The Live Dr. Berg Show – January 12, 2024 – Video

The Live Dr. Berg Show – January 12, 2024 – Video

As of January 12, 2024, viewers were able to have their health-related questions answered during The Dr. Berg Show LIVE. The show began with a disclaimer, stating that the content discussed in the show should not replace traditional medical care, and viewers should consult with a competent physician before implementing any advice given. The Q&A session covered various health-related topics, including improving stomach acid function, menopause-related supplements, vitamin deficiencies, and recommended teas for good health.

One viewer, Marleene from YouTube, sought advice on improving her stomach acid function, as she was experiencing discomfort. Dr. Berg suggested that she may need more hydrochloric acid or could be suffering from gastritis or an ulcer. He recommended zinc carnosine and intermittent fasting to address gastritis. For ulcers, he suggested healing with chlorophyll-rich foods and avoiding wheat grass powder.

The Q&A also addressed supplements for menopause, vitamin A deficiency, and supplements for cerebral palsy. Dr. Berg emphasized the importance of focusing on diet first before considering supplements for addressing health conditions. The show concluded with Dr. Berg acknowledging viewers from around the world and discussing the benefits of green tea and other herbal teas for good health. Overall, the show provided insightful health tips and recommendations for viewers.

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1:08 How can I improve my stomach acid function?
3:08 Is it okay to take DIM, berberine, and myoinositol during menopause?
4:08 I have vitamin A deficiency, can it contribute to running out of breath?
5:12 Which supplements should an adult with cerebral palsy be taking?
7:41 What are the best teas for good health?
8:47 How can I improve my memory?
9:46 Which supplements and foods can help with Parkinson’s?
10:23 Quiz question #1
10:43 What’s the best way to cleanse toxins from your body?
12:30 Will drinking Diet Pepsi prevent weight loss?
14:03 Can water fasting cause irregular menstrual bleeding?
15:10 What’s the best way to deal with menopausal symptoms?
17:36 Quiz answer #1
19:46 What is the difference between hypo myopathy and hyper myopathy?
20:16 What are the benefits of fasting for 48 hours once a month?
21:27 What is causing my bad insomnia?
26:36 Quiz question #2
26:56 Is glaucoma an eye disease or a neurological disorder?
27:52 What can I do to regain my sense of taste after a cold?
28:58 Quiz answer #2
30:13 How long can you safely do a water fast if you’re new to fasting?
30:51 Is lycopene good for an enlarged prostate? What other supplements are beneficial?
32:18 Quiz question #3
32:39 What can I do about peptic ulcers and fatty liver disease?
33:43 What could be causing a popcorn smell in the urine?
34:51 How can you do keto and intermittent fasting without losing too much weight?
37:56 Quiz answer #3
39:06 How can I raise my ferritin levels without taking large amounts of iron?
40:05 What’s the best way to help improve a fatty liver?
40:50 Quiz question #4
41:11 Why does potassium give me heart palpitations?
42:18 What are the causes and remedies of psoriasis?
43:46 Quiz answer #4
46:38 What is a good detox to prevent protein mutation associated with AL amyloidosis?
52:20 Quiz question #5
52:45 How can I repair old mitochondria and how do they become damaged?
55:22 Quiz answer #5
57:12 What is the best psoriasis cream?
57:36 What is the latest on your soil research?
59:40 What’s the best dosage of vitamin D3/K2 for children?

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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Welcome back everyone we’re here with another Q&A and we’re here to answer your questions and as many as we can get to anything that I say is is not meant to provide any alternatives to your typical traditional Care Medical Care so check with your competent physician before implementing anything things

We’re going to talk about this is just for your research and entertainment excellent words doctor all right so anyway here we go uh we’ve got tons of questions coming in we do make it our business to try to get to as many as we can so let’s prove that by

Starting off with marleene from YouTube how can I improve my stomach acid uh functions I’m 77 I guess her tummy still hurts thank you she says so if your stomach hurts okay you want to determine if it’s there’s three things it could be a lack of acid in

Which case when you eat you feel worse you have more indigestion that means you need pane hydrochloride sometimes in higher amounts like sometimes like you might have five or six pills before each meal for a while because it’s not super concentrated you know hydrochloric acid you’re just taking the precursors that

Turn into this hydrochloric acid so um that’s one situation the other one is that uh you might have gastritis so that’s kind of like a you have a lot of like um maybe some you’re burping up some gas and stuff like that but it’s always like acidic and there’s

Inflammation your gut in which case you need zinc uh carnosine and uh you should probably do a lot of intermittent fasting cabbage seems to be something that person can tolerate out of all the things because it’s very high in vitamin U which is an interesting vitamin and

Then um the other thing is like um if you have an ulcer so if you actually you feel better when you eat could be an ulcer if you take Hydrochloric H ban Hydrochloric uh acid or for example hle cider vinegar and you feel worse chances are you have an ulcer

In which case you can’t do that you’re going to have to heal that for a while and I recommend like chlorophyll without um you know like if you’re doing a weat grass juice powder don’t do weat grass powder do the weak crass juice powder because we want the

Chlorophyll not the fiber so the chlorophyll is a good healer for the in inner skin of the entire body uh so that’s one option very good hope that helps on to Melanie also from YouTube is it okay to take dim and berberine or I hope you know this one

Myo myo andent sitl during menopause andoc thank you yeah yeah so uh that is U another name for phytic acid as a key later and uh so that’ be that’ll be a little bit different that’ll be a little bit different um thing you’re taking I don’t know what you’re trying to treat but

