re supposed to cut it in half so the best thing to do is cut it like this and then you let it sit there for a second and go like that fill it up but again pure sugar oh

Man oh was so sweet the inside just like falls apart it’s it’s bread pudding bro it’s so amazing this is the national Suite of India it’s literally bread pudding you can’t have it cold oh it’s hot it’s too good yeah too hot too hot getting my Indian audience back bro you have

Amazing clothing stores and next to we have a kebabish kebabish what do they got chicken curry lamb curry chicken briani lamb briani lamb briani can we go in what does they have outside they have chats the fish pakora special Cho Kebab they have Cho Kebab I

I mean these are the best bro these poror the onion pakora it’s like a onion bloom put together like a little ball it’s great stuff they also have some garlic naan Kula all the different breads right here is literally all the breads look at this T tandur hello how are you amazing let’s

Go come come hello wow hey how you doing my friend you going to make some naan every yeah how many l you want no whatever you want to make you show me yeah it’s warm so nice but in summer very so where you from Pakistan Pakistan zindabad

Pakist Z what city la la la la la la I’ve been to laor yeah but my favorite thing in in Pakistan is Nihari you know I know it’s good food over there niari paa halim and uh CH in the morning with the Puri Hala Puri with the

Culture is very nice you’ve been here a long time yeah it’s 23 years 23 years yeah I’m here you left Pakistan 23 years ago but every year I’m going to Pakistan every year okay hey thank you thank you so much guys thank you so much thank you

Appreciate it hey thank you so much thank you let’s go South Hall has been a dream seriously think we’re going to make our way to the very end here make a left and then try to see if we can find a Dosa do you see Sky I haven’t seen the

Sun in about a week yeah I might go shopping for my kids lot of little uh bangal spots everywhere you see like clothing yeah look look all this Bengals for days bro more street food more dri p py man it’s another Mall literally another Mall down in here

Let’s go let’s go yeah but it’s all wom this stuff Bengals kangles hey how you doing asalam alikum everything good bro this is beautiful stuff where’s this from yeah that’s from Pakistan from Pakistan and you’re from Pakistan I went some but that mat from oh wow very beautiful yeah

I was thinking I have to buy something for my kids like Bengals or something you know inside here inside let’s go let’s see hello hi we got Bengals so many things well it’s all women’s clothing hey guys how you doing hey oh this is beautiful like for my

Kids I just don’t know if my daughters would wear this no no right it’s it’s very beautiful though look at look at all the in designs the colors the flowers this is very nice yes no I have two dos I was just think like seeing if I could buy Bengals or something for

Them you know okay just no just Punjabi suits no I know I know it’s beautiful though okay maybe one day when my go my daughter’s go to Punjab we wear this yeah bring it that and then I give the for her perfect thank you thank you so

How big is this by the way 1,000 M 1,000 M and it’s all shops like this it’s focused on women’s clothing yeah they have the 32 units 3 two units any Bengals for for girls uh next to next to okay thank you hello here we go here they are bro

Hello hello is it okay if we film is okay for it what does that mean Money Matters money matters if I buy my daughter something is it okay yes it’s okay yeah I don’t know what’s the difference here what I guess they’re just all different Bangals yes of course

They’re different sizes yeah these are nice for my daughters I love your sarcasm you pay for it dude what do you think 5-year-old seven-year-old yeah which ones sizewise yeah I will show you from there I bought my daughter some nice cankles when I was in uh

Cara this size this is for like a s8y old girls younger girls like no this is like no this is like minimum I think it’s too too tight no no no definitely not no no 100 1% we have more bigger sizes but we know that yeah how much is

It for this one that one you sell at 3 3 pound 3 a pack yes and is there one more size bigger let me see that’s the same size yes same size same size that’s the colorful that’s only single colors all right you know what let me get two like

This two like this I think only one left okay so then I take one and one M okay what is this like a no I know but the music is like Hindi rap is that Hindi rap yeah it yeah it’s a Punjabi rap actually sorry it’s Punjabi rap Punjabi rap yes it’s not

Hindi it’s Punjabi you can get in I think Ras Ras it’s a good thick one like a like a Punjabi lassi Punjabi yeah you can they made it for you okay perfect thank you so much the packet for you okay anything else that’s it thank you

