Resident Evil Village sells 10 million units, says Capcom

Resident Evil Village sells 10 million units, says Capcom

Resident Evil Village has sold 10 million units across three years, according to a Capcom report.

In a corporate announcement, the Japanese gaming house has delightedly sung the praises of the horror franchise’s first-person nightmare.

Following its 2021 release, the game has gained critical acclaim and has a broad pop culture impact across many genres.

The title has been a factory for meme content throughout the gaming community, and the DLC content has sparked many rumors about new titles in the same FPS vein. The game’s main villain, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, or Lady D, has also generated a universe of not-safe-for-work content since her debut.

Resident Evil hits 10 million unit milestone

The game is a sequel to Resident Evil: Biohazard, which was seen as a risk in its formative stages as a first-person gaming experience. It won over critics in 2017 and paved the way for Resident Evil Village.

The game is set in a creepy Eastern European town that harbors a village of scared residents under the watchful eye of a cabal of sinister entities. The protagonist, Ethan Winters, the character at the heart of Biohazard’s Baker estate ordeal, returns in another tale of horror and hardship.

Village was a global success story for Capcom, taking home top honors at the Golden Joystick Awards 2021 and Japan Game Awards: 2022.

Like many Japanese gaming giants, Capcom looked to mobile gaming to boost sales of established console titles. The release of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which includes extra content and support for Apple users, contributed to these meteoric sales.

Capcom has announced that a host of Apple devices will now be able to run all of the most recent Resident Evil titles. The publisher also noted that Resident Evil Village reached the 10 million unit milestone faster than any other Resident Evil title.

Code Zero and Veronica up next for Capcom?

Remakes of established titles have been a constant across the biggest gaming studios. Why create a new title or intellectual property when you can rehash the past?

The storyline is there, and the characters are already established and have a fan base. Plus, nostalgia is a potent thing in the minds of pop culture stalwarts and their wallets. So, Capcom’s next venture is a trip back to the early 2000s.

We reported late last month that Code Zero and Veronica were already rumoured to be in development. Capcom has yet to officially announce the game, but the current number of remakes suggests the company’s trajectory.

Image: Capcom.

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