Unusual Phenomena Found Only in New Zealand: 20 Oddities to Explore! – Video

Unusual Phenomena Found Only in New Zealand: 20 Oddities to Explore! – Video

20 Strange Things That Only Exist in New Zealand!
As the filming location for the famous series The Hobbit, the birthplace of bungee jumping, a country where people prefer to walk barefoot rather than wearing shoes, that’s New Zealand – the last country to be settled in the world.
Join me in exploring New Zealand – a fascinating country with lush green forests, vast landscapes, and extremely friendly people. You’re sure to be amazed when you hear these interesting facts about New Zealand in the following moments!

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20 strange things that only exist in New Zealand as the filming location for the famous series The Hobbit the birthplace of bungee jumping a country where people prefer to walk Barefoot rather than wearing shoes that’s New Zealand the last country to be settled in the world join me in exploring New Zealand a

Fascinating country with lush green forests vast Landscapes and extremely friendly people you’re sure to be amazed when you hear these interesting facts about New Zealand in the following moments number 20 no snakes in New Zealand is anyone here afraid of snakes like I am if you’re scared of snakes leave a

Comment because I need to form a team of snake fearers to move to New Zealand right away New Zealand doesn’t have any native Snake species because the region was geographically isolated for millions of years before human settlement this isolation prevented snakes from reaching the islands additionally the climate and

Environment of New Zealand are not suitable for most snake species the neighboring country Australia has many Snake species both venomous and non-venomous but none of them have slithered over to New Zealand quite fascinating isn’t it although New Zealand doesn’t have any land snakes occasionally see snakes with yellow

Bellies visit these snakes live in salt water and swim from far away to the New Zealand Coast despite being small both are venomous and can pose a threat to local wildlife and humans however new zealanders have only spotted this Snake species 35 times since 1930 number 19 marry the world’s

Smallest dolphin the exclusive habitat of the smallest and rarest dolphin in the world the Maui dolphin is off the west coast of New Zealand Mau dolphins have a lifespan of 20 years and they only start reproducing at the age of seven a fully grown Maui dolphin measures 1.7 m and throughout their

Lives they mate only seven times averaging once every 3 years this species is facing the risk of Extinction primarily due to human induced threats especially from fishing activities specifically the Nets used by fishermen number 18 M People indigenous people of New Zealand as the first people to explore

And settle in New Zealand it’s not surprising that the Mari people make up 15.1% of the total population alongside English the Mari language is widely used in New Zealand facial tattoos are one of the distinctive features of the merry people these tattoos are traditionally done with sharp bone chisels sharp teeth

Or Stones they believe these tattoos make men appear stronger and fiercer in battles and more attractive to women the Mari people have a unique traditional greeting called hongi which involves pressing noses to together and concluding with a handshake this gesture symbolizes sharing each other’s Breath of Life clothing is also a significant

Aspect of Mari culture primarily made from Plants bird feathers and various animal hides typically women wear long dresses made from animal hides while men wear cloaks with loin cloths or leather skirts particularly the cloaks of the men are often made from bird feathers and are sleeveless to prepare the

Materials and complete the sewing process for a cloak it may take several months do you find the indigenous Mari people of New Zealand interesting let me know your thoughts in the comments below number 17 the last country to be inhabited by humans archaeologists have determined the date when humans first settled in

New Zealand approximately 750 years ago this makes New Zealand the last country to be inhabited by humans the settlers came from the Polynesian region of the South Pacific known as the Mori people Polynesians were renowned sea ferrers who specialized in exploring new lands number 16 the steepest street in

The world located in the suburbs of the city of Duneden in Southern New Zealand Baldwin Street is recognized as the steepest street in the world the straight road is about 350 M long running Eastward from the Lindsay Creek Valley up to the slope of Signal Hill at its steepest point the incline of

Baldwin Street is approximately 19° this means that for every 2.86 M horizontally the road ascends 1 M vertically today the residents of Baldwin Street as well as the people of dadin in general take pride in the Street’s reputation every summer typically in February races are organized from the

Bottom to the top and back down this event attracts 1,000 participants annually I want wonder how the residents of the houses along this Steep Street feel share your thoughts in the comments number 15 the land of kiwi why do people use the term kiwi when referring to New Zealand well it

Coincidentally is the name of a fruit grown here as well as the name of a bird native to the country and an affectionate nickname for the people the kiwi bird is most common in New Zealand because it is a flightless bird native to the country this running bird with a

Long beak and soft feathers has become a national symbol of New Zealand there are five species of kiwi birds including the great spotted kiwi little spotted kiwi rowy TOA and Hast TOA each species differs in size color and habitat however all are currently threatened by habitat destruction predation and competition from

Introduced species making kiwi bird conservation a top priority in New Zealand number 14 people prefer to go barefoot the people of this country believe that going Barefoot is good for health because it brings them closer to Nature therefore you can comfortably walk Barefoot on the grass when you come

