Unusual Ancient Stone Artifacts Discovered at Abu Ghurob in Egypt – Video

Unusual Ancient Stone Artifacts Discovered at Abu Ghurob in Egypt – Video

The video titled “Anomalous Ancient Stone Artifacts at Abu Ghurob in Egypt” takes viewers on a fascinating journey to a dynastic site that holds evidence of lost ancient high technology and machining. Located on the edge of a desert wasteland, the site showcases large bowl-like objects with strategically located holes not at the bottom, indicating that they were most likely crafted using advanced technology rather than by hand. These artifacts were found buried underground and have weathered heavily over time, leading to speculation that they were part of an ancient cataclysm around 12,000 years ago.

The video also explores the ruins of a small pyramid that appears to have been destroyed in a mysterious manner, showing signs of machine marks and evidence of tube drilling. It highlights the intricate construction of a stone called the hotep, comprised of six pieces that are perfectly aligned to North, Southeast, and West. Despite being heavily weathered, the site showcases smooth and even surfaces that are difficult to achieve by hand, indicating the possibility of ancient high technology at play.

With special permission from the ministry of Antiquities and the Kemet School located in Guiza, Egypt, the video provides a unique glimpse into an off-limits site that is not visited by tourists. It challenges the traditional understanding of Egyptian history and poses thought-provoking questions about the original builders of these ancient artifacts and structures. The video offers a tantalizing look at the mysteries of ancient Egypt, leaving viewers with a new perspective on the country’s rich history and the advanced technology that may have been utilized by its early inhabitants.

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Spe okay now we’re heading to Abu gurab or Abu gorab or Abu jurab which uh is a dynastic site but it also has some very curious pre-dynastic elements a lot of evidence of lost ancient high technology Machining so this is Abu gurab you can see it looks like a desert

Wasteland right on the edge though of where there is life and here we find these large bowl like things that were found by flenders pet tree I believe in the 19 century and you can see the hole that is strategically located right in the center of each one but not at the bottom

So very curious these unlikely were done by hand much more likely they were done with some kind of advanced technology they were not found all together as you see them now but they were lined up possibly to be sent to the Cairo Museum but actually never made it there

So you see in terms of the detail these um depressions and these weird Cog likee knobs again we see signs of machine marks in them so again likely they were done using some form of high technology they’re also heavily weathered in places it’s most probable that they were found buried

Underground and um were lined up like this quite strange and then as we turn we see the ruins of a small pyramid that was destroyed in some strange manner also there’s a slight curve here where uh the hole enters the bowl as if that was where liquid moved into the bowl and

Then around the rim very machine like curve or depression as if done by some kind of router now as we advance towards the pyramid we’re coming up first to a very fascinating construction out of stone called the hotep and this is comprised of large pieces of the crystallin

Stone as you can see actually there are six pieces and here again the curvature where the vertical and horizontal surfaces meet are so smooth and even it’s as if they were done by some kind of router and then we see flat surfaces which are almost perfectly flat very difficult to do by

Hand and again where the horizontal and vertical surfaces meet we also see some kind of tube drill evidence and then we have an overview of the the hotep and here you can see with the compass that this little pyramid is about 23 or 24° off North Southeast and West which is quite

Curious because normally they’re lined up perfectly north south east and west and some of the casing stone is still present but the whole pyramid rather than being bashed by vandals it literally looks like it exploded and here again we find more evidence of ancient tube Drilling and the hotep is comprised of

Six pieces you can see at the bottom there that horizontal machine cutting Mark and some believe that this is actually the lid of a shaft that goes down and interconnects with a tunnel system so the hotel is made out of a stone called travertine and it is created in places

Of volcanic activity with liquid water pools according to our geologist Susan Moore there may not be a large enough area of travertine located in Egypt so it may have actually been brought in from another part of the Middle East it’s in 1 2 3 four five six sections and perfectly aligned to North

Southeast and west but the pyramid in behind is 23° off so the pyramid was created prior to the time of the fonic Egyptians and in fact possibly 12,000 plus years ago this no one knows when this was made so again like we’ve seen at other locations especially in the Giza Plateau

Area though they say that the pyramids are in such bad shape because they were quarried um maybe even during dynastic times the damage looks cataclysmic as if it was struck by something possibly high heat and that fits in with uh the theory of Dr Robert shock the geologist that

Solar plasma may have actually struck specific parts of the Earth around 12,000 years ago and that would have caused this cataclysmic damage because the core is just a mess uh you would think that if it was being slowly qued that the core would still be intact but

It does look like a high heat event just blew and cracked the entire pyramid including the center luckily some of the casing stone is still here but of course all of the upper casing stone is gone because it would have been literally blown off Abu seir and Abu Gab are not seen by

Tourists and in general they are off limits you require special permission from the ministry of Antiquities to visit these sites the explanation or reasoning for that is unknown but we are here because we have permission thanks to the Kemet School located in guiza in Egypt check out their website at

Www.my.com they are the only people in my opinion who can properly show you dynastic as well as pre-dynastic super ancient Egypt now on the other side of the pyramid are these Sandstone bowls that have three holes drilled in them look at the level of wear uh weathering and wear on them

They too were most likely found buried underground and they have clearly been vandalized over the course of time no one has a clue what these originally were used for egyptologists say they were bowls for sacrificial blood but how would you drain the blood out if the hole is not in the

Bottom so to me this entire site yes it’s been vandalized over the course of time some of the stone appears to have Scorch heat marks and so I think this is a very good candidate for the ancient cataclysm of 12,000 years ago what I’m saying is that 5,000 years ago the

Dynastic Egyptians found this and the Giza plateau and other structures in the area in a state of decay they renamed them and they reused them for their own purposes but the whoever the original Builders were still eludes us to this very day

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