“Exploring the Seas on Our New Electric Hybrid Catamaran” – Video

“Exploring the Seas on Our New Electric Hybrid Catamaran” – Video

Sea Trials on our new HH44 CURIOSITY! Join Jason and Nikki Wynn as they take their new electric hybrid catamaran, CURIOSITY², out for its first sail. With stunning views of Hong Kong and adventures during their marine store visit, this video offers a first-hand look at the Wynn’s journey to living a sustainable and off-the-grid lifestyle. Follow along as they navigate the waters and experience the beauty of sailing in China, all while managing their resources and finding new and better ways to do so. Join the Wynn’s as they continue to “cultivate curiosity” and embrace the great unknown in their life on the sea. Subscribe to their channel and become a part of their crew for exclusive content, behind the scenes, and Q&A’s. Don’t miss out on the full scoop on their blog and follow their adventures on social media. #boatlife #Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #sailboat #hh44.

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Our unan trip has ended and we are now in Hong Kong aboard the Star Ferry we are heading over to Central which is on the little island we’re here for a very specific reason two very specific reasons number one we need to reset our

Visa we can only be in China for 60 days but this will reset our Visa just coming to Hong Kong and two is there is a marine chandlery that seems to be the only place in China that we could find some of the things we need some very

Important things like like life jackets and tethers and things like that so that is why we are on this fie heading towards the island and uh we’re going to bring you along for well a few minutes of it we might as well show you what Hong Kong looks like Right they still have to work the lines like a normal ship that’s kind of cool to see they’re on them on the ballards and toss them the Lion’s eyes normally on fairies they just kind of pound into the into like the front and it just stays there and then you step off I

Think as a sailor you always appreciate any sort of like sea fairing anything anything yeah this is one of the most densely populated regions on the planet so it’s chaotic and beautiful but mostly Hong Kong just feels peculiar but I suppose considering its most recent history it really shouldn’t

Be so shocking because Hong Kong was a British colony for 150 years until it’s hand over to China in 1997 with a one country two systems rule meaning that Hong Kong could maintain its own legal systems and way of life so it is like slipping into a parallel universe where everything is distinctly

Chinese but with this underlying British accent and the whole East Meets West cross-cultural vibe is unlike anything we have ever experienced before okay and it says it’s right here uh right here yeah right here it’s in like in this building right here feels weird for a marine Chandler uh-huh but that’s

It that’s where we’re going okay seventh floor this is not at all what I expected like the furthest thing from where I thought I’d be going today if you get a life raft surely they have them downstairs and you don’t have to take them down the elevator or maybe use like

The cargo elevator I don’t know this is really wild it oh yeah this is it oh my gosh wow okay get y Jason W hi nice to meet you meet you yeah this is uh the most random location I’ve ever been Mar shop yeah like it looks like fancy office building I’m

Like are we in the right place and then yeah no I mean we used to be on ground full retail uh blimy 12 years ago maybe 15 but yeah it’s just too expensive to be down there for both bits it’s cheaper to be up here yeah all right 60 that’s the black

One and then the two safety lines so it’s Loop hook yeah perfect bra understand bra did you cover all the basics here you get kind of taken aback by the pricing on here cuz this one is $324 but it’s Hong Kong dollar so it’s

Like 1 to 15 that’s not too bad what was the final price 4,000 ,000 something Hong Kong dollars unfortunately none of it was sponsored but we needed this life jackets are very important and the more research we did we were like okay the ones we used to have were great for

Coastal we had we had good ones and we had M as o but we didn’t have like the built-in light and we didn’t have the proper um sprayhood so yeah it’s worth it it’s hopefully it’s like a life wrap it’s something you actually never ever need yeah that’s the idea but in the

Case where we actually needed it we’ll be very grateful yeah well that was successful a wee bit expensive it’s a boat everything’s expensive what it break out another thousand yeah it’s a very true statement there is nothing cheap about this entire process okay I guess we can cross don’t want to run

Over and then of course shopping for all of this stuff is always such a task cuz sometimes it’s just hard to figure out where the channelers are Who’s got what what what you can even find somewhere we tried to get these in Spain but we couldn’t get them fast enough and let’s