Berberine is a good one you can combine them it’s not going to be a problem but berberine is great for blood sugars and uh what was the first one you mentioned let’s see it was oh I just erased that thing um excuse me Doc I don’t know oh a

Dim yeah is good as an anti-estrogen blocker because a lot of people even men have too much estrogen so um that’s a good one to take um so yeah they can be combined wonderful good luck with that okay SE out 10 we love all these people coming from Rumble now I

Have vitamin A deficiency this has caused night blindness and can it also contribute to running out of breath very quickly I am in pretty good shape but Tire easily do you think it’s uh the vitamin A deficiency doc what’s going on so how do you know your deficient

Vitamin A maybe because the the Vision right so if you consume either liver or egg yolks for a period of time I think that those two are the best sources of vitamin A sometimes like you can have butter too but if you’re doing that it doesn’t work chances are you

Might need more bile there’s something going on with the liver and the gallbladder to produce the bile to absorb it so that’s another reason why you might not be able to absorb that really key fat cable vitamin so in which case you need to take a b supplement

Called uh um bile salts purified bile salts or Ox vile and you take that right before meal all right good luck with that and let’s see uh GIF D from Rumble again which supplements should an adult with cerebral paly be taking that’s a tough one yeah this is another one of those

Things where um to take a vitamin for a disease you know I can get in trouble but um but here here’s another thing I would the any vitamin you take for any these diseases I think I would in instead I would focus on the diet first because you it’s like it’s it’s not

Going to work unless your diet is corrected so I would get on the typical thing that I would recommend and you can find on the website but um any type of uh distrophy um the data on that I know about that is related to uh the vitamin

E complex so I would take tokat trinal if you look in relationship between that disorder and vitamin E apparently vitamin E does help it to some degree but again I don’t claim to have any magical cures for any of these things but you might want to try vitamin E all

Right of tokat tral tokat trinal all right you got it folks okay now we’re so excited that of all the subjects that can come up around the world good health and good mental U you know feelings seem to be unique so let’s go over a list of folks that believe that’s true by

Evidence of listening to the show so we’d like to say good morning morning to all our viewers joining us today from the UK Canada Mexico Uganda Palestine South Africa Jordan South Korea Columbia Slovakia the Virgin Islands Bosnia and Herzegovina Australia Bermuda turkey Ro Romania trenidad and Tobago Poland the

Czech Republic Ireland Chile Aruba Finland Portugal Peru Switzerland ubekistan Norway the United Arab Emirates China Qatar arria New Zealand Greece Nepal Tasmania the Congo Republic Scotland Germany Sri Lanka uh Belgium Israel mosambique Egypt France P Pakistan which by the way one of our Green Room guests is from Pakistan but

He’s hanging out in Saudi Arabia so he’s a world traveler and he’s going to be with us later on in the show can’t wait to hear from him Tasmania the Congo Republic Scotland Germany Sri Lanka Belgium Israel did I already go through that see Pakistan the Netherlands Ghana India Sweden Croatia Argentina Taiwan

Kashmir and all across the United States including a couple folks here State side in the green room and on the show later do so thanks everybody for checking in and let’s see let’s go back to social media this kind Facebook JJ from Facebook I drink a lot of tea what are

Some of your favorite teas to recommend for good health the green tea is uh really at the top of the list because uh it has a certain nutrient that does a lot it can even um help stimulate um more diversification in your microbes which is interesting because this whole relationship between um

Phytonutrients and microbial life like some of these are supposed to be microb Killers but in very small doses they can actually it’s kind of like a hermetic effect which basically adds its stress to make it stronger and adapt so it’s interesting uh on that level you also

Have a lot of different herbal tees that have wide ranging effects from helping you with less bloating the helping you feel calmer like lemon balm tea is one that will reduce stress you can do ashwag Gand tea um any of the teas cinnamon tea any of the teas that

You can take uh are like herbs that are supplements you can take them as teas all right very good Shams from YouTube what suggestions would you have to share on how to improve our memory you know whenever Lori gives me chores I tell her it’s my highest priority but

Then seem to forget somehow so we all need some help in that and he also says m l man I would recommend that that’s a type of mushroom apparently it’s really good for your brain um the other thing is vitamin B1 can really help your brain

Um and then you got to get the diet in uh worked out you got to get your the carbs out of the diet you got to do them the fasting um I can’t tell you how important that is because uh I mean even myself if I go off the program and then

I try to do a video boy I got to do a lot more editing so versus if I’m fasting and I’m not eating boy I like very little editing interesting okay and by the way he finishes up with thanks for your great service to humanity thanks for

That Shams okay uh Patty from Facebook I have Parkinson sorry to hear that what supplements and food should I be used to help cope with the effects I know that’s a touchy one but there you go same same recommendation I but for Parkinson’s apparently there’s some really

Interesting data in vitamin B3 niin so that’s a that’s an interesting uh thing to take um and then also working on your microbiome take a really good probiotic that’s apparently really good too but make sure that you’re not snacking and doing these you know junk Foods on the

Side absolutely Dr Berg is time for our first question of the day and there it is okay why do people who have Candida give off that ammonia odor you can kind of smell it um on them why why is that that’s disturbing okay climb on that

Audience as we know you will okay let’s see Betty from Facebook what’s the best way to cleanse toxins from our body yeah I think um I’ve done probably every cleanse on the planet colon cleanses and detoxers and liver cleanses and I always get sick if I’m doing some

