Elon Musk reveals Grok 2 will ‘probably’ be ready by next month

Elon Musk reveals Grok 2 will ‘probably’ be ready by next month

Elon Musk has confirmed that Grok 2 will ‘probably’ be ready to be released next month. This is the next generation of his artificial intelligence tool Grok.

The billionaire gave an update in a reply to a news source who shared headlines about xAI’s chatbot Grok on X (formerly Twitter),

“Grok 2 is going through finetuning and bug fixes. Probably ready to release next month.”

The tool is available to all X users who subscribe to the Premium Plus service at $16 per month (or $22 via the app). And unlike traditional chatbots, like major competitor ChatGPT, Grok has been programmed to exhibit a politically incorrect and witty personality.

The tool has real-time knowledge of current events, including recent developments in AI technology, and has been integrated completely into the X platform.

The company behind it, known as xAI, describes their work as “building on artificial intelligence to accelerate human scientific discovery.”

Oracle and xAI’s potential relationship comes to an end

The Tesla CEO expanded on other areas of the business too and explained how the chatbot has been trained on 24k H100s.

“xAI is building the 100k H100 system itself for the fastest time to completion. Aiming to begin training later this month. It will be the most powerful training cluster in the world by a large margin.”

Instead of going with another company, the 100k H100 has been done internally due to the business’s “fundamental competitiveness” as they aim to be faster than any other AI company.

Elon says “this is the only way to catch up.” The American computer technology giant Oracle and Musk’s xAI have been in talks on a server deal for some time.

“Oracle is a great company and there is another company that shows promise also involved in that OpenAI GB200 cluster, but, when our fate depends on being the fastest by far, we must have our own hands on the steering wheel, rather than be a backseat driver,” writes Elon.

A specific date for the arrival of Grok 2 isn’t yet known, but Musk will likely take to his own social media platform to share the news.

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