Be honest they didn’t have the right color they did not it was going to be the wrong and it was also like 270 in which is makes it even bulkier and yes anyway we want to get the right thing especially whenever you’re paying as much as we’re paying cuz these things

Are not cheap so the way that we found them is thanks to today’s sponsor surf shark VPN because surf shark is an app and web browser extension that lets us change our IP address so that we can virtually Place ourselves anywhere in the world then we can shop and research

Like we’re already at our next destination and this has saved us so much time and frustration over the years because I started shopping for these back when we were aboard destination and I was using surf shark to place ourselves in Spain and of course I found lots of options but unfortunately none

Of them could get delivered to the marina in time so that’s when I started looking in Hong Kong cuz that was the closest to where we were in China and that that is how I ended up finding these surprisingly much more affordable options and of course speaking of safety

Surf shark is like our virtual life vest because they encrypt all of our data and serve as our ad blockers so that we can surf in a clean cyber ocean with no ads trackers malware or fishing attempts trying to Zink us and then of course there is everyone’s favorite VPN use

Which is avoiding GE restrictions on streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime surf Shar has been our favorite travel tool for years and if you have even been thinking about trying it out then now is definitely the time because if use our discount code wins Sur shark

Will give you up to six extra months for free now of course if you’re not sure if it’s a good tool for you no worries they offer a 30-day money back guarantee so there is no risk to try it out you can just scan the QR code that will be

Somewhere here on the screen or of course you can click the link down in the description box E Well this is our next stop here it’s the yacht club we’re actually meeting a couple patrons there who we met in French Polynesia Mara I’ll never forget we were anchored there and that was the very first balanced cataman we’d ever seen and we were like hey how’s it going

Can we get tour and they’re like yeah come on back tomorrow something happened we never got to see it but I remember thinking that’s just that’s a nice looking boat it looks really fast so we’re finally meeting them up in Hong Kong halfway around the world and well

We accidentally went the wrong way cuz there’s like a body of water between us in the yacht club yeah can’t exactly walk there so now we’re going to be late unless we go but anyway cool right the Cruisers you meet around the world you just never know when you’re going to

Meet back up again think they’ll let us in maybe yeah might want to check us wondering if we’ll even remember what they look like it has been five years six number turns out we are entering one of the oldest and largest sport clubs in Hong Kong 1880 that’s the island there

1943 that’s where we are 1949 1972 1983 2000 it’s changed a lot with such a long history in Sailing and Rowing it’s no wonder we found so many marine supplies here back to Shia in on the train this is not an airport although it kind of looks like an

Airport it is the train station last train ride next up boat ride there’s not anybody made it yeah because of Immigration and Customs and quarantine and filling out everything and stamping and all that it took an extra like 45 minutes longer than the normal train so

I was kind of freaking out we weren’t going to make it I was stressing Nikki out cuz she’s like calm down calm down like no I have a bad feeling I have a bad feeling kept telling him just have a little Fai pause positivity positive thinking it’s okay I had enough for both

Of us it was fine I am so excited and nervous and all the feelings because I’ve only said it so many times where I’m like okay this is the last trip this is the last flight we have take this is the last tra we have take this is better be the last one

Cuz we get back and that’s pretty much it it is time to move aboard have sea trials this is it we’re on the final stretch I am so excited I just almost can’t stand myself I don’t have to pee but I feel like I need to pee like that’s

How excited I am right now big day it’s finally happening that you’re 7 a.m. D it is it’s early but it doesn’t even matter because we are going to go sailing today for the first time ever yes yes yes we have got a very full boat today

We are maxed out at 12 people and that is so that we can test all of the sales all of the systems it’s just the checklist is very long for today and we are shoving off the dock because we are working against Tides because we can

Only come in and out at high tide that’s the only time there’s enough water to get in and out of this finina so it’s going to be a quick dash out of here that blue that you see is a big inflatable bladder and that’s what holds

The water in for the marina at low tide then of course they deflate it and it lowers down at high tide so that we can maneuver out of here but still it’s a pretty tricky area to navigate and it’s getting even trickier M the so HH is located on the river and

