Official Video: Black Box – Ride on Time – Video

Official Video: Black Box – Ride on Time – Video

Black Box took the music scene by storm in 1989 with their hit song “Ride on Time”. The official music video features a stunning lady lip-syncing to the infectious vocals of the track. The song quickly became a dance anthem, reaching high positions on the charts and solidifying its place in music history.

The video captures the energy and attitude of the era, with bold fashion choices and captivating dance moves. The vibrant visuals perfectly complement the upbeat tempo of the song, creating a timeless piece of music and art.

For fans looking to relive the magic of “Ride on Time”, the official release is available for purchase on various platforms. Be sure to check out Black Box’s website and social media for more information and updates on their music.

Overall, “Ride on Time” remains a classic dance track that continues to bring joy and nostalgia to listeners around the world.

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Video “Black Box – Ride on Time (Official Video)” was uploaded on 06/22/2009 to Youtube Channel BlackBoxHouse