Here moreover the Barefoot culture here is impressive because it Fosters a sense of closeness among people the streets are clean and safe making barefoot walking quite enjoyable you’ll see bare feet outside on the streets in Parks supermarkets and cafes making you want to kick off your bulky shoes right away number

13 the first country to recognize women’s voting rights among the current independent countries New Zealand was the first to recognize women’s voting rights in 1893 when it was a self-governing colony of Britain since then the country has had three female prime ministers Jenny Shipley Helen Clark and jenda

Arden it’s truly a progressive country isn’t it share your thoughts in the comments number 12 the hill with the longest name in the world the Hill’s name is tomaka Tang actually I can’t read its full name in short tomata is the name of a hill that stands 305 M tall boasting the longest

Name in the world with numerous letters the name tomata has been around for centuries before Mari Explorer Tamer discovered the hill it has been passed down from generation to generation and mentioned in several songs tomata Hill is located near pangaa District South of White pukaro Town in

Haws Bay New Zealand becoming a famous attraction for tourists reading the longest geographical name in the world is challenging and memorizing it is even more difficult if anyone can read this name please let me know in the comments because I find it quite challenging number 11 ockland the city of

Sales although not the capital of New Zealand ockland is the largest and most culturally diverse city in the country ockland was formed from ancient volcanic eruptions and is surrounded by the Manuka and waata harbors making it a dreamy Harbor City situated on a small strip of land

In the Central ockland Area bordered by the tasmin sea to the west and haki Gulf to the east East it’s easy to understand why ockland has easy access to the Sea there are several cargo and Commercial ports as well as many yacht marinas in the city thanks to the numerous yacht

Marinas the city has earned the characteristic name city of Sals with over 500,000 sailboats and Yachts of various sizes mored at the marinas no matter which direction you approach ockland you’ll easily Spot Long rows of sailboats every January Orland hosts the annual Orland anniversary day Riata thousands of sailboats gather at the

Port and the surrounding Waters to participate seeing this scene makes you want to visit Orland to witness it firsthand doesn’t it if you’ve had the chance to visit this beautiful city please comment number 10 celebrating Christmas in summer when you think of Christmas you probably Envision white snow cozy fireplaces and warm indoor

Celebrations however Christmas in New Zealand is during the peak of summer as the summer season runs from December to February instead of cozy indoor Gatherings new zealanders celebrate Christmas with extravagant outdoor parties warm camping trips live bands and Nationwide festive dances during Christmas in New Zealand the puut takawa trees burst into vibrant

Red blooms some say that if you see the trees flowering in early December you’ll have a radiant Summer according to Mari tradition these flowers symbolize love for for the land and its people number nine the first legal wizard in New Zealand Ian brackenbury Channel an 88-year-old man is perhaps

The only wizard in the world officially appointed by the government holding a contracted position with a yearly salary of $1,300 brackenbury has been the official wizard for the city of Christ Church in New Zealand since 1998 in his 23 years of service he has received a total of $260,000 for his magical

Duties in 1988 while still a street performer Channel received a surprising invitation to perform a rain dance from the organizers of the way mate Fair the town of way may mate was suffering from a drought at the time a turning point occurred when just a few hours after

Channel completed his rain dance a heavy rain shower arrived since then brackenbury has performed rain invoking rituals like dancing in the rain during dry Seasons Channel admits that he doesn’t know any real magic his role in the city is to bring a sense of joy to people sometimes sterzing societal

Flaws number eight more sheep than human in New Zealand whether in the plains or the Foothills you’ll see images of men riding horses leisurely hurting flocks of sheep back to the farm currently there are over 46 million sheep estimated in New Zealand averaging five sheep per person each flock consists of

Around 10,000 sheep with a Romney breed being the most popular due to their High reproductive productivity Quality Meat and wool thanks to this New Zealand produces up to 11% of the world’s total wool production and is the world’s largest producer of sheep wool fiber when talking about sheep people

Also recall the skilled shearers that locals often call kiwi shearers currently around 2,000 shearers are working in various regions of New Zealand with a 20 cm long wool they skillfully Shear a thin layer in one go every 6 months the wool grows back thick and without shearing sheep can become

Quite uncomfortable one sheep yields approximately 5 kg of wool per year what do you think about hering sheep here share your thoughts in the comments number seven setting of The Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings series is anyone here a fan of The Lord of the

Rings in The Hobbit movies if so let me know in the comments because I’m also a big fan of these film series real life hobbiton is not located in the Shire of Middle Earth but is situated in the town of matamata w New Zealand this place serves as the primary

Setting for The Hobbit Village in both the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series this location is a privately owned 1,250 acre sheep farm that the film crew rented for filming in 1998 and it has become a famous tourist destination to this day the scenery in hobbiton is