They dredge out like the center of the river so at low tide it’s like just all mud and there’s one little tiny Channel and now it snakes through this bridge and then it turns hard R and then it turns hard left and they’re in the middle of building and this is like the

Temporary bridge that just came in maybe uh two 3 months ago that was kind of a surprise but they have a section out so we can drive through and in the future once the bridge is actually built it’s supposed to be like a a levitating Bridge or a hydraulic Bridge or like an

Opening Bridge or something nobody really knows I am very happy it’s not us driving the boat getting out of this super narrow snaking path through that very tight bridge and I’m glad we don’t have like a 60 you know we’re a 44 we have about that much room on one side

You know the the 60s like that much room on one Side oh yeah it’s like the chicken an egg thing I’m dealing with registration right now and we can’t get insurance until we have registration but we can’t get get registration finished until we have insurance I don’t know it’s like rushing you can’t do any of it until the boat’s

Done so it’s now rushing around like dealing Hall like dotting the eyes and crossing the te’s like all that little paperwork and um just like little things that need to be done and then on top of that thinking in our head what do we need for provisioning to sail to the

Philippines and what do we need on the boat like what do we forget what’s not done right oh man it’s just and we got to move in and we got to it’s going to be great everything it’s going to be fine okay Le we get to go sailing get

These sails up SC wait to see him brief lines are starting to play in red needs to run it made it up first try no issues yet that’s uh it’s pretty good first time we get to see the Big W in Vin oh that looks pretty nice and we’ve got the

Whole HH rigging team we’ve got the doyle Team all here looking at everything testing everything and we’re going to be going through all the sales and by the end hopefully everything’s Great all right all St standard is up here this is our main and our Sol in of course we’ve got Kyle who is going to be our commissioning captain and we’ve got the famous Ricardo the me of HH mechanical electrical Plumbing supervisor all things so everybody is checking

Everything out um there’s got some shaping and tweaking and all sorts of things going on so it’s sort of like hurry up and wait cuz it takes forever to get a sale cuz they’re looking at every little thing but it’s all happening it’s getting adjusted I’m learning a lot already sales look great

We went for the gray cuz we were told it’s maybe a little friendlier for the tropics versus black and of course these are stratus sales so that’s why you kind of get to have a variety of colors to choose from and then our other sales is

The ones I’m most excited about but we got to wait for those it looks like the sent might be a hair too long because it hits the radar this is the first OC the others were sc’s with carbon Mass it’s kind of a totally different setup even though it’s very similar it’s totally

Different so they most likely will have to take the solent down and do some adjusting oh here’s Nikki hi you were I was getting a shot of you through the window from from the window behind me looking up you can see all of the sale

Oh did you see me fall when I was coming around oh damn it were you already filming I wasn’t filming you oh then you miss that I didn’t fall but I almost I’m not in the water was just Count get the car Ready rainy days don’t seem so wet stormy nights don’t stay I’ll figure it out one day from the moment that we met you were way oh this could be the best thing that I’ll ever Know I’ll put on my jacket spiner’s going up two silhouett on the concrete steps that is a big Spiner it’s a lot bigger than our old boat I want to see it from the drones perspective in due time right I know one thing at a time you design things on paper and you’ve

Got emails that go back and forth and conversations and so many things and then it finally becomes real it’s finally real Oh yeah got lots to dodge out here man oh man it is just so many fishing buoys everywhere so it is like tacking tacking 10° 20° three boat link one boat link I mean it’s just a mine field it’ll uh get you on your a game that’s for sure have a seat

And that’s a wrap get it it’s a WRA Sorry the day went by so fast I feel like we got a fair amount done but there is still so much more to go which granted we have an entire rest of the week for all of this but the sun has gone down everybody’s ready to go home so that is

Going to have to be tomorrow we will see you then which for us is a little bit of a wait but for you it’s just a second we are making our way back out to our testing grounds and going to put up what I think that I haven’t actually used it

Yet will be my favorite sale so these are our speeds and we’re regening right now on both CRS so that is sucking away some of our speed but it’s putting a lot of power in the bank what are we getting we’ve got 10 amps going in either side

10 amps 52 volts 500 WS of side free money free money free money love it we’ve gone up full percentage Point since we started sailing on the battery so nice that is that combined with the solar we’re going in at 1.8 Kow right now which is enough