And so how long have you been here in uh South I’m here in this shop is around 10 years 10 years but you’ve been in England for 10 years or L I got more than 24 years 24 years wow and it’s a huge Punjabi population here in South

Hall yeah yes all Punjabi all Punjabi the Punjabi operations yeah but in the weekends you can get mixture customers they come from the Manchester C there European customers more either from we can say like uh Holland Belgium Norway so have got every type of customer so lots of tourists come

Tourists a lot comes a lot all very famous even for the food as well is a very good food is there as well so people come for no of course I mean it’s truly India everywhere it’s amazing like a mini India yeah mini India it’s a

Famous and and why did they stay why do they stay in South Hall because the heat throw is that why cuz somebody told us that a lot of people work also as because it’s very close for the flights and everything and here is we have got like more religious thing like garas we

Are a sick people we have got so many garas there mhm and it’s a very from the starting is very popular yes before I came I know that South Hall is very popular even I back home I heard about the South Hall South Hall so it

Came here South Hall yeah this is South Hall very popular I’ve been recommended South Hall for years everybody’s like go to South Hall go to South Hall you you be like you’re in India you know how many languages do you speak so I can speak three four language but I’m

Basically not from India I’m from Afghanistan oh you’re from Afghanistan yes I’m from Afghanistan SC Afghanistan okay nice here mostly population if you can see is from more from mostly oh yeah yes and there’s a lot of seik cuz you’re siik right yeah here in this market all

Of them same from Afghanistan yeah but there was a quite long time they came here yeah yeah 24 years 20 25 20 means approximately 20 years old when we came like a together so similar all from there so wow do you speak Dar I can

Speak yes yeah I can speak my fiance is from Iran from yeah yeah Iranian and Afghani is a little bit different yeah a little different it’s only difference between the pronoun when you talk is a little bit different it sounds wow but I cannot speak P only I is very hard

One they’re all hard they’re all really hard I’m sorry what’s your name my name isii yes pleas thank you so much thank you so much amazing I love all your stuff very nice stuff come here if you need bangal for Bangals come to him all right guys so we walked out of there

Next up we’ll find some dosas hey need a Dosa H yes yeah coconut chutney yeah I think I could use that going for the best Dosa on Earth I want I’m thinking just some Masala DOA which is a spiciest one uh the Mas are spicy one yeah the pikara pikara yeah this one

Kadosa kadosa is also spicy it’s also spicy okay so how a kadosa there’s the water this restaurant has a never ending food I’m actually surprised they have beer and wine dude most of them don’t have any beer or wine taste the beef beef shank beef shank no no they don’t have any beef

Here of course vegetarian this is a double the number one the number one world’s number one Indian vegetarian restaurant chain S saravana Bava so been to three of them they have like a dozen dosas I went with the kadosa which is spicy they also have a lot of regional

Offerings what else I got my look at this list huge okay so right here we have some sball this Sall then coconut chutney mint Chutney and this one is tomato tomato chutney perfect this is one of my favorite things ever for breakfast you can eat it all day in India it is hot

Oh you got to open it up look to say that spicy oh has become you got uh what is this cashews you have a few different herbs in there so you rip off a piece just like this and you go right here coconut chutney soak this up this is the one

Thing I had to eat before I left this area oh yeah and the alsoa it’s very soft not too crispy my God spicy maybe I already did it with this one oh my gosh so here you have all the Masala with the Alo look look this is

All super crispy best going to do is like just drench it actually Indian Doo Indian Crab SAR there like a tomato soup nice and Spicy you remember in South India I was having D every single day and kares not like this this is more temo this right here don’t they traditionally eat it with knife and pork no one eats with knife and pork bro everybody’s eating with hands all you

Indians is telling me you can’t eat it with with hands you’re wrong bro look now everything is just like like falling apart super spicy and this is that sweet coconut chutney is the ultimate Chutney I approve this B so I need more water so thirsty so southa is India in

England guys this is everything you can imagine you have markets you have non-stop restaurants and it’s not just Indian it’s Pakistani pesi Nepali Afghani I mean it’s a huge mix of South Asia really feels like you’re teleporting yourself to a different planet when you come here just go from

Padington station on the Elizabeth line to South Hall it’s before heat thr and you get off and you eat so that’s it for South Hall Little India in England peace let’s go

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