Type of cleanse trying to pull out the tox toxins most of the toxins are embedded in the fat cells they’re not necessarily stored in the liver like you might think so what how do you get rid of them I would do it by getting your body to get rid of them through

Stimulating a natural process of it’s called phase one phase two detoxification and that happens in certain parts of your body including the mainly the liver but uh if you strengthen those two uh that those that enzyme pathway you can turn these particles these poison uh poison things into harmless particles so there are

Certain ways to stimulate that just by eating healthy but also taking cruciferous can can actually activate your own genes to be able to stimulate those uh those enzymes as well as a lot of other herb herbal things as well fasting will help uh trigger it as well

So and exercise will as well so um you know there basic recommendations that you probably seen in my videos over and over and over over in different ways hope hope hoping it will SN in eventually but um yeah that’s a really good point when you do a DNA test you can look at

Your uh any genetic problems in your ability to detox which would explain why people like if they just do a little bit of the wrong thing boy it just hammers them so um that that would be my short answer all right very good and here’s a fairly short question Debbie from

YouTube I’ve been on keto for over 6 months and have lost a lot of weight we’re happy to hear that initially but now in the last two months I’ve not lost anything I still have 50 pounds to lose will drinking diet Pepsi prevent weight loss oh that’s interesting drinking what diet diet

Pepsi well it could because uh it disrupts your your colon and there’s a lot of information on that that that could be the reason so again reevaluate what you’re doing compare it with what I recommend find what you need to implement and then also watch my videos on Plateau so you may

Need to uh adjust your fasting schedule to go longer with fasting that would be the first thing make sure your carbs are really low and then add exercise and make sure your stress and Recovery is in those are the basic things that you have to re-evaluate on but you can always

Improve the situation no matter where you’re at there’s always something you can do um I’m gonna release a video uh Steve I think it I did send it to you oh boy I can’t wait for the that is hilarious basically a video on how to how to utterly and effectively ruin your health

So stay tuned for that video um if you wanted to know I will show you exactly how to ruin your health oh my goodness and there’s all sorts of cameos for from Dr Burg in that video demonstrating the horrible ways to live so we just I’ll demonstrate it for you absolutely okay

Less is more from YouTube and that’s often true can water fasting cause menstrual bleeding outside of the normal cycle after a few weeks on it I noticed my bleeding was starting outside of my regular window help so she’s flooded I don’t think so I don’t think

So I think uh what you want to do is focus on what you eat uh when you’re not fasting um there’s some data that uh you know keto low carb interferes with the menstrual cycle um that usually is because you’re missing some nutrients that your your diet is you’re going into

It maybe with pre-existing deficiencies um and then all of a sudden I’ve noticed I’ve noticed some women who were menopausal for I don’t know how many years and all of a sudden started getting a period after they went on keto so that’s called anti-aging right wow but it’s something is happening where

Here you’re getting your body back into this interesting balanced State um yeah all right very good this person’s handle is d23 J and they’re from Rumble thanks for your information on postmenopausal LDL elevation I do not want to go on statins ever can you share and advise on

How to deal with uh menopausal speaking of menopause symptoms like hot flashes emotional instability brain fog Etc yeah that what happens the neede for more hormones uh happens when you go through menopause because you lose the ovaries go in retirement so now what’s going to produce the estrogen and progesterone and testosterone your

Adrenals so if you’re going in the menopause with your adrenals kind of tired and like they can’t cope then you need to support them and we’re talking about sex hormones are called or steroid hormones and the building block for that is cholesterol so many times after menopause your

LDL will go up for a very important reason because your body is needing more cholesterol to make more steroid hormones so guess what the transport unit is it’s the LDL so why would you ever want to shut down that transport of the raw material to make your hormones I

Mean it just is totally logical the key factor to make sure that that LDL doesn’t become oxidized and become a problem is keep your diet uh low on carbs so that way you don’t develop insulin resistance because insulin resistance is the key factor that is the most significant factor whether whether that

LDL becomes more pathogenic or not so keep the sugars out um don’t be afraid to have more fat um you need it I mean especially like if you’re healing from an infection going through stress you need more LDL to deal to deal with that so if anyone says something opposite just ask

Them why does their body make cholesterol what are the purpos of the cholesterol and what is the purpose of LDL and see if they um Remembered in school where they talk about the transportation of cholesterol to the cells so I mean what El how else is it

Going to get there because it has to be shuttled in a a little uh protein it doesn’t just float randomly in your blood in fact all the cholesterol in your blood is packaged very nicely in these lipo proteins it’s also fascinating okay and also fascinating are the questions you ask and evidence

Of that is the quick answers that come back from our audience and this one asks why do people who have candida give off an ammonia order how absolutely awful is that 85% of our respondents say the smell comes from the acids that consume our amino acids 10% say it is a

Byproduct of elevated levels of yeast and 5% say is a result a result of well gut issues widely yeah it’s a it’s a it’s actually one of the defense mechanisms that um um this candida which is a least yeastlike fungus thing to survive it what will it will actually generate

Ammonia ammonia is very very alkaline and so it changes the pH so it can survive in that environment so that gives us a clue on how to get rid of it and uh you need to acidify things and um also its primary fuel source is

Glucose so as long as you cut out the glucose you you you basically starve them to death so I know what happens when people have candida they actually they crave sweets sometimes and uh I had candida it’s like and I didn’t know what to do and it