To run your water maker for free I like that kind of MK oh we green so the wind’s been sort of Shifting up and down we’ve seen some speeds like almost up to 10 knots of boat speed with wind speeds around like 15 to 17 so that’s pretty

Darn good we are sailing just outside of the shipping channel there’s a lot of rules about where we can and can’t sail here and we are heading towards our Zone our sailing Zone and somebody just changed the setting here hold on let okay so we have to come out of

Basically the shipping area which is here and we can sail within this Zone here and that’s where we’ll do our uh main sale testing and that’s when we get up the reacher which I think is a totally new sale to us we’ve never had one before we are excited to use it and

It’s designed in a way that may be polarizing like our sper but I think we’re going to absolutely love it we’ve uh now got like 22 knots of of wind and we are just pounding into it out here and it’s quite punching quite sporting just take a step back

Here it feels good to kind of beat it up a little bit just because you want to know that everything is good right so you kind of want to get out of here and just bash the crap out of the boat see if anything breaks and if

Nothing does then we’re all good I feel comfortable to go to seea wo woohoo oh baby here we go how was it out there nice I only got a little bit wet surprisingly dry I was thinking I was going to get a big splash and I was going to come rocketing out

Cuz the boat was really like the waves are short and they are steep because we were in the Taiwan straight here and it is blowing straight from the north funneling through the Taiwan straight and it’s shallow the ways really built I was hoping to get like

That slowmo action but I just got a little bit of spray but it’s still fun yeah still fun the boat handled it well now I got to wipe off all the salt cuz my camera won’t handle it well uh drive so I lost the 48 volt line driver

Trying to figure out what happened and meanwhile we got lots of waves we’ve got 25 knots of wind we got a reath in the main and our traveler is all the way over here and our sail is all the way over here because we have such a small

Box approved to sail within so we can’t go past the box and we’re like oh we have to drive so we can start heading back so we can be within the Box just a normal day on the water you just have crap happen that’s what trial is for exactly

If everything was perfect that would be scary right right cuz she’d just be waiting for something you’d much rather have something and you’re like okay good got that over with now we have a plan soon something happens again we know how to fix it got jonath Helm doing an excellent

Job than salemaker and a captain it’s a good combo well done well done Kyle hot wiring is not just for cars all this chaos and we’re still generating like 20 hands from the one prop all right they’re getting set up for the reacher we got a few different crew

Members on board today and one of them being Paul so we got the man in charge on board today now we’re fed neutral neutral Bo speed now enough free Electricity go to that and then bear away okay got just go right here you see yep I going to turn let’s go there’s a boy right here turn right around him right around him go you got a de ahead I’m going to go in the middle okay it up a little Bit what do you think big Jump she oyster farms everywhere ruins all the time man we were just barely getting going look at this all those blue Bob bottles C people Cur I love do you like sailing through them yeah well that’s a different story isn’t it prefer not to but talk about a tease it was too much

Wind and it’s just too much happening out there and then so we had to come into here to kind of bring the the wind down a little bit so that we were within our parameters for that sale but then you’ve got so many obstacles which means

Your runs are so short so it was just a a brief look at the reacher but we absolutely had to get it up today because this is the last day that the doyle guys are here so that they can see make any adjustments um that they want

To make so oh for just a brief second we got to see her fly oh I was so excited about like the design of that sale just because I really went out on a limb as far as like I have this idea and I think it’ll look really beautiful like

Watching the boat go long but I have never done any designs or graphics on sales before and I thought is this crazy this could be a huge mistake what if it looks awful but luckily Doyle did an amazing job and she looks beautiful super excited to like really like go

Sailing with it plus the reacher is like the sale that we use the most when we were on board Ticket to Ride with Frank and Mary Grace So Frank and Mary Grace said the same thing they were like we use that sale all the time like you need as many Tools

In your tool bag as possible Right right which is why you have these different Sals and we never had that before on our first boat on curiosity 1 we had a Spiner which we very much loved but that was kind of it other than you know a main

And and a Genoa and now we’ve got you know a Maine and a solent and a self-tacking stacil for whenever the winds pick up and you’re meating into it and then we’ve got our Spiner still right for those like deeper downwind runs and now we’ve got this Reacher

