Live on June 14, 2024: The Dr. Berg Show – Video

Live on June 14, 2024: The Dr. Berg Show – Video

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE on June 14, 2024, covered a range of health topics and viewer questions. Dr. Berg emphasized the importance of Vitamin D for various health concerns, including autoimmune diseases, fibroids, and lupus. He also provided advice on treating constipation, gallbladder issues, and nerve pain. When it comes to fasting, he suggested caution for pregnant women and those with gallstones. Autophagy was discussed in relation to cancer and testosterone regulation. For stroke recovery, Dr. Berg recommended Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, methylene blue, and hydrogen gas therapy. The audience learned about the effects of different nutrients on infection and the challenges of managing hypertension and conditions like anemia and vitiligo. Overall, the show highlighted the significance of a healthy diet, proper supplementation, and individualized approaches to wellness.

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