Creates all sorts of issues and here I am like eating so much sugar not even realizing the connection and of course it usually comes after an antibiotic um drug so because now um there’s nothing to keep that candida in check we normally have friendly candida in our body but it’s it’s controlled

Because our immune system is strong we have the microbes the bacteria but as soon as you wipe those out now it’s like a renegade you you kill off the police and you let the uh prisoners outside the the uh the prison uh prison absolutely and

No one would sit next to you on the subway so that sounds awful all right now let’s look here um okay tandem 12 from Rumble please discuss the difference between hypo and Hyper myopathy um I I don’t have enough data to tell you a lot on that topic so um I I would

Just do some searches on that I I don’t I don’t have an opinion one way or the other very good okay tanm look at that I other than hypo versus means low and Hyper means high so yeah all right very good uh Elm El mod from Facebook please

Discuss the benefits of fasting for 48 hours once a month well when you do periodic prolong fasting it k you get U this improved um immune system you get extra Improvement in your brain cells you you stimulate certain stem cells that actually can help regrow tissue so I

Think the the biggest benefit of the fasting prolong fasting is the uh the restructuring or the growing of new brain cells and immune cells so that’s really really powerful because the other way is it’s very expensive to do stem Cell Therapy where they’re extracting fat from your body sifting it down and

And re-injecting it into your body um that’s very very expensive all right very good well we’ve got some nice folks in the green room and Bol as I mentioned is from Pakistan but has taken a sojourn to uh Saudi Arabia and probably having a great deal of fun so if you’d unmute

Yourself below we are going to put you on the air there we go go ahead with your question please he thank you first of all thank you so much for the right information you provide uh I just have one question uh I got I got very bad insomnia

Supplementing with vitamin D I also supplementing with vitamin K2 and with fish oil and also supporting with a healthy amount of vegetables but few days ago I got very bad asomia with supplementing with vitamin D I had little low vitamin D now I just got very bad insomnia

So so are you saying that when you took Vitamin D it made your sleeping worse yeah I just have low pth also just low within the normal range yeah so here’s the thing about vitamin D um you always want to take the vitamin D3 um because some of these

Vitamins um what they do is they um they tend to um you take the the active form sometimes um you might be prescribed that and it doesn’t have a chance to convert and your body is forced to De with it and so when you take the D3

You’re not taking the active form and so it has a chance to convert and if you take too much it can convert back into other types of vitamin D3 but you have to also have to realize that some most people when they take vitamin D especially before bed they actually

Sleep better like even myself but some people don’t they feel worse so you might want to take that in the early morning to wake up the other two things I would look at is you may need um magnesium or zinc because vitamin D doesn’t really work without those two

Co-actors so I would take those two um and then test it out you know watch my videos on vitamin D because it’s interesting because you have you take the vitamin D or get it from the Sun goes into the body it has to go through the liver and the kidney

To basically go through those couple different changes be before it actually can work so if you’re but also you need the co-actors in your stomach for it to work so you have those factors as well um the other thing too related to sleep is that um it is true that vitamin D

Helps you absorb vitamin I mean calcium which actually can help you sleep but if you don’t have enough calcium in the diet that could be another reason why you’re you know you might be restless so again these are just factors I would look at to see if there’s any

That makes sense make my sleeve worse what’s it calcium make my sleep worse whenever I took some ber you probably need magnesium and not calcium I am supplementing with magnesium citrate yeah Cal uh if you get worse with calcium calcium does stimulate the sympathetic nervous system one one test

That I think could be really good for anyone that can’t sleep it’s it’s called heart rate variability it’s a it’s even a device that I um I do sell I seen one I have seen on your video I I have seen on your video so what happens you would

Do that test and then you could find out why am I not sleeping do I have too much sympathetic nervous system or is I don’t have enough of the break pads the parasympathetic so in the past I have some kind of adrenal issue also yeah yeah so you have a adrenal issues so

Again when I evaluate someone I need as much data as I can we don’t have a lot of time to do that right level little low uh what you what do you think about my pts level I I have little low within the normal range you asked me uh what about your

PTSD no sir PT parathyroid hormone they are little low within the norange I thought we only get you only get one question now it’s another question so um yeah so I I really can’t go too much right now but yes the par I think I think Pary hormone controlled by

Magnesium also parathyroid gland magnesium magesium but also vitamin D and calcium yeah yeah yeah I know but on that note I thought you were prepped to what one simple question you violated that so we’re gonna have to take up additional questions next time but nice

Try nice try that’s great and I I feel for you Bal because I love talking to the doctor who doesn’t and it’s just s of addictive so no harm no foul but we do have to move on but thank you Bal for coming all away from Saudi Arab I think

The liability the problem with u going into someone’s history is like I it’s really hard toide without looking at all the data what they’re eating what part of the world they’re living in how much sun are they getting you know their lab reports so that’s really what the

Problem is it’s really hard to do any type of evaluation based on one piece of data basically that’s right Bal that’s great thanks so much and Bal here’s a question for you and for the doctor okay true or false ketones provide more energy than glucose per unit of weight true or

False so anyway climb onto that audience and let’s go dashing right back to um social media Sin Sin 55555 from Rumble in your opinion is is glaucoma an eye disease or neur neurological disorder got an opinion on that well I think it’s a um It’s usually the side effect from

From diabetes and it’s too much pressure in the eye and so we have a problem with the nerves because it’s putting com pressure on the nervous system directly so it is a it’s kind of an indirect uh problem but I think what happens is you you’re the effect from diabetes