Which sort of fills in the gap between your solent or your genua and your Spiner which is kind of like that middle ground that you end up sailing in often anyway that’s where run down on sails I’m very excited about it they’re they’re paint waiting for them this are pink

Dolphins apparently they’re very rare they only exist here how cool I like how the tag is still on the lazy Jacks it’s like all the people who leave the uh the tags like the price tags on their on their cabs I don’t know why I think it’s really

Funny like pretty sure we can take that off now brand new boat look look price tag still on brand new okay so amongst all of the sailing and watching and observing and trying to pick up as much as we can we’re also having to go through the boat with a fine tooth comb

As much detail as we can put on this list of things to fix the better it’s just kind of what you do before you accept the vessel you want to make sure it’s as close to perfect as possible I mean of course it’s never going to be

Perfect perfect but you at least have to write it down on paper yeah cuz like they go through and they’re doing their checks and they come in here and inspect every single thing too but it’s like it’s just making sure that like does every drawer like open and close the way

That you want it to are there any imperfections on anything anything that somebody might have missed and there are a few little things I mean technically they haven’t done like their final clean and little touchup before the Handover but they said go through with a red tape anything

You see just mark it make a list and then they’ll start going over it all so that is what we are doing I am red taping every little single thing just in case right like they might be like oh super fre easy fix the next one would be

Wood under KCK panel is unfinished that’s it and then there are ones like this which is like unless you are down on your hands and knees looking at your there’s no way you would notice that but we might as well have them paint it right yeah no well I’m sure they’ll look

At it and go oh somebody ski that uh so but you know it’s just the more eyes the better and before you accept the vessel that’s the big thing right because after that I mean there’s still warranty and all of it’s covered under that anyway

But so much easier to deal with it now than to have to file a warranty claim and go through that whole process so that’s what we’ve been told anyway this is what you do so that’s what we’re doing that’s it we in here okay next bace see you nice

Drive don’t get stuck here everybody come forward oh that’s that’s mud right there oh my God you good okay okay okay that’s going just in case you don’t know it’s low tide like a dead low uh Dr this I probably got that on camera ready wow wow thank you so instead of

Waiting for 30 minutes we just pulled the other boat next to us and now we’re uh making our way not the other boat this isn’t a boat that’s a boat that’s a dock that’s a boat you think it’s a boat it has an engine on it oh I guess

Yeah this Rock that Rock so the tides here are very extreme and sporadic yesterday was a 1.4 M tide and today is a 2.5 M tide that much of a change in one day it’s crazy and the mud here is like like it’s like 3 ft deep so if you

Step in the mud you’re stuck so it is a bit of a thing it’s always exciting but it’s always fun oh my goodness okay well so it’s like they’ve only got a couple more days of sea trials couple days of fixing stuff you know whatever little tweaks

And whatever all the red tape all the all the red tape so many red tapes uh and and then that’s it it’s going to be like Handover time and final negotiations on the contract that makes me very stressed to think about that I don’t know why it just

Feels so official um and then we’re going to move in and this we went from a year ago we had nothing we had nothing we had the suitcases and our backpack and that was it and now look at all this stuff all these things and this

This isn’t even all of it if I’m totally honest there’s probably almost an equal amount that is sitting in the little apartment that we’re renting all water Line’s definitely going to be affected just it’s really not heavy like look this is a chair so it’s like one chair for the NAB desk no

You don’t have to explain yourself it’s fine I have not gone overboard How many pairs of sunglasses did you buy we won’t talk about that yet I did it’s the only accessor it’s the only thing I purchased as well and this hat but everything else is sailing and

Like house sares and life vests and all the important things anyway all of that to say that’s what’s coming up next or fingers cross that’s what’s coming up next yeah time you see us is moving in and be organizing all these things I have so many things to show you I am so

Excited about and we only showed you the sales we have so many things to talk on the sails and on the boat and oh my gosh I know yeah thank you for Jo I’m waving at myself so they can see me say goodbye yeah yeah thank you for

Watching it’s going to be a whole new world yeah starting hopefully next week very very soon yeah okay bye bye bye bye bye

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