Unveiling Honda’s CES 2024 Highlights in Just 6 Minutes – Video

Unveiling Honda’s CES 2024 Highlights in Just 6 Minutes – Video

Honda CES 2024 Event: Everything Revealed in 6 Minutes

The Honda CES 2024 Event revealed the new Honda Zero Series, showcasing the future of EV development with the concept of “thin, light, and wise.” In just 6 minutes, Honda presented their vision for the future of electric vehicles, highlighting the innovative design and advanced technologies that will set their EV models apart.

The Zero Series will feature a new “hmark” design, symbolizing Honda’s commitment to pushing boundaries and pursuing new advancements in EV development. The thin and light approach will enable the creation of low vehicle height and excellent aerodynamic performance, as well as sporty driving and outstanding electricity efficiency.

Honda also plans to introduce Honda original software-defined mobility products, offering autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance systems, internet of things connectivity, and outstanding electricity efficiency performance. The Space Hub concept aims to create a space for customers to enjoy and pursue their interests, connecting people and stimulating creativity.

In addition to steering by wire and motion management systems, Honda is also addressing concerns about charging time and battery degradation. They aim to shorten fast charging time to about 15 minutes and limit battery degradation to less than 10% after 10 years of use.

The production model based on the Zero Series concept is set to launch in the US in 2026, followed by a global release. The Honda CES 2024 Event gave a glimpse of the future of EVs, promising a luxurious and innovative driving experience for customers around the world.

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Welcome to CES and welcome to Honda the new Honda zero series ladies and gentlemen this is the salon and space Hub the future E Honda will create under the concept of thin light and wise will enable us to transcend uh the constraint a currently face as sick heavy vehicles and augment

The possibility of abs for these EV models we will adopt a new hmark design exclusively for this series this new hmark expresses our corporate attitude of going beyond our origin and constantly pursuing new challenges and advancements th light and wise is the approach Honda has established for Ev development after going back to

Zero we will augment design potential including styling with a low vehicle height and realizing excellent aerodynamic performance this will be achieved by utilizing a thin dedicated EV platform to create a low floor height we will real realize sporty driving and electricity efficiency performance that defy the established beliefs people have about

EVs and we will realiz realize Honda original software defined Mobility products by leveraging the knowledge Honda has aass to date and by making CS wiser through the advancement of intelligent Technologies our them light and wise EVS will offer five key values one artistic design that evokes resonance two autonomous driving and

Advanced Driver assistance systems that ensures safety and peace of mind three a space for people made possible by the internet of things and connected Technologies four Joy of driving with the feeling of Oneness with with the vehicle five outstanding electricity efficiency performance we envision that space Hub will become a

Mobility product which will stimulate the creativity of customers and expand their life’s potential space Hub offers customers customers a space they can enjoy freely to immediately pursue what they want to do such a space will will become a habub that connects people generating Mutual understanding or resonance with each

Other we hope you will resonate with the future we envision for this Saloon model in addition to steer by wire we have further Advanced the motion management system based on Technologies amassed through the development of Honda’s original robotics Technologies this contributes to realizing control at at the will of the

Driver in various driving situations the com combination of low height of the Z zero series together with aerodynamic Technologies HED through top level Motorsports will deliver highlevel Dynamic performance in the upcoming era of automous autonomous driving we will offer a luxurious experience by having two options namely safe and comfortable

Autonomous driving and the fascinating Jo of driving in addition many customers are concerned about charging time and Battery degradation for EVS for the zero series models to be launched in the late 2020s fast charging from 15% to 80% will be shortened to about 15 minutes in the meantime by applying a

Battery system Sy control technology we will limit the degradation of battery capacity and strive to achieve a rate of less than 10 10% after 10 years of use finally a production model based very close on this concept will come first to the US and then around the world in

2026 please please stay tuned thank you for being being with us today we hope you enjoyed our zero series at CES 2024 thank you very much

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