Affects the the circulation the blood flow to the nurse and um and then it also you have this osmotic problem with pressure that then develops um compounding effects but it’s usually you see this a lot in diabetes or kidney disease which comes from diabetes all right very good uh CUO cat

From Rumble Bo I love all these Rumble they’re really picking up and joining the show we appreciate it I’ve had a cold for more than a week now and realize I’ve lost my sense of taste I take lots of supplements including 50 Mig of zinc every day what else can I do

To regain my sense of taste and they thank you in advance for your answer I I think um vitamin D and zinc work together in other words you need Vitamin D for zinc to work and you need zinc for vitamin D to work you may benefit from more uh

From vitamin D because that’s that actually has a capacity of repairing your um your your nervous system and your immune system especially after an infection uh there could also be mucus there that’s interfering with the receptors for smell and taste um but I think you’re on the right track you

May want to go up with your Zinc at least temporarily to maybe 100 milligrams per day instead of 50 right with the vitamin D got it all right so so we have a consensus here the question asked it was a true false or ketones provide more energy uh than

Glucose per unit of weight and the audience is in 100% agreement saying that it’s true it is true it is true you’ll get more energy out of ketones than you will from glucose so I mean if you look at um I don’t know something like I don’t know

Steve if you ever saw one of these right here oh yes I saw one from my son this morning I grabbed it from him it’s called Energy Right you get energy the first ingredient is is glucose I mean you have U 50 grams of sugar right

So you got caffeine in there you got certain things to stimulate your body but all these things don’t really give you energy they just stimulate the body to give you this appearance that you have energy but you’re going to be if I consume that right now within a half hour I will be

Needing a a nap uh real quick so they tend to kind of uh create problems I mean what you should do is just eat healthy get your body to make ketones from your own fat and get energy that way that’s like true energy okay very good let’s see Lisa

From YouTube is it safe to fast with water only how long should someone uh new to fasting go with just consuming water I would um work up to it just basically starting out uh skipping your breakfast okay and then doing the two meals and do that for a while until your

Body gets used to it maybe a week or so or or two and see how you feel and then you can have you can increase it by pushing your meals together a little bit more or even doing one meal a day but um I think I would I would start with that

And I think you’ll be very successful with that all right Mary from YouTube please discuss why lycopene is good for the prostrate what else uh would you recommend for someone with an enlarged prostate and Mary I’m sorry that you have an enlarged prostate but hopefull

We can get an answer for you go yeah like aine it’s in various things like um Tomatoes it’s been known to help the prostate but I think um a lot of these are in animal studies and so it it probably has an effect but there’s much

More powerful things you can do uh for example getting your uh insulin resistance handled you know fixing that with the keto and fasting but also um you got to be careful with dairy uh sometimes Dairy can swell the prostate because you think about with dairy dairy

Is like a lot of different hormones so you have these growth factors all of a sudden the prostate starts enlarging maybe you should cut back on the cheese or or the dairy and see what happens to the prostate because that usually is behind the problem not to mention sugar will

Swell it because what does sugar do it stimulates insulin okay insulin is a growth hormone so again we’re back to this this growth hormone then you have estrogen too from what about all the Plastics that we ingest all the chemicals that mimic estrogen you got a lot of things that

Can do that as well so those are the things that I would I would adjust okay very good time for quiz question number three here it is Doctor okay what is the best therapy for osteoarthritis of all the Therapies not including diet we’re not talking about diet just like a therapy in

General what’s the best thing for ostearthritis all right climb on at audience which we know you will okay uh Mohan from Rumble please help me with uh peptic ulcers and fatty liver disease I don’t know if those related but thank you he says zinc carnosine zinc carnosine is what you

Need um and of course you know changing your diet you may benefit also from um doing a lot of intermittent fasting and then of course with the liver you know you I have a lot of different information you can watch on my videos on that but I think you can pull

Yourself around if you if you really focus in on um doing this natural because um you have the medication route but then is that correcting the deeper cause that’s the question okay very good Carol you probably have H pylor too which could be behind it so they give you antibiotics

And things like that but but then what what happens um when you have a side effect from that so it kind of uh I would start with what I suggested first and then see how you do all right very good uh Natalia from YouTube wants to know what could be causing popcorn smell

In the urine maybe you need to cut back on the big bags of popcorn that you eat at night but other than that other than that I think um this sometimes happens if you do a little too much protein so you may want to just adjust

Your protein have a little bit less and then increase the vegetables and see if that doesn’t go away but I’ve heard that before and usually the person is doing quite a bit of protein and uh what is urine urine is a filtration of your blood and so you have all these

Different um things related to what you eat you know you have carbs proteins and fats but the protein one I found that um that’s most most related to the popcorn smell very good okay let’s go back to our Green Room Eda Ray and she’s currently in laaz Mexico so if you’d

Unmute yourself here we’re going to bring you on to demonstrate how you will ask one question in 30 seconds of the doctor go ahead hello um I was diagnosed having gone over into the the diabetes 2 and I’m only 4 foot 10 and and I had gained a considerable amount of

Weight uh that I had not been able to take off with the old ways that had always worked for years I’m almost 73 so um anyway the my chiropractor said you need to go low carb so I did a lot of research found your place and have done

That and it worked wonderfully as far as the weight w was concerned in fact almost too well because you know I had a Target weight where I had had been and I just kept going down and down and down and pretty soon now I’m 101 pounds and I

Was 120 when when I was diagnosed and um I don’t want to keep going down you know I get to a point where I don’t think that that’s healthy but I have really enjoyed the program as far as the health benefits and I want to continue with

