National Geographic Presents: Jaw-Dropping Shark Hunts – Documentary

National Geographic Presents: Jaw-Dropping Shark Hunts – Documentary

Shocking Shark Hunts | National Geographic

The video “Shocking Shark Hunts” by National Geographic takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the world of apex predators in the ocean – sharks. Known for their insatiable appetite and incredible hunting techniques, sharks, particularly white sharks, are shown using their powerful Polaris strike to launch themselves out of the water at speeds of over 20 miles per hour, throwing their prey clean out of the water. The video explores the fascinating phenomenon of sharks hunting seabirds, something that was previously unknown on such a massive scale. The team captures footage of tiger sharks hunting using a specially designed camera, showing how they disable their prey from behind at high speeds. Additionally, the video sheds light on the common occurrence of sharks eating other sharks, both of the same and different species. With stunning visuals and insightful commentary, “Shocking Shark Hunts” offers a thrilling and eye-opening look into the world of these incredible ocean predators.

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Video “Shocking Shark Hunts | National Geographic” was uploaded on 06/30/2024 to Youtube Channel Nat Geo WILD