Woman Discards Tarantula on Stairs to Persuade Roommate to Vacate – Video

Woman Discards Tarantula on Stairs to Persuade Roommate to Vacate – Video

In a bizarre and chilling turn of events, a Minnesota woman resorted to extreme measures to try and drive out her roommate. Marissa Simonetti is facing misdemeanor assault charges after she dumped a tarantula on the stairs in an attempt to scare her roommate into moving out.

The roommate, who wishes to remain anonymous, has since fled the apartment, unable to handle the fear and stress caused by the terrifying incident. Simonetti claimed that this drastic action was a last-ditch effort to get her roommate to leave, but the roommate insists that this was not the case.

In an interview with Inside Edition, the roommate denied Simonetti’s accusations and has stated that Simonetti is attempting to tarnish her reputation as a lawyer. The situation has left both women shaken and has caused a rift in their living situation.

This shocking story serves as a cautionary tale about the lengths some people will go to in order to get rid of an unwanted roommate. It also sheds light on the potential consequences of such extreme actions. Let this be a reminder to always communicate openly and honestly with your roommates, rather than resorting to drastic and potentially dangerous measures.

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