Those health benefits and I had gone from um you know the fasting and going down to the window of the of the one meal a day and um and that was really good but I said I didn’t want to keep losing weight but I still wanted the health

Benefits of doing this program and so um I started doing two meals a day because I just couldn’t consume that many calories in one meal a day and I you know but then again I lose the benefits of a prolonged fasting so that’s kind of my question do you have some advice

There yeah so this is the problem right so how do you keep those calories up um yet if you’re not hungry you got you know it’s like it’s it’s a definitely a balance well you you have one type of calorie that’s uh or or type of food that’s double calories of other foods

And that would be fats so maybe you have to just add more fat to your diet right now and then um maybe even up um your carbs up to like 50 grams maybe some berries and stuff like that uh but yeah so that’s that’s what I would do because

You don’t want to stop fasting you don’t want to lay around all day and not have activity so I think um it’s one of those things where I I’m running into I have to consume a lot of calories right now or else I will get too thin so it’s a

Big problem and a lot of people would kill for that problem it’s a better problem to have but I would I would add more fattier Foods uh that’s what I would recommend and then work on U maybe uh resistant training exercise so you can actually maintain and even build a

Little bit more muscle which will uh offset things as well okay sounds good thank you thank you so much good luck with that Eda I’m right on your tail in terms of age so uh all your questions ring true to me all right let’s see uh our audience I’m sorry to keep bragging

About our audience but they’re so fast on these questions the last one of which asks what is the best therapy for Osteo um arthritis and therapies not including diet diet and 65% of our respondents say it’s exercise including weight resistance exercise 20% saying I adding vitamin D with more sun exposure 10% say

It’s adding glucosamine and ctin if I said that right and 5% say fasting or omad yeah the problem with ostearthritis is that um the joints become hypoxic which means they they lose oxygen and they start to create all sorts of inflammation so um the the antidote to that is to keep the joints

Moving because you have this damage in the joint so anything emotion wise is the secret to handling that exercise is one stretching so is it’s it’s like one of those things where the more motion you can put in that joint the better but that is the secret if you wanted to know

The secret Steve very good okay let’s see now why don’t we go back to Facebook Sharice from Facebook I can’t seem to raise my fertin level without taking large amounts of iron uh what would you suggest that I do I would highly suggest that you don’t take an iron supplement instead you take

A uh maybe a liver pill or even better yet spleen pill sounds to delicious but you can get them the supplements and you have not only the iron you have all the blood building factors in that and spleen uh but you can also do with uh

With h liver too and you have a much better source of iron from liver or Foods I think that would be the secret because the type of iron pills that they have now are like it’s like consuming this um Elemental mineral which is just like eating a rock it’s just like it’s

Not the best source H wow like eating rebar from a construction site no good okay Stella from Facebook what’s the best way to treat a fatty liver well people will say stop eating fat I’m going to tell you to stop eating carbs so you go on a h low carb and

There’s some one study I found that you can actually reduce up to 50% of the fat in two weeks by doing that because it’s really a spill-off of uh the abundance of carbohydrates that’s being converted into fat on the liver so um if you add a little Coline to that that would help

Little apple cider vinegar will help but yeah just do the normal thing that we recommend on the site you can go and just look on what to eat under the tab called videos and and you’ll see exactly what to do all right very good quiz question number

Four another true FAL sir and here it is okay true or false the surface area of just your small intestines is roughly the size of s and a half tennis quarts wow All Right audience I’m counting on you to figure that out Scorpio tiger from Rumble I have high

Blood pressure and can’t figure out the cause and why does potassium give me heart palpitations I’m 50-year-old black female I think um there’s a couple things for H blood pressure you should look at potassium is one of them but of course if if you if you have that

Reaction that’s probably not what you need but vitamin D is a more likely cause uh vitamin D deficiencies tend to always increase your blood pressure and vitamin D can also help um keep the arteries softened and uh keep the flexibility there so vitamin D is very very important

Um be careful of consuming seed oils sugars and starches uh those are in a lot of the junk foods and have more vitamin D and I think you can you can bring that pressure down very good Scorpio tiger we hope that helps and love to hear back

From you with some better results uh given your life change that we just discussed Kimberly from YouTube please shed some light on the cause and treatment of that horrible thing called psoriasis there’s there’s some interesting data on psoriasis in relationship to um vitamin D higher amounts of vitamin D also

There’s some great data on using light therapy for vitamin D uh I’m sorry for for psoriasis like light therapy um also getting rid of gluten tends to help that condition greatly and all grains for that matter not to mention the seed oils too but um I did a video on that and

There was a cream that I found found online I think I still if you if you search it you could find a link apparently this cream was an herbal uh cream from China I couldn’t even read interpret it but it seems to work with people with sasis so and then someone

Commented said uh you know it’s probably because they add steroids in there I’m like wow that’s a good point so I sent I bought some cream from them and I sent it to the lab I had it tested there’s no steroids in there so I’m like okay good

So I don’t even know the company but apparently it’s a it’s a good cream that works but I would try first the higher levels of vitamin D for a while and then a change of diet uh the grains and see if that doesn’t just handle it wow okay

Audience you’re slipping it took you four and a half seconds to answer this latest question and it asked true or false the surface area of your small intestines is roughly the size of 7 and a half tennis courts 95% say it’s true and 5% that say that’s the most

Ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard no they just said it’s false so I looked this up is a little bit of conflicting data because there’s some references that says that size of your your in testin if you open it up is the size of a b bad mitton court and then others say it’s

Size of a tennis court um I’m going to go up the tennis court um but one tennis court size but if you take all the Villi which are the little um folds in the inside of the intestine and then you take the microvilli which are the little

Folds on top of the F the vli and you stretch all those out you get SE 7.6 tennis court size so that’s a tremendous amount of surface area for your gut um 90% of all your digestion happens in the small intestine uh small intestine is 22 feet

Long and think about this if if you’re eating foods that are creating inflammation you greatly reduce the surface size of that absorption of nutrients so now you don’t get the protein you don’t get the vitamin D you don’t get the recycling of bile you don’t get all these fat CYO vitamins so

You can imagine uh how important that small intestine is and I think the the best indicator to know if you have a problem with small intestine is one thing and that is bloating um bloating is a really good way to know if you’re on the right diet

Or not and of course also your stool if you’re the stool’s not coming out too well you know constipator diarrhea then that’s another way too but bloating is probably one of the best ways to know I used to have bloating 247 pain gas all these things for years and uh would you

Believe I didn’t even make the connection it was uh I did not have any awareness that it was my Foods in fact if you take a look at all the patients that I’ve ever worked on which is like 40,000 I think I had probably starting out the least

Amount of data on diet I just was like had no awareness it’s kind of ironic that got me going in the opposite direction but yeah been there done that have the T-shirt well very interesting we’ve got one uh handsome gentleman left in the Green Room his name is Kelly and

He’s from buuy Mississippi which once was wiped down to the tile from uh Katrina and it appears that he’s survived and rebuilt and Kelly you’re on if you demonstrate for us a succin question we’d love it go ahead you’re on with Dr bur hi Dr bur um I have a rare

Uh complex condition attacking me called Al osis uh specifically right now attacking my kidneys uh so besides the immunotherapy that I’m doing now and potentially having to do another stem cell transplant are there any suggestions for a detox cleanse um like maybe icting or any of those kind of things or a natural

Type of solution uh laser therapy or cryogenics anything to keep these proteins from Mis misshaping and mutating to attack my kidneys or future heart or any other organ in my body now did do a stem cell transplant eight years ago and it’s attacking me again so

I’m trying to figure out how to combat it okay was there anything that occurred right before you developed that like any major event or something that might have triggered it not that I know of um they didn’t really have any kind of solution when eight years ago they just said it’s it’s

Just happens to people sometimes when they get 50 to 60 to 70 years old and it’s the Al amitosis and um and it’s attacking my kidneys okay so I think I think there’s a couple things that I would highly recommend um especially when we’re dealing with what you said

With the stem cells preservation make sure we don’t have any more damage to that I mean you can literally and we’re probably dealing with like an immune Factor big time here so I would um every two weeks I would do a three-day fast I don’t know if you’ve

Done any prolong fasting yet I did it last weekend and my wife and I have been talking about doing it every week or every two weeks so that’s exactly what we started yeah I would do a three-day fast every two weeks because um that will get you ready for the next

Thing I’m gonna say which is uh maybe once every I don’t know once every year do a s-day fast that that literally makes so much change within your um your immune system that uh I mean you literally will just see huge changes and um and when

You do that there’s a type of most people do um a water fast where they’re drinking water and then um some people do what’s called a dry fast which is no water and that’s you can’t just do that overnight you got to like ease into it and what’s

Interesting about the dry fasting is it adds even more stress and more benefit um and I’m not saying do a 7-Day dry Fest because I don’t think you can go that long but um you can do a kind of a version of a dry Fest even right now while you’re doing intermittent fasting

Which I recommend one one meal a day and that would be only drink when you’re thirsty I don’t know if you’re thirsty all day long or not but uh some people are not very thirsty so they drink maybe get all their fluids like at the the

Early part of the day or the end part of the day but not kind of spread it out that adds a bit of um benefit to your immune system which is fascinating as well there’s a great book on it I I don’t know what it is right here I’ll

Have to put a link down below with dry fasting and and what that can do as a for real serious bizarre weird type diseases like it just handles it the other thing that you might want to look at as a as a remedy that may help you too is called TKA on an

Empty stomach that produces some really wonderful things in the kidney and the liver and then of course as you mentioned even the cryotherapy the co therapy it’s one of those very uncomfortable things but it can also uh create a lot of health benefits uh it’s very shocking but it uh it creates some

Super positive uh benefits to all aspects of your immune system I mean it’s it’s really well I mean I think it works way better than um saunas um but those are the two thing that I would recommend the most and then of course exercise too because you’re you’re getting your blood flow you’re

Supporting um you know all the stuff that’s going through the kidneys as well as your immune system these are all just like the things you probably already doing but that’s what I would recommend but definitely the prolong periodic fasting is is probably going to help you the moment

Yeah I’m currently drinking probably two to three liters a day of water so that trying to do that but I’m still getting anemia anema what it’s called the swelling of the ankles oh you are oh you’re okay okay are you drinking when you’re not

Thirsty uh I think I do yeah I’m not I just drink throughout the day yeah yeah a lot of people do that um so try just try something for the fun of it just for the next three days just drink when you’re thirsty and see if that edema doesn’t go

Away okay I’ll try that thank you so much yeah you’re welcome and good luck to you great call Kelly thanks so much sounds like some serious stuff going on and we wish you all the best and love to hear back with some improvements in that area so that