Incredibly beautiful with vast spaces cool weather Long stretches of green grass and picturesque Hills in the distance you can also see many adorable white sheep grazing creating a scene like another world to capture these stunning shots the film crew invested up to $500 million in building The Hobbit houses officially opened in 2012

Hobbiton quickly became a popular tourist spot attracting hundreds of visitors daily looking at such a dreamy landscape would you like to visit this place number six unique flora and fora New Zealand with its Lush and diverse Landscapes is home to many rare and unique Wildlife species in addition to

The iconic kiwi bird I introduced earlier there’s the chuara lizard this reptile has the long longest egg incubation period among reptiles lasting up to about 16 months it’s the last surviving member of an Ancient Order of reptiles that once thrived on Earth during the Jurassic period the key parrot the only Alpine

Parrot globally also resides here and can withstand the icy conditions of the Southern Alps it’s believed to have developed survival strategies during the last great Ice Age next is the fantel bird one of the smallest and most agile Birds in New Zealand lastly the New Zealand sea lion

Is one of the rarest and most endangered sea lion species worldwide most of the New Zealand sea lions today are descendants of a single female reintroduced in 1993 after being absent from the country for 100 years number five three official languages besides English and sign language Mai is also an official

Language in New Zealand 177% of the country’s population are indigenous Mari people and although the language has faced near Extinction they strive to preserve it if you’re visiting New Zealand and want to learn more about this fascinating culture and the unique Mai language a visit to Rotorua is an excellent

Choice number four birthplace of Bungie jumping are any of you watching enthusiasts of adventurous activities like bunge jumping if you are let me know in the comments because this fact is to surprise you New Zealand is the birthplace of numerous extreme sports including bunge jumping Bungie jumping is one of the

Riskiest extreme sports globally participants are tethered by an elastic cord and then jump from a fixed point at a great height the origins of this activity can be traced back to the city of Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand in New Zealand you can find various bungee jumping platforms from

The top of TV towers to Bridges suspended between two mountains or simply a platform over a deep water lake apart from bunge jumping Queenstown is also the origin of many other adventure sports such as jet boating snowboarding skydiving and paragliding number three star gazing underground in New Zealand have you ever

Seen an entire Sky Full of Stars beneath the ground visit the whiteo gloworm caves in the land of KS and you’ll be mesmerized by a sky filled with bioluminescent gloworms just below the surface the whiteo glowworm caves are located in the town of waitomo in New Zealand forming part of a system of

Three caves way Tomo ruri and aranui these caves were first discovered in 1887 situated over 45 M underground the Cave’s unique structure and shapee have been shaped by natural forces over time the whiteo caves are home to hundreds of glowworms scientifically known as arach mempa luminosa emitting a glow that

Blends blue in a hint of green this color is produced as a result of a chemical reaction in their tails reacting with oxygen thousands of these gloworms light up the whiteo gloworm cave creating a mystical atmosphere resembling a sturry night a surreal World unfolds with the Strangely Beautiful glow emitted by

These tiny gloworms captivating observers with their enchanting lights this unique experience offers a sense of satisfaction touching on the lime as you gaze upon the Luminous streaks of light it can leave you entranced in the mesmerizing scenery akin to a Celestial World gifted by Nature that is hard to

Escape from if you find this fascinating make sure to visit this place at least once in your life number two world’s purest freshwater lake Roa also known as Blue Lake or lake Ru is situated within the n son lak’s National Park in New Zealand and is recognized as the world’s purest

Freshwater lake in 2011 the National Institute of water and Atmospheric research in New Zealand conducted scientific tests and concluded that Blue Lake is the clearest natural freshwater lake known to humans according to tradition the Mari indigenous people use the water from Blue Lake to cleanse the bones of

Deceased men within their tribe the bones of women are traditionally cleaned in nearby Lake constants the farewell Ceremonies for departed souls are conducted along a sacred path from Blue Lake traversing a route that leads to the farewell spit number one first person to conquer Everest was a New Zealander Edmund Hillary is recognized

As the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest the world’s highest peak Edmund Hillary was born on July 19th 1919 and grew up in twah a small town about 50 km south of ockland New Zealand he chose to begin his mountaineering career by conquering demestic Peaks and became a renowned ice

Climber Edmund Hillary’s Everest Expedition took place in 1953 at the moment he stood on the top of the world surrounded by The Majestic snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas glaciers extended below resembling veins of blood cutting across the Earth and snow Rivers intertwined with ice Rivers to the east were the impressive peaks of

Lot maalo and kin junga while to the West Le Cho oyu and the unexplored Peaks yet to be discovered following his historic achievement Edmund Hillary continued to conquer 10 other peaks in the Himalayas so we’ve explored 20 fascinating facts about New Zealand which fact impressed you the most

Personally I like the one about the longest named Hill because I can’t even read the full name remember to comment on your favorite fact thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated on our latest videos see you in the next ones

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