Dell and Nvidia partner up to create ‘AI factories’ for companies

Dell and Nvidia partner up to create ‘AI factories’ for companies

Dell has announced an expansion of its partnership with Nvidia, alongside the release of new servers, PCs, and services to enhance the company’s AI offerings.

During the 2024 Dell Technologies World, CEOs Michael Dell and Jensen Huang unveiled an expanded partnership between Dell and Nvidia focused on what they refer to as “AI factories,” building upon their initial announcement in July 2023.

The new Dell AI Factory with Nvidia brings together both companies’ hardware and software to expedite businesses’ adoption of generative AI tools. This collaboration is designed to simplify and accelerate AI adoption, reportedly slashing setup times by 86 per cent.

The initiative will showcase products driven by Nvidia’s recently launched Blackwell chips. This includes the new Dell PowerEdge XE9680L server, which supports eight Nvidia Blackwell GPUs in a more compact design, and a new Dell Generative AI Solution for Digital Assistants, aimed at enabling quicker deployment of digital assistants.

Dell and Nvidia on manufacturing intelligence

“We now have the ability to manufacture intelligence,” Huang said during the on-stage conversation with Dell’s CEO. “The last Industrial Revolution was the manufacturing of software; previously, it was manufacturing electricity — now we are manufacturing intelligence.”

Huang described the partnership as the biggest go-to-market in AI computing in history, reiterating that “only Dell has the ability to build computer networking, storage, integrated with incredible software whether you want it to be air-cooled, liquid-cooled.”

Huang also pointed out the significant opportunities for companies like Dell and Nvidia in supplying the necessary hardware for an emerging AI-driven era.

He noted, “We have two things we need to do,” stating that the goals are to “modernize a trillion dollars worth of the world’s centers” and “build these AI factories for the rest of the hundred trillion-dollar industries.”

Dell highlighted the critical timing of their collaboration with Nvidia, stating, “Organizations are moving quickly to capture the AI opportunity, which is why our collaboration with NVIDIA is so important.” He added that the expansion of the Dell AI Factory with Nvidia continues their shared mission of easing the implementation of AI for organizations, hence propelling them into the next technological revolution.

As the demand for AI grows, Dell is strategically positioning itself as an essential partner in helping organizations navigate and adopt these new technologies, with substantial support from Nvidia.

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