Is terrific let’s go to quiz question number five Kelly you’re invited to ponder it and here it is okay what is the estimate minimum time of fasting that will improve your insulin resistance all right climb on that audience we have now cleared out all the wonderful folks in the green room so

That means it is uh an absolute U marathon of questions from social media till the end of the show so here we go Roman from YouTube how can we repair Old mitochondria and what are the most common ways it gets damaged very important question I think

Um the mitoch you’re about as healthy as your mitochondria there’s going to be a a test that you can do I I’d give it another three months you can do the metabolomic testing on your mitochondria um which is going to be huge because you can look inside your biochemistry and see what’s happening

But um mostly mitochondria um get damaged from um too much sugar too much refined food too much alter processed foods too much junk food um smoking uh having a sedentary life uh being extremely comfortable um having a sedentary life so uh if you were just to increase it’s called mitochondria

Biogenesis which you’re increasing the numbers of mitochondria the most powerful way is um exercise both endurance and resistance so you could kind of go back and forth um and then the other thing is fasting fasting you could increase your mitochondria as well in Coal therapy you can do it as well

There’s some data that polyphenols will increase your mitochondria by a certain amount so you know certain types of plants and herbs that can help uh supplement through supplementation um but um yeah most most diseases that people get destroy the mitochondria so it’s a it’s a very

Interesting topic um but to be able to look inside your body uh at the metabolomic testing where you can see it’s called the kreb cycle and you could see if everything’s working is very valuable uh so stay tuned for more information on that test because uh I

Had it done and uh for me what was interesting is I mean I eat really really healthy but I was still deficient in two things vitamin C and glutathione so and that’s the reason for that is because I do so much excise exercise and physical work I’m talking like running

Up mountains and things and uh that my my demand is so much higher for those two nutrients because I use them so much from all the the the the stressing out to the mitochondria so that’s good good data to know like so that was U that was very

Helpful wow up mountains not for me anyway U the audience uh has climbed all over these question questions in the last one for the day asked what is the estimated minimum time of fasting that will improve your insulin resistance and 60% of our respondents say at least 18

Hours 20% say it’s at least 20 uh 10% say 72 come on and 10% say 16 hours it’s between 16 and 18 hours um right around there you’ll start see to improve of course the more you fast the faster it’s going to be and the lower

Your carbs the faster it’s going to be um so yeah that is um I think most people should should do that now what does that mean that means that you have a sixh hour eating window so you could eat at 12 and then at six

O’clock or 11 or at 5 that would be a good standard thing to do uh for everyone um you can always take it to the next level after you do this for a while but but the frequ the the people that eat so frequent I remember going to

An assistant living home where my um mother-in-law they put her with Alzheimer’s and so it was a special um nursing home for Alzheimer’s CL patients right and they had a schedule that they put everyone on eight meals a day eight meal just like snacks midm morning snack midf afternoon

Snack nighttime like it’s I’m like oh my goodness what what’s happening here it’s just like adding more insulin to your brain it’s like it’s terrible but it was part of their regulations they had to had to do it oh well God bless them okay a couple of quick questions this would be fast

NAIA from Facebook she wanted you to remind her what that psoriasis cream excuse me that you mentioned earlier yeah you’d have to um try to find it um I because I don’t remember which what video but if you look up all my videos and psoriasis uh it’s on one

Of those it’s it’s provided in one of the links under in the description okay very good good luck with that NAD and here’s an interesting one Mike from YouTube he’s an Apple farmer and he would like to work with you on growing nutrient-dense Foods in a

Nutrient Den soils uh what is the latest on your soil research doc should he contact you what do you think well very soon uh we we’ll do more of that um we’re working on a greenhouse right now uh the per MIT on that so we could actually start to do our research

But we have a uh we’ll have a lot more information soon because we’re in the meantime we’re having a a smaller building structure set up to at least start the research on but yeah it’s very exciting we’re going to do experiments on alternative uh feeds for Animals as

Well as testing out the soil uh for growing Super nutrient-dense Foods um so I’m really excited about that um so we have that in the works and um allying with some of the top people in the industry picking their brains it’s going to be very exciting um and then also

Teaching people just how to grow their own food and um but this is not um a plant-based agenda this is a a whole food using meats and things animal Foods as well as plants um because right now there’s certain agendas for everyone to be on this plant-based diet without the protein I

Think it’s probably the biggest mistake that someone can make it but what was interesting is go ahead and try it and see how you feel um most people when they try it they they blow it out so much when they start doing all these grains and stuff and beans that they

Just can’t tolerate it that’s one way to know right there if it’s good for you or not all right very good one of our signals that we’re getting toward the end of the show is Dr Berg’s beautiful screen lasts exactly an hour before it starts bugging him there we go he’s

Bad so uh anyway let’s see if we can get one more question in here um bad Hayne from Facebook what’s the recommended dosage of D3 K2 for young children you know I think I would um I have a vitamin D and K2 in these drops and so you know depending on their age

You could you can do um maybe 2,000 IUS of vitamin D3 with 200 micrograms of K2 and if you have the droppers you can just add the drops correctly and do that dosage that way so uh but it really depends on the age um a lot of kids are deficient in vitamin D

Nowadays because they don’t go outside as much so um Steve I know when you were a kid you probably played outside 247 well actually we did I mean I did a lot of things wrong with my teenager years but man we were on our bicycles all day

When I was a kid right not anymore so on that note uh thank you so much for your attention and sticking around this long I really appreciate it I will see you in the next videos uh starting tomorrow morning so